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    FAQ by Pyroe

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    Game: John Elway's Quarterback       |  \
          Challenge                      |  |
    System: Nintendo Entertainment System|  |
    Author: Pyroe                        |  |
    Copyright: 2003                      |  |
    Last Updated: 07/04/04               |  /
    Copyright Notice: This work is the sole property of Pyroe (DavidB) and cannot
    be used on any site without permission.  Permission may be granted by e-mail.
    Any illegal or unauthorized use of the FAQ will be punished to the full extent
    of the law.
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    Version History:
    0.1|  First draft.  Most things finished. (9/19/03)
    1.0|  This is officially posted but a few mistakes have been found. (9/20/03)
    2.0|  Updating a new play and a new e-mail.  I even added a credits section.
       |   (7/4/04)
    ***Table of Contents***
    Section 1: What this FAQ is.
    Section 2: Controls/ How to play
    Section 3: How to win
    Section 4: The Teams
    Section 5: Frequently Asked Questions
    Section 6: Credits
    Section 7: Contact me
    Section 1: What this FAQ is.
    This game was one of my favorites as a child.  In truth, it started my love
    of video games.  So, when I saw this at K-Mart for $5, I had to buy it.  I 
    played through a couple games and realized, it was still fun, but not the mega
    game I had played for hours on end with anybody who would play.  Next, I looked
    on www.gamefaqs.com and was shocked (semi-shocked) there was no FAQ for it.  
    That is why I have created the one you are (hopefully) reading today.
    This guide is to instruct you on how to play this game and how to win.  It is a
    pretty simple game that shouldn't need much in the way of questions, but some
    people might need help.  That is why I created this guide, because somebody 
    (probably you) might buy John Elway's Quarterback Challenge at a Flea Market 
    and wonder what to do.  Please read on to learn how.
    Section 2: Controls/ How to play
    (As Quarterback)
    Start: Timeout
    Select: N/A
    A: Dive
    B: Bring up throw cursor
    D-pad: Run/Move throw cursor
    Down: Hike the ball
    (Running/After the catch)
    Start: Timeout
    Select: N/A
    A: Dive
    B: N/A
    D-pad: Run
    Start: N/A
    Select: N/A
    A: Dive/Tackle
    B: Switch player
    D-pad: Run
    Special Teams
    Start: Timeout
    Select: N/A
    A: Dive/Tackle
    B: Switch player
    D-pad: Aim kick
    How to play
    The game is pretty simple to play.  You hike the ball, then run back, hold down
    B, move the cursor and throw the ball.  The game consists of four quarters 
    with fifteen minutes a quarter (obviously).  I'm not sure how the clock really
    works, but it's not a full fifteen minutes.  On defense, you just try to 
    intercept the ball and if that fails, tackle whoever has the ball.  Special 
    teams, just aim the ball or tackle.
    Simple, just like I said.
    Section 3: How to win
    Doing everything I said above, you should have very little trouble playing, but
    winning is a bit trickier.  The game is flawed, I will admit, but you can 
    overcome this with these helpful hints.
    The four best plays to pick are Bomb, Shotgun, Screen and Sneak.
    Bomb and Shotgun: These give you time to set-up your throw.  After the ball is
    hiked, run back while pressing B.  Look for the open reciever and throw in the
    vicinity.  They should make the catch and you can take it up field for some big
    yardage.  There is also a "cheap" way to use the bomb.  Hike the ball and hold
    down, but when you press B, hold up until it hits the top of the screen and 
    then let go.  It should be an easy reception and most likely an easy touchdown
    in one or two plays.  Also for those playing the NES version, the bomb will 
    sometimes cause your player to run many times faster.  You can even lap the 
    other players on the team.
    Screen: This lets some defenders chase the quarterback, only to be dumbfounded
    when the running back is going upfield with no one in front of him.  Luckily, 
    it's also easy to use.  After the ball is hiked, run back and watch your 'back
    go into the flat.  When no one is around, dump the ball off to him and run off
    for about 10-30 yards.  This is good to use after a big gain off the "Shotgun"
    or "Bomb" play.
    Sneak: Use this on 2nd and 2 or 3rd and 2 situations.  Hold Up the entire time
    and pray you'll get the yardage.  That's all there is to this play.
    Running After the Catch
    This isn't as easy as it sounds because the defense is always faster in this 
    game.  So, to counter-act this, you must run in a zig-zag pattern.  When the
    defenders are chasing your player and are about to dive, run the other way 
    like this:
    |                      |
    |            \         |
    |            /         |
    |           /          | 
    |          U           |  
    |         DDD          |
    D- Defender(s)
    U- You
    ---- - Yard Lines
    |- Out of bounds
    /- Run up-right
    \- Run up-left
    It's pretty easy to score touchdowns with the methods provided above.
    On defense there are only two things to try and do: intercept the ball, and 
    tackle the opponent.
    First, the interception.  You should always try and get one of these and it's 
    pretty easy in this game.  Take your middle-linebacker and move back a little. 
    When the quarterback goes back, try to find the most open reciever and cover 
    him.  If all goes well, step in front of the pass and pick it off.  They should
    rename this game "John Elway's Interception-mania" just because of the amount 
    of picks in this game.
    Second, our good friend the tackle.  You should probably let the computer
    take over this as it is somewhat difficult to make the play.  But, if you are
    stubborn, just switch to the closest guy and dive to try and tackle.
    Special Teams
    This consists of kicking, tackling and running.  First, I'll cover kicking off.
    Aim the ball down the middle and while it's going downfield, your kicker will
    be carried by the screen.  If done correctly, you will tackle them at about 
    the fifteen yard line.  If not, don't worry, you'll stop them at the twenty-
    five yard line instead.
    Next, extra point attempts.  Just to let you know, you can never block a field
    goal/extra point.  Plus, I've never had the computer miss.  Anyways, now for
    you kicking them.  Just hike the ball and then move the orangish arrow into 
    the goal posts.  It might take a couple times to get use to it, but it will
    become second nature after a few attempts.
    Section 4: The Teams
    I'm just guessing at the team names, if any are incorrect PLEASE send me an 
    Los Angeles Rams
    Chicago Bears
    Denver Broncos
    New York Giants/Jets
    Miami Dolphins
    Seattle Seahawks
    Cleveland Browns
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Minnesota Vikings
    New England Patriots
    San Francisco Forty-Niners
    San Diego Chargers
    Washington Redskins
    Dallas Cowboys
    Section 5: Frequently Asked Questions
    When someone sends in a question, I'll post them up.
    Section 6: Credits
    If you help contribute to the guide in any way, I'll put your name in this 
    Section 7: Contact me
    You can contact me at shredhead @gmail.com (without the space).  Send me the
    Good ASCII Art of "John Elway's Quarterback Challenge
    Wanting to post this on your website
    Do not send me:
    Hate mail
    Any thing else you don't want sent back your way
    <End of FAQ>
    Copyright 2004: Pyroe (DavidB)

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