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    Character Hacking Guide by Binta

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/27/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     Character Hacking Guide
      By: Binta
    email address: nekketsu_vince@yahoo.com
    What is this about?
    This is a hacking guide for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes of the Lance
    for the NES. It uses built-in hex editing for VirtuaNES under "Tool" as "Cheat
    Support". It's has all the information you need to change your characters. You
    can also change your characters' current HP.
    I, Binta, have made this FAQ page. You can read this freely and/or download it,
    just don't post it up on your website or other places, unless I say it's okay.
    I'll let you print this if you want, too. Just don't steal my work.
    Version History
    V 1.0 - Initial
    V 1.1 - Fixed notes about duplicate characters/taking damage. Also am requesting
            how to hack items.
    What You'll Need
    -An NES emulator with a built-in value editor, hopefully VirtuaNES
    -Rom of AD&D: HotL
    1)If duplicate characters get hit the duplicate(s) also takes damage as they are
      part of the same character. However, for heroes 5 through 8, the life meter
      won't change until you enter the menu screen.
    2)If your characters die, with grey portrait or tombstone, you can revive them
      by changing the dead person to the character you want.  
    3)Remember: if you're gonna beat the game but want to replace Goldmoon, go fight
      monsters, let her die, then have any Sturm, Riverwind or Caramon pick up her
      staff. Just don't have Goldmoon jump into a pit, or you'll have to change the
      dead person to Goldmoon.
    4)Don't set HP too high. If you do, the graphics will scramble until the values
      are back to normal. If it's too high, you can also get your character killed
      at random.
    5)When editing HP, remember that the value of the character you want to modify
      is NOT the position, but the character itself. But appearance and ability
      settings depend on position slots.
    6)If duplicate characters jump into pits, only the lead character will die, but
      the duplicates will be down to 1 hit point (obviously the next hit will kill
      them all)
                 Character  |
                 Abilities  |
                 And        |
    Position     Appearance | Character     Current HP
    ...........  .......... | .........     ..........
    1------------00B0       | Tanis---------00B8
    2------------00B1       | Caramon-------00B9
    3------------00B2       | Raistlin------00BA
    4------------00B3       | Sturm---------00BB
    5------------00B4       | Goldmoon------00BC
    6------------00B5       | Riverwind-----00BD
    7------------00B6       | Tasslehoff----00BE
    8------------00B7       | Flint---------00BF
    Character Values
    1   =  Caramon
    2   =  Raistlin
    3   =  Sturm
    4   =  Goldmoon
    5   =  Riverwind
    6   =  Tasslehoff
    7   =  Flint
    8   =  Tanis
    195 =  DEAD
    If you're more into using HEX format, here are the equivelants:
    1   =  01
    2   =  02
    3   =  03
    4   =  04
    5   =  05
    6   =  06
    7   =  07
    8   =  08
    195 =  C3
    Still need to hack items. If you figure that out (it will take tons of time, so
    do that at your own risk), you'll get credit.

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