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Reviewed: 04/23/01 | Updated: 04/23/01

One of the best Nintendo games EVER!!

Ghosts N Goblins

Well when I first got this game and I was little I didn't think I would ever beat the FIRST BOARD! Yes this game is that hard. I remember being really angry at it when I was little because it kicked my ass SO many times but it was still great so I kept playing it. And then I finally won and it made me go back and start again!


And I screamed and yelled and got hit because it was real late at night and I kept making noise but I didn't go to bed. So when I kept playing and finally won I thought it was the greatest day of my LIFE!! And so I loved the game after that and STILL love it!! It's one of the best Nintendo NES games they ever put out and I kept my copy because I think I'm one of the only ones to finish it. It's so hard most of my friends gave up. So I still always brag about it to them.

Story - 9

Sir Arthur the Knight has a real awesome date and he brings her to cemetery. WHAT were they doing there??Heeehehehehe.

Anyway it was like the movie Phantasm because it was in the cemetery so it's awesome for that, anything like Phantasm is AWESOME!! But then it got cooler, because a big red monster flies around and TAKES Arthur's woman away!! Jeeeeeeez I wonder if he was even going to call her the next day!!!!! But he's a hero so he has to rescue her anyway so Arthur goes to kill the monsters and ghosts and goblins, and there are ALOT of them!!

Anyway it's the classic love story and it's great here!!

Game Play - 10

One of the BEST action games ever CREATED!! Arthur the knight against millions and trillions of big big mighty mighty MONSTERS! And you know Arthur has the MAD SKILLZ, he has so many weapons that it's hard to choose sometimes. Like he has his lances and knife and fireballs and so many others. he has the most MAD SKILLZ that you can see on Nintendo!!

The monsters are really incredible, you get so many different types. In Mario Luigi 1 which was put out too you only had turtles and mushrooms but now you get BIG monsters like Devils and Snakes and Dragons!! The bosses are VERY hard so watch out!!!!

Sound - 9

EVERYONE in the world probably knows the music in the first board!! And the rest of the music is great too in every level. The sound is good too sometimes, I hardly believe its a NINTENDO game!! But the sound does get bad sometimes, not bad like SEGA SOUND, but still bad because some enemies make weird noises. So I want to turn the volume down but don't because the music ROCKS!!!

Graphics - 10

They were the best graphics on the Nintendo NES probably. Most of the old games only had enemies with ONE damn color ***CHOKE***Castlevania!!!***CHOKE!!! but this game had MANY colors, it's one of the most colorful games I've seen in my life!! And BIG enemies, especially for NES game. The enemies do alot too, don't just stand there with their colors!! Some of them dance around and alot charge and shoot and attack, there's so much to watch it's awesome!!

Conclusion - 10

If you like the Nintendo NES then you will like this game, it's one of the best old games ever and it still looks awesome today, especially the graphics and COLORS. But I warn you it is TOUGH and you probably won't win it, I don't think many people can. If you think you're as good as the R TO THE X!!!!! then PROVE IT!!!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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