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"A game for only true game lovers..."

Ghosts n Goblins is one of those games that you play for a good many reasons. You don't just sit down and start playing it, oh no. When you start up a game of GnG, you are playing it to remember. You see, this game is something of a test. Kind of a litmus test, if you will. This is one of those games that you can always come back to when you need to be reminded of just how soft you have really gotten.

Graphics: 7

If you are rating this game's graphical appeal against today's standards, I will brand you a retard. This game was made during the hay-days of the NES and will be remembered for so many things. It's graphics, however, are not one of them. While right up there with other NES games, nothing groundbreaking took place here.

Sound: 8.5

Again, placing this game in the same category as today's stuff is crazy, but for it's time, GnG left the player humming the tunes to the first level, even after you were done playing. Classic level music and some funky sound effects. Nothing earth shattering, but not bad for it's time.

Control: 7

This is one area that so many folks have issues with. With regards to the control, all I can say is this. You must simply play the game more than once or twice, as I suspect many others that have reviewed this game have, in order to get used to them. The movement of the character is stiff and takes not only practice, but patience.

Challenge: 10

Be prepared to die. Alot. A whole lot. This game will test your resolve and then some. If you think that you are good at video games, play this game for an hour. Not only is it a chore and a half to reach the end boss, but once you defeat him, you are sent back to the beginning to start over. The game is definitely in my top five most challenging games of all time.

Overall: 9

This game holds a special place in my collection. I grew up playing this game over and over. It is not only fun, but it provides a great challenge when playing two player competitive mode. Either you are a weak little mamas-boy and can't hold up to a game of this caliber, or you are a real gamer and stand up to challenges. A true classic.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/26/02, Updated 01/26/02

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