Review by HoCkEy PUCK

"A highly overlooked masterpiece."

I just wish this game would've been more popular! I might even go as far as saying it was better than SMB 3 or FF for the NES! This game was a true masterpiece in my opinion. I hope that after reading this review, you will think so, too.

Gameplay: 10/10
Wow. The gameplay in this game is excellent. The amount of items, armor, magic, and much more just make you want to keep coming back! The controls are as simple as for any other NES game. A means jump, etc. There are some button combos you must do to actually use an item, but they are simple. This game is all that anda bag of chips! The gameplay in this little action/platformer/adventure/RPG is just excellent.

Story: 10/10
The depth of this story is very interesting. I won't give away anything that's important, but I will tell you how it starts. You are an elven adventurer. You come back after a long journey, and you are nearing exhaustion. You get to your town's gate and find that the walls are crumbling and the elf water supply, your main source of water, is dry. You find from the king that the dwarves (the bad guys) attacked and that he sent many bold men, none or few of whom returned. He gives you some money, and you start this fantastic game.

Graphics: 10/10
This game has better graphics than most games for the NES. The game tries really hard to detail the different places, even if the tiles can become strangely placed at times. The game does do a very good job of detailing everything. And the glitches are few and spread out.

Sound: 10/10
Wow. I love the music and the sound effects in this. I admit, the meat dropping sound (yea, that thing that looks like bread) sounds just like a person saying ''BREADBOX,'' but oh well! The other sounds in this game are fantastic, and the music will stick in your head for years and years after. This game will be in your head years and years later, too!

Playtime: Very High
It is very hard to finish this game. Luckily, it has a password system, allowing you to continue whenever you get to this guru guy. This game, I'd say, averages a very high play time.

Replay Value: Very High
It had been 3-5 years since our NES had been working. I came back last month and repaired it, just so I could play this wonderful game. Does that tell you anything?

Buy or Rent?
Buy! Definitely, this game has so much replay value that you will want to come back far later in the future and play it! The story has depth, the gameplay is fun, and there is nothing I don't love about this game! Get it now!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/11/04

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