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Reviewed: 09/17/01 | Updated: 04/07/02

A good action-Rpg!

I had never heard of this game before I had played it, long time back as a kid. My Uncle got it for his birthday and after finishing it, he lent it to my grandmother. When she finished it, she told me about it and then gave it to me. I wasn't sure what kind of game it was going to be and didn't think I'd stay with it for long. I put it in the good old NES and started playing. I was pleasantly surprised!


At times, this game dares to be a Genesis title. It has an overall nice look to it, but maybe a bit too brown in some cases. The only problem is contrast. If your contrast is too high, this game takes on a fuzzed look. No big deal since it has to be really up there but I noticed it on a friend's TV when he was playing it.

Enemies are pretty good too. They range from strange to somewhat gruesome in appearnce. A few of them are pretty big too!

You character looks ok. He changes depending on the armor he is wearing and that is a nice touch. As for animation, there isn't much to speak of on him. His head bobs when he walks and his feet shuffle. That's about it but this is 8-bit and before the times of extended frames of animation.

Overall, this game is pretty well done in visuals.


Pretty good! This game's soundtrack was catchy at times and always seem to fit the mood. I liked that alot. I don't remember there being any sort of grating tunes from when I had played it. It creatively used the NES channels to make somewhat realistic sounds like flutes and organs. The tunes were composed really well. I'm surprised this game didn't get a sequel or much mention.


Think Castlevania. Your guy's jumps feel the same way as Simon's and he moves a lot in the same speed/fashion. This also means that this game has some Castlevania-esque jumps that need some good timing to make it over. Nothing too hard though as this game focuses more on fighting and exploring.
Might feel a little sticky but you get used to it. Oh and different weapons have different ranges (of course) but the way he attacks isn't so great to me.


Okay, I'm sorry but I can't remember much of the plot but here goes: You are a man returning home to find the city in ruins. You meet the king and he tells you all that has happened and gives you money. Your ultimate goal is to destroy the Evil One, I believe it was called. Not very detailed but you do talk to lots of people on the way and that adds to it. Overall it's not the same ''save a princess'' motif from other comparable games at the time.


This game can get tough, no doubt about that. Some jumps you have to make are a bit tricky and the monsters are going to get harder and stronger. Fotrunately, you do too and simple stat raising and equipment upgrading will keep you from running into disasters. I still think the spells and good equipment are waaaay to expensive. Kinda like Dragon Warrior in that respect. Be ready to fight some monsters to save up money at times. This game has that rewarding feeling when you get something new or clear a specific area.


Faxanadu is one of those games you might never have heard about, and that's a shame. Since there is emulation, you can try it out or even find it at FuncoLand. It's a good game and deserving of your time if you like a really good, solid adventure. This one is definitely a keeper.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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