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    FAQ/Walkthrough by odino

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    NES 1992
    Version:        1.0     released on the 2nd of October 2006
    Author:         odino   http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
    This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available at GameFAQs.
                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS
    01.) Introduction                                                 |  G0100  | 
    02.) Basics                                                       |  G0200  |
    03.) Walkthrough                                                  |  G0300  |
    04.) Secrets                                                      |  G0400  |
    ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                             |  GZZ00  |
    01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100
    Welcome to Ghoul School for the NES, a platformer by Imagineering Inc released
    in 1992.
    Suggestions, comments or errors - e-mail me about it. Enjoy!
    02.)                    BASICS                                       G0200
    You start the game with five lives and your trusty BAT & SNEAKERS.
    Use the D-Pad to move Spike around.
    Press UP to enter doors & lockers, ascend stairs.
    A is for jumping.
    B is for using your weapon.
    Press START for your inventory where you can switch weapons and shoes.
    The screen looks like this:
    |Score   Life Bar        Location|
    |Room #  Enemy Life Bar  Weapon  |
    |                                |
    |                                |
    |                                |
    ...                            ...
    |                                |
    Use lockers to hide away when you are being shot at or followed.
    You can jump on many obstacles and often walk on higher ground, but some
    enemies can still hurt you even though it looks like they won't be able to
    touch you form below.
    Check classrooms for health boosts. They will always contain enemies but you
    might want the snacks for some less damage in return. Just make it worth it!
    Also try to smash items such as the TV screen for the bonus.
    03.)                    WALKTHROUGH                                  G0300
    Go right and kill the monster. The room behind it has a health hidden in the TV
    if you smash it, in case you just lost some. Continue right and beat the next
    monster in the way. The door contains an apple on the right, but don't go left!
    Continue along the corridor and straight to the hall (#004).
    Ignore the bats and don't get caught by them on the way up at the end  (#007).
    Beat the monster waiting for you up the stairs and continue right. Beat more
    Eyes and go down the stairs (#013). Ignore the Eye and go down on the left
    (#009). Ignore this one, too, as you are going right (#014). After defeating
    two Eyes, enter the first door you see (#092).
    Pick up the TOWEL from the fire alarm bell. Then go through the showers without
    getting hit. Carefully of the green guy coming from the right before you reach
    the end. Enter the door to continue (#093).
    Dodge the first few bouncing basketballs, then jump up to the scoreboard and
    smack it to remove all balls from the are. Enter the door at the end (#094) to
    move on.
    Weight Room:
    Beware of the Eye throwing weights, don't touch it. Get close after it has
    thrown a dumbbell and quickly hit it, then run away. Continue doing so until it
    is dead. Another one on the right, same tactic applies. Collect the blue SPRING
    SHOES at the machine (press Down). Kill the next foe and jump up to exit the
    room (#095).
    Avoid the small critter thing and jump over the pommel horse. There is another
    one behind the next horse but easier to avoid. Jump on the table as the dead
    body kills you, and at the end pick up the DEWEYTRON gun. Back track through
    the gym and locker and so until the hall (#014).
    Go left (#009) and up the stairs (#013). Kill the Eye if you didn't do earlier
    and go right. These guys are really pathetic now that you can shoot them from
    afar. Go up the stairs at the end (#029). Jump the crates while avoiding the
    bats and go up at the end (#030). Shoot the annoying bugger while you have the
    chance, then jump your way right to the first door (#096). Lure the other
    annoying guys over to the stairs if you wish to shoot them.
    Kill the enemies, the first one is easy just say away on the left. The second
    one throws a hand once in a while. Usually he stops before hand but you can
    easily jump over it or just onto the machine where you are standing to keep
    high enough. Take the SPINAL ZAP at the end of the room. Go back out and left
    down the stairs (#029).
    Continue further down (#031). The door has an apple but two nasty monsters plus
    a bat. So continue on and down at the end (#033) and all the way down (#034,
    #035). When you see the monster, quickly jump up so you get bounced down to the
    next level and not back up (#036). Jump over the crates and avoid the little
    critters as much as you can, then enter the door (#107).
    Auto Shop:
    The monkeys are tough. Get hit and lose an entire chunk! Jump over the first
    one, then onto the car lift. After this you need to wear sneakers and jump over
    the lower monkey to get the SUCTION SHOES. Get back if you can, or die...
    To suction shoes work that you press UP after you jump to hang on the ceiling.
    You will use this quite a lot soon.
    Use them after jumping on the first crates and climb along the ceiling to the
    right (#035). Kill the Eye before it bounces you back down. You might want to
    switch sides with it but not get too far right as there is another one willing
    to shoot you there. After you take care of that, go back upstairs (#034) and to
    the green floor (#033). Go up on the left (#031), further left (#029). Down at
    the end (#013) and up to (#007). Ignore this hallway and go up straight to the
    right (#012), not up. Slay the pathetic enemies and go up at the end (#016).
    Shoot the small annoying critter, there is another one but shortly the stairs
    lead down (#019). Go left (#017) and straight down to the bottom floor (#021).
    Walk right and enter the last door (#103).
    Enter the next door on the right (#104). Kill the skeleton with the Deweytron
    and pick up the DIGESTARAY. Return to the previous room (#103) and exit the
    library (#017).
    Backtrack to (#019). Go up the stairs (#023), follow the hallway and then go
    down the stairs twice (#026, #027). Battle your way through the hall to the
    blue one (#028). Enter the office at the end (#100).
    Shoot the Eye and enter the next room (#099) and finally the last room (#098).
    Stand on the high platform above the desk in the middle and shoot the Grim
    Reaper with the Digestaray. Pick up the SICKLE he dropped. Smash the green
    clock with the bat! Return to the hall (#028).
    Backtrack to room (#007, go down to (#013) and go up at the end (#029). Jump
    over the boxes and go up the stairs (#030). Kill the small guy before he does
    any harm. There are a couple of more in this hallway, thanks to the Digestaray
    you can kill them now. Continue to the right (#037). Jump on the first boxes
    and slip on your Suction Cups. Hang onto the wall and climb across to the right
    (#038). At the end, ignore the Janitor (shoot him and he'll go berserk and kill
    you! He won't harm you if you don't), enter the door instead (#097).
    Music Room:
    You could try to jump over the music teacher and the note, but the music
    teacher goes down with two hits of the Spinal Zap, and the note is not that
    harmful. Aim a single Digestaray at its head to take it out. Enter the next
    room (#105).
    Take out the flowers with the sickle. Jump up and grab the EMBALM FLUID at the
    end. Return past the Music Room. With the Embalm Fluid you can do some serious
    damage close-by.
    Backtrack to room (#019). Go right into the green area (#024). If you smashed
    the green clock in the office all you need to do is enter the last door on the
    right (#101). Fighting these light green zombies is near impossible.
    Pick up the SANDWICH. It's the perfect weapon against the zombies, back off
    when it gets too close to avoid it's sandwich attacks. Enter the next door you
    get to (#102). Throw some Embalm Fluid over the first counter to get the small
    guy, it needs some good aim but there is no rush. Stand on the purple and green
    trays to safely shoot the large Eye on the right. Use the Suctions Cups on the
    Exhaust to get around the green slime on the stove. Dump some Embalm Fluid into
    the blender to make it stop, then collect the GOLDEN APPLE at the end to max
    out your health. Return to the halls via (#101, #024).
    Return to room (#019) and then to (#012) and finally down to (#013). Walk right
    to (#029) and down at the end (#031). Here, also descend to (#033). With the
    sandwich weapon in hand, this should all be a breeze by now. Walk right and
    kill the Guts with the Embalm Fluid. Use a combination of Suction Cups and
    Spring Shoes to get across while you take care of all the foes. Zap the Spine
    guarding the elevator with the Spinal Zap and he'll quickly disappear. Enter
    the elevator and push UP until you end up on the roof, past Floor 4.
    Walk left and jump over the spinning wheel thing. Jump over the gap, it's quite
    far so you have to jump late with the Spring Shoes of course. This part is a
    little tricky, I have only managed to slightly jump on the raised tube with the
    spinning thing, then hang on to the flag pole with the Suction Cups. You may
    take some damage doing so, but it works if you do it right. Enter the green
    door (#106).
    Don't shoot the skeleton chart or you have to fight it. On the right is a huge
    skull. There are ways to safely take him out, the slow way and the fast way.
    Slow way is to throw Embalm Fluid constantly, it will chip away from its health
    bit by bit. The fast way is to pull out the bat, it will take out two chunks in
    one hit! Just get closer very slowly to keep a safe distance, jump and hit
    while it's flying around. If you touch it you will lose around 1/3 of your
    health bar. Leave via the only door (#039).
    Quickly kill the Eye on the left and wander further left to slay more. Jump up
    on the boxes and suck onto the ceiling. Climb left and when you get to wooden
    podium, walk off to the right and quickly press UP to fall through the ceiling
    (#084). It may take a few attempts.
    Crawl Space:
    Walk right along the lower side until the next junction. Ignore the monster
    (although you can safely take it out with the sandwiches) and go right on the
    top path. Next kill the enemy from a safe distance (sandwich!) and take the
    lower path right. Once again take the upper path, not the one the monster is
    guarding below. Continue on the upper path (kill the monster). At the next
    section, drop down and walk right at the lower path. Shortly after you see the
    USA map in the class room above, there is a monster in the way. Dispose of it
    and finally leave the crawl space (#042).
    Air Ducts:
    Stand in the middle of the room and jump up, the wall has ledges there to stand
    on. Enter the black door at the top (#043). Quickly outrun the rat until you
    reach the next door on the left (#045). A rat will come from the right at the
    spot where the upper path has the skeleton picture. Take it out with Embalm
    Fluid. Just when you enter the next room there is a ghost. You could try to
    quickly enter the door but risk getting hit for a lot of damage. The safe way
    is to zap it with the Spinal Zap so it flashes and it will float right past you
    without doing any harm. Enter the door (#046). A rat will hunt you from the
    right, you want to go left but you might as well kill it if you can aim your
    Fluid well. Take out rat on the left as well. Enter the second door you get to
    just before the ghost will come from the left (#108).
    Walk left along the pipes into the next room (#127). Kill the Eye throwing
    weights from a save distance (Sandwich) and continue left (#125). Kill the
    monkey in one shot and go left once more (#124). Quickly jump to get to the
    lower stairs leading right, which is where you want to go. The Alien will be
    too slow (#121). Walk right, kill the enemies here. Go up the stairs at the end
    (#122). Keep pressing UP to avoid the small critter dashing in from the right
    (#123). Destroy Heart with Embalm Fluid, standing on the pipes is a good
    Boiler Room:
    There are quite a few ways to kill the final boss.
    Equip the Spring Shoes first.
    Stand all the way at the front of the lowest area you fall and slay him with
    the Sickle. Very quick, not too dangerous.
    The Embalm Fluid hurts him a little but you need to stand awkwardly, not
    Battling it out with the Sandwich, Deweytron or Digestaray all work well, stand
    on the left side and keep jumping and shooting to avoid his attacks as well as
    causing lots of damage.
    The other close combat weapons damage him but slugging it out will most likely
    kill you first.
    Of course this all depends on how much health you have left but I do not expect
    you have lost a lot of health ever since picking up the Sandwich and the Golden
    Destroy the force field holding Samantha, Embalm Fluid works well here. Join
    her to finish the game.
    04.)                    SECRETS                                      G0400
    Equip the Spring Shoes and Towel, enter any locker, and keeping pressing up.
    Press START for the Inventory screen, and switch to the Sneakers and Bat. When
    you resume, enemies can't harm you anymore, but you can still fall down to get
    Room 00:
    Enter the elevator from the first floor and push UP. Push DOWN when the
    indicator arrow is between 1 and 2. Repeat this until the indicator arrow
    remains between the first and second floors to enter Room 00.
    ZZ.)                    CREDITS & THANKS                             GZZ00
    GameFAQs for hosting this file. I also got the cheats from there.
    Scythemantis for writing a neat page about this game as well as hosting an
    interview, both pages can be found here (at the time of writing):
    RLucas for making some general FAQ to inspire me to write a full walkthrough
    for it.
    Imagineering Inc for this game.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright.        ,,,
                                        (o o)

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