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"Most people would quit after 5 min"

Ghost n Goblins is probably one of those games in which people either love or hate. There is no gray area. Of course that is because this come close as being one of the hardest games out there. The game's story lines is the traditional knight in shining armor, saving the princess (which has been kidnapped by demons.

Game Play 7/10: The game play is like most classic side scroller action games back in the day. You get two hits and then you are finished. You go from the left to the right trying to make it to the end of the stage as you dodge Capcom's impossible obstacles in the game from zombies popping out of the ground, flowers shooting fir balls at you, the Red Armorer chasing you down and etc. However you as the knight can be armed with 5 different weapons (the javelin, the shield, the torch, and etc). Unfortunately, most of the weapons suck since they either don't go across the screen or they miss enemies some times (ie: the torch). The game does however try to help the players (this seems to be more evident in the later games). For instance if you manage through half way of the level, you would start at the half way mark when died.

Music 8/10: Since it is impossible to get any where in the game the only types of music that most gamers would hear is the introduction music, the first stage music (which I think is th best music in the game) and the game over music.

Length ?/10: Since the game is incredibly hard, I have never beaten it. However each time you die or start the game it does show you the entire map of the game and it has about 6-8 stages.

Graphics 7/10: While right now the graphics to this game might seem like crap, back high in the day (according to the game boxes) it was high resolution and state of the art (which cracks me up since I have never really seen a game box proclaim it's game to be the best in graphics). Most stages have about at most 4-5 different colors.

What makes this game a classic to most people is (I think) the music to the first stage and the insane difficulty of the game. The music will keep following the series (except in different variations) as well as the difficulty. It is like how the Mario series games are well known to be colorful, have warp pipes and etc.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/12/08

Game Release: Ghosts 'n Goblins (US, 11/30/86)

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