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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BNilsson

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     v. 1.0     2000-10-26	
     #######                                                                  ##########
    #########                                                                ######  ####
    ##           #####   ##### ##         ## ##       ## ##     ##  #####    #       #### 
    ##          ####### ###### ####     #### ##       ## ###    ## #######         ####
    ##     #### ##   ##  #      ####   ## ## ##          ####   ## ##             ####
    ##       ## ######   #####  ## ## ##  ## ##       ## ## ##  ##  ######       ####
    ###      ## ####    ######  ##  ###   ## ##       ## ##  ## ##     ###     ##### 
     ########## ## ##    #      ##   #    ## #######  ## ##   #### ##   ##    ###########
      ######### ##  ###  #####  ##        ## #######  ## ##    ###  ######    ###########
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    Nintendo Entertainment System  All rights reserved ®
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    Gremlins and Gremlins 2 are registered trademarks of Warner bros.
    FAQ / Walkthrough for Gremlins 2      Copyright 2000 Björn Nilsson                      
    Written by Björn Nilsson,  megaman@comic.com
    4.Game Genie codes	
    1. Background:
    Gizmo has now lived with Mr. Wing for 6 years, but Mr. Wings store is now 
    threatened by Daniel Clamp. He wants to build a genetic lab, Clamp Center,
    right where Mr. Wings store is. Of course, Mr. Wing refused, but he was old
    and tired and when he passed away the store and the whole area was pulled up.
    Gizmo barely succeeded to survive the excavators but he was caught and locked
    in by an employed at Clamp Center. 
    At the same time, gizmo's old friend Billy Peltzer and his girlfriend Kate
    were moving to New York. Billy was working at Clamp center as an
    advertisementguy. One day, he heard the caretaker hum on Gizmo's special
    song and asked him where he had heard that song. The caretaker told him that
    he had heard it somewhere at the lab. When Billy had finished work he looked 
    everywhere for Gizmo and eventually found him and hid him in a desk.
    This is where you start...
    Directional pad: Moves Gizmo.
    A -button: Makes him jump. This is something that you MUST master in this game.	 		  
    B -button: Fire. Gizmo can shoot various items. 
    Start -button: PAUSES the game.
    Select -button: Isn't used in the game.
    Level 1 
    1 - 1
    Gizmo has escaped from the gen lab and is now trying to reach Billy's office.
    You start at the bottom of a corridor. Go up and kill the rats there.
    Jump over the gap and you will see two huge genetic mutated tomatoes.
    Stand on the side and shoot them four times each and they will die.
    Continue to the left. Jump on the moving platform. When you hit the ground 
    again you will see another two tomatoes. Kill them and go up. You will come
    to Mr. Wing's store. Buy a life if you have more than two full hearts,
    otherwise buy health.
    Continue down and kill the bats and rats there. Go left. You will meet three
    more genetic tomatoes. Kill them and go up.
    You have reached Billy's office and finished the level.  
    Password: BVKF
    1 - 2 		
    Gizmo has now reached Billy's office and discovers that it's full off enemies.
    You start at the other side of the door in level 1 - 1. 
    Go left, there's only a dead end to the right. Jump over the gap and proceed up.
    Kill the spiders (stay behind the wall when they're shooting at you).
    Go right and kill the spider there. Continue right and jump over the gaps and
    the spikes. Go up all the time to eventually reach Mr. Wing's store. Then go 
    left, and up. Where the spiders are. Kill them and go on until you
    come to a big gap with a moving platform in it. Jump on it. You need to time 
    your jump correctly, so you may have to jump half a second before the platform 
    reaches you.  
    When you get past them just go on left and up. There is the goal.
    You now get the match. A much better weapon than the tomatoes. And you don't
    have to meet any boss yet either. 
    Password: DXNH
    Level 2      
    2 - 1
    Now, Gizmo is trapped inside the ventilation shaft by Mohawk and other gremlins.
    You start in a vent corridor. Go up and kill the bats and the bombs. (keep them
    almost out of sight and shoot them). Go on but watch out for the spike balls 
    in the corridor. Jump over the two electric fences to the right and then go up.
    Take a left to reach Mr. Wing's store, otherwise go right.
    Jump over the fences, spikes and gaps and don't forget to watch out for the bats
    and spiders too. The key is to try to shoot them before they are close enough to
    attack you. Don't jump over a gap before you've killed the enemies at the other 
    side, for example. OK??  Now go up, right, up and left.
    Continue going left as far as possible and then go up. Finished the level.
    Password: CGMW
    2 - 2
    Gizmo has found his way to the basement which is full of crawling enemies.
    This was the first level that I felt was difficult. However, it is quite easy
    beaten after a few tries. 
    In this level you will get to know some new gremlins. First, the airborne ones.
    The key of defeating them is like other enemies to keep your distance.
    Go down and then left from the start. You'll see a weird gremlin sitting on 
    a platform shooting fireballs at you. Quickly, jump to the platform close to his
    and then on to the small space on his. From there you can kill him.
    Continue up, go with the platform over the gap and go right. Jump over the gap,
    and wait for the spikeball to move away and jump over the next gap, and then over
    the spikes. Go to the next spikeball, and when it's over the spikes, jump to the 
    free space and then to the next platform. Wait there for a skating gremlin and
    shoot him three times. Keep on going and you'll come to a little tricky jump.
    Jump when the platform is going towards you and not when it's close to you.
    Proceed upwards. Once again, there's a tricky platform jump and once again you need 
    to jump when the platform is out of sight. That is your only chance of making it.
    Keep going up and pass the weird gremlin(don't worry about him). Go left for a while 
    and you will reach Mr. Wing's store(puh). You should definitely buy a life.
    Go left, up, and right a bit. Then go down(watch the spikeballs).
    Wait for, and shoot the skating-gremlin and jump over the gap. 
    There waits another skating-gremlin. Waste him and proceed to the right and then up.
    You've finished this quite tough level.
    Password: You must first beat the boss in next stage.
    2 - 3
    Now it's time for the first boss in the game. Luckily, he's very easy.
    Because if you die, you'll have to do that long 2 - 2 stage again.
    He has a very simple tactic. He tries to chase you and hit you.
    He isn't very fast though. Gizmo is a little bit faster. So it shouldn't be any 
    problems to finish him.
    When he chases you just stay away, and when he stands still, shoot him.
    After 25 hits he dies.
    Good! You have now finished level 2 and you also get the paperclip,
    which has a much longer range than the matches. 
    Password: NJTD
    Level 3 
    3 - 1
    Gizmo is now inside Clamp Center. He's trying to find his way through the mess
    of corridors in Clamp Center and eventually finds the CATV-station.
    Begin by going upwards and then left-up. Where the gremlin arms that are sticking 
    up through the floor are. They are easily killed and you may continue upwards and
    then take a right. Jump on the platform and over to the other side. 
    There waits another platform jump which will take you upwards again.
    Jump over. You will now see a spikeball that goes round and round. Go past it
    and you'll see some spikes. First shoot the two flying gremlins and then approach 
    the spikes carefully, and shoot the gremlin arm and the bouncing gremlin before 
    they get a chance to attack you. Jump over the 	spikes and go up-right to see 
    mr. Wing. Then go left, shoot the bouncing gremlin, and jump the spikes. 
    You now see a moving platform and two enemies past the gap. Stand as near the gap
    as possible and shoot the first gremlin. Continue shooting and the other two gremlins, 
    which you can't see yet	will die to. Now jump on the platform, stand on it and shoot
    the last enemy while the platform's moving. Now go up, and you'll see another 
    of those spinning spikeballs. Jump to the next land LEFT of the spikeball
    (no it's not hard). Go left until you see a film-camera, Don't worry about it 'cause
    it doesn't hurt you. Go up, but don't jump over the gap yet. You will see a big
    gremlin that just appears on the other side of the gap. Shoot him in the stomach
    and continue. You can run past the next big gremlin if you like.
    Now you should be at a big gap. Jump to the platform and then to the graveyard.
    Approach the big bats with care and shoot them. You will come to a spiky area.
    Shoot the first gremlin arm and when no. two is down jump over all the gaps and
    proceed to the exit.
    Password: ZFPJ 
    3 - 2
    In this level, Gizmo continues towards the offices in Clamp Center.
    Start by going up. You'll see two rolling hoops. You'll get to know these later,
    I promise. Well, Go left until you see a spinning spikeball. Now here comes
    a difficult part. Stand to the right of the spikeball, and when it passes you
    quickly jump to the rolling hoop and to the ground.
    Quickly waste the two bouncing gremlins and the flying one. Try to stay at the 
    left side all the time. Now jump to the next rolling hoop and to the one after that.
    Then jump to the ground where you see a spinning spikeball. Keep going right, there 
    will be a few spike jumps, just remember, NEVER stand still!
    Shoot the two big bats and then go down. Jump to the moving platform and over the
    electric fence(quite tricky). Now go right, shoot the two gremlins and enter
    mr. Wing's store. go on to the right and shoot the skating gremlin and then down.
    Go right, jump the rolling hoops and then go up. Shoot the two gremlins and 
    continue to the right where the goal is.
    Password: You must first beat the boss in next stage. 
    3 - 3
    Now it's time for a boss. This time it is an electrical gremlin who has drunk
    Electric-juice from the genetic lab!
    You should at least have three full hearts before fighting this boss.
    He may actually be tricky, it can be hard to watch out for his electric shots.
    But as with every boss in this game, TRY to stay away from him as far as 
    possible and shoot at him from there.
    Take it EASY! Because you will not finish him if you stand still and go mad with
    your fingers, I promise you.
    You'd better take the safe way. Before you shoot make sure you're far away from
    him. He needs 35 hits to die!!
    You now get the Bow, an awesome weapon!
    Password: SHMC
    Level 4     	 
    4 - 1
    Gizmo is now inside the genetic lab and continues his fight with the horrible
    You start at the end of a corridor. Walk up and kill the flying gremlin.
    Continue up and you'll see a new sort of gremlin. He disappears and fires black 
    hats everywhere. Watch out for them and when he gets back to normal get close to 
    him and shoot him. Go right, jump over the gap on the lower side(the spikeball
    can't hit you there). Continue right and shoot the bouncing gremlin and the two
    flying gremlins. Now jump to the left rolling hoop and quickly jump over 
    the electric fence to the space left of the spikeball. Jump over the next gap
    and wait for two flying gremlins there. Kill them. Jump over the next gap too,
    go up and carefully approach the two bouncing gremlins that waits for you.
    Then take a right, then up, and kill the flying gremlin and the bouncing one.
    keep going right and enter Mr. Wing's store. I would buy a life if I were you.
    Go right and jump the two gaps and shoot the flying gremlin and the little spiky 
    enemy before jumping the next gap. Also take care of the hat-throwing gremlin here. 
    Try to keep the distance. Go down, and jump on the rolling hoops past the spikes
    and then on the rolling hoop in the gap. Go past a spinning spikeball and a normal
    spikeball. Carefully go right then and take out the hat-throwing gremlin even 
    before you can see him. Continue and you'll see two rolling hoops and some spikes
    Don't get fooled by them. Instead, go up, and stand close to the wall, 
    and jump right. When you're in the air, turn towards the land and you'll make it.
    Keep going up and jump on all the rolling hoops. Don't care about shooting
    the gremlin arms, just try to avoid them. Continue up to the goal.   
    Password: VLBB
    4 - 2
    This is probably the hardest stage in the game, together with 5 - 1.
    And after this stage waits a terrifying machine gun gremlin too. And you
    don't get a new password until you've completed them both. Puh!  
    Start by going up and kill the three gremlins there. Then go left and jump
    over the gaps and electrical fences there. You should now see a few rolling hoops
    in the lava. Jump to the first one and then jump back again.  A bouncing gremlin
    will then come jumpin' towards you. Shoot him and jump on the rolling hoop again.
    Jump on all the rolling hoops(told you to master jumping in this game) and you 
    should see a big bat. Kill it and jump on the moving platform that will come.
    Don't jump on the rolling hoops 'cause it's a lot harder.
    Well, when you land on the other side, be prepared to kill a flying gremlin and
    two bouncing gremlins. Now go right and jump on the platform and land before the 
    electrical fence. Kill the bouncing gremlin there. Wait for the spikeball to
    pass you and then run past it. Now get on the rolling hoop and shoot two flying 
    gremlins. One more will come when you get off. Now jump to the rolling hoop on
    your right side, shoot the flying gremlin and the bouncing one, and enter
    Mr. Wing's store. Buy health, because he's not selling lives today.
    Go back left and then up. Shoot the big bat, and jump over to the rolling hoop 
    and to the ground. Mind the spiky enemy there. Jump over him because you can't 
    kill him. Now go left and shoot the bouncing gremlin there. Keep going left
    and then get on the moving platform there. While on the platform, you should be 
    able to take out both bouncing gremlins and the flying gremlin without going off
    the platform. When you've done that, continue to the rolling hoops there.
    Go left and then up and on that rolling hoop. Mind the two bouncing gremlins.	
    Get off and mind the spikeball. You can kill two more bouncing gremlins without
    going any further. Do that, and jump on the left rolling hoop and then on the 
    ground. Get on the moving platform and then on the right rolling hoop.
    Whoa! Finished this hard level. Now it's time for the boss!
    Password: You must beat the boss in the next stage first.
    4 - 3
    Ok! This time, the boss is a Mohawk gremlin with a machine gun.
    As usual, you have to do the previous stage again if he kills you.
    This is how the boss level looks:
    H = spikes             	I     			I
                                 I    H 		 H	I
                                 I    H		 H	I
                                 I			I
                                 I	  HHHH		I
                                 I  			I
                                 I   HHHH	HHHH	I	
                                 I		        I 
                                 I	  HHHH		I
                                 I			I	                               ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    The boss will run around in the room with his machine gun. He stops, to fire a
    round, and then he starts to run again. What you need to do is that when you
    are firing make sure that you always have spikes between you and him because 
    he can't fire through the spikes, which you can. Therefore, you must fire at him
    when he's firing at you. His bullets won't reach you if you have spikes between
    you and him. And when he is running you must stay away. This might not be very 
    easy, since he's very fast sometimes. So don't run straight all the time. You must
    criss-cross through the spikes a lot, because then, he can't follow you.  
    After 35 hits he dies and you get the last weapon, the fire arrows for your bow!
    This is the ultimate weapon!
    Pasword: NXRD
    Level 5 
    5 - 1
    Gizmo's inside the Control center now! This is the final battle against all the
    evil creatures that are trying to take over the center's control system.
    This is the last level (If you don't count the boss) and it really shows.
    It's VERY HARD, and so is the last boss, so you need to complete this stage with
    a reasonable amount of health too!
    Start by going up (how unusual). You need four timed jumps to get over the gap.
    Whatever you do, don't stand still. Think that was hard? That's nothing compared 
    to what will come later. Well, go right and kill the two bouncing gremlins and the
    flying gremlin. They only need on shot now. Keep going right and jump on the rolling
    hoop and then on to the ground. Now you'll see three rolling hoops, a medium one,
    a small one, and a big one. Jump to the medium one and then to the big one.
    That is the easiest way of doing it. Now go down, past the spiky enemies and down 
    to a spikeball. Don't care about the bouncing gremlin. Just get on the rolling hoop
    quickly. When you're on it, turn around and shoot the bouncing gremlin, turn around 
    again and shoot another bouncing gremlin. Continue on the hoop and jump to the next 
    one. Shoot the three flying gremlins there and stand as far down on the hoop as 
    possible. Now run and jump over to the next hoop, jump quickly again and again.
    You must do this to avoid the spiky enemies on the hoop. Now quickly shoot the 
    bouncing one too and go on to the left. There will be a gremlin arm sticking up
    right where you're going to jump over so kill it first. Now go left and then up
    and on the hoops to get past the big gap. On the other side waits a bouncing 
    gremlin. Shoot him and his friend who's waiting a little bit longer up.
    Get on the hoops, on the platform and over to the other hoops where a spikeball
    waits. Jump past it and kill the bouncing gremlin in the upper-left corner. Now 
    go right and watch out for the hat-throwing gremlin there. Keep going right to 
    get to Mr. Wing's store. BUY A LIFE. Proceed to the right. Kill the two bouncing 
    gremlins there and you'll come to a gap. jump to the big rolling hoop on the right
    side and then to the ground where an enemy is sitting. But don't worry about him 
    since he will only explode and not hurt you when you land there. Do the same thing
    with the hoop and the enemy above you,  and jump to the parallel hoop in the middle 
    of the screen.
    Now this is a hard part. Jump to the moving platform and over the electrical fence.
    Try to shoot the gremlin at the same time as you jump over to the next hoop.
    Jump the hoops and then to the platform and over to the next hoops.
    You've completed the level!              
    Now it's time for you to meet the last boss.
    5 - 2
    As Gizmo approaches the control panel he sees a huge mohawk with spider-legs which
    he has got by drinking spider-juice in the genetic lab.
    You will probably need some practice on this guy because he's tough!
    To beat him, do like this:
    The best time to hit him is when he's in the upper part of the screen. 
    Fire at his head. You must be quite close to him to actually hit. The best
    thing is to aim left of his head because your shot will split up into four parts 
    anyway and one of them will hit him, and you don't have to take the risk to get 
    hit by one of his front legs. When he goes down, stay between his outer and
    his inner leg. This needs some practice because he is also shooting at you!
    He needs about 35 hits to die. 
    Congratulations!!! You've beaten the game. Watch the ending sequence if you want.
    I always do.
                                            The END
    4.Game Genie Codes
    ZEEELATA	Start with only 1 heart
    AEEELATE	Start with 4 hearts
    GAEGEAAA	Start with 5 lives
    PAEGEAAE	Start with 10 lives
    LAEGSAPA	Start with 3 balloons
    TAEGSAPA	Start with 6 balloons
    SZNETEVK	Infinite lives
    SZXEUXVK	Infinite balloons
    SXKEZPVG	Don't take damage from monsters (or harmful surfaces)	
    *Game genie codes are taken from Gamesages*   	
    This FAQ was made by me and only me, Björn Nilsson.
    If you want to complain about anything or give suggestions
    you are welcome to mail me on megaman@comic.com
    Copyright 2000 Björn Nilsson 		    		

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