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Reviewed: 05/01/04

The best you can get on the NES.


Faxanadu is a game by Hudson soft under license from Falcon licensed to Nintendo. In 1988 a game called Faxanadu came out for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). As most games of that time, Faxanadu is highly underrated. In my opinion Faxanadu is one of the best NES games there is.
In this review I’ll take you through the storyline, gameplay, graphics and sound of the game, after that I’ll give you my final rating.

Storyline: 9/10

Eolis, city of the elves, was once a peacefully and prosperous city. But as you come home from a long absence you’ll find that Eolis is about to be destroyed. As a meteor crashes into the Worldtree, the evil monsters that always wait for an oppertunity to rise and cause chaos and destruction rise. But out of the shadows comes a shining light, a warrior will come to destroy the evil monsters and return peace to the land. This may not be the best storyline ever thought of but in those days every storyline was new and had to be tested right.

Gameplay: 10/10

The gameplay is Faxanadu is great, the menu’s are well organized and are easy to find your way through. As for the gameplay itself, your character moves good and very fluently for that time. Defeating your enemies with whatever you’ve got equiped or upgrading your defence with shields all make you wanna keep playing this game. You start the game as a novice rank but as you advance through the game you’ll be given a higher rank, these are all things that make you keep playing the game. In my opinion this is the best RPG/Action game there is on the NES. Yes, even better than Zelda.

Graphics and sound: 10/10

The graphics in this game are stunning, in those days a game with good graphics such as these are rare to find. Talking to store or important people is also well done, a picture of the person you’re talking to will come up. For the NES this is well done, these are all small details that make the game the best RPG/Action game there is on the NES in my opinion. The sound in this a game is good, its nothing special but because of the stunning graphics, this part of the game gets the highest grade I can give.

Final rating: 10/10

In my opinion, Faxanadu is the best game in its genre on the NES, I would recommend you to buy this game if you can. It may be hard to get in stores but it shouldn’t be much of a problem when you search the internet.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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