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"Mission Impossible."

Okay, this game really isn't impossible. But it does have its moments where it's really gonna kick your butt. Ghosts 'n Goblins is considered a classic and is also well known for its immense difficulty. After playing through Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts I thought I'd give this game a try. I never actually expected to beat it. I did prevail, however. If you get mad easily at difficult video games you shouldn't even have to read my review. If I were you I would just leave now and save myself a couple of minutes because this game will drive you crazy.

Story (7/10): Once upon a time there was a knight named Arthur. He was a good and just man who had a lovely girlfriend with blue hair. They liked to spend a lot of time together and were commonly spotted in the local graveyard. One day the devil came and stole his girlfriend. Not one shy of a good ass kicking Arthur devotes himself to spawn back from the dead as many times as it takes to save his girlfriend. Go Arthur. For a NES game from 1986, you can't get stories much better than this.

Graphics (7/10): The character graphics aren't very detailed, but the background graphics look surprisingly nice. The game does a good job of maintaining the games dark, but somewhat lighthearted atmosphere. In 1986 GnG looked like the most amazing thing ever created.

Gameplay (9/10): The game is very fun to play and requires solely on quick reactions and perfect timing. You can't control yourself in midair and can only take two hits, which are two of the three main causes of this games difficulty (the third being the Red Arremers). There are a couple different weapons to find, but only a few of them are good to use. Some levels have hidden armor incase you lost yours, so try to find them on a level you get stuck on.

Challenge (8/10): This game is tough. There is no doubt about it. So casual gamers back down now, this is for the devoted. I was surprised when I beat it in two days.

After years of playing games that require twitchy movements I was surprised to find how much easier this game was compared to what others had lead me to believe. Surprising I beat one of the games levels on one life on my first time through the game (stage 4). Stages 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7 took me under ten continues a piece, and probably under a total of 20 (on stage four I was got real lucky though).

This was not the case for stages 3 and 6 however. On stage 3 I found myself getting rocked time and time again. I was happy the first time I made it to the boss because those damn Red Arremers killed my at least a couple hundred times (literally). Naturally the boss killed me. Eventually after dying a couple hundred times more I got pretty good at making it through the stage, but no matter how many times I reached the boss I couldn't kill him. I had probably hit him with fifty jousts before realizing he was immune to that weapon. And by the way, if you get a gameover at that boss with the torch you might as well start over. Stage 6 was another major problem. Why? Because it has two parts where I usually always get hit. I spent at least one hour devoted to beating that level, and the only reason I beat it was because I never got angry at the game. 1 hour is nothing to the 5 or so I spent on stage 3. (Keep in mind that I did use the stage select code to get to whichever level I got stuck on whenever I took a break).

The key to this game is to stay calm. Trust me. And if you think this is hard, then try the last level in Guardian Legend. Now THAT is hard.

Sound/Music (7/10): This games first stage's theme is possibly one of the most memorable tunes in any videogame (I guess it is also the tune for stage two). The music is well done for a game from back in the day but by today's standards is pretty bad. The sound effects are bad, but bearable. No points lost because of the games age.

Conclusion: This is definitely a fun game. I found the stages 1, 2, and 5 really fun. Even though the game seemed determined to not let me beat stages 3 and 6 I still had a blast playing them. This game is hard, but not the hardest. I guess beating the game in one sitting would be hard, but the chances are you'll do it the same way I did (if you have the time and can do it in a single sitting then my hat is off to you). This game gets a 8/10 (not an average).

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/25/04

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