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Reviewed: 01/03/00 | Updated: 01/03/00

An average action/adventure game saved by...bad translations!?

Faxanadu was a game released by Falcom and Hudson Soft roughly around July of 1989. In this game, youwere an unnamed Elf who has just returned home froma journey and is puzzled that the town is in disarray.Naturally, he sets out to save the town, and the entireelf world.

Graphics: 7/10- On the overall, they're not too bad.They're bsaically your typical NES Graphics, with slightlybetter animation. You'll notice the unnamed protagonistof the story suffers from "Unhandedness", I.E. whichhand he stabs with depends on what direction he's facing.Other than that, the backgrounds are pretty average. Themerchants also suffer from "Overly blinking" syndrome.

Sound: 8/10- The music is good, but it's ANNOYINGLYupbeat, especially when you consider that you're supposedto be saving the world from a semi-unknown evil. It is peppy,though, and of course it keeps you in a cheery mood, which isgood. You'll note the strange sound effects, such as theeffect when you get hit.

Control: 6/10- The control is average. The hero hasproblems making jumps he SHOULD make easily, especiallyin the early part of the game. He responds decently, thoughI wish he wouldn't drop like a stone when he swingshis sword and connects with an enemy in midair. It'dalso be nice if the jumping were a bit more consistent,especially since there doesn't really seem to be anycontrollable height on the jump.

Story: 5/10- It basically boils down to "Save theworld from the Evil Meanie(tm)", but the fact that it'sElves vs Dwarves makes it pretty cool. There's alsosome mini-plot twists as you advance in the game.

Challenge: 7/10- It's a decently long game, long enoughthat you'll have to take quite a few passwords along theway in order to beat it. The inconsistent jumping doesn'thelp, but at least it's not so bad as to make the gameimpossible.

Replay Value: 4/10- Beat it once, and you're done. Endof story basically. I'm not sure whether you can try andbeat it at weaker levels, mainly since I'm not surewhat the levels DO, other than starting you with moregold.

Overall: 8/10- As mentioned in the synopsis, the translationsaves this game. I STILL laugh when I see "This is not enoughGolds.", or "The posion is almost gone". Basically, the translationsALONE make this game worth a look. It's a decent action/adventurewithout them, yet the game just doesn't have that certain charm to itthat way.....

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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