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    FAQ/Walkthrough by WillyFourEyes

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          _____   _   _     _     ___     __     _     _     _   _
     T   |  ___| | | | |   / \   |   \   |  \   | |   / \   | \ | |
         | | __  | | | |  /   \  | |) |  | |\\  | |  /   \  |  \| |
     H   | |\  | | | | | |  ^  | |   /   | | || | | |  ^  | |     |
         | | | | | | | | | |_| | |   \   | | || | | | |_| | |     |
     E   | |_| | | |_| | |  _  | | |\ \  | |//  | | |  _  | | |\  |
         |_____| |_____| |_| |_| |_| |_| |__/   |_| |_| |_| |_| |_|
          _      ____   _____   ____   _   _   __
         | |    |  __| |  ___| |  __| | \ | | |  \
         | |    | |_   | | __  | |_   |  \| | | |\\
         | |    |  _|  | |\  | |  _|  |     | | | ||
         | |    | |    | | | | | |    |     | | | ||
         | |__  | |__  | |_| | | |__  | |\  | | |//
         |____| |____| |_____| |____| |_| |_| |__/
         *** Action-Adventure Game                    ***
         *** Published by Broderbund Software         ***
         *** Copyright (c) 1988 Irem Corp.            ***
         *** Copyright (c) 1988 Compile Entertainment ***
         *** FAQ by Walter Williams (aka SiliconHero) ***
         *** E-mail: waltos_1999@yahoo.com            ***
         *** First publication on 7/25/99             ***
         *** Revision 3 on 1/17/01                    ***
         *** This FAQ can be found at the following locations:       ***
         *** GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com/)                     ***
         *** Al Amaloo's Video Game Strategies                       ***
         *** (http://vgstrategies.about.com/)                        ***
         *** The Guardian Legend Shrine                              ***
         *** (http://www.classicgaming.com/shmups/guardianlegend)    ***
         *** NES FAQtory                                             ***
         *** (http://members.nbci.com/joculian/nesfaq.html)          ***
         *** my home page                                            ***
         *** (http://www.geocities.com/waltos_1999/vgames/faqs.html) ***
    --- What's New ---
    7/30/99 - Added some Game Genie codes and corrected a few spelling
    9/23/99 - Added some new links, and the names of the bosses.
    I got these from the Guardian Legend Shrine (I never knew that they had
    one of these...)
    1/17/01 - Changed my e-mail address (again), and included some of the
    "official" names for the special weapons (taken from the Guardian Legend
    instruction manual.
    --- Disclaimer ---
    I, Walter Williams, wrote this strategy guide. It is designed for
    the sole purpose of helping players out who are having trouble with
    the game, or who are lost and need help navigating the planet. It is
    not intended to be sold to anyone for any amount of money, foreign
    or domestic. I took a lot of time writing this strategy guide up, so
    please don't plagiarize my work. If you want to put it up on a Web
    Page, you should e-mail me first, so that there's no confusion.
    --- Strategy Guide ----------
    You start the game flying in space. The object is simple: blast all
    enemies that come your way, and try not to get hit. Some enemies
    may leave behind power-up boxes, but you'll be flying too fast to
    collect them. Once you get near the end, you'll start to slow down.
    The boss of this level is the planet's defense system. Blast at the
    gates, and the little projectiles that come your way. When you've
    destroyed them all, you'll be taken inside the planet NAJU.
    Area 0 - The Gateway
    You'll start the "walking mode" at X11 Y12 on your map.
    After reading the message, blast any blue pyramid to exit. For now,
    go to the right and get the Rapid Fire powerup, then go down to
    X12 Y13. You can get your password for your quest by selecting "NO
    USE" at the weapon select screen (push the Select button) and pressing
    A. Write this password down, then leave.
    The rest of this game is non-linear, so I'll just list points of
    interest. You'll know where to look by using your map (press the
    Select button). Make sure to examine each area thoroughly, so that you
    don't miss anything. Once you've collected all the items and powerups,
    proceed to the next area.
    X11 Y12 - You start here.
    X12 Y12 - This is a Rapid Fire power-up. It increases the speed of your
    X12 Y13 - Save Point. You can get your password for your mission
    up to this point.
    X13 Y11 - A Lander is selling a Wave Beam Weapon for 50 power chips.
    The Wave Beam fires straight forward.
    X13 Y10 - You can buy the Seeker for 100 power chips. The Seeker
    tracks and damages enemies.
    X12 Y10 - You can buy the Side Blaster for 150 power chips.
    X13 Y13 - There are a bunch of Blue Power Chips in this room. Come
    back here if you ever need a recharge.
    X13 Y15 - There's a hint to opening the gate to Corridor 6. You need
    to use a special weapon on the gate to enter.
    X13 Y16 - The seal on Corridor 8 is quite different, because you have
    to open the gate without a special weapon equipped. Set your weapon
    to "NO USE" and press Button A.
    X14 Y9 - Mini-boss. Blast the slimy creature with your gun when it
    appears, and destroy the creatures it sends at you when it disappears.
    You'll get a Blue Lander, which increases your life force.
    X8 Y9 - There's a Multi-Bullet powerup here. You can shoot it in any
    X8 Y11 - Collect the Red Lander to increase the maximum number of Chips
    you can carry. When you have 100 chips, your shot pattern changes.
    X9 Y11 - Funny...this room is closed...I wonder why...?
    X8 Y13 - Mini-boss. This spider walker is simple, too. All it does is
    move slowly around the closed arena. Fire at it with your weapon and
    Multi-Bullets. Your prize is a Bullet Shield. It fires a bullet that
    surrounds and protects you.
    X9 Y14 - Pick up the Saber Laser weapon here. The Saber Laser cuts up
    enemies with a plasma sword.
    X6 Y10 - This is the entrance to Corridor 1. Shoot at the gate with your
    regular weapon and it will open.
    Corridor 1
    You'll be taken to a semi-aquatic setting here. You'll face the likes
    of enemies that look like fish, seahorses, and crabs. Don't be afraid ---
    if it shoots at you, blast it back. You'll want to save your
    Power Chips for the boss, because all of the enemies here
    can be defeated with your normal gun.
    --- Beating the Boss of Corridor 1 ---
    The boss at the end of this level is Fleepa. It is a large, blue, one-eyed
    fish. Blast at Fleepa with your normal gun, and use the Wave Beam to take
    out any projectiles it spits at you. Dodge to the left or right when it
    charges at you. You'll take quite a bit of damage if the boss hits you. By
    defeating this boss, you'll get the Moon Key and a Spiral Shot weapon,
    which travels in a spiral pattern as it takes out enemies.
    After you defeat the boss of Corridor 1, go through the north door to
    enter Area 1.
    Area 1 - Deep Blue
    This area looks like the underwater level you entered in Corridor 1.
    You'll find that the enemies are not all cream puffs like you've faced
    so far. Look around for a bit to find power-ups, and eventually, Corridor
    X3 Y10 - This area contains the Side Blaster powerup. You can shoot to
    the sides and behind you.
    X4 Y11 - Mini-boss. The crab appears out of nowhere and moves slowly
    up and down. After a few seconds, it shoots bullets in an arc, then
    disappears again. Defeat the mini-boss in this area to get the Fireball
    weapon, which fires a piercing bullet at the enemy.
    X4 Y12 - You'll find the Cutter Laser weapon here. It's like the
    Saber Laser, but it attacks enemies on the sides.
    X0 Y9 - Life Tank. Save these until you're really low on health.
    X0 Y6 - Mini-boss. It's like the one you fought at X8 Y13, but it is a little
    faster. This mini-boss will give up a Red Lander when defeated.
    X2 Y9 - Another Save Point.
    X1 Y8 - This is the entrance to Corridor 11.
    Corridor 11
    This level looks more aquatic than the first, as you can see the seaweed.
    Use your Side Blaster on the fish that attack early in the level.
    --- Beating the Boss of Corridor 11 ---
    You'll fight an enemy called Optomon here. It's a large ball of seaweed
    with one eye. For this boss, you should attack it with your regular gun
    and your Fireball weapon. Stay out of the way of all projectiles it spits
    at you. The bullets it shoots won't damage you much, but if you get hit
    by the seaweed shots, you'll take a lot of damage. You pick up a Grenade
    for destroying this boss. The Grenade fires a bomb that damages enemies
    in a wide area.
    When you get out of this, go back to Area 0 and go to X7 Y13 and use
    the blue pyramid to warp to the next section.
    Area 2 - Marine Madness
    X6 Y13 - Save Point.
    X4 Y15 - Corridor 12.
    X5 Y17 - Mini-boss. This blue crab is stronger than the green one at
    X4 Y11. This Mini-boss leaves an Attack Up powerup when defeated.
    X5 Y18 - The hint to breaking the seal on Corridor 2 teels you to touch
    X2 Y17 - Rapid Fire.
    X1 Y18 - The Blue Lander sells Rapid Fire, a Heart, and Multi-Bullets
    for 150 Power Chips each. You can only choose one. (I recommend getting
    the Rapid Fire for right now.)
    X1 Y14 - Mini-boss. It's a blue spider walker. Use Multi-Bullets.
    Defeat the Mini-Boss to get a Red Lander.
    X3 Y14 - Blue Lander.
    X2 Y16 - Corridor 2. Touch the panels surrounding the gate to open it.
    Corridor 12
    The fish are more ferocious in this level, and you're traveling at a faster
    speed, so it may be easy to miss powerup items. You should use Multi-Bullets
    here instead of the Side Blaster, because they're much cheaper Power
    --- Beating the Boss of Corridor 12 ---
    You'll fight a red Fleepa at the end of this level. It shoots more
    projectiles than its blue cousin, but it can be defeated in the same
    When you defeat the boss of Corridor 12, you'll get a Beam Laser. It
    fires a powerful beam of energy. You can only use this when you're in
    Flying mode.
    Corridor 2
    These fish attack you at hyper speed. Luckily, you're moving slowly, so you
    can catch them.  There are a lot of ground cannons in this level, so that
    means you've got more debris to blast down. Try to conserve your Power
    Chips for the end of the level.
    --- Beating the Boss of Corridor 2 ---
    The boss at the end of this level is called Crawdaddy.
    This boss uses its long claws to attack its foes, and it unleashes a
    steady barrage of claw-like projectiles. It zips around the screen at
    high speed, so you've got to take care not to bump into it. The best
    way to defeat it while taking the least damage is sticking to the
    bottom of the screen and blasting away with your gun and Wave Beam.
    Defeating this boss will net you the Hook Key and a Saber Laser power-up.
    When you collect an icon of an optional weapon that you already have, its
    effectiveness increases.
    Area 3 - The Silicon Jungle
    You're in a jungle-like setting now. The artificial foliage provides cover
    for ground-based enemies to attack you by surprise.
    X8 Y15 - This is the Save point just before you enter area 3.
    X5 Y20 - Corridor 13.
    X6 Y23 - Mini-boss. This green leech bounces around the room that
    you're in. Don't let it touch you, or else you'll take a lot of
    damage. Use the Spiral Shot and try to stay ahead of it. If you
    stand still, you'll get beaten up. Defeat it to get a Shield power-up.
    X6 Y22 - Red Lander.
    X4 Y23 - Save Point.
    X0 Y22 - Rapid Fire.
    X0 Y23 - The key to opening Corridor 3 is to wait...wait forever...
    X1 Y20 - Remember the first Slime mini-boss you fought back in Area 0?
    This one is just as easy. Use the Saber Laser for a quick defeat.
    The mini-boss gives up Enemy Erasers when defeated. Enemy Erasers clear the
    screen of wimpy enemies. It doesn't work against boss monsters or anything
    that can take a great deal of damage.
    X4 Y20 - Corridor 3. Wait in the room for about 15 seconds, then the
    gate will open.
    Corridor 13
    This area takes you over the thick forestation. You'll encounter familiar-
    looking enemies (remember Corridor 0?), and you'll also find a bunch of
    plant creatures that spew bullets by the dozen.
    --- Beating the Boss of Corridor 13 ---
    A blue Bombarder awaits you at the end of this level.
    This boss is relatively easy. It warps and shoots missiles in all directions
    from its armored body. If it appears in front of you, blast it with your
    gun. If it appears behind and to the side of you, get close to it and use
    you Cutter Laser. You can intercept the missiles with your normal gun.
    Your prize for completing Corridor 13 is a Shield Up power-up.
    Corridor 3
    This area grows thick with mushrooms, and some of these toadstools attack
    the Guardian. Only one simple solution...blast them all!
    --- Beating the Boss of Corridor 3 ---
    The blue Optomon blasts you with bullets and string shots. The string
    shots are the ones to watch out for. Hit it with your gun and your Fireballs
    and it'll go down.
    When you win here, you get the Wave Key and a Life Tank. Not bad for a
    hard day's work, eh?
    Area 4 - Forest of Despair
    More forest? It's starting to look like Tarzan's jungle. Oh, well.
    Time to find that fourth seal. 
    X13 Y7 - Save Point.
    X17 Y5 - The seal to corridor 4 is broken. Ask the Blue Lander nearby
    for help.
    X19 Y6 - Blue Lander.
    X17 Y4 - Corridor 14.
    X16 Y3 - Mini-boss. Another blue spider walker. It leaves behind a
    Multi-Bullet weapon.
    X16 Y0 - Rapid Fire.
    X17 Y1 - Mini-boss. This blue leech is slower than the green one, so you'll
    have an easier time defeating it. Defeat the mini-boss for an Attack Up power-up.
    X18 Y0 - The Lander sells a Blue Lander, a Life Tank, and a
    Bullet Shield for 400 Power Chips each. (You should buy the Bullet Shield.)
    X17 Y2 - Cutter Laser.
    X20 Y0 - Corridor 4. You need to go in and out of the shop at X18 Y0
    until the blue lander opens the door for you.
    Corridor 14
    You'll fight deadly scorpions, poisonous pollen flowers, 'shroom-spitting tree
    cannons, and pterodactyls. The Enemy Erasers should make life a little easier
    --- Beating the Boss of Corridor 14 ---
    At the end of this level, you'll have to duke it out with a Clawbot.
    When the boss opens up its mechanical claws, it shoots a wide laser at you
    that takes away two life points. It also launches missiles at you, which
    can be blasted. Fire at it with your weapon and the Spiral Shot. When the
    claws are damaged enough (they turn yellow), they'll fall off, and the
    boss shoots his laser rapidly. Use the Beam Laser to kill it off.
    Victory here will win you a Blue Lander.
    Corridor 4
    This level throws everything in the book and its mama after you. Once again,
    keep those Enemy Erasers handy. Very rarely, when you kill an enemy, it may
    leave behind some more Enemy Erasers.
    --- Beating the Boss of Corridor 4 ---
    You'll have to beat a giant dragon called Teramute to pass.
    The big dragon boss warps and shoots a spray of fireballs. Attack it
    furiously with your weapon and your Beam Laser.
    After defeating this dragon, you get the Square Key and Multi-Bullets.
    Area 5 - The Space Cavern
    Enemies here are starting to get tougher. Watch your back around them.
    X16 Y9 - Save Point.
    X19 Y8 - Mini-boss. Another blue spider-walker (these things are everywhere.)
    Beat it for a Wave Beam.
    X21 Y8 - Corridor 15.
    X23 Y8 - Blue Lander.
    X23 Y7 - Fire into the corridor to break seal number five.
    X23 Y6 - Bullet Shield.
    X21 Y4 - Mini-boss. This floating crystal roams around the screen, firing
    crystal bullets. Protect yourself with the full powered Bullet Shield.
    You'll get a Shield Up.
    X23 Y3 - Grenade.
    X23 Y4 - Corridor 5. Shoot at the sign.
    Corridor 15
    In this level, you're floating through space. You'll face such foes as ships
    that shoot powerful lasers, space rocks that appear oout of thin air, and
    volcanoes. You can use the fireball to shut down their lava pellets.
    --- Beating the Boss of Corridor 15 ---
    This is a green version of the Clawbot. This one will be easier,
    because it is slower. Employ the same strategy for this one as you did
    for the first one.
    A Red Lander will be waiting for you upon completion of this mission.
    Corridor 5
    This time, you're flying over a moonbase on the planet NAJU, and you're
    flying in a meteor shower.
    --- Beating the Boss of Corridor 5 ---
    The boss at the end of this level is a space squid called Zibzub.
    It jumps around and shoots missiles. Attack it with your Grenades as
    it's coming down (you gotta use those for something, right?)
    Beating this level will get you some Enemy Erasers.
    Area 6 - Evil Colony
    If you've noticed, once you crossed over to this area, your Guardian
    has started to move around a lot faster.  All of that fighting experience
    has increased its combat senses, allowing it to zip around the planet
    at a faster rate. You may need it...
    X18 Y10 - Mini-boss. It's a yellow blob. It'll reuire a lot more of your
    bullets and Saber Laser power to put it away. It leaves behind a Shield Up
    when defeated.
    X20 Y10 - Fireball.
    X21 Y13 - Enemy Eraser.
    X17 Y16 - Mini-boss. A red crab guards this room, and it drops bullets at
    a rapid rate. Stand right next to it and use your Bullet Shield. Take the
    Red Lander you win from it.
    X16 Y12 - Life Tank.
    X18 Y13 - Corridor 16.
    X16 Y11 - Corridor 6. Use one of your special weapons in the room to
    open it.
    Corridor 16
    This level takes off in a hurry. You've gotta shoot fast in order
    not to miss any power-ups. You've also gotta contend with laser-shooting
    space men, as well as the usual flock of bad guys.
    --- Beating the Boss of Corridor 16 ---
    The boss of this area is a red Optomon. Its string shots aren't
    as fast as the blue ones, but they're much longer. Use those Fireballs
    to burn the string shots, and you'll be okay.  
    Defeat this boss to enhance your Side Blaster.
    Corridor 6
    This area is highly volcanic, and there is a lot of space lava flying
    around. A good combination of Fireballs and Enemy Erasers will help
    you get past them.
    ---Beating the Boss of Corridor 16 ---
    A Glider will be your opponent at the end of this level.
    This winged robot will swoop up and down three times, and them shoot a
    few missiles. It's not that tough. Use the Side Blaster or the Wave Beam.
    After you win here, you'll get the Cross Key and a Seeker power-up.
    Area 7 - Inside the Alien Planet
    Everywhere you look, you see blood and cells. You must be deep within
    the heart of the alien planet NAJU. Look for the seventh seal here.
    X15 Y12 - Choose a Red Lander, a Life Tank, or a Grenade for 600
    Power Chips. (Take the Red Lander. You can never have too many of
    X16 Y18 - Mini-boss. This blue blob is even more powerful than the
    yellow one. It gives you the Grenade when defeated.
    X17 Y21 - Save Point.
    X17 Y23 - Enemy Eraser.
    X18 Y19 - Corridor 17.
    X18 Y12 - Multi-Bullets.
    X22 Y23 - Shield Up.
    X23 Y21 - Select from a Rapid Fire, a Heart, or a Wave Beam for
    1000 Power Chips. (At this point, you shouldn't need any more Rapid
    Fire power-ups. Take the Wave Beam.)
    X22 Y20 - Mini-boss. Another red crab. Defeat it for a Shield Up.
    X21 Y20 - The hint tells you to enter the room in corridor 7 several
    X19 Y23 - Corridor 7.
    X19 Y19 - Spiral Shot.
    Corridor 17
    Yecch! You're being attacked by mushrooms and floating eyeballs.
    Blast first and take names later. You might run into some enemies
    at the start of the level which just absorb your normal gun shots.
    The Enemy Eraser works well against these foes, as do the Saber
    and Cutter Lasers.
    --- Beating the Boss of Corridor 17 ---
    This eyeball growth has an attack pattern similar to the defense system
    you fought at the gateway. Bust it wide open with Grenade rain.
    For this victory, you'll get a Saber Laser.
    Corridor 7
    More of the same here.
    --- Beating the Boss of Corridor 7 ---
    This is an even bigger eyeball growth. You should use the Spiral Shot
    or Fireballs here.
    A Cutter Laser is your prize for winning Corridor 7.
    Area 8 - Belly of the Beast
    The still-beating heart of the planet NAJU senses your presence. There
    are a lot more enemies to be found here, and they're tougher to get rid
    of, because they attack in swarms now.
    X10 Y18 - Life Tank.
    X12 Y18 - Mini-boss. This red leech is very hard to beat because it
    jumps around in an erratic pattern. You'll get banged up a lot in this
    battle. Use the Bullet Shield and run around. If you survive this one,
    you'll get a Red Lander.
    X14 Y20 - Enemy Eraser.
    X14 Y21 - Save Point.
    X12 Y22 - Mini-boss. A really fast-moving red walker. Use your Wave
    Beam on it. This one leaves behind more Enemy Erasers.
    X12 Y23 - Blue Lander.
    X9 Y19 - Beam Laser.
    X11 Y19 - Corridor 18.
    X10 Y16 - Corridor 8. Set your optional weapon to "NO USE" and press
    the A button.
    Corridor 18
    This level starts fast at first, but it starts to slow down midway.
    --- Beating the Boss of Corridor 18 ---
    It's a boss with a lot of eyes, called Grimgrin. It attacks you with
    smaller eyeballs and weak bullets. It loses its eyeballs as you damage it.
    When you knock out all of its eyes, it starts bombarding you with eyeballs.
    Use your Wave Beam on this boss.
    Defeating this boss nets you a Fireball.
    Corridor 8
    This level is more plentiful with enemies. They'll mainly attack you
    from the sides, so keep the Cutter Lasers active when you're flying.
    You'll need them until you fight the boss.
    ---Beating the Boss of Corridor 8 ---
    This Grimgrin is more powerful than the first one you fought (it's red).
    Instead of weak bullets, you'll get attacked with more eyeballs.
    Keep using the Wave Beam and you've won.
    You will be rewarded with the Triad Key and a Bullet Shield for your
    Area 9 - Death Valley
    This desert doesn't look very deserted...enemies are waiting for you
    at every turn. Don't ignore them, or they'll blast you to bits. There
    aren't that many power-up items around here, because you should
    have most of your weapons at maximum power. 
    X3 Y6 - Blue Lander.
    X4 Y4 - Corridor 19.
    X5 Y3 - Mini-boss. It's a red walker. Take the Wave Beam it leaves
    behind and continue.
    X6 Y3 - Shield Up.
    X3 Y3 - Red Lander.
    X0 Y3 - Life Tank
    X1 Y0 - Enemy Eraser.
    X2 Y0 - Mini-boss. A green blob. This is the toughest of the green blobs.
    Defeat it to get a Blue Lander.
    X4 Y5 - The clue tells you to stand on the gate to break seal nine.
    X2 Y2 - Corridor 9. Stand on the gate to open it.
    Corridor 19
    When flying over this desert, you'll face the likes of fossil heads,
    flying skulls, and other dead enemies looking to send you to oblivion.
    --- Beating the Boss of Corridor 19 ---
    It's a red Bombarder. The only difference is that the missiles are
    faster. It's still easily defeated with Saber and Cutter Lasers.
    You win the Shield Up once you're done here.
    Corridor 9
    In addition to the other baddies you'll find skull-spitting dinosaur heads.
    --- Beating the Boss of Corridor 9 ---
    At the end of Corridor 9, you have to fight a multi-eyed head called Eyegore.
    Eyegore will blast away with lasers, so avoid the front side whenever
    possible. When it bobs up and down, fly behind it. Blast it with the Side
    When you win here, you get the Box Key and a Seeker. This should max out
    all of your weapons.
    Area 10 - Point of No Return?
    This is it...you think. There is only one more seal to break to activate
    the self-destruct sequence to blast this planet into little space chunks.
    Find it and get out of here.
    X11 Y7 - Save Point.
    X11 Y5 - Corridor 20.
    X12 Y5 - Pick from a Seeker, a Life Tank, or a Fireball for 2000 chips
    each. (Don't bother with this store unless you forgot one of these
    along the way.)
    X11 Y3 - Mini-boss. It's a floating fossil head. Use the Seeker on it, even
    though it eats up Power Chips like popcorn. It'll give you a Shield Up.
    X8 Y1 - Save point.
    X8 Y0 - Keep firing...eventually the final seal will be opened.
    X12 Y4 - Life Tank.
    X12 Y0 - Mini-boss. Look familiar? It's that bat-bot from Corridor 6.
    Defeat it for some Enemy Erasers.
    X11 Y0 - Corridor 10. Blast away with your regular gun, and keep blasting
    until that seal is opened.
    Corridor 20
    There's nowhere to hide now. The enemies are going to come at you in full
    force. You may need to use some of your special weapons in this level to
    ward them off.
    --- Beating the Boss of Corridor 20 ---
    The red Clawbot is even faster than the blue one. Attack it with the
    Fireball. A win here will get you an Attack up power-up.
    Corridor 10
    This level will start you at hyper speed (almost as fast as you went coming
    onto this planet), and there is absolutely no escape from the enemies.
    You're not going to get any breaks here. Don't give them any, either.
    --- Beating the Boss of Corridor 10 ---
    This new form of Eyegore uses nails to attack, but they behave like
    missiles. This time, you should get in front of it and blast away with
    your Fireball attack. You don't have to worry about the lasers;
    the Fireball will take care of them.
    Defeating this boss will get you some Enemy Erasers.
    Now that you've broken all of the seals, there's one more spot on your map
    that you need to clear. Remember that room at X9 Y11 that appeared to be
    empty? Well, that's your ticket off this planet. Jump into the gate to enter
    Corridor 21.
    Corridor 21 (The End! Really!!)
    You'll first face a bevy of bosses, and you've faced them all before, so
    you should know how to defeat them. 
    The first one is the blue Fleepa from Corridor 1. No special weapons
    needed; just blast away with your gun.
    The second boss is the Zibzub. This boss is cake, too. Blast
    away with your gun.
    The third boss is the blue Clawbot. Use your Fireball.
    The fourth boss is the red Optomon. Use your Fireball again.
    The fifth boss is the blue Grimgrin. Switch to the Wave Beam.
    The sixth boss is the red Bombarder. When you've defeated it, you'll fly
    away from the planet NAJU, which explodes in a blaze of fire.
    Now, you're slowly flying back to Earth, through a meteor shower. There's
    nothing much to worry about, when suddenly...that familiar alarm sounds,
    and it becomes fight time once again...for the last time...
    --- Defeating the Final Guardian ---
    Okay, everyone before you was just target practice. This final boss is
    going to give you the hardest fight in the game.
    This boss attacks with its sharp claws, which it uses only at close range.
    it also attacks with missiles and other projectiles. This boss has three
    stages, and it changes color as you damage it. In its blue form, it doesn't
    attack you as heavily. When it changes to yellow, it starts to launch
    projectiles more frequently, Its red stage is its most dangerous. It will
    shower you with projectiles and missiles. In its blue stage, you should
    attack it with Fireballs. When it turns yellow and red, you should focus
    more on survival. Get those Enemy Erasers out and blast the projectiles to
    get some Power Chips or Hearts, all the while blasting away at it with
    your blaster. If you shoot at it long enough, it'll explode and you'll have
    won the game.
    --- Powerups ---------
    Blue Power Chips - Gives you 20 Power Chips, and restores your Life
      by 1/4.
    Red Power Chips - Gives you 500 Power Chips, and restores your Life
      by 2.
    Life Heart - Restores your Life by 5.
    Life Tank - Restores your Life to full.
    Blue Lander - Increases your Life Maximum by 1.
    Red Lander - Increases the maximum number of Power Chips you can hold.
    Rapid Fire - Increases the fire rate of your weapon.
    Attack Up - Increases your attacking power.
    Shield Up - Increases your defensive power.
    Optional Weapons -
    Multi-Bullets - Shoots bullets in any direction.
    Level 1 (1 chip) Shoots a small bullet.
    Level 2 (3 chips) Shoots a faster, larger bullet.
    Level 3 (10 chips) Shoots a speedy bullet.
    Side Blaster (Back Fire) - Shoots a wave beam to the sides and behind you.
    Level 1 (1 chip) Shoots a slow wave beam.
    Level 2 (5 chips) Shoots a faster wave beam.
    Level 3 (40 chips) Shoots a circular wave beam.
    Wave Beam (Wave Attack) - Shoots a wave beam forward. It can take out many weak
    Level 1 (3 chips) Shoots a quick wave beam.
    Level 2 (7 chips) Shoots a faster wave beam.
    Level 3 (20 chips) Shoots a speedy circular wave beam.
    Bullet Shield - Fires a bullet that circles and protects the Guardian.
    Level 1 (3 chips) Protects with a small, slow bullet.
    Level 2 (6 chips) Protects with a faster bullet.
    Level 3 (30 chips) Protects with a large, speedy bullet. Great for
    close combat.
    Grenade - Launches a bomb that destroys enemies.
    Level 1 (2 chips) Causes a small explosion.
    Level 2 (5 chips) Causes a medium explosion.
    Level 3 (20 chips) Causes a large explosion.
    Fireball - Fires a piercing bullet. Good against large targets, and
    destroyes all projectiles, including lasers.
    Level 1 (4 chips) Shoots a small, slow-moving fireball.
    Level 2 (12 chips) Shoots a larger fireball.
    Level 3 (30 chips) Shoots a fast fireball.
    Seeker (Area Blaster) - Fires two bullets that track and destroy enemies.
    Level 1 (1 chip) Launches slow-moving missiles. They disappear quickly.
    Level 2 (8 chips) Launches faster missiles.
    Level 3 (120 chips (??!) ) Launches hyper-quick missiles. They tear up
    the enemy, but have a very short fuse.
    Spiral Shot (Repeller) - Fires a bullet that spirals and destroys enemies.
    Level 1 (3 chips) Slow-moving fireball.
    Level 2 (10 chips) Faster spiral.
    Level 3 (30 chips) Large bullet with a wicked spiral.
    Beam Laser (Hyper Laser) - A powerful beam laser. Can only be used in
    Flying Mode.
    Level 1 (4 chips) Short-spread laser.
    Level 2 (6 chips) Twin beam laser.
    Level 3 (30 chips) Fires a blaster from the side of the ship.
    Saber Laser - Attacks enemies with a laser sword.
    Level 1 (4 chips) Weak light sword.
    Level 2 (8 chips) Strong light sword.
    Level 3 (30 chips) Very strong light sword.
    Cutter Laser - Attacks enemies on the sides with laser swords.
    Level 1 (5 chips) Weak light swords.
    Level 2 (10 chips) Strong light swords.
    Level 3 (35 chips) Very strong light swords.
    Enemy Eraser - Eliminates all of the enemies in the area. Does not
    work on bosses.
    Each Enemy Eraser icon gives you 20 shots.
    --- Passwords --------
    --- Beginner Passwords ---
    eECI b4RH 8odG ZctF WUBF TIBW sMWD t0bB
    Starting password (at X12 Y13)
    Life 8, Rapid Fire Lv 1, Chip Max 50, Attack Lv 1, Shield Lv 1,
    31880 points
    nJVS IVgR hlwS DFwQ q5WO 8kv0 ZRhP ZkmL
    Area 0 completed (at X12 Y13)
    Life 10, Rapid Fire Lv 1, Chip Max 100, Attack Lv 1, Shield Lv 1,
    98150 points
    Multi-Bullets, Wave Beam, Bullet Shield, Seeker, Spiral Shot, Saber Laser
    Area 1 completed (at X2 Y9)
    Life 11, Rapid Fire Lv 2, Chip Max 150, Attack Lv 1, Shield Lv 1,
    139470 points
    Multi-Bullets, Side Blaster, Wave Beam, Bullet Shield, Grenade, Fireball,
    Seeker, Spiral Shot, Saber Laser, Cutter Laser
    r0HF MGre l1te FiYd 0bNi AuXH JBRY UFg2
    Area 2 completed (at X6 Y13)
    Life 12, Rapid Fire Lv 3, Chip Max 200, Attack Lv 2, Shield Lv 1,
    265580 points
    Multi-Bullets, Side Blaster Lv 2, Wave Beam, Bullet Shield, Grenade,
    Fireball, Seeker, Spiral Shot, Beam Laser, Saber Laser Lv 2, Cutter Laser
    --- Intermediate Passwords ---
    ErR5 dndz !Ogz 21oy BK4f BP9p W!69 Gnwt
    Area 3 completed (at X8 Y15)
    Life 12, Rapid Fire Lv 4, Chip Max 200, Attack Lv 2, Shield Lv 3,
    397770 points
    Multi-Bullets, Side Blaster Lv 2, Wave Beam, Bullet Shield, Grenade,
    Fireball, Seeker, Spiral Shot, Beam Laser, Saber Laser Lv 2, Cutter Laser,
    20 Enemy Erasers
    Q23M pYNL KbrC kktJ ?0HS u8eY wNuK umTE
    Area 4 completed (at X13 Y7)
    Life 15, Rapid Fire Lv 5, Chip Max 400, Attack Lv 3, Shield Lv 3,
    554250 points
    Max Multi-Bullets, Side Blaster Lv 2, Wave Beam, Bullet Shield Lv 2, Grenade,
    Fireball, Seeker, Spiral Shot, Beam Laser Lv 2, Saber Laser Lv 2, Cutter
    Laser Lv 2, 19 Enemy Erasers
    ?QOZ 0M!B zf8P L8WE 61UZ JJQe JOgT 9hEA
    Area 5 completed (at X16 Y9)
    Life 16, Rapid Fire Lv 5, Chip Max 800, Attack Lv 3, Shield Lv 4,
    718850 points
    Max Multi-Bullets, Side Blaster Lv 2, Wave Beam Lv 2, Max Bullet Shield,
    Grenade Lv 2, Fireball, Seeker, Spiral Shot, Beam Laser Lv 2, Saber Laser
    Lv 2, Cutter Laser Lv 2, 71 Enemy Erasers
    !p0m U5KL u!mP sJ7T fGOI v2hs 8AfH Eh5O
    Area 6 completed (at X15 Y14)
    Life 16, Rapid Fire Lv 5, Chip Max 1600, Attack Lv 3, Shield Lv 5,
    902630 points
    Max Multi-Bullets, Side Blaster and Bullet Shield; all other weapons Lv 2;
    71 Enemy Erasers
    --- Advanced Passwords ---
    qMQA 61AB 12cd ImA5 LcBf R9qY Um5c eUv4
    Area 7 completed (at X15 Y14)
    Life 17, Rapid Fire Lv 5, Chip Max 1600, Attack Lv 3, Shield Lv 7,
    1117130 points
    Most weapons maxed out; 122 Enemy Erasers
    vAP9 VM?9 cjP3 7?bM !?Oc ZI20 tW23 xhG8
    Area 8 completed (at X9 Y7)
    Life 18, Rapid Fire Lv 5, Chip Max 2400, Attack Lv 3, Shield Lv 7,
    1409090 points
    All weapons maxed out except Spiral Shot; 231 Enemy Erasers
    zWDO 5!vO 8wDq ?IEv CNEt FZ2H 9jYH 5JIn
    Area 9 completed (at X9 Y7)
    Life 20, Rapid Fire Lv 5, Chip Max 4000, Attack Lv 3, Shield Lv 7,
    1684610 points
    All weapons maxed out; 255 Enemy Erasers
    kl!6 ojq7 rD?3 uPb! x1?3 4jHm etyv jbR!
    All areas completed (at X12 Y13)
    Life 21, Rapid Fire Lv 5, Chip Max 4000, Attack Lv 4, Shield Lv 7,
    2054860 points
    All weapons maxed out; 255 Enemy Erasers
    Enter this password for an added challenge. It lets you play
    all of the flying levels.
    --- Game Genie Codes ---
    Unlimited Energy - AAXTIUNY
    Start with Less Energy - AXVAAIAG
    Start with More Energy - EEVAAIAG
    Never Use Up Shots - GXOAKLST
    (Note: The following procedure must be used to complete the game
    with this code. Save the game before opening the entrance to
    Corridor 6. Turn off and turn on the NES to restart the game with
    no codes activated. Go through the entrance and save the game again.
    Finally, restart the game using the same code(s) that were used
    Use minimum shots - OVOAKLSV
    Start on level 1 - PAKVELAA 
    Start on level 3 - LAKVELAA 
    Start on level 5 - IAKVELAA 
    Start on level 7 - YAKVELAA 
    Start on level 9 - PAKVELAE 
    --- Acknowledgements ---
    Broderbund Software, Irem America Corp., and Compile. It may sound like
    I'm sucking up, but Guardian Legend was really an awesome game.
    Al Amaloo, Bradley Lewis, Classicgaming.com, and GameFAQs for
    supporting this FAQ.

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