Review by Treebeard1979

Reviewed: 01/23/05

Probably my favorite NES game!

Faxanadu is one of those rare games that isn't just good- its actually memorable. I have played throughout it atleast 3 times throughout the years and always enjoy it.

The graphics are clearly that of a Nintendo game, but they do a surprisingly good job of creating an atmosphere. There are alot of browns and greens in the early game, giving the game a kind of gritty look. The dungeons and monsters are pretty disgusting looking for a nintendo game. You actually get a sense that the towns have seen some trouble by the way they look and feel.
Characters are somewhat less impressive looking than the monsters and environments- the faces that appear during dialogue are actually pretty damn ridiculous and BLINK ALL THE TIME. must be some pink eye going around.

The sounds effects are mediocre, but the MUSIC is absolutely brilliant. Not only are the tunes memorable, but they are also extremely unique. I still catch myself humming a tune from this game every now and then- it's up there with games like monkey island and final fantasy in terms of music.

The gameplay is pretty simple conceptually, but you'll find that there's plenty to keep you playing. You basically run around (side scrolling) fighting monsters with a weapon attack and magic attack, jumping, and talking/bartering with merchants. By the way, an important thing to learn is that you DO JUMP FARTHER IF YOU GET A RUNNING START.)
One of my favorite things about this game was that you are able to by new weapons, armor, shields, and magic, and when you equip them your character actually looks different. Nice attention to details. Also, there about 4 different segments of this game that have markedly different appearances and enemies, which helps to keep the action fresh.

This game is somewhat difficult especially if you are playing without save states, but I never got frusterated like I did playing Ghosts n' Goblins or Castlevania 1. Also there is some bad translation in this game- most notably the currency is somewhat famously referred to as GOLDS. So if you try to buy a key the blinking, chain smoking key vendor will be like "that costs xxx golds". This is actually kind of nice, because it adds a little bit of a humor element to the game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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