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Reviewed: 06/30/01 | Updated: 06/30/01

YAAAAAAAWN!!! I tire this!

INTRO: In the old days of the NES/Famicom and the Famicom Disk system, there were games that were great, glorious classics and ones that reeked of foul odors! Makai-Mura is just one that reeked of foul odors!

STORYLINE: Oh man, talk about 99% originality-free! You are a knight (I forgot his name, but who cares ~_~) in shining armor (and undergarements) who has to save your princess from a Demonic king. Oh please, Capcom have always to this day, needed to take lesson in ''How to write a GOOD story!''

CHARACTERS: UGH! Don't get Mitora started or......oh well, I guess I have to! The only thing original about the lead heroes is that when he get hit, he is reduced to wearing boxers and has to attack with a Javilin while the hero waddles like he wears diapers still(probably why I gave the game a 2 instead of a 1, because I actually found that aspect of the game funny!). Even though this is NOT an RPG and is an old game, character development could have helped, because why does the hero like the princess in the first place?

GRAPHICS: UGH, DON'T GET ME STARTED HERE! Makai-Mura defiently has the graphics of an old 1970's computer game!

Yes folks, it's that intolerable! I;m not usually picky about graphics, but the graphics in this game are in-excusable and hard to make out!

SOUND: Not Much, enough said. Music was crappy and sound was virtually non-existant.

PLAY CONTROL: UGH, can you say ''repetition''? I know you can, because that explains it, plus, the play control is nowhere as great as other Action games!

FUN: UGH, I'd rather clean the kitchen sink dispenser than play Makai-Mura ever in my life!


MITORA: Hey kids, let's play a game!

CHILDREN: Cool, what's the game?

MITORA: This game is called ''Let's help Mitora get through Makai-Mura before she goes into a fit of insanity!''

*All the children run away, screaming in terror*

MITORA: See what I mean folks? See what a PAIN this game is?
I know you will, once you get a hold of this Cottage cheese crud!

OVERALL: Makai-Mura is a major rotten stinker of a game with only ONE redeeming quality of running around in boxers!

Now if the rest of the game was as original as the boxers concept, it would have helped greatly!

WOULD MITORA PURCHASE THIS: NO WAY!!! You shouldn't either, it's hazardous to your sanity! Say, has this game made it to the west at all?

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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