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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mellonius

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/29/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        Game:            Impossible Mission 2
    		    Platform:        NES
                        Walkthrough By:  Mellonius
                        Email:           fragileimbecile@yahoo.com
                        Version:         1.1
                        Date:            2/27/04
    1. STORY
       a. Outside Rooms
       b. Inside Rooms
       c. Computer
    3. GUI
    4. ROBOTS
    7. ENDGAME (NEW)
    For some reason your character has found himself stuck in a connected series of
    8 towers.  You must find the codes to get through each tower, and eventually
    get to Dr. Atombender's Control Room to stop the evil he is bringing upon the
    Outside Rooms:
          Control Pad - Moves around your character, up and down control elevators.
                 Moves around the finger cursor after pressing B to access the GUI.
          B Button - Allows you to navigate the GUI using a finger cursor
          A Button - Jump
          Start - Pause
          Select - Access menu to save/load/view scores
    Inside Rooms:
          Control Pad - Moves around your character, up is used to search items.   
               Down is used to duck. While ducking, if you are on a horizontal     
          moving platform, you can press diagonally down + right or down +         
      left to move the platform.  Up and down will move vertical moving           
          B Button - Nothing
          A Button - Jumps, while ducking will lay a mine or bomb if you have      
           equipped one at a computer (see below)
          Start - Pause
          Select - Nothing
    Computer:  Your items are displayed here in the following order.  Press A to
               use an item while on the Computer screen.
          Reset platforms - This resets the platforms to their original position.
                 Dying also resets the platforms.
          Move platforms - This moves the darker gray platforms to their other
                 allowed position, allows you to get to other areas that might have
                 been inaccessable otherwise.
          Unplug the robots - Powers down the robots for about 10 seconds, you can
                 walk through them while they are powered down, but they might turn
                 on when you least expect it.
          Bomb* - Equips your character with a bomb, it has a 5 second fuse and can
                 destroy robots, computers, and the floor.  Must be used to gain
                 access to some areas.  Use by ducking and pressing A.
          Mine* - Equips your character with a mine, when a robot runs over the    
                 mine it will explode, killing the robot, and destroying the floor 
                 below it.  Can be used to gain access to some areas.  Use by      
                 ducking and pressing A.
          Light - Lights up all darkened rooms on that floor, you should use it at 
                least once on each floor as soon as you get to a computer.
    *(You can only have one bomb or mine equipped at a time.)
    	While running around the tower and not in a room a GUI is available to you. 
    This shows you which tower you are in (bottom left) and it has some buttons
    that you will have to use occasionally on the right.  Pressing B allows you to
    move your cursor to use these buttons.  On the furthest right there is a button
    with some numbers on it.  This accesses the PIN ASSEMBLER code, you must find
    the numbers throughout the level and then come here to try and figure out the
    code to move on to the next tower. (Remember to pick up the musical code on
    each tower before moving on to the next, more about that soon.)  The code comes
    in 3 numbers, each 0-9 and each being a different color.  You can use the 3
    sets of arrow buttons to change the code.  If one of the currently displayed
    numbers is correct, then the FOUND light will light up below the code.  Use
    this to your advantage to work out the correct code.
            The next button to the left of the numbers is the tape recorder.  You
    use the tape recorder to collect the different pieces of the sound code used to
    open up the final control room.  Each sound is 25 seconds long, and is stored
    in the order that you found them on your recorder.  The problem is though, that
    there are duplicate sound codes found in the towers (6 correct sounds, 8 total,
    one in each tower.) After you pick up each sound code, go into your tape
    recorder to make sure that it is not a duplicate, if it is then you can rewind
    the tape back 25 spaces, or to the end of the last sound code you found.  The
    next sound file you pick up will just overwrite the duplicate one.
            The last button just exits the GUI and gives control back to your
    ROBOTS:  You will run into many robots in this game, each with their own little
      annoyances as follows.  I will give them names so that I might have an easier
      time refering to them in the game.
    Antennae robot with laser beams out of eyeballs (DINO) - Do not touch this     
      robot or his laser beams, he will kill you instantly.  You can jump over him,
      just hope he doesn't shoot you as you fall.
    Claw robots that push you into walls (CLAW) - These robots are no big problem, 
      but they will try to push you off edges and into walls, both of which will   
      cost you 5 minutes on your timer.  You can usually get away from them by     
      jumping while they push you.
    Mine laying robot (MINER) - These robots pose no real threat on their own, but 
      their mines will kill you in one hit.  Their mines don't destroy the floors  
      like yours can.
    Weird Pac-man shaped robot that really doesn't do anything (PAC) - Doesn't do  
    anything except drive around.
    Spring robot that you can climb on to get just a little higher (SPRING) -  
    Usually in annoying areas where you must time your slightly elevated jumps
    	You begin the game on an elevator on a random tower.  This game is completely
    random, and I will do my best to offer my solutions to each room as I get to
    them.  Since each item is shifted every time you play, except for the safes and
    computers, you will have to search every item in every room to make sure you
    get all the codes you need to move on to the next tower.  You have 8 hours to
    navigate the towers to find your way to the final control room, everytime that
    you die 5 minutes will be taken off of the timer on the main GUI.  Make sure
    that whenever you use a bomb to have picked up the items near the explosion
    area, otherwise you might blow up the items and be stuck on that tower if an
    important one was there.
    	Once you get the PIN codes to move on to the next tower, make sure to go into
    your GUI and set it to the PIN code to move on, then go ahead and move to the
    right while in the tower.  The doors to the next tower will be unlocked, and
    you'll be able to get through.  Don't try to enter the doors between the towers
    until you have your 6 sound codes, otherwise you'll die and lose 5 minutes. 
    You'll get to these later (See ENDGAME).
    * Five floors with a vertical moving platform on the right side. Entrances on *
    * top left and bottom right. (1 DINO, 3 CLAWs, 1 MINER)                       *
    In this room, there are many free items to be gotten, and it's fairly easy to
    make your way around it as well.  Watch out for the pits down on the bottom
    most floor of this room, the CLAWs will try to push you off.  You can stop the
    robots by using ther computer in the top left corner, otherwise no reason to
    use it on this level.  The MINER will lay mines to bother you, but you can get
    past them with just well coordinated jumps over them.  If you feel it's not
    worth the risk, you can always come back to this item later if you think it
    might be useful.  There are 13 items on this level.
    * Many platforms to jump between on the left and right with a SAFE in the     *
    * middle. Entrances on top left and bottom right. (1 DINO, 1 CLAW)           *
    This room is one where you must use explosives, I prefer using one mine on the
    top level to take out one of the robots and open the hole to get to the safe.
    Then you must use a bomb in front of the safe to open it and get the music
    code.  Take extra care when placing the bomb in front of the safe, if you
    accidentially place it too far off, you might miss your chance completely at
    ever getting this music piece here.  The horizontal moving platform is
    practically worthless on this level, there is no reason to use it.  Also be
    careful of the vertical moving platform on the bottom right, as if you are not
    on the left most portion of it, you will be crushed by the ceiling above you
    when you go up.  There are 7 items and a music code on this level.
    * Three levels with stairs coming from the bottom left entrance, vertical     *
    * moving platform on the right. Entrances on bottom left and bottom right.    *
    * (1 DINO, 1 MINER, 1 CLAW)                                                   *
    Coming from the bottom right entrance the two robots on the top most level are
    very frustrating, you can freeze them using the bottom right computer and race
    your way up to get the 4 items they are guarding, or you can try to blow them
    up with mines.  Just depends on what items you currently have.  The jumps on
    the top right are a bit annoying, just make sure to jump from the very edge of
    the platform.  You'll have to use at least one explosive anyway to get down to
    the middle level where the MINER is laying down his mines.  Try to dodge his
    mines and pick up the three items in there.  Now you can set another explosive
    to get the last 3 items on the bottom left, or you can just slip through the
    right most opening on the 2nd level with the MINER.  If you're coming from the
    left most entrance anyway, then just pick up those items right after you jump
    up the stairs.  If you have a problem getting out of this room by getting stuck
    on the stairs, if you jump to the left from the top most stair you should be
    able to get out on the bottom left.
    * Really annoying room with a SPRING in the middle and a horizontal moving    *
    * platform with a PAC on it. Top level has CLAW and DINO on it.  Entrances on *
    * bottom left and bottom right. (1 DINO, 1 CLAW, 1 PAC, 1 SPRING)             *
    This room is horrible, you must time your trip on the spring to jump onto the
    moving platform.  I would say restart your game and try to not get this room,
    but that isn't really good advice.  So just time your jumps well, you'll
    probably waste a lot of time in this room so just hope you get it right after a
    while.  You cannot be hit down there, so jump every chance you get and you
    might just get lucky.  Also because of the DINO on the top level, you might
    want to bring a mine with you to take him out, but make sure you get an item to
    clear room for a mine first.  There are only 5 items in this room, so you might
    want to just pass it and come back later if you find you still need an item
    from this room.
    * Room with two main levels with a horizontal moving platform between the two *
    * of them.  Entrances on bottom left and top right. (2 DINOs)                 *
    You might die a lot on this level, especially with the annoying placement of
    the robots that can both kill you very easily.  If you enter from the bottom
    left you can pick up a few of the items and then jump over the DINO to get to
    the computer.  You'll have to enter from the bottom left after you use the
    computer to move the moving floor to the left anyway so don't worry about
    getting all the items on your first run.  Once you get to the computer and flip
    the floor over, get ready for a crazy jump.  You should turn off the robots and
    then jump up the stairs to get to the moving platform.  Start it moving right,
    and time your jump to try and get up onto the next level without falling off. 
    If you can't pull that off, then come in from the top right, fall down to the
    computer, freeze the robots, and then fall off the edge.  You'll lose 5
    minutes, but you'll respawn on the top with the robots froze which will let you
    pick up the last few items on the top floor.  There are 10 items in this room.
    * Three leveled room that has 5 vertical moving platforms.  There are         *
    * entrances on the top left and bottom right.  The right most moving platform *
    * can also take you up into the room above it.  This room usually starts out  *
    * DARK. (2 DINO, 1 PAC)                                                       *
    This room starts out dark, and if you have turned on the lights already then
    you have nothing to worry about.  Even if you haven't turned on the lights,
    there are computers near both of the major entrances, and you can see them in
    the dark.  Once the lights are on you'll notice that the PAC robot drives
    around moving the platforms, you might have to wait for it to bring a platform
    closer to you if you become stranded.  Your best bet is to freeze the robots
    when the middle platform is on the 2nd level, so that you can quickly get the
    items that the DINOs protect, and then finish up the room without worrying
    about them anymore.  There are 9 items in this room.
    * Another three leveled room that has 4 vertical moving platforms none of     *
    * which go past the 2nd level of the room. There is also a horizontal moving  *
    * platform on the bottom. Entrances on top left and bottom right.             *
    * (1 DINO, 1 PAC)                                                             *
    On the very top of this room is a very hard item to get; however, if you can
    time your jump at the very edge of the top left platform you should be able to
    get it.  Otherwise you might be coming back here from the top left over and
    over again.  There is also an item on the bottom level, in the middle.  The
    only way to get to it is by the horizontal moving platform, so make sure that
    you move the 2nd vertical platform from the right up so that you won't get
    nudged off when moving.  The platform stops right in front of the item.  Other
    than that this room is fairly straightforward, it's probably a good idea to
    stop the robots at the computer to keep the DINO from killing you while getting
    the two items near him, but it can be done without stopping him.  There are 7
    items in this room.
    * 3 leveled room with many dual platforms (one moves the other one as well)   *
    * there are 3 vertical and 2 horizontal platforms.  Entrances on top left and *
    * top right. (1 PAC)                                                          *
    This room is actually pretty easy, although you might end up wasting some time
    waiting for the PAC to bring back your platform if he moves them while you're
    working on getting an item.  Save all of your items for later, you can pretty
    much get anywhere in this room just through the use of the platforms and the
    robot to move the platforms for you.  For example on the right most platforms,
    if you are on the 2nd level, and you need to move to the top level just wait
    for the pac to move the platforms back down so you can get on the topmost
    platform to move up.  There are 7 items in this room.
    * 2 leveled room with worthless small platforms on the very top.  One         *
    * vertical moving platform and one horizontal. Entrances on bottom left and   *
    * bottom right. (1 DINO, 1 CLAW)                                              *
    There is a horizontal moving platform on the bottom of this level, you will use
    this to move to the middle and jump up onto the 2nd level.  The two robots on
    this level are annoying, especially the CLAW who will keep pushing you into the
    elevator on the right, killing you.  You can freeze them with the computer at
    the top of the map, or you can just move the elevator and take your time since
    he can't kill you anymore.  You can just dodge the DINO's shots on the right
    and pick up all the items over there with little trouble. There are 7 items in
    this room.
    * SAFE room with 4 levels, and one vertical moving platform.  Entrances from  *
    * all four directions. (4 DINOs, 1 CLAW).                                     *
    This room is a royal pain.  I recommend only entering this room from the top
    left as every othe entrance is blocked off.  The room taunts you with an
    elevator that is guarded by 2 DINOs that will kill you if you try to fall down
    that chasm or drive the platform up.  Do not waste a bomb trying to come this
    way from the top right.  You will need a platform moving item in order to get
    past this room so make sure you have one or more since you still might die
    trying to get through here.  Alright, get a mine from the computer in the top
    left and use it to take out the first robot, and blast a hole to the next
    level.  Go back to the computer and get another mine and then use the moving
    platform item.  Now plan your fall so the DINO doesn't hit you, then plant the
    mine on top of the safe, you might want to pick up the item there as well. 
    Once the DINO is gone, go and buy a bomb or a mine, and fall through the hole
    and plant it in front of the safe.  the CLAW will hit the mine, or the bomb
    will blow up opening the safe and releasing the sound code.  You can try to
    take the elevator back up, and if you die just leave the room and never come
    back!  There are 3 items and a sound code in this room.
    	After going through at least 6 of the towers, if you were lucky you'd have the
    6 different sound codes already; however, if you haven't got them yet then keep
    working until you do.  You've probably noticed the door between the towers as
    you move on.  This door usually just kills you and knocks 5 minutes off your
    time if you don't have the 6 different sound codes.  If you do have the 6 then
    when you try to open this door it will take you into the final control room of
    Dr. Atombender.  This room is pretty basic, there are 3 control panels, and
    randomly you pick one.  If you get it right you win, if you get it wrong you
    lose 5 minutes and get to try again.  This is another point at which Impossible
    Mission makes sense, because the correct control panel switches every time you
    die.  You might find you just keep trying until you run out of time and die. 
    Anyway if you do finish it up you are treated to a fairly lame ending sequence,
    and your score card is shown once again, with bonus points for finishing the
    game.  Congratulations, you just beat Impossible Mission 2.
    TIPS and TRICKS:
    - Learn the range of your jumps early on, you always jump the same range (right
    about 2 and a half blocks when traveling through the tower.  And if you know
    how far you are going to jump then it's much easier to not die on the tricky
    - Make sure you get the sound code on each tower, and make sure that you don't
    have any duplicates.  The game will become unfinishable if you don't get a
    seamless stream of sound void of all duplicate sounds.  Make sure each sound
    code is 25 seconds long, and that you rewind the tape to the beginning of
    duplicate sounds as soon as you get them.
    - Don't use explosives until you get the items around where you plan to use it.
    Items are easily destroyed, and you don't want to lose the last PIN ASSEMBLER
    code you're looking for to a bomb that you set.
    - You are always on the timer, so as soon as you finish each room you might
    want to check and see if you have the code for the next tower.  Saved time will
    come in use even though by the end of the game you will have gotten quite use
    to the same rooms you have traveled through so many times before.
    - The rooms are reused quite often, but there are always different items in
    each room, so make sure to try and get every item, but feel free to skip one
    and come back to it later if you think it might be too hard to get.  You might
    find the codes you need before that one.  Sometimes going for every item is
    useful though, because there are hidden clocks that add 10 minutes to your
    time, but you might just get nothing for that extra hard to get item.
    - Pay attention to your surroundings, sometimes you can fall through the floor
    in an area to get to a new area that would be much harder to get through
    another way.  By the time you get to the 3rd or 4th tower you will have many
    extra items, so feel free to use them to help you out.
    -- If you want to contribute any more of your tips to the game, then feel free
    to e-mail me at the address below.
    	This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.  Thank you.
    COPYRIGHT 2004 James Mruzik
    Contact Info:
    	If you have anything you would like to contribute to this walkthrough go ahead
    and e-mail me at fragileimbecile@yahoo.com.  Also I could be wrong every once
    in a while, so go ahead and e-mail me if you think something is an error. 
    Otherwise, thank you for reading.

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