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    Shop Guide by radblast

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                               Town / Shop Buying Guide
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                                   Table of Contents
    Chapter # / Section Name / Search Tag
     1.  Introduction / Guide Format-<int9>
     2.  Eolis-----------------------<eol9>
     3.  Apolune---------------------<apo9>
     4.  Forepaw---------------------<for9>
     5.  Mascon----------------------<mas9>
     6.  Victim----------------------<vic9>
     7.  Conflate--------------------<con9>
     8.  Daybreak--------------------<day9>
     9.  Dartmoor--------------------<dar9>
    10.  Evil Place------------------<evi9>
    11.  Ending Notes----------------<end9>
                        1.  Introduction / Guide Format <int9>
         This guide is designed as a quick reference, listing all the shops in the
    game, the goods they offer, their prices, and general advice for item
    purchasing and management to progress through the game.
         Note that many towns offer a doctor, who can give a treatment, refilling
    all meters, and dried meat shops, which refill 3/8s of both life and magic
    meters per chunk consumed.  This means a complete refill is cheaper at the meat
    shops than the doctor's office, so avoid wasting money on treatments.  Note
    that Apolune lacks a meat shop, so getting a treatment is your only option
         Remember that you can carry 9 items, 8 in stock, and 1 in your hand.  You
    can sell items at item shops, and keys at key shops, for 1/2 their listed price
    there.  You can only sell back specific items carried by the shop you visit, so
    if the one you visit doesn't sell Wing Boots, you can't sell them your Wing
    Boots.  Also note that shops will only buy back items.  Equipment purchases are
    final.  This means you can't sell back the Giant Blade after getting the Dragon
    Slayer, for example.
         Throughout this guide, the towns will be listed, followed by each shop
    within, its wares, and how much Gold each item costs.  Afterward will be
    subsections on what stuff you might consider buying on your shopping spree, and
    what actions you may want to take with your items outside of town.  Also listed
    will be mass cash opportunities as they arise, which are a great way to afford
    stuff you otherwise would not be able to buy.
         If you want to jump to a town quickly, use the search tags provided for
    each in the Table of Contents with the Control+F feature (so, to jump to
    Dartmoor, type "dar9" into the search box that pops up after hitting CTRL+F).
                                   2.  Eolis <eol9>
    **Shops Within**
    Key Shop
    Meat Shop-----------50
    Tool Shop
      Hand Dagger------400
      Red Potion-------160
    Martial Arts / Magic
                             Shopping Around / What to Buy
         Starting at Eolis, get the Elf Ring from the guru, and go see the king.
    Each time you show up empty-handed (Gold-wise), the king assumes it's your
    first visit and pays you 1500 Gold.
         The cost of 3 Red Potions and an Elixir totals 800 Gold, leaving 700 Gold
    to buy other stuff with.  Buy this combo, a Hand Dagger, and 3 J-Keys.
         Return to the king for another payoff, get hit by the Spinies until you
    use your Elixir, then buy the standard combo again.  With the remaining 700
    Gold, buy the Deluge and 2 chunks of meat, then blow the rest on meat, martial
    arts, or a magic lesson.  A martial arts lesson refills 1/2 of your life meter,
    and a magic lesson refills 1/2 of your magic meter, though both should already
    be full.
         Return to the king for a final payoff to start the journey.  
                                  3.  Apolune <apo9>
    **Shop Before Apolune**
    Tool Shop
      Magic Shield----7600
    **Shops Within**
    Tool Shop
      Small Shield-----800
      Hand Dagger------500
      Red Potion-------300
    Key Shop
                                 Mass Cash Opportunity
         Just before Apolune is a shop outside of town, selling Death Magic and a
    Magic Shield.  It is not necessary to buy these extremely expensive items right
    now, but taking time to work up the cash to do so can be a big advantage.
         If you want to work up the cash, 1 screen left of the shop features 2
    hopping enemies, yielding 59 gold per kill.  It is easiest to come from the
    left side of that screen, killing them over and over, and killing the Spiny on
    the screen to the left of that one to replenish your life with bread drops.
         Once your magic is gone, and your life meter is getting low, go into
    Apolune and recover with a treatment, then repeat the process until you have
    enough cash to buy what you want.
                             Shopping Around / What to Buy
         Death Magic can quickly kill some tough bosses ahead.  It can still be
    bought later on for 9800 Gold (2700 cheaper than current price), but you'll
    have tough battles with the bosses until then.  The Magic Shield can also be
    bought later for 9800 Gold (2200 more expensive than current price).  Buying it
    now is not only cheapest, but it gives you superior magic protection from the
    start, and you won't have to waste Gold upgrading your shields as you go.
         If you chose not to mess around with getting the Magic Shield, you might
    want to buy the Small Shield here.  You'll come across fire-spitters soon, and
    you'll want a shield helping to reduce the damage you receive.  However, the
    Small Shield only gives minimal damage protection.  For 800 Gold, if cash is
    tight, it might not be worth bothering with.  Also note that you still take
    damage if magic attacks hit your shield while under the influence of Ointment,
    due to a glitch.  Not getting a shield yet will prevent this from happening,
    though the first instance of Ointment isn't until after the next town.  If
    you're usually good at dodging attacks, the Small Shield will likely not be
    worth buying.
         The doctor here can heal you pretty cheap, so if your meters are low, go
    ahead and get a treatment.
                          Actions Recommended Outside of Town
         After leaving Apolune, you'll have to complete the Tower of Trunk to get a
    Mattock to continue.  Although it is possible to get multiple Mattocks, you
    should avoid picking up any extra ones (there won't be any opportunities to
    sell them off for a long while, and better mass cash opportunities are ahead,
    anyway), unless you intend to return to Apolune, which requires only one extra.
         The wall you chip away at magically regenerates right away after leaving
    that screen, so you'll need a second one to come back if you want to.
                                  4.  Forepaw <for9>
    **Shops Within**
    Meat Shop----------150
    Tool Shop
      Long Sword------1600
      Studded Mail----2500
      Small Shield----1100
      Red Potion-------400
      Wing Boots------2800
    Key Shop
                             Shopping Around / What to Buy
         Upon arrival at Forepaw, the first thing to do is to buy a Long Sword.
    Not only is it stronger and longer, but it can kill the Spinies, allowing you
    to use your magic only when you want.  If you can afford the Studded Mail, go
    ahead and buy that as well.
         Forepaw features a doctor and meat shop.  Although the doctor still
    charges reasonable rates, the meat is still the better bargain, so do your
    healing there.  If you want to save cash, you can easily replenish life with
    bread drops from the winged enemies on the first screen after Forepaw.
         Also note that Ointment can be obtained repeatedly on the first screen
    outside of town, which you should constantly take advantage of anytime you pass
    through.  Red Potions can also be obtained for free at the bottom far right
    area outside of town.  Use these resources to keep your health up (and even
    sell off spare Red Potions at Forepaw for 200 Gold each).
                          Actions Recommended Outside of Town
         You'll have a couple options for what order to activate the springs,
    depending on how you want to do the quest.  Wing Boots are expensive, but will
    allow you to finish the Tower of Fortress in one go by completing the Sky
    Spring first.  If you choose to do the tower first, you'll have to buy another
    J-Key for a second trip inside after activating the Sky Spring, but you'll get
    the Wing Boots for free.
         Once you've activated the Sky Spring (and preferably the Tower Spring),
    the guru inside the tower will give you a key for the Final Spring.  Note that
    if your item list is full, the key will replace the last item, so be careful
    not to let this happen.  You can also use this to get rid of a Mattock if
    you're carrying an extra one, by equipping and unequipping it, so it shows up
    last in the list, then getting the Jo-Key.
         Once you've completed the fountain quest and are ready to move on, you
    won't need J-Keys.  Sell off any you still have, and start buying Q-Keys (up to
    3 should be sufficient).  You'll need at least 1 for use immediately after the
    main fountain, and 2 more if you wish to complete the optional towers beyond
    it.  You can still buy more at Mascon, though they'll cost 100 more Gold per
                                 Mass Cash Opportunity
         Inside the Tower of Fortress, you can farm Wing Boots on the screen
    outside where the tower guru is by descending the ladder on the upper left,
    killing the bees over and over, and selling the Wing Boots at the tool shop for
    mass cash.
         Another mass cash opportunity can be had with the Elixir and the boss
    beside it.  Simply kill the boss over and over, walking back and forth across
    the screens to respawn it.  You can use the endless Elixir nearby to replenish
    life and magic.  Death Magic can greatly hasten this process, especially if you
    avoid dropping down for the fourth coin on the bottom that appears with the
    boss's defeat.
                                   5.  Mascon <mas9>
    **Shops Within**
    Meat Shop----------180
    Tool Shop
      Large Shield----3500
      Red Potion-------600
    Key Shop
    **Shop After Mascon**
    Tool Shop
      Hour Glass------5600
      Red Potion-------300
                             Shopping Around / What to Buy
         Upon arriving at Mascon, you should buy a Large Shield, and Thunder or
    Death Magic if Deluge is a bit too weak for your taste (a shop a couple screens
    right of town offers Death).  If you bought Death, you likely won't need
         Also note that the shop right after Mascon sells Red Potions at 1/2 the
    price of the one within, and you can buy another Elixir if you've used up
    yours.  If you've been hoarding Hour Glasses, you can get mass cash selling
    them here.
         Also note that there is no guru at Mascon.  Instead, you'll have to
    continue on a ways before you find one, just down and right of the Tower of
                          Actions Recommended Outside of Town
         To the above left of Mascon is a tower with unlimited Red Potions.  It's
    not required, but you can load up on them for free and refill your life bar
    before leaving.  It requires a Q-Key to get in, and at least 1 Red Potion or
    Hour Glass already in stock to survive the Voodoo Shamans.
         If you plan to get the Pendant from the Tower of Suffer a ways after
    Mascon, you'll need a Q-Key for that one as well.  Remember, though, that the
    Pendant REDUCES physical attack power, due to a glitch, instead of increasing
    it as was meant.
         You will find that Wing Boots are required to reach the town of Victim.
    If you don't have a pair, you can get them in a raided hospital, to the right
    of the guru that's below the Tower of Suffer.  Since you can't use your sword,
    use magic to kill the enemy within.  It may take up to 4 tries going back out
    and in, but Wing Boots should be produced after killing the creature.  The
    Tower of Suffer also features a spawnable pair.
                                   6.  Victim <vic9>
    **Shops Within**
    Meat Shop----------250
    Key Shop
    Tool Shop
      Full Plate------5200
      Red Potion-------800
    **Shop After Victim**
    Magic Shop
                             Shopping Around / What to Buy
         Do not buy the Full Plate upon arriving here!  A guy at the bar will give
    you one for free!  Also, if for some reason you're still carrying any Mattocks,
    you can sell them here.  There's no reason to buy any at this point.  You will
    need at least 1 K-Key after town.
         A little ways out of town is a lone shop with a wizard selling magic.
    Fire is a good piece of magic to buy.  Not only is it the fastest and most
    efficient damage-wise, but a single blast will knock an enemy clear across the
    room, making it great defensive magic to keep creepy critters from climbing all
    over you.  It's well worth the price!
                          Actions Recommended Outside of Town
         Ignore the small red building a short ways outside of town, just up a
    ladder.  Although you can get Red Potions inside, Wing Boots are required to do
    so, plus another K-Key to get in.  It's not worth it.  If you continue forward
    on the bottom path, you'll eventually find the lone magic shop.
         The Tower of Mist features some more Elixir.  Use it as a healing resource
    within the tower to help complete it, and be sure to refill all meters with it
    and grab one more before leaving.  The spawnable Ointment within can further
    help you complete the tower and stay alive on your way out.
         Once you have the Black Onyx, you should stop back at Victim for one final
    recovery, and to stock up on a few K-Keys.  You must buy at least 1 before
    advancing to Conflate, and 2 to actually accomplish anything.  If you can carry
    4, your travels later on will be a bit more convenient, though you'll need 1
    less K-Key if you decide not to go for the Battle Helmet.  Note that K-Keys
    here cost 300 more Gold than down the road.  Be sure to leave room for an
    A-Key, which will be given to you by the guy inside the house next to the
    entrance of the World of Branch.  Once again, this will overwrite your 8th item
    if your item slot is loaded, so be careful to have a blank space before getting
         In the World of Branch, you will get to a split with 2 big-eyed worms and
    a bottle of Poison.  The Battle Helmet is on the path to the left, and a K-Key
    is required if you want to get it, but it is not required to finish the game.
    If you do not get it, though, you can't use the Dragon Slayer or Battle Suit
    later on.
         If you continue to the right at the next path split that features a flying
    squid, you'll come to Conflate.
                                  7.  Conflate <con9>
    **Shops Within**
    Meat Shop----------350
    Tool Shop
      Giant Blade-----8500
      Magic Shield----9800
      Wing Boots------5500
      Red Potion------1000
                             Shopping Around / What to Buy
         The first thing to do here is buy a Giant Blade, the next sword upgrade.
    Although it can still be bought in later towns, it is more expensive, and you
    will miss its increased attack power until then.  Farm the enemies outside of
    town if you're close to affording it.
         You can heal with bread drops from the flying squid back at the path split
    to save money on healing if you need to.
                          Actions Recommended Outside of Town
         To continue, take the path up from the flying squid.  You must have a
    K-Key to go through that door.  Work your way to the right in the green branch
    area, and go through whatever door you end up by.  You should end up in another
    brown branch segment.  Going one screen right and down the hole, you can follow
    the path, getting the Battle Suit and Magic Cane.
         If you still have 2 K-Keys, you can head immediately back to Conflate to
    get the Dwarf Ring from the guru there before continuing to Daybreak.
    Otherwise, you'll have to take the path up to the next town, buy 2 K-Keys
    there, and then work your way back.
                                 Mass Cash Opportunity
         If you have to go back to Conflate from Daybreak, after getting your 2
    K-Keys, you can farm Wing Boots a couple screens back from Daybreak to sell at
    Conflate's tool shop.  When you come back through on your way to Daybreak,
    grabbing a pair of Wing Boots for keeps can come in handy later.
                                  8.  Daybreak <day9>
    **Shops Within**
    Key Shop
    Tool Shop
      Giant Blade----11500
      Red Potion------1200
    Meat Shop----------500
                             Shopping Around / What to Buy
         Upon arriving at Daybreak, if you haven't already, you should buy 2 K-Keys
    to return to the guru of Conflate with the Battle Suit to receive the Dwarf
    Ring-1 to make it there, and 1 to get back.  If you do not have the Dwarf Ring,
    you can't go forward very far.
         If you can afford it, Tilte will be your final magic purchase.  Note that
    this magic is different from the rest.  Though powerful, it isn't efficient to
    use much, and its upward 45 degree angle makes it useful only in the final 2
    fortresses in the game.
         Assuming you're ready to continue forward, you will not need any more
    keys.  Sell any remaining ones you have, and fill your remaining item slots
    with Red Potions.
                          Actions Recommended Outside of Town
         Go forward to the Castle of Dartmoor.  You can reach its town after
    falling down the first pit, going to the right of the wall below.  The town of
    Dartmoor will be your final rest stop on this journey.
                                  9.  Dartmoor <dar9>
    **Shops Within**
    Meat Shop----------800
    Key Shop
    Tool Shop
      Giant Blade----13000
      Red Potion------2000
                             Shopping Around / What to Buy
         Everything's expensive in Dartmoor.  Hopefully you've pretty much finished
    shopping before.  You can restore health at the meat shop, or farm the enemies
    just outside of town for bread if your magic meter is already full.
         As you go on, use up your Red Potions first if your life is getting low.
    Try to avoid using up your Elixir if you still have it.  Things will be getting
    tough, and you need to be efficient with your goods, especially if you don't
    have much cash left.
         You may want to hold off filling your item slots with too many Red Potions
    yet (if you think you can survive without a full load), as you can farm some
    useful items ahead, so having more open slots allows you to grab more freebies.
                          Actions Recommended Outside of Town
         The Castle of Fraternal will be your next goal.  It lies just beyond the
    Evil Place.  Once inside, find where the guru is within, and go up and right of
    him.  You should see a giant worm.  Go back and forth until you see Ointment.
    Defeat the giant worm and grab the Ointment.  Now, head back left to the first
    ladder leading up.
         Now, check if you've got an Hour Glass.  If not, go left and up that
    ladder, past the large bone dwarf, and keep changing screens back and forth
    along the top passage until you see one.  If you can hold multiple Hour
    Glasses, keep moving back and forth until you're maxed out on items.  If your
    life is already low, you can use one just before grabbing another, but remember
    to reequip something before you grab the last one, so you have a space in your
    item list for it.  Return to the Ointment afterwards.
         Assuming you've got the Hour Glass when you climb the ladder after getting
    the Ointment, head right a couple screens, past the first ladder (it's too high
    for you to reach) to the ladder on the worm screen.  Watch out for the Poison
    as you make your way to the door there.
         Once you go inside, you will face the boss, and your Ointment will expire
    shortly after entering.  If your life gets low during the battle, whip out the
    Hour Glass.  The battle will become a whole lot easier, and you'll save your
    Red Potions.  Continue using your Hour Glasses to avoid using any Red Potions
    if you can.
         Afterward, return to the guru for the Demon's Ring, then grab the Ointment
    again.  If you have room for any items, it's time to go farm some more Hour
    Glasses before leaving.  Ignore the Red Potion on the screen left of the
    entrance to King Grieve's room.  It is unreachable, no matter how you try to
    get it.
         After doing the Castle of Fraternal, you'll probably want to head back to
    Dartmoor for one final rest before attempting the Evil Place.  Use your
    remaining Hour Glasses to help get back to town, and once there, finish by
    buying all the Red Potions you have room for, being sure to restore your life
    one final time before leaving.
                                10.  Evil Place <evi9>
         If you brought a pair of Wing Boots to the Evil Place, you can quickly
    finish the game by taking a shortcut to the right of the entrance, even
    grabbing the Ointment before doing battle with the Evil One.
         If you didn't bring Wing Boots, you'll have to go the long way.  Using my
    map to help see your way through is recommended, but if you can't use one right
    now, just remember to travel this path from the entrance:
    Preferred path:  Down, left, left, up, left, up.
    Alternate path:  Down, down, left, left, left, up, up, up.
         Upon going into the Evil One's room, use whatever means you need to to win
    this final battle.  Also note that this is the only boss fight where Ointment
    and Hour Glasses don't expire upon entry, as they would otherwise.  However,
    the magic fireballs can still can hurt you, even with the Ointment.  Due to
    another glitch, though, the Battle Helmet is useless, so if you have it on with
    the Ointment, you won't get hurt since you essentially lack a magic shield for
    the fireballs to collide with and register damage.
         A final tip is to use Fire magic to blast the Evil One across the room if
    he starts walking all over you to avoid mounting damages once the Ointment is
    gone, and try to use your Red Potions up first, as long as you still have magic
    left, saving the Elixir until you need both life and magic.
         You may go through several Red Potions before you beat him, or you may
    toast him in only several seconds once you learn the skills to do so.  If you
    wind up dead, don't have negative thoughts.  Remember your mantra!  You can use
    it at Dartmoor to restock on Red Potions, even if you lack enough Gold to buy
    what you need in one go.  With enough practice, and some help from your items,
    you can save the World Tree!
                               11.  Ending Notes <end9>
         Here are some tips to remember when playing, to further maximize the
    effectiveness of the items you come across, and to plan your travels and item
    usage better.
         1.  Hour Glasses rip out 1/2 of your life when used, so they are best used
    when you're near dead.  Enemies are frozen, but still dangerous to touch.  Red
    Potions will likely keep you alive much longer in comparison, but Hour Glasses
    can be especially useful on bosses.  While it won't freeze their movements, it
    will freeze their projectile attacks, keeping them from spitting fireballs.
         2.  Hour Glasses and Ointment expire upon entering a boss's room (where
    the boss music plays), but Gloves and Wing Boots retain their powers.  Also
    note that Hour Glasses can be used after entering a boss's room without
         3.  When you have enough experience points to go up a rank, see a guru to
    receive a new title.  Every 4 ranks achieved increases your agility, making
    jumps easier, but DECREASES the time Wing Boots last by 10 seconds.  Due to
    this, you may want to consider waiting to visit a guru if you bulked up on Gold
    (and experience) before the Forepaw fountain quests if you are confident you'll
    survive the whole thing.  If you get killed, your experience points reset to
    the minimum of the last rank you achieved, and your Gold supply does as well.
         4.  Take advantage of items found about in your travels, either on every
    visit, or spawned after defeating all enemies.  These items can be collected
    over and over.  While some were mentioned in the sections above, there are many
    others to take advantage of!
         5.  Feel free to (ab)use the powers of death and mantras.  When you die or
    enter a mantra, you start at the guru you last visited, with whatever items you
    currently own, and an amount of Gold based on your rank.  You also restart with
    full meters.  If you're at a good save point, are poor, and don't mind dying,
    you can suicide to respawn with more Gold.  You can also go on shopping sprees
    by buying the most expensive items you can afford, getting a new mantra, then
    entering the mantra to restart with the new items, plus a full supply of Gold!
    You can sell off whatever expensive items you don't need, buy whatever ones you
    do, and walk out of town fully stocked, and with even more Gold than your rank
    is normally awarded!
         This guide may be reproduced and distributed freely, as long as it is done
    so in its entirety, and its contents are not changed in any way.  It cannot be
    sold in any way.  Being an idiot may result in legal troubles.  So, don't be an
    idiot.  Copyright Aug. 2009.
         For more goodies, or additional Faxanadu discussion, contact Radblast at
    GameFAQs.com's NES Faxanadu forums.  I hope you enjoyed my guide and found it
    useful!  Feel free to download my others as well!  Check out my maps, too!  : )

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