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"Merely average shooting game"

Ikari Warriors was one of the first horizontal shooters for the NES, and it sure does look like it. Taking a page right out of games like Dragon Spirit and Twin Cobra, it had you in control of a warrior who was out to save the world from destruction.

GRAPHICS (3/10): The backgrounds in this game are pretty nice, but that's it. The powerups are hard to see, and there is a lot of graphical breakup, especially when there are many enemies on the screen at the same time. Most of the game takes place in an outdoor tropical world, so chances are you'll end up seeing the same background over and over again.

MUSIC/SOUND (2/10): The music and sound in this game aren't that good. The music is boring, and the sound effects are below average. Sometimes the music even stops playing, especially when there is graphical breakup.

CONTROL (3/10): Ugh. It is very difficult to move your guy diagonal in this game, which is a key point in beating this game. It is confusing on how to shoot a special weapon, as well, and overall the control in this game is not very good.

GAMEPLAY (5/10): There is nothing unique about this game at all. Everything that is done in this game had been done somewhere else, and usually for the better. It is just your average horizontal shooter. There are some good points, like long levels and challenge, but overall its just your average shooting game.

FUN FACTOR (3/10): Like I have already said, Ikari Warriors is a very basic, very average horizontal shooter that has good points but just can't compete with the top games in the genre. There are far better shooters to play than this one, and is not reccomended.

REPLAY VALUE (2/10): As soon as you beat it, you will never want to play through it again. Enough said.

RENT OR TO BUY? At 4 bucks at Funcoland, it may be worth a purchase. Just remember that it's not really good.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 07/16/01

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