Review by Kaobasa

"In 5 minutes you will realize how short your temper is....seriously"

Why do people consider this game a classic? Is it because the first level is hard enough to make you go to an insane asylum? Maybe....or maybe its becuase it was made by capcom...but who knows. I will get to the gameplay last in this review becuase just thinking about it makes me want to find the cart and pound it with a hammer.

Graphics: 6/10

I know the NES wasnt a monster in the graphics department back then but enemys just keep disappearing and reappering fast or just flicker some what and that makes it hard to dodge. Other than that the graphics are good I suppose.

Music: 3/10

Again the NES wasnt a monster in this department but the music ( for me anyway ) will play then stop abruptly then play again. The music isnt that good anyway or at least what I decided to listen to.

Sound: 6/10

They just sound right whihc means if you hit an enemy it makes a sqeulch like sound which is very annoying.

Gamplay: 2/10

Words cannot express how hard this game really is. What makes this game so hard is the fact that barrages of enemys are thrown at you from EVERY direction, and since you cant really jump over them without jumping on another enemy so you are forced to fight your way through. And the enemies....well most are killed in one hit but becuase they are sent in mass numbers makes it difficult, and if thats not bad enough the first level is like this but with a little more flavor, becuase a flying demon guy that takes 3 hits to kill is extremly fast and moves right in the nick of time to hit you, how does he do this? Well as soon as you hit him once he will fly just out of reach so you cant hit him so you must wait untill he swoops down on you. And you cant sit there and throw a weapon becuase he will proboly hit you, and dont even think about trying to jump over him becuase its almost impossible, as soon as you do he moves up slightly to hit you. You may be wondering why im so concerned about getting hit. Well thats becuase you only get TWO hits. As soon as you lose your armor you have one chance left or you may just be lucky enough to actually find an extra suit of armor. Dont bother taking your time either, its quite strict. I was playing on an emulator and how unfortunate that I get to the demon that steals your girlfreind with only 40 seconds to spare. It took me so long to get there becuase of the barrages of hard to kill enemys there is one enemy that seems to take 6-8 hits to kill and the level is full of them. And of course since you dont want to lose your armor that early in the game use save state but like I said I still ended up dying.

Should I download this rom?

If you want to see how short your temper really is, then go for it, but if you dont want to go to the hospital for punching the screen then dont.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 08/28/02, Updated 08/28/02

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