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    Last Stage Map by TVotava0077

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    Last Stage Map
    Copyright 2008 by Tom Votava
    E-mail: rdrunner0077@yahoo.com
    As it should be, the final dungeon is the most confusing part of this game.
    To help you get through it, I have drawn up this little map that will show you
    exactly where you end up when as move around, as well as the safest path to
    the final boss (shown by the numbers 1-7 from the starting point).
    NOTE: There are many dungeons near the end of the game.  This map covers the
    rooms beyond the door in Dartmoor castle that you need a Demon Ring to get
    Each box represents one screen and the lines connecting them are the ways you
    can leave one room and go to the next.
    Some of the lines have arrows pointing in a certain direction (<,>,V).  These
    are one-ways.  In some cases, it's possible to at least leave the screen
    against the arrows, but there is always a high ledge somewhere that will stop
    you from getting far.
    Two *'s surrounded by a letter show warping points.  There are two of each
    letter on the map, so touching one letter takes you to the other one
    (example: if you're in the room marked "5" in the lower left corner and go
    left, you'll touch point *B*, which takes you to the upper right corner of the
    map).  Note that these warps are NOT rooms.  Think of them as parts of the
    lines between the rooms.
                               *E*         *D*         *F*         *C*
                                |           |           |           |
                                V           V           V           V
          /-------\         /-------\   /-------\   /-------\   /-------\
          | Boss  |   *A* ->|       |---|       |---|       |---|       |<- *B*
          \-------/         \-------/   \-------/   \-------/   \-------/
              |                 |                       |           |
              |                 |                       V           V
          /-------\         /-------\               /-------\   /-------\
    *H* <-|   7   |---------|       |               | Start |<--|       |<- *H*
          \-------/         \-------/      *G*      \-------/   \-------/
              |                 |           |           |           |
              |                 |           V           |           V
          /-------\         /-------\   /-------\   /-------\   /-------\
    *I* <-|   6   |-------->|   3   |---|   2   |---|   1   |<--|       |<- *I*
          \-------/         \-------/   \-------/   \-------/   \-------/
              |                 |           |           |           |
              |                 V           V           V           V
          /-------\         /-------\   /-------\   /-------\   /-------\
    *B* <-|   5   |---------|   4   |---|       |---|       |---|       |-> *A*
          \-------/         \-------/   \-------/   \-------/   \-------/
              |                 |           |           |           | 
              V                 V           V           V           V
             *C*               *D*         *E*         *F*         *G*
    A few notes on the path to the boss: You could go up and left from room #3
    to get to room #7, but there's one of those ghost-spawning things in your
    way and you'll have to waste magic or use some wing boots to get past it.
    Room #4 is a great place to get some health back by killing those spiked
    beetles.  Be sure to climb the ladder on the left in that room so you can
    easily reach the top ladders in room #5.  In room #6, you can get a glove to
    boost your attack power for a short time, but you'll have to go back to room #3
    when you get it.  Finally, be careful when jumping for the ladder at the top
    of room #7.  If you fall, you'll be forced to leave the room to the left and
    go all the way around again.  If that happens, there's some ointment down
    there for some protection as you try again.
    Good Luck!

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