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"Good game, but the elves are misplaced"

''Faxanadu'' is a game I remember from when I was wee youngster. My mother played it a lot, but I wasn't experienced in video games at the time. Now I am, but I now realize it's not exactly a great game. But it's fairly good.


You're an elf(skinny, pointed-eared dude)who's just returned
home from a quest. You're told by your king that the dwarves(short, stocky dudes)and the ''evil one'' have found some magic wells or something(sorry, haven't played it in a while)that is somehow draining elven water. Being the altruistic chap you are, you agree to stop them.

Okay, that's a good enough plot at first glance, and ''Faxanadu'' was one of the first games to actually have a somewhat active plot, but that doesn't eliminate the clear holes in it. Number one, if you've supposedly just completed another quest, why do you begin with no equipment? And those
of us familiar with fantasy fiction know that elves seemingly living in rocky hills was stupid. Elves live in forests, not hills. they should have made you a dwarf if they wanted a ''rocky'' scenario so badly.


Well, the people in towns look nothing like elves are supposed to look. They look more like humans. Your character seems to be the only ''true'' elf in a game with no humans(hint, hint). With the nitpicking out of the way, I can say that the graphics are pretty good. Well detailed sprites and great animation frames ala ''Castlevania'' give this game an edge in that department.


this is kind of a mixed blessing. The music is catchy and fun to listen to, but there's only a few songs. Also the sound effects are just a little annoying. So my opinion of the music's kind of mixed.


To begin, your character moves similarly to the characters in the ''Castlevania'' games. In other words, you really have
to know his limits. He can only move so far off the edge of
a platform that one foot is off without plummeting. When you jump, you can't change directions in mid-flight. Thus you have to be sure of where you'll land or you'll pay.

You spend a lot of time in towns. There, you'll buy keys to
unlock doors, potions to heal yourself, weapons and magic to defend yourself with, and miscellaneous items that you sometimes need.

To earn the moolah, you must go out and fight monsters who drop gold pieces. you must also explore dungeons to find items you need. You also fight gigantic bosses.

All in all, fairly fun.


This game's pretty challenging. For one thing, it's easy to get lost in certain dungeons long enough to get killed. And the bosses are really tough. They're powerful enough to kill you in no time flat. You just have to try to concentrate a bit more on avoiding punishment than dishing it out.


Great game. Despite my reservation about the misplacement of the elves(which surprises me, considering I don't like them that much), I gotta say that it's well worth the purchase.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/24/01, Updated 09/24/01

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