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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AdamL

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                                  CULTURE BRAIN
        Your guide to the 8-bit NES game Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll
    v1.7 - Completed on March 7, 2002
    Written and maintained by Adam Lamontagne
    Copyright (c)2000,2002 Adam Lamontagne (alamont1@maine.rr.com)
    I'd like to dedicate this guide to my Grandmother.  Memere passed away on
    Monday (10/9/00) at the age of 73.  I regret not making more time to visit her
    and I hope she forgives me.  Just a little advice...if you have the opportunity
    to visit someone you love who is getting older, never waste that opportunity. 
    I passed up such opportunities several times and will regret it as long as I
    live.  You don't realize how much you miss someone until you are watching them
    being buried and know you will never see them again.
    I.    Revision History
    II.   Introduction
    III.  Story
    IV.   Gameplay
    V.    Controls
    VI.   Items
    VII.  Walkthrough
    VIII. Game Genie Codes and RAM Patch Codes
    IX.   Passwords
    X.    Frequently Asked Questions
    XI.   Acknowledgements
    XII.  Disclaimer
    3/7/02: v1.7
    -Added my current email address.
    -Removed a couple sites that linked my FAQs.
    -Added links to the manual and to Skrybe's website.
    12/18/00: v1.6
    -Added names to 3 of the opponents, Thornram, Bruiser and Go Hayato.
    -Added the arcade title of Flying Dragon, "Shang-Hai Kid".
    -Cleaned things up and re-organized a bit
    -Added a couple sites that can host this FAQ/Walkthrough
    -Added info in the Acknowledgements section from Slajshatka@gateway.net
    11/13/00: v1.5
    -Changed the Story section to the story from the manual
    -Placed a Dedication at the top of the guide
    -Removed rant about being outbid on the game on eBay
    -Changed and added to the Acknowledgement section
    -Added an Items section
    -Changed names of Power up labels and some bosses in Walkthrough section
    -Added small map to Walkthrough section
    -Added some Frequently Asked Questions
    -Completely changed the Controls section
    10/26/00: v1.1
    -Added the Miscellaneous section
    -Added a note in the Revision History section
    -Added a Password to start the game in the Training Class
    10/18/00: v1.0
    -Finished the Walkthrough
    -Added the Introduction
    -Added the Story section
    -Added the Controls section
    -Added the Acknowledgements section
    -Added the Passwords section
    -First version submitted online
    10/12/00: v0.3
    -Started the Walkthrough
    -Started the layout of the guide
    -Added a Table of Contents
    -Added a Game Genie and RAM Patch Codes section
    -Added the Disclaimer
    10/4/00: v0.1
    -Created an ASCII title
    [NOTE: All of my revisions up to 1.0 are based roughly on about what percentage
    of the FAQ/Walkthrough I think is completed.   When I finish all the sections
    and consider the FAQ/Walkthrough complete, that will be version 1.0.  Any small
    updates after that will raise the version 0.1 points and any major update that
    really shakes things up will raise the version 1.0 points.]
    This walkthrough is being written for those who thought they were getting a
    Double Dragon type game but got more than they bargained for.  I was one of
    those people, about 10 years ago.  I thought this game would be like Bad Dudes,
    so I bought it at a flea market and upon playing it, wondered what the hell was
    going on.  I had never seen it in arcades, where it was released under the name
    "Shang-Hai Kid," so I really hadn't expected the strategy aspect of the game.
    Because I am rather impatient at times, this game ended up collecting dust for
    awhile with the likes of Athena, Ikari Warriors and Legacy of the Wizard.  I
    finally did decide to get back into the game and found that it wasn't all that
    I discovered the "Pause Strategy" that, unless you are a super-freak, you will
    probably need to use in the Tournament modes.  When I finally beat the game I
    saw what every NES player just loves to see after spending hours, days, weeks
    or months (or years, like that damn Ultima Exodus) trying to conquer a
    game...the ol' "you must go through the game again" screen that is prominent in
    games like SMB, Ghosts N Goblins and just about every game made by Taxan (those
    Well, after a nice expensive phone call to the Counselor's at Nintendo of
    America, I figured out exactly what needed to be done and finally plowed my way
    to the good ending.  I was just told this week that the game manual pretty much
    tells you everything that I blew over $10 in phone charges to find out, so
    until I get the manual, you will get to see such made up names as Kung Fu Guy,
    Purple Haired Guy and White Bird thingy along with my rough descriptions of the
    supposed story.
    [Note: Skrybe transcribed the manual for me and scanned an old advertisement,
    so a few more of the enemies will have their proper names listed]
    As always, enjoy!
    [Taken directly from the game manual]
    In an unexplored region of China wrapped in mystery, Ryuhi, a boy, was born and
    brought up in high mountain tops.  There he recieved instruction from his wise
    teacher, Juan.  Though he was young, he made himself a master of Kempo.
    One day, his teacher Juan was attacked and robbed of the Secret Scrolls of
    Hiryu-no-Ken, of which he was the author.  Ryuhi possessed the 6th volume of
    the Secret Scrolls, the Shingan-no Sho, or book of the mind's eye which Juan
    had managed to save.  Ryuhi begins his journey to Shorinji in compliance with
    Juan's last request.  Gengai, the bishop of Shorinji welcomed the little Ryuhi,
    regarded as one of the titans of Shourinji Kempo.
    Six years later, they recieved a letter of challenge from the Tusk Soldiers, a
    mysterious organization of enemies of the Shorinji.  Ryuhi is determined to
    take part in the upcoming "World Tournament of Contact Sports" as a
    representative of Shorinji.  His desire is to prevent the Tusk Soldiers from
    becoming champions of Contact Sports at the tournament.
    Ryuhi heard from Gengai that in truth it was the Tusk Soldiers who attacked his
    teacher and robbed him of the Secret Scrolls.  As he leaves for the World
    Tournament, his thoughts are on his teacher Juan and keeping the fighting
    spirit burning.
    There are 2 different types of stages in this game.  Journey levels are
    side-scrolling levels where you must beat 5 bosses and find certain items
    valuable to your mission.  Tournament levels are where you get to fight 1-on-1
    against enemies in a Street Fighter-esque mode of play.
    You must play through the game twice to get the proper ending.  You need to
    collect all 6 Scrolls the first time through to get the first ending.  The
    second time through you need to collect all 6 Scrolls again (don't worry, you
    get them the same as in the 1st Quest) as well as find all 4 Crystal Balls. 
    The Crystal Balls cannot be found in the 1st Quest, only in the 2nd Quest.  If
    you miss even one of these items, you can still finish the game, but you will
    not get the proper ending.
                   |                             |
                   |     +                       |
                   |   +++++           (*)  (*)  |
                   |     +     ==  ==   B    A   |
                   |           SE  ST            |
    The controls in this game vary depending on whether you are in the Journey or
    Tournament Stages:
    Start Button: Pause
    A Button: Kick
    B Button: Punch or Throw Cosmic Saucer
    Left or Right: Move left or right
    Up: Jump
    Down: Squat
    To jump down, press Up to jump then hold Down when you land to go through the
    To make a running jump, simply hold Left or Right to run and press Up to jump
    while you are running.  You will get more height with a running jump.
    Start Button: Pause
    Select Button: Drink Magic Water
    Up: Defend Upper (by squatting)
    Left or Right: Defend Middle
    Down: Defend Lower (by jumping)
    Up+B: Upper Punch
    Left+B or Right+B: Middle Punch
    Up+A: Upper Kick
    Left+A or Right+A: Middle Kick
    Down+A: Lower Kick
    Cyclone Kick: Hold Up and Press A & B at the same time (not when KO Gauge is
    Rolling Middle Kick: Press A & B at the same time.
    Spinning Ground Kick: Hold Down and press A & B at the same time.
    Trick Throw: Hold Down and Press B immediately after Defending Upper.
    Squat: Hold Down.
    Jump: Hold Left or Right and press A & B at the same time.
    Shake Free: Press Left and Right repeatedly when an enemy grabs you.
    Cosmic Saucer: Hold Up and press B when KO Gauge is full.
    HIRYU-NO-KEN: Hold Up and press A & B simultaneously when KO Gauge is full.
    In the Journey stages you will come across items hidden in the Dragon Statues.
    They are:
    1-UP PANEL: Gives you an additional life.
    MAGIC WATER: This gives Ryuhi more energy if he needs it...you will also find
    these floating across the screen once in awhile in the Tournament Stages.
    KO GAUGE: Gives you one more mark on your KO meter for the Tournament Stages.
    DRAGON'S SCALE: Gives you an energy barrier in front of you until you are hit.
    MONEY BAG: Gives you bonus points.
    ? PANEL: This will give you another chance to battle Tusk Soldiers that have
    the Secret Scrolls in case you missed them the first time around.
    JUAN PANELS: Uncover these and Juan will tell you how to transform the Tusk
    Soldier in the next Tournament Stage.
    This section will lead you right through the game.  I will go through each area
    and tell you exactly what to do and what you need to find to get through that
    area.  Prepare to be spoon-fed.
    Here is a map of the game's levels that was transcribed from the manual by
      |         ROUND A      |         ROUND C      |
      |         |            |           |          |
      |         |            |           |          |
      |         |          ELIMINATION   |        THE WORLD
    SHORINJI----|            ROUND B-----|        TOURNAMENT
    -A general note in the Journey levels: kick or punch every stone statue you see
    to get anything from 1-Ups to extra energy to an energy barrier.  You will also
    find items that increase your KO meter at the top of the screen.  Those are
    important, as it will allow your KO meter to get maxed out faster during the
    Tournaments.  You can only perform the Hiryu-No-Ken when you have a full KO
    meter.  When you get to the second quest, the statues will also be where you
    find the Crystal Balls.  See the ITEMS SECTION for a list of items.
    -There are 5 bosses in the Journey levels.  Each one will appear after
    defeating a certain number of enemies in the stage.  Each one surrenders a
    label to you when defeated (displayed at the top of the screen).  The 5th boss
    you beat gives you the Key label, which lets you enter the door at the end of
    the level.  If you go past the door at the end of the level without having
    gotten all 5 labels, don't worry...the level wraps back around, but remember
    you have a Time Limit in each stage, so try to beat all the bosses without
    going past the door at the end of the stage or you will have to hustle to get
    to the door again.
    -You begin the game in a side-scrolling Journey level.  Stand in the spot where
    you start and kick or punch about 5 enemies until a girl appears.  She will
    jump around and shoot projectiles at you.  Beat her and grab the Punch label
    that appears above her for stronger punching and kicking power.
    -Beat 5 more enemies and a Grim Reaper-type enemy appears.  He jumps around and
    tosses skulls at you.  Defeat him to get your Jump and Speed increasing label.
    -The 3rd boss is a purple-haired dude.  He jumps around shooting fireballs at
    you.  Avoid them and beat on him to get the 3rd label.  This one lets you fire
    Cosmic Saucers at enemies using the B Button.
    -The 4th boss is a weird looking white bird-like Tusk Beast named Pebora.  Like
    the other bosses, he also jumps around shooting fireballs at you.  Defeat it
    for your 4th label, which allows you to fling the Cosmic Saucers repeatedly.
    -The 5th and final boss of this Journey level will be the girl again.  Beat her
    and get the Key label which will allow you to enter Shorinji.
    -Once in Shorinji you will meet Gengai.  He tells you how Defense is the key
    and proceeds to train you.
    -It shows you a picture of the NES controller and exactly what buttons to push
    to Attack and Defend yourself.  The red dot is where you need to attack or
    -You will now get to train against a real opponent.  Just follow the rules you
    just learned.
    ***A very important method of fighting that is not explained (and is probably
    considered cheating) is use of the pause button during Tournament fighting
    mode.  Whenever you defend or attack a red dot, another one will immediately
    appear on you or your opponent.  If one appears on your opponent, quickly hit
    it, then pause.  You will see where the next red dot appears and will have time
    to plan your next move.  Quickly unpause, attack or defend the red dot, then
    pause again.  This may seem time consuming, but unless you have amazingly fast
    reflexes, this method will probably yield the best results***
    -This Training stage is the first of many Tournament mode type stages (even
    though this isn't a tournament yet).  You will notice that for every successful
    hit you score on your opponent, your KO meter will increase.  Once it is full,
    it will make a beeping sound.  This means you can use the Hiryu-No-Ken move. 
    To do this, hold Up on the controller and press A and B at the same time.  You
    will rise into the air and come down at your opponent with a spinning kick.  A
    lot of times the opponent will jump out of the way, but if you do it at the
    right time your opponent will stand still and you will nail him, taking away a
    ton of energy.
    -Also during Tournament stages, a bottle of Magic Water will float across the
    screen.  If you grab it it will be displayed at the top of the screen.  Press
    Select to use it to restore some energy.
    -After beating the first Training opponent, you will be taught the Trick Throw.
     To perform the Trick Throw, wait until a red dot appears on your head.  When
    you press Up to defend yourself sometimes you will catch your opponents arm. 
    The moment you catch their arm, Press Down and A at the same time and you will
    flip them over.  You will NEED to perform this later in the game, so learn it
    -You will now face a second Training opponent.  You will have ample opportunity
    to perfect the Trick Throw.
    -After beating the second Training opponent, good ol' Gengai will tell you
    about the Blue Dot and the Red Star.  When the Blue Dot appears on an opponent,
    quickly hit it to inflict more damage than normal, as it indicates a weak
    point.  When a Red Star appears on your opponent, if you are fortunate enough
    to hit it, it will be a knock-out blow.  The Blue Dot and Red Star don't show
    up often, so be sure to take advantage of them when they do.
    -You will now face off against Gengai.  After beating him he will tell you
    about your enemies, the Tusk Soldiers, and how you must defeat them and find
    the Secret Scrolls.
    -The game tells you that you are now the Kung Fu Master of Shorinji and that
    you want to become the best One-on-One fighter in the World.  It shows several
    of your future opponents, then you enter the next Journey Stage.
    -You now have another side-scrolling Journey stage that is pretty much the same
    as the Journey stage in Section I.
    Items to find in Statues:
    -KO Gauge
    -Dragon's Scale
    -Magic Water
    -1st Boss: Girl...gives you Punch & Kick label
    -2nd Boss: Grim Reaper...gives you Jump & Speed label
    -3rd Boss: Purple Haired Guy...gives you Cosmic Saucer label
    -4th Boss: Pebora...gives you Faster Cosmic Saucers label
    -5th Boss: 6-Armed Demon
     -The 6-Armed Demon flies around in a wave pattern and tosses projectiles at
    you.  Use your Cosmic Saucers to do him in and collect the Key label.
    You are now ready to fight in the first Elimination Round.
    -He's fairly easy.
    -Use the Trick Throw on him when he attacks your head.
    -Get ready to jump away from him twice when he does his flying drop kick.  He
    will come at you once, fly away, then come at you again.
    -Put Hayato away with the Hiryu-No-Ken if you can.
    -Dodge her spinning jump-kick by holding Up on the controller.
    -She's pretty good at avoiding the Hiryu-No-Ken.
    -Trick Throws work well against her.
    -Jungle Targun is a Tusk Soldier in disguise, meaning that if you beat him in a
    certain way he will reveal himself and you will fight his true form.
    -There is no trick to reveal this first Tusk Soldier, just wear him down and he
    will simply transform.
    -If the Red Dot appears on your head, hold down Up on the controller, as Jungle
    Targun will more than likely try for his flying knee.
    -Once his energy is depleted, he transforms.
    -He is quicker once transformed.
    -If the Red Dot appears at your feet, be ready to jump over a fireball.
    -He will use the Hiryu-No-Ken on you at times...jump out of the way when he
    comes at you to avoid him.
    -He is the easiest Tusk Soldier to defeat.
    -Beat him to get your 2nd Scroll (You got your 1st Scroll at the beginning of
    the game)
    This is like your other Journey stages.  Jump over the flying skulls that come
    at you.
    Items to find in statues:
    -KO Gauge
    -Magic Water
    -Dragon's Scale
    -1st Boss: Girl...gives you Punch & Kick label
    -2nd Boss: Grim Reaper...gives you Jump & Speed label
    -3rd Boss: Purple Haired Guy...gives you Cosmic Saucer label
    -4th Boss: Pebora...gives you Faster Cosmic Saucers label
    -5th Boss: Horned Demon
     -The Horned Demon flies at you trying to hit you with fireballs.  Unload on
    him with your Cosmic Saucers to do him in and get the Key label.
    Here you must beat 3 more foes.  The third one will be the Tusk Soldier.
    -This guy is quicker than he looks.
    -If a Red Dot doesn't appear on either you or him, quickly jump back.  He will
    try to grab you and toss you.
    -The Hiryu-No-Ken works pretty good on him.  DO NOT use the Hiryu-No-Ken if the
    Red Dot is on yourself.  Sometimes you can get the move off, but more often
    than not you will get hit before you can execute.
    -Finish this foe off with whatever move you want.
    -He's extremely quick.
    -The Trick Throw rarely works on him, as he will jab at your head most of the
    -Prepare to block more than one shot in a row.
    -Do as you are told before the match...do not attack or block, just keep
    jumping away to escape.  After about 5-10 seconds a Red Star should appear on
    Koku's head.  Kick it to transform him into the Tusk Soldier.
    -If you miss the star, continue to avoid him and eventually another one will
    -When fighting the Tusk Soldier, if the Red Dot appears at your feet, be ready
    to jump over his fireball (most of the time).
    -If a Red Dot appears on your head, hold down Up on the controller in case he
    tries the drop kick.
    -Jump away to avoid his Hiryu-No-Ken.
    -You get the 3rd Scroll upon defeating him.
    Same as the other Journey stages.
    Items to find in statues:
    -Magic Water
    -Dragon's Scale
    -1st Boss: Girl...gives you Punch & Kick label
    -2nd Boss: Grim Reaper...gives you Jump & Speed label
    -3rd Boss: Purple Haired Guy...gives you Cosmic Saucer label
    -4th Boss: Pebora...gives you Faster Cosmic Saucers label
    -5th Boss: 6-Armed Demon...gives you the Key label
    The Tusk Soldier in this Elimination Round is the 3rd Opponent.
    FIRST OPPONENT: MASKED BOXER (probably Bruiser with a mask on)
    -You'll find yourself on the defensive a lot.
    -Boxer likes to jump around.  Concentrate on blocking and stick him when you
    -You should get a Blue Dot on him every so often.  Hit it if you can to weaken
    him more.
    -Get in a couple Trick Throws if possible.
    -This guy looks like Towel-Head, without the towel, and acts like him in the
    -Remember to jump away from him if no Red Dot appears on either of you.
    -You can Trick Throw him quite a bit.
    -If you have the opportunity to use the Hiryu-No-Ken, stand 2 or 3 spaces away
    from him.  If you stand too far away or too close to him, he will either move
    or you will miss him.
    -Shouldn't give you too much trouble.
    -He is one UGLY-looking bastard! [Note: Skrybe informed me that he is actually
    wearing a mask...so the mask is what is damn UGLY!]
    -Litron is probably the hardest guy in the game to transform.  You have to wait
    until he grabs your mid-section (no Red Dot will appear, he will just grab you
    at random).  When he is holding on to you, quickly wiggle the controller left
    and right to break free before he can give you his Brain Buster.  This will
    instantly transform him into a Tusk Soldier.  The hard part to all this is
    getting him to grab you before you lose all your energy.  What worked okay for
    me was to kick him in the mid-section, but only if the Red Dot was on his head
    or feet, and keep moving towards him.  He WILL eventually grab you.  Just hang
    in there.
    -Once transformed, Litron is a bitch.  If a Red Dot appears on your head, get
    ready to jump over or duck a fireball.
    -Keep dogging him and eventually you will earn your 4th Scroll.
    You're almost there!  Get through this Journey stage and you are at the World
    Items to find in statues:
    -1-Up Panel
    -Magic Water
    -Dragon's Scale
    -1st Boss: Grim Reaper...gives you Punch & Kick label
    -2nd Boss: Purple Haired Guy...gives you Jump & Speed label
    -3rd Boss: 6-Armed Demon...gives you Cosmic Saucer label
    -4th Boss: Pebora...gives you Faster Cosmic Saucers label
    -5th Boss: Horned Demon...gives you the Key label
    You'r finally here!  The World Tournament consists of 2 3-Opponent Rounds.  The
    first Tusk Soldier is the 2nd guy in Round 1.  The second Tusk Soldier is the
    1st guy in Round 2.  Read on for more details.
    ROUND 1
    FIRST OPPONENT: THORNRAM (nicknamed "Iron Legs" for his wicked kicks)
    -Very fast.
    -When a Red Dot appears on your head, hold Up on the controller to duck his
    high knee.
    -Thornram is a scrapper.  Hang in there and use the Hiryu-No-Ken whenever you
    can to bring down his energy until he is defeated.
    -You can only transform him by defeating him with the Hiryu-No-Ken.  Be careful
    though...a Red Star will appear on his head after hitting him with a first
    Hiryu-No-Ken.  Unless you can hit the Red Star with a second Hiryu-No-Ken, do
    not kick or punch the Red Star, however tempting.  Either Hiryu-No-Ken the Red
    Star or continue to wear him down.  When Shiro has little energy left, the
    Hiryu-No-Ken will transform him...just be sure not to kill him with a Trick
    Throw or a normal attack.
    -Just like the Karate Guy in Elimination Round A, he will come at you with a
    flying kick, then come back at you with a second, so be sure to dodge both by
    jumping away.
    -When he is transformed he will use fireballs like the other Tusk Soldiers. 
    Just leap over them or duck.
    -Defeat him and get the 5th Scroll.
    -This guy moves just like Litron.  In fact, it probably is the ugly bastard
    with a turban covering his head, but he is not a Tusk Soldier this time, just
    an obstacle in your path.
    -Look at Litron's strategy for how to fight this guy.
    -Keep a close eye out for the Red Star, as it always seems to appear while
    fighting Turbantron.
    ROUND 2
    -This guy is fairly easy to transform, but you will have to use a move that
    isn't used much in the game (at least I rarely use it) to transform him.
    -Exchange blows with Kabuki until a Red Dot appears on your head.  Defend it,
    catching his arm and giving him the Trick Throw.  He SHOULD immediately get up
    and go for your head again.  Catch his arm again and give him another Trick
    Throw.  If you did both Trick Throws correctly, a BLUE DOT will appear at his
    feet.  Quickly hold Down on the Controller and press A and B at the same time
    to do a Spinning Ground Kick to hit the Blue Dot at his feet and transform him.
     [If you miss the Blue Dot the first time, a Red Star might appear on his head.
     DO NOT hit the Star or you will finish him and not receive the Scroll.  Just
    wait for the opportunity to do your 2 Trick Throws and try again]
    -Once transformed, Kabuki will throw a lot of fireballs at you, so get used to
    dodging them.
    -I used the Hiryu-No-Ken on him repeatedly and beat him fairly easy, but if
    you're KO Power isn't as high, just wear him down using the trusty pause
    -You would think the next to last opponent in a prestigious World Tournament
    such as this would be someone other than your typical broken-nose, Bronx boxer
    -Anyway, avoid his jabs and attack the Red Dots.
    -He seems pretty weak against the Hiryu-No-Ken, so don't be afraid to use it.
    -Here he is, the leader of the evil Tusk Corp.
    -There will be a lot of nip-and-tuck here, trading blows with each other.
    -Dargon is not afraid to use his version of Hiryu-No-Ken, so be prepared to do
    a lot of jumping.
    -He will transform when all his energy is gone, so either hack away at him or
    use your power moves...either one will do.
    -Once transformed, Dargon becomes like all the other Tusk freaks and becomes
    even more aggressive.
    -He will feed you with a steady diet of fireballs, most of which you can duck.
    -Be persistent and finish him off with whatever you can to see what lies after
    beating him...
    After defeating Dargon (referred to by Gengai as the "Mao"), you are told that
    he was a fake and that you need 4 Crystal Balls to reveal the real Mao.  To
    make matters worse, Dargon appears and taunts you by saying that he took the
    Secret Scrolls and threatens you with death.
    You must now start over again with the Journey to Elimination Round A.
    It seems like all good games have a second quest to keep the adventure alive. 
    Now you will have to revisit all the Journey stages and Tournament stages to
    view the good ending, but there is one major thing that will be different:
    -You MUST collect the 4 Crystal Balls as well as retrieve all the Secret
    Scrolls again to get the proper ending.
    -You will find a Crystal Ball in each of the Journey stages.  I could tell you
    exactly where to find them, but it will be easy enough.  Just kick or punch all
    the statues and one of them will have a Crystal Ball inside.
    -You will also notice a little trophy at the top of the screen.  That shows
    that you have beaten the game once already.  If for some reason you beat the
    2nd Quest without all the required items, you will start a 3rd Quest and
    another small trophy will appear next to the first.
    -The Secret Scrolls are in the exact same places they were in the first time
    around.  You must defeat the same opponents the exact same way to make the Tusk
    Soldier reveal himself and relinquish the Scroll upon defeat.  Here is a brief
    refresher on where to find the scrolls:
    1st: You start with it.
    2nd: Beat Jungle Targun, the last guy in Elimination Round A.
    3rd: Beat Koku-Un-Sai by avoiding him until the Red Star appears, then hit it
    to transform him...he's the last guy in Elimination Round B.
    4th: Transform the 3rd guy in Elimination Round C (Litron) by shaking free from
    his Brain Buster.
    5th: In the World Tournament, defeat the 2nd guy in Round 1 (Mugen Shiro) with
    the Hiryu-No-Ken.
    6th: In the World Tournament, defeat the 1st guy in Round 2 (Demon Kabuki) by
    giving him the Trick Throw twice, then hitting the Blue Dot at his feet with a
    Spinning Ground Kick.
    When you get to Dargon at the end of the 2nd Quest, your Mandara should be
    completely full with all 6 Keys, all 6 Scrolls and all 4 Crystal Balls. I
    always wondered about the 4 smallest holes in the Mandara, as it seemed like
    you might need to find 4 smaller Crystal Balls, but if you beat the game with
    everything the 2nd time through, you get the good ending and the game ends.
    The following codes are for use with the good ol' game enhancing/cheating
    device known as the Game Genie.  If you are playing on an actual NES or using
    an emulator that supports Game Genie codes, these will help you:
    VEKLTAKZ	Start with infinite lives
    GXEEEPVG	Start with infinite time
    PANATALA	Start with 1 life
    TANATALA	Start with 6 lives
    PANATALE	Start with 9 lives
    TAOXULLA	Start with double KO power
    If you are using the emulator NESten, you can enter the above codes in the
    Cheaters Window.  I also created the following RAM Patch Addresses that you can
    enter in the NESten cheat window:
    0029  Infinite Energy
    00C1  Infinite Time
    If you use these codes in NESten, be sure to freeze the values and enable the
    cheats :)
    Level                   Password
    Training Class          AASO
    2nd World Tournament    HFBT
    Final Fight             BAAA
    Q: I beat the game but it made me start over at the beginning...did I do
    something wrong or do I have to beat the game again?
    A: You MUST go through the game twice to finish it.  However, the first time
    you must reveal and defeat all of the Tusk Soldiers, including Dargon.  The
    second time through you must defeat all the Tusk Soldiers and collect all 4
    Crystal Balls in the Journey stages.  When you beat Dargon the second time, if
    you have gotten all the Scrolls and Crystal Balls, you will get the proper
    Q: In the Journey Stages I reach the door at the end but I cannot enter.  What
    am I to do?
    A: You must defeat each of the 5 Bosses in the Journey Stages.  Each will give
    you a power-up label.  When you beat the 5th Boss, his label is the Key label
    that opens the door.
    Q: What are those little icons with some guy's picture on them that pop up
    every once in awhile?
    A: Those are called Juan Panels.  If you find them (by passing or jumping by
    certain places in the Journey stages) Juan will give you information in the
    Tournament stages on how to reveal and defeat the Tusk Soldiers.
    Q: I'm in the Tournament Stage and I just threw some kind of fireball...how did
    I do that?
    A: That was actually a Cosmic Saucer that you tossed.  When you are fighting a
    Tusk Soldier you can throw a Cosmic Saucer by pressing B when your KO Gauge is
    full.  It will use some of your energy, but will take a good amount of damage
    out of your enemy.
    Skrybe (skrybezero@yahoo.com) - For transcribing the entire manual for the game
    and dedicating it to me.  If you think transcribing a manual (especially this
    one) is easy, give it a shot :)   Someday Sardius will put the transcribed
    manual on his site and I will link to it from here.  Skrybe also sent me the
    following info about the Flying Dragon series:
    "There are 3 other Nes games that I'm aware of, one was released in the US as
    Flying Warriors. I think the Snes game Ultimate Fighter is part of the series,
    and so is the N64 game Flying Dragon. There's also a japanese SD version for
    the Game Boy, I found a copy at a local K-Mart."  Skrybe also provided me with
    a 9-page Culture Brain advertisement that he scanned.  Four of the pages were
    dedicated to Flying Dragon, which listed the names of Thornram, Bruiser and Go
    Hayato, as well as the arcade title of Flying Dragon, "Shang-Hai Kid."  Thanks
    for all the info Skrybe!!
    Here is a link to the manual:
    Here is a link to Skrybe's Unreleased NES site:
    Culture Brain - For making this game.  They put out some really cool, different
    games for the NES.  This one, along with Kung Fu Heroes, Little Ninja Brothers
    and Magic of Scheherazade, to name a few, are very interesting games with
    detailed back stories that really get you into the game and give you a small
    taste of Japanese culture...just what you want out of an NES game.
    Be sure to try out Flying Warriors for the NES, the unofficial sequel to Flying
    Slajshatka@gateway.net - For sending the following:
    Some things you may have left out of the FAQ: If you accidentaly don't beat
    one of the Tusk Warriors in a tournament, hold up and press select on the
    round robin screen to start the tourney over(this only works if you got the
    "?" icon in the previous journey).
    Also, each of the scrolls gives you additional abilities(besides cool-looking
    1.Shingan: Detect attack and defense points.
    2.Hiken-no Sho: Enables you to fling Cosmic Saucers at the Tusk Warriors and
    increases attack power.
    3.Hikyaku-no Sho: Raises % rate of connecting with the Hiryu-no Ken and
    increases speed.
    4.Hiyaku-no Sho: KO bar doesn't deplete as fast.
    5.Hicho-no Sho: Makes Hiryu-no Ken more potent.
    6.Gowan-no Sho: Increases defensive power.
    Also, Ryuhi can jump left or right by pressing the corresponding directional
    button and A+B when there are no attack points on the enemy.
    This walkthrough is not endorsed by Culture Brain or Nintendo of America. The
    information contained within this document is provided without guarantee.  All
    copyrights and trademarks are recognized.
    This walkthrough may be reprinted, posted in newsgroups, or placed on web sites
    (with permission), as long as it is not altered in any way and the proper
    credit is given to the author.  The only sites with permission to post this
    FAQ/Walkthrough are:
    Many Tusk Soldiers were harmed in the making of this guide.
    (c)2000,2002 Adam Lamontagne (alamont1@maine.rr.com)

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