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"The Hardest NES Game Ever? I Think So."

Is there a harder game on the NES? I don't believe that there is. The good thing about the challenge is that it is usually well placed enemies or those evil flying red things that kill you. Occasionally, like in level 2, there are falling platforms that are hard to pass by and then, you come to the midgets. They aren't really midgets considering they are as big as you, but still, I call them midgets. They take about a billion hits to kill and there are about a billion of them too. Anyway, enough of that little anecdote, on to the reviews.

Sound The sound is nothing that will stay in your head for a long time (Like Double Dragon 2, I still can't get that music out of my head a couple weeks after I last played it!) but it is decent. However, once I finally beat the game (Yes, it is possible) I started to sing along with the music!!

Plot The plot is your average NES game plot. While out in the graveyard(??), some big flying red dude appears out of no where and decides to steal you fair maiden. You must then traverse multiple stages to defeat the evil boss and rescue her. HOWEVER, Once you accomplish this daring feat, you must do it all over again!!!! Yes, that's right, that boss was just a trap, an illusion created by the devil. That almost made me cry.

Gameplay Rather average gameplay, B attacks, A jumps. You can get power-ups too. You start with the Lance which does average damage but throws rather slow. You can also get a dagger, which is my favorite weapon. It's damage is equal to the lance but can be thrown a bijilion times fast, making it awesome. There is also the Flame, a horrible weapon. It throws in an arch and when it hits the ground, burns there for a second. Finally, there is the Shield, the second best weapon. It has a limited range but attacks two sections. It can also block enemy fire, making it an awesome weapon.

Conclusion I believe this game deserves a 7. While it is fun and will take you a while to beat due to the massive challenge, the massive challenge brings it down. Also, having to beat the game twice to get the ''real'' ending is a stinker.It is worth buying if you believe yourself to be the best at video games, for this one will humble you. Other than that, I would just rent it or borrow it from a friend.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/28/02, Updated 02/28/02

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