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    FAQ/Walkthrough by uncolober

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/04/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    by Unco Lober
    STAGE 1
    	and how to beat Arremers consistently.
    STAGE 2
    	and how to attack rapidly.
    STAGE 3
    	and a bit on version differencies.
    STAGE 4
    STAGE 5,
    	including information on the Satan boss in different versions.
    STAGE 6 (single Unicorn, double ogres - Revision G and CCC 
    	Basic mechanics.
    	Weapons guide.
    	STAGE 6 walkthrough for the twin Unicorns, single ogre version - as seen in 
    the original arcade US release and some other revisions.
    This guide covers detailed strategies for all levels of all versions of 
    the original Arcade game. The Capcom Classic Collection versions, 
    which you are probably playing, are based on the Japanese 
    revisions, and these are the ones that take precedence; most of the 
    time, I will explain strategies for all versions and mention major 
    differences, though. Stage 6, for example, is too different, and I've 
    added a special section for the double-Unicorn, single-ogre, hidden-
    Arremer versions of it in the Appendix.
    Another appendix contains a weapon guide just incase. In short, 
    though, all weapons other than the Lance and Dagger are 
    objectively inferior, and you need Shield by the end of stage 6 to 
    complete the game.
    THE MISSION OF THIS GUIDE is to provide actual strategies to 
    beating various enemies in this insane game. Makaimura (the 
    original name for G'n'G) is all about learning. You can't pass most of 
    the later stages without learning exactly how every enemy acts 
    and reacts. Fighting Arremers is a nightmare - and an impossibility 
    when there are several in a row - unless you know how to do it right.
    STAGE 1
    One of the hardest aspect of Ghosts'n'Goblins series is the 
    randomness of enemy spawn. If you ever had trouble with medusa 
    heads in Castlevania, keep in mind that every G'n'G/Makaimura 
    game including this one is like that from first stage to last. Roughly 
    half the enemies are static and non-respawning, and half are 
    random and infinite.
    On stage 1-1 (Graveyard), the spawning enemies are the Zombies. 
    They can spawn under you, but you can dodge if you're quick. Go 
    forward as fast as you can.
    Hitting the gravestones enough times may produce the Magician 
    monster. It shoots sparks that can turn you into a frog; sparks kill 
    you if you don't have armour.
    The road above is easier. Zombies spawn on the upper ledge, too, 
    but if you choose to walk below, you will have to dodge the flower 
    projectiles all the time, which can be tricky if you're not used to the 
    game mechanics yet. Crows shouldn't be a problem - look out and 
    shoot in advance.
    When the upper ledge ends, slow down. There's a red gargoyle 
    monster called the Red Arremer sitting on the plain ahead, and it's 
    one of the trickiest and most hated enemies in video game history.
    Fighting an Arremer may seem impossible or completely luck-based 
    at first, but there is strict logic to it's behavior. The difficulty with 
    Arremers is that they lack obvious patterning - they dodge your 
    attaks and aim straight at you. Actually guiding them into a pattern 
    is the main objective here.
    1. Unless Arremer is already doing something, it's going to dodge 
    your attacks. There's a weapon Arremer can't dodge... but only in 
    the later games, not this one.
    2. It won't dodge the first attack launched at it, though, so land the 
    first blow as fast as you can before it sweeps into the sky.
    3. Arremers can sweep at you at random angles, including directly 
    from above and from outside the screen, and shoot projectiles at 
    You can probably beat an Arremer through losing the armour or 
    luck, but that's not enough, because later in the game there are 
    going to be several of them in a row, especially in the later levels, 
    and unless you can kill them consistently, you're gargoyle fodder.
    Here's what you do to beat an Arremer:
    1. Don't shoot randomly hoping to hit it. If you keep shooting, the 
    Arremer will just get at a strange angle and murder you.
    2. As it flies to the side, it may just glide above, but mostly it'll 
    probably try to either shoot a spark or sweep. Sparks you can only 
    dodge. But if the Arremer sweeps, run away (and don't shoot - you 
    don't have the time and it'll break the pattern) until it starts to rise 
    again. When it starts to ascend, turn back and run under it.
    3. This will almost always end in Arremer landing right away. It 
    reacts thus to you passing under it.
    As it lands, you can often land one hit and repeat. Arremers take 
    three to die. But that's troublesome, because occasionally they can 
    trick you or dodge. You can do better, though.
    4. After the Arremer has landed, don't jump or shoot. The monster 
    will probably go back and forth on the ground a bit, maybe shoot a 
    spark, but most often it waits a few seconds and then charges at 
    5. You will have to recognize this charge - it's different from the 
    normal running. A harging Arremer can not dodge. Tricking 
    Arremers into charging it the main way of dealing with them.
    Normally, they charge if you stand still for long or get too close - of 
    course, only when they are on the ground themselves. The only 
    danger here is that if the Arremer decides to shoot a spark first, you 
    will have to jump, and it'll probably make the Arremer change it's 
    So, in order to kill the Arremer consistently, you have to
    1. make it sweep at you,
    2. run away until it starts to go up, then run back right under it,
    3. which would make it land,
    4. so that you could trick it into charging you, to do which you will 
    have to refrain from jumping and shooting.
    It still isn't easy, but you will have to learn this or you won't get past 
    stage 3-2 (five Arremers with random enemies spawning around), 
    let alone the horror that is stage 6.
    This concludes the information you need to beat the "gargoyle," as 
    the Western versions call them.
    Now look at the tombstone to the right (the last one before the 
    water pit). To the left of it there's a tombstone and a cross on the 
    background. Jump over that to have armour appear. It's a secret to 
    everybody. (This and other armour spawns will only work if you 
    don't have armour on.)
    The moving island actually has a tricky pattern to it - look closer, it 
    doesn't just shuttle, it occasionally stops at mid-point and goes 
    back, probably killing you as you try to jump on or off it. On the 
    other side of the water pit is a checkpoint that persists even if you 
    take a continue.
    1-2 (Forest).
    Levels 1 through 4 have mid-checkpoints. What this game doesn't 
    have is checkpoints before bosses. I hope you didn't think the 
    Arremer was the stage boss.
    Passing the six floating armours is a matter of hand-eye 
    coordination - I believe they occasionally fly a bit differently, so you 
    will have to judge on the spot. Normally, it's possible to evade the 
    first three on the small island. You can only kill them from behind, 
    which is pointless outside of building the highscore. There are two 
    groups of armours, and the general rule is: you rarely have to 
    retreat, but when they show up, you normally wait for them to pass 
    before advancing.
    Random spawning whatever things - I hear these are actually 
    ghosts - can shoot spears forward or from above and are better 
    killed off before there's too much of them, just like the zombies. 
    Walk forward unless you get cornered. Jump and kill ghosts that fly 
    too low - but don't overdo the latter and don't hunt for the high-
    flying ones. There are going to be two shooting flowers, and the 
    second one is set a bit low, so you will have to crouch to hit it with 
    the spear. 
    STAGE 1 BOSS - "Unicorn".
    This cyclops may look intimidating, but it's nothing compared to an 
    Arremer you've just beaten.
    It may run ahead; jump a little towards you; jump to where you 
    stand; and shoot projectiles.
    1. It won't run if you don't.
    2. It won't do the big jump unless you're too far away.
    3. It won't shoot unless you give it time.
    You have to land ten hits.
    The main trick here is that if you shoot, the Unicorn will most likely 
    jump straight up, thus posing no danger. Jumping yourself would be 
    a mistake, though. What you do is stand and try to time your 
    attacks so that you don't miss it - only shoot as it gets low enough 
    to get hit again. If you keep shooting it just as it lands, more often 
    than not it'll keep jumping, probably dying thus. If you aren't 
    precise enough, the Unicorn may try to jump slightly towards you. 
    Don't run away unless necessary, or it'll shoot or stampede. Just 
    back off a bit and shoot as quickly as possible - it would jump 
    straight up again. There's your key.
    STAGE 2.
    2-1 is a very short segment where you have to climb up, then jump 
    to the right. Climb up and to the right as fast as you can and don't 
    hunt - dodge and only kill if the enemy's in range. Once there's 
    nowhere to climb, go right; when you don't see platforms anymore, 
    jump as far as you can - WARNING! the last platform before the 
    solid ground will fall into the water, so you will have to run a few 
    steps and jump again.
    But this is not hard at all. Hard is what follows.
    2-2 (The Town).
    This is the last checkpoint on stage 2. This is the place which 
    overwhelmed many players and made them give up on the game. 
    It's nothing compared to further horrors, but it's the first place in 
    the game that, on your first play, really does look impossible.
    It isn't, though.
    The first house you pass will spawn gremlins. They run towards you 
    and then go up. These monsters are a bit tricky; they're also infinite 
    here and can follow you. It's easier to jump over than trying to 
    shoot them all because of the quick random spawn. NB: this place 
    is good if you have a bad weapon and want to fish for a better one - 
    the gremlins die easily and carry pots often.
    To the right is the multistoried house full of ogre monsters. These 
    are the second worst (after Arremers) stage monster and you'd 
    want to learn fighting them properly, or you'll never survive stages 
    5 and especially 6.
    An ogre would:
    1. Shoot through the floor if you're directly below.
    2. Rush at you if you're on the same ledge and they're facing you.
    3. Shoot forward if you try to run away.
    They take a load of punishment (ten hits) and keep advancing as 
    you shoot, so, normally, you will have to have some free space 
    between you and the ogres. It's also possible to shoot a few times, 
    jump over, shoot twice, jump over, etc.. There's an even better 
    maneuvre, though.
    RAPID FIRE technique.
    The real trick here is rapid fire. Lance, Dagger and Shield are best 
    suited for this. Rapid fire isn't a cheat and doesn't require hardware 
    Now, the logical way would be to hit the button as fast as you can. 
    The truth is, though, fast button presses make Arthur fire the 
    slowest. Maybe this was a design flaw, or, more likely, it's one of 
    the intentionally maddening things that comprise Makaimura.
    Try finding the rhythm. It must be constant and not very fast. To 
    find it,
    1. Try tapping as fast as you could and see how often the weapon 
    2. Tap a bit slower, until your projectiles shoot much faster. That's it.
    3. Normally, when an ogre is running at you, you will instinctively 
    tap faster. Don't! If your rhythm is constant and presses are at the 
    correct speed, you'll shoot so fast the ogre is completly stunned; if 
    it still manages to advance, you're still hitting the button too fast.
    Now, navigating the house is maddeningly hard if you can't rapid-
    fire (or have a torch, ha ha), but if you actually learn to do this trick, 
    things quickly become rather manageable.
    Got to the right until you hit the wall, ascend, kill ogres, repeat until 
    you get to the right side of the buiding and must get to the first 
    floor again. Now, you can just kill all the ogres beforehand - they 
    don't respawn, - but that's not necessary for progress. The tricky 
    part would then be descending the ladder to a floor where an ogre 
    is waiting. It can see you starting from mid-point of your climb, and 
    you can't jump off the ladder either. The only way to do this 
    effectively is being patient: let the ogre walk away far to the left, 
    then descend and either run to the next ladder (normally you can 
    run and descend before the ogre shoots)? or turn and rapid-shoot it 
    to oblivion.
    NB: after you get out of the building, there is no checkpoint.
    Proceed to the right. Pay attention to the red crows - they can home 
    in on you - and don't be hasty with the platforms.
    STAGE 2 BOSS - two "Unicorns."
    That's right, there are two of them now. BUT you don't have to 
    trigger both at the same time! If you're cautious, you can fight one 
    and then another. The strategy persists. Fighting two is tricky and 
    unadvisable unless you're looking for an added challenge - which 
    you aren't, what with what's coming in...
    STAGE 3.
    3-1 (Caves).
    Bats can occasionally descend low enough to hit you, but not every 
    time and are rarely dangerous. Zombies also spawn here. The new 
    enemy is the living stalagmite called the Monster Tower. It can 
    shoot purple orbs from the top mouth, bottom mouth, or both at 
    once. The shots fly straight ahead and are counterable with the 
    Shield if you have it (i.e., are on you second loop). The stalagmite 
    can be hit when it's firing, which isn't all that tricky. The biggest 
    problem would probably be the zombies. There are only two 
    stalagmite monsters before the checkpoint, and if you have 
    problems, you may try just rushing this segment. The upper ledge 
    is no different from the lower ledge in any way.
    3-2 is the next truly hard part of the game. Right at the start an 
    Arremer appears - and it's already aware of you. Refer to the guide 
    above if you fail (see STAGE 1) - there are only a few Arremers in 
    the game that take a different strategy, and I'll mention them 
    Ghosts from 1-2 spawn here, and they can occasionally corner you. 
    You can see how predictably they spawn at specific places, though.
    Move forward and up and you will see another Arremer sitting on 
    the cliff. You can jump toward it and kill it before it soars if you're 
    precise. A good idea would be refraining from shooting until you're 
    standing a few steps away from it and using the rapid fire 
    technique. This way, more often than not, the Arremer will not be 
    able to take off at all.
    There is a SECRET ARMOUR obtainable soon after this second 
    "gargoyle." (As always, it only appears if you are in underwear 
    already.) To get it, walk until you see a ladder, ascend it and go to 
    the left, then jump towards the cliff on the upper-right - the armour 
    will appear atop the ladder you've just ascended.
    Don't go up, though. Get the armour if you need it and return. Go to 
    the right instead - the upper route is mostly the same, but a little bit 
    There's an Arremer in the trench. Make sure you kill the ghosts that 
    may spawn before you jump at it. Again, a good idea may be not 
    shooting right until you land on firm ground in order to lockt he 
    Arremer on the ground.
    Yet another Arremer sits on the cliff, and you can't punk him the 
    way you probably did the previous two. You have to scare him with 
    a spear and then fight him normally. WARNING! The platform to the 
    left of the Arremer spawns a gremlin somewhere midpoint, and you 
    better turn around and shoot it before it gets above and adds to 
    There's a trick to this Arremer, though - you can just run to the right 
    under it and jump off the cliff. That's where you're supposed to go 
    anyway, and this Arremer won't be able to follow you if you're fast 
    enough. Also, there's another armour hidden here: if you jump from 
    the very edge and fly as far to the right as you can, you will find the 
    armour below. There seems to be an occasional glitch in it's 
    spawning, though.
    There's yet another Arremer down the trench. Kill it using the 
    normal technique and proceed to the boss.
    LEVEL 3 BOSS - The Dragon.
    Here comes the first difference between the versions of the games: 
    some editions have slightly modified boss A.I.
    For this particular boss all versions have the same general pattern, 
    although particulars may vary.
    1. It flies around, going either higher or lower based on where you 
    were when it turned.
    2. It will occasionally shoot projectliles that are blockable with the 
    Shield (you can only have it this early if you're on second loop, 
    3. It will occasionally drop or ascend sharply.
    You can chop off segments by hitting it's tail to make it easier to 
    jump over, which is a good thing, but doesn't damage the monster 
    itself. The Dragon can be killed with several hits to the muzzle. One 
    thing to remember is, you normally can't just tackle it head on - you 
    won't be able to land enough hits before it reaches you.
    STAGE 4.
    4-1 is a crazy, borderline broken platforming segment with no 
    random enemies and an Arremer in the end. Describing this is 
    almost impossible - you will have to get a feel of the questionable 
    physics at play here. It's nothing like any proper platformer, 
    whether intentionally or not (physics like this never return in later 
    Makaimuras). It's not hard, but physics are just too weird.
    The general trick is:
    1. Your-height platforms must be passed with a forward jump.
    2. Slightly-above-your-height platforms (there are two of these) are 
    normally reachable with a straight jump up as the platform is flying 
    towards you.
    3. When two platforms at same height intersect, the one that 
    automatically drags you is actually the one you need - always let 
    the new platform take you.
    This level is short, so watch the platforms, understand the mild 
    trickery in their movement and pass safely. When you see an 
    Arremer below, you're almost at the checkpoint. Note: you can 
    jump a few paces to the right of the Arremer and kill it before it 
    flies. The checkpoint triggered when you enter the bridge ahead, so 
    you can run there first if you're afraid of losing this duel.
    4-2 (The Bridge).
    Shield weapon starts dropping here. If you happen to get it, keep it, 
    as it's a rare drop and a necessity for completing the game. It 
    makes the game a bit harder, though. Because it freaking sucks. 
    See the weapon guide appendix if you need info.
    On the bridge, you just run straight ahead and never stop - you 
    have much better chances this way. I have never seen the pillars of 
    fire actually get anyone, so don't be afraid of them. The random 
    gremlins are a bigger problem, but, normally, they can't catch you 
    if you're constantly moving ahead. Jump-shoot them when they get 
    near, and you'll pass the bridge safely.
    After an Arremer (you might want to sneak up on it and kill it before 
    it flies - else, use the normal method) you will fight another dragon, 
    which is exactly like the one in Stage 3.
    STAGE 5 - Castle Entrance.
    There will be no mid-level checkpoints anymore. It's even worse 
    than it sounds, too, because the next two stages are some of the 
    most hardcore things in video game history.
    Check out the gremlin above - it's carrying a spark. They spawn 
    randomly and shoot these sparks, then attack. Now check out the 
    skull ahead - there's a jumping goddamn skeleton hiding there. You 
    can kill the skeletons before they jump, but walk too close, and 
    they're all over the screen.
    Run to the right, and the ghosts will start spawning, too. Shoot the 
    skull, climb the ledge. This is the place where it's easier to get (or 
    accidentally lose) weapons, because there's just so much stuff 
    spawning all around the place. There are two bats above, they're 
    proximity triggered and normally fly below upper ledge, but 
    ocasionally at shoulder height. I suppose you should farm for the 
    Shield here if you haven't got one already. The actual advice here is 
    - look out, they're everywhere and keep spawning. Pass this as fast 
    as you can, don't hunt anything, but don't rush either. I prefer going 
    one ledge up, then to the left (where two skulls sit), then up and to 
    the left of the bat, then further left.
    Run to the left and climb the ladder. See the Arremer to the uper-
    right? Careful. First, kill everything currently on the screen (it's 
    probably one gremlin and one ghost). There's a bat high above and 
    it occasionally dives really fast, but more often than not it's a non-
    issue as it just flies toward the end of the screen.
    The Arremer above will wake the moment you ascend the ladder, 
    but there's an easy trick to beating it: run towards it and when 
    you're about three or four block away, shoot. It almost never 
    Look out for the ghost that spawns above as you ascend the ladder 
    to the left.
    Now here's the stage 5's ogre gauntlet. There are multiple ways to 
    pass it, but here's the shortest:
    1. Go to the left.
    2. Jump on the cliff, then onto the ogre platform and climb quickly.
    3. Here wait until the ogre walks past the ladder from right to left, 
    and climb EXACTLY when it's just passed it - this way you will 
    always have enough space to rapid-fire the monster.
    (3a. Unless a gremlin spawns, or a ghost. In that case, you will have 
    to kill it before going up, or it'll certainly home in as you're fighting 
    the ogre.)
    4. When you get onto the ogre ledge, run straight to the right until 
    you've passed the ogre above, and only then turn around and rapid-
    5. To the right is the moving platform, but if you're already here, 
    you've successfully passed the hardest part of the gauntlet. Jump 
    on the platform, run to the right and jump.
    6. Climb the ladder, kill the ghost that spawns above it, run right, 
    rapid-fire the ogre, jump, rapid-fire another ogre if it happens to see 
    you, and climb the ladder.
    That's it, you've passed the gauntlet and are ready to fight the new 
    boss. No checkpoint, though. Climb a few ladders and keep to the 
    left, unless you already know how to fight Satan (yeah).
    STAGE 5 BOSS - Satan.
    It's just a red mothman monster, but whatever. This is the boss that 
    has different patterns in different versions. The US Arcade version 
    has the broken, crazy patterns and 8 HP on the boss, while other 
    versions mostly have the normal patterns and 4 HP. Capcom 
    Classic Collection on the consoles and PSP all apparently carry the 
    (localized) Makaimura Japanese revision G, which is the more 
    adequate of the bunch indeed. If you're playing the US version, the 
    patterns are borderline inexplicable and half the time unavoidable. 
    Here I give patterns for the Revision G / CCC versions - because in 
    the US version, the Satan boss just hangs around a bit and then 
    homes in on you and murders you and that's it.
    The mothman (Satan) has a few attack patterns outside the 
    ordinary projectile, the latter not being a problem if you carry the 
    Shield - as you well should.
    Killing the mothman with a normal weapon like the Lance isn't all 
    that hard, even in the US version, because you can just keep your 
    distance. But the Shield is almost melee - meaning that you will 
    have to stand four blocks or less near the boss, which puts you in 
    immediate danger. But you better start learning to beat it with the 
    Shield, because next level you WILL have to beat two of them with 
    the Shield if you want to progress towards the final boss - if you 
    beat the Satan bosses in stage 6 with any other weapon, you're 
    teleported to the beginning of Stage 5.
    It's got several attack patterns depending on it's relative position:
    1. Slightly above you: will fly straight forward, is duckable (but not 
    in the Arcade US version - there you just die).
    2. Almost near the top of the screen: will fall towards you and chase 
    you until either it hits or you jump over it. Jumpable, but you can't 
    run away no matter what. The moment you jump, it'll soar back up 
    agian, but will lower and be open to attack (except if you're playing 
    the US version, where it may fly even higher and stay completely 
    out of your reach as it shoots).
    3. Below you: it will ascend at an angle.
    4. Exactly at your height (or ocassionally slightly above you, as in 
    point 1): fly directly at you. Jumpable, but you can't run away. The 
    mothman'll go up the moment you jump over it (or it catches up 
    with the coward).
    Note: it's only vulnerable when it's not covering itself with it's wings.
    Normally, you hit it a few times close-up, then retreat. It will make 
    sure it's on the same screen, following you if needed, and soon do 
    one of the patterns, depending on it's relative position. Evade it (or 
    get hit), and you will more often than not have the chance to 
    retaliate. If you don't manage to kill it at this point (as is sometimes 
    the case if it is/was too high to hit previously), the process repeats.
    STAGE 6 - The Castle.
    This place is going to do you in, and do you in repeatedly. It's 
    tenfold more hardcore than the previous stage, and then there are 
    two Satans in the end, with no checkpoints.
    CAREFUL! Make sure you have the Shield! Don't lose it to random 
    drops! Don't beat the level unless you have it or you'll have to 
    replay from Stage 5!
    At first, there's this joke with five skulls and a ghost above. But on 
    the top of the ladder there's a Unicorn monster. Chances are, you 
    aren't going to have trouble, but you may refer to STAGE 1 BOSS 
    segment above.
    This point can be different in different revisions of the game, 
    though. There may be two Unicorns on that same ledge, which 
    makes them literally unbeatable without losing the armour. Yes, 
    there may be an unpassable part in some of the versions. In some 
    versions one Unicorn won't fight unless you hit it accidentally. The 
    Capcom Classic Collection on the consoles and PSP has one 
    Unicorn, as do the later Japanese Arcade revisions. If you're playing 
    the version with two unicorns, look to the appendix in the end. I will 
    discuss Level 6 in the broken versions - it's not impossible, but it 
    takes some trickery to pass. Here I'll deal with the (supposedly) 
    later, more adequate revisions - which are the ones Capcom 
    maintains in modern compilations, so they must he be definitive 
    Anyway, if you're playing the one-Unicorn version, just kill the poor 
    Two ledges higher is a Dragon. Keep in mind that there's a set of 
    armour soon, so if you get hit here, it's okay.
    When you have killed the dragon, do the following:
    1. Go to the right of the dragon-pen and climb.
    2. Climb until you're on the same level as the Arremer.
    3. Ignore the second Arremer waking up above, jump towards the 
    closer one and shoot it before it flies. (As always, remember to 
    touch the ground and only then rapid-fire.)
    4. Jump back down again! This will lose the second Arremer and 
    you won't have to risk fighting him later. There are enough 
    Arremers above as is. More than enough.
    Now go up the ladder on the right and don't faint - there are two 
    ogres at once.
    The trick here is to keep both ogres to the same side of the ladder - 
    left - and climb as the closer ogre is passing the ladder from right to 
    left. I don't advise attempting to fight them on both sides - though 
    feasible, it'll probably make you tap the fire button faster out of 
    sheer nerves, lose the rhythm, fail the rapid-fire and get murdered.
    Having done them both, go to the right. Near the skull, a set of 
    armour will drop if you are in underwear. Kill the skull anyhow. To 
    the right, there was an Arremer, but we punked him by jumping 
    Keep both ogres above to the right, climb and rapid-fire. Keep an 
    eye on the upper ogres, though - they're occasionally adventurous 
    if you aren't fast enough.
    Kill the skull and walk to the left - but be cautious. See the two 
    Arremers? They need not wake at all. Don't pass the ladder, and 
    they won't; climb up and run to the right.
    Kill two more ogres and a skull, but don't run past the ladder as 
    there's another Arremer above.
    This last Arremer in the game will wake up as you reach it's 
    platform, but if you haven't wakened it earlier, you will be able to 
    just shoot it before it can fly. It's one of the two Arremers in the 
    game that almost never fly if you're quick. Just don't wake the skull 
    and don't shoot until the Arremer's in your range. THEN you also do 
    the skull in. Just because you can.
    Run to the left, kill whatever you have to and climb.
    STAGE 6 BOSS - two Satans.
    You need not fight both at once. The second Satan is to the far right 
    and will only wake if you really run around a lot. The less risky 
    ladder is again to the left, but true pros use the right one and attack 
    earlier. The pattern is exactly the same, except you have less space 
    to run around and you have to win twice in a row.
    Winning this fight isn't all that hard with a Lance or a Knife, but you 
    MUST have the Shield here if you want to get to stage 7 and beat 
    the game.
    STAGE 7 - Astaroth.
    If you have the Shield (Cross in the original Japanese version), after 
    you beat the mothmen, you will advance to stage 7, which only 
    consists of the final boss.
    There's princess Prin Prin - or "Guinevere" in the US version. "Prin," 
    if you must know, is onomatopoeia for "jiggle", like pudding or, well, 
    girly amenities. That figures. You really need to save the girl - save 
    her from Japan itself.
    Be warned, though. You're only on your first loop now. After you 
    beat Astaroth, the game will send you to Stage 1 on slightly higher 
    difficulty. You need to beat the game twice to save Prin Prin. I know 
    what you're probably feeling. But that's how it is.
    LEVEL 7 BOSS - Astaroth.
    The trick to killing him isn't obvious, but he's plenty easy. Astaroth 
    only has one pattern - fireballs at a 45 angle from one of his 
    mouths. Arthur automatically faces the boss and you can shoot 
    forward while retreating.
    What you have to do is land ten hits between the mouths. If the 
    shield makes a blue spark, you've missed. Yellow spark is a hit. Ten 
    times, and he's done. You can lose and continue - Astaroth is a 
    seperate stage, so it's fine if you fail at first. He isn't hard, though, 
    not compared to what you just went through. What I personally did 
    to hit the right spot was shoot as I was landing, almost before 
    LOOP 2.
    Difficulty here is slightly raised. Sparks and other projectiles 
    apparently fly faster, though that's about it. You start with the 
    Shield, and I was able to go through the whole game with it just 
    fine, having only the most minor difficulties with stalagmites on 3-1.
    When you finally reach Astaroth again, it's going to be the real 
    thing. Do him in just like the last time...
    ...and you have conquered the original Ghosts'n'Goblins!
    Prin Prin will kiss you, you will get 70,000 points, the game will 
    congratulate you, and you'll be set free into level 1 incase you want 
    to work towards even higher score. That's it, though! You have 
    actually won.
    The weapon you have persists between stages, loops (after you 
    beat the final boss) and after continues - to reset the weapon you 
    have to restart the game. If you've picked a new weapon, the old 
    one is lost - it's unfair, it can be frustrating, but that's how it is. 
    Make sure you're careful with pots in order to not accidentally pick 
    a new weapon if you already have a good one.
    Weapons are not balanced - some are clearly worse than the others 
    and serve as traps.
    All except fot the shield (cross in the original Japanese version) are 
    available through random drops in all six stages; shield is available 
    through random drops in Stages 4 through 6.
    After you beat stage 6, you can only get to Stage 7 if you have the 
    shield; otherwise you'll be teleported to Stage 5.
    How to get a weapon:
    Weapons occasionally fall out of pots the enemies are carrying. 
    There's a rule that governs the drops, with every fifth drop being a 
    randomly chosen weapon. In levels 4, 5 and 6 the Shield (Cross) is 
    among the weapons apppearing.
    You start with this and it happens to be the second best weapon. 
    It's only worse than the knife, and not by much if you know how to 
    The only difference between this and the Lance is that you can 
    have three knives on screen and only two Lances, so it's objectively 
    As the worst weapon in the game, the torch is never useful. In the 
    whole series there's only about one place where the torch is 
    actually handier than other weapons, and it's not in this game. 
    There is no practical reason to get or keep it.
    Slow and unwieldy, the Axe is almost just as bad as the torch.
    The special weapon required to get to the final boss is the hardest 
    to use. It is fast and can deflect projectiles, but it's range is only 4 
    paces, making it almost a melee weapon. To hit with the shield, you 
    have to get very close. All in all, it is a horrible weapon compared to 
    even the torch, and the only reason to ever have it is to pass to 
    level 7. But it doesn't drop too often, so if you get it even on level 4, 
    it's best to keep it. It is possible to beat every stage with the Shield, 
    but some places and bosses are much harder with it than with any 
    other weapon because of it's abysmal range.
    STAGE 6 WALKTHROUGH for revisions with twin Unicorns, single 
    ogres, invisible Arremers and 8HP Satans.
    Although platforms and graphics were left intact, stage 6's enemy 
    placement was completely redone by whoever was doing the US 
    localization. This version is occasionally considered the easier of the 
    two, and it is to some degree, but the twin Satans in the end are 
    nigh unbeatable due to double HP and insane patterning. I will 
    provide a guide to beating this stage consistently, but I can't help 
    with the Satans, because, personally, I really don't get how they 
    work in the US version and am only ever able to kill them through 
    The first problem is the twin Unicorns, which exists in some earlier 
    Japanese revisions, too. Beating them without losing the armour is 
    not impossile, but very, very hard. There's a replacement armour 
    soon enough, so it really is a better idea to do the following:
    1. Climb up, then run a few paces away from the right Unicorn.
    2. Jump right back at it without shooting.
    3. It will hit you and you'll get kicked onto the above ledge.
    4. Done.
    5. Don't shoot! Unicorns jump whenever you shoot, and they can 
    jump high enough to hit you on the ledge above.
    Get to the dragon and kill it. You can't afford to get damaged, but, 
    really, the Dragon boss isn't all that hard if you're careful. Chances 
    are, you will be able to have quite a bit of practice killing this one 
    every time you die in the gauntlet above.
    Climb up and kill the Arremer on the right before it flies.
    Now, see why this version is considered easier by some: there's 
    only one ogre above. Climb and kill it while it's far enough from the 
    ladder. Go to the right, pick the armour, punish the skull and kill 
    another ogre. Climb, rapid-fire, run, climb. Single ogres don't 
    require as much planning as twins.
    As you run to the right again, get rid of the ogre. See, there are no 
    Arremers in the windows - this again is often cited when people say 
    this revision is easier and more fair.
    Now, as you climb the ladder with a skull almost on top of it (don't 
    climb all the way up), an Arremer will appear out of nowhere. Climb 
    back, fight the Arremer the normal way, then get back to the ladder 
    and climb high enough to spook the skeleton.
    Climb back. It's impossible to get up while it's there - it will block 
    your ascension almost every time. What you need to do is lure it to 
    the right side of the screen. Most of the time, the skeleton will just 
    hop off the ledge. Don't forget to shoot it as it falls, because it may 
    occasionally jump back. Sometimes it won't fall, and you will have 
    to run a bit to the left, then lure it back to the right edge. None of 
    this is present in the single-Unicorn revisions.
    As you finally ascend the ladder that was guarded by the skeleton, 
    act quickly:
    1. See the ladder on the left?
    2. Run towards it, but stop exactly four blocks before it.
    3. Crouch and shoot to the left.
    4. An Arremer will appear from below and get hit. Even if it shoots a 
    spark, you will do it in and not get hit most of the time. Just 
    remember to stop at exactly the fourth block.
    Kill the ogre if you need to and go up the ladder to meet the bosses. 
    Good luck with them - they've got double HP.
    1.1 - Some editing. (May 04, 2014)
    1.0 - The full guide is written.
    Written by Unco Lober. July 24, 2011. Reuse with permission. Not 
    for commercial use.

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