Review by Rick L

"I can't believe so many people overlook this game."

An early puzzle game, but a very good one, too. It mainly consists of your player bouncing back and forth along a screen full of obstacles. It starts easy, but will have you throwing the controller soon enough!

Graphics: 7/10

The graphics are OK, but they could use a little more color or detail in them. At least you can tell what they are. The variety of the ''Dude'' faces gives it an extra point, seeing as how you can choose from a face wearing sunglasses, to one that looks like the wrestler Bret Hart with the sunglasses on, two female faces, a pirate face, and a clown face.

Sound: 6/10

I hate to say it, but as upbeat as the music is, there isn't a whole lot of it, and it can get boring to listen to. There's no music while actually playing the level, just sounds. The sound effects are pretty good, though. The clinking of the jewels or when you accidently go on the water without a boat are very well done. Some are just annoying, like when you get hit by an enemy. Overall, the Sound Effects pick up for the OK music.

Challenge: [Off The Scale]/10

This is one of the hardest games out there for the NES. Again, the levels start easy, but then they get damn near impossible toward the end. I really mean impossible, too! I can guarentee that you'll be throwing the controller a few times. There's invisible blocks, enemies, water, lack of time, etc. in all the right places to annoy the hell out of you. Bravo to the programmers for making this hard! Although I do wonder if there is a way to beat the level they named ''Goal no Gaol''.

Replay Value: 9/10

It's true, if you beat the preset levels, it gets boring, but who said you had to play the preset levels all the time? Yes, that's right, you can make your OWN levels!! It only takes a few minutes to learn how to do, and you may have to experiment with what pieces do what, but you can do almost anything with this! The only bad thing about it is that unless you have a good memory, or graph paper, you can't save the levels. That's the only thing keeping it from a perfect score there.

Overall: 8/10

The challenge and replay value will definitely keep you coming back for more. The ''Create-A-Level'' bit will get you even more hooked (If that's even possible!) to the game. This one is a must-have for puzzle game fans!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/26/01, Updated 12/22/01

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