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Reviewed: 01/13/02 | Updated: 01/13/02

*Starts KQF Level 1 Music* Hoo-ray!

''Someone, or something'' has gotten into some computer system, blah blah, has the ability to launch nuclear bombs, destroying the earth. This group can't let this happen, so they test out a new machine they made. The device converts a human mind into raw binary data, or something, so the person can travel through computer information easily and quickly. So I guess the game takes place inside a computer system. Anyway, Scott O'Connor is the man for the job. He goes into the computer to save the world. When his mind is imported into the computer, he takes the form of a Kabuki (Which, from what I gather, is a type of Japanese entertainer with a painted face and long hair, or something.).
I don't really pay attention to the storyline, because, well, most NES games have bad ones. Heh. The game does have cutscenes, though, which tell you the story.

The game reminds me of Ninja Gaiden, graphically and kind of gameplay-wise. All you can really do in the game is jump and shoot, typical of NES games. Also, on certain surfaces, you can hang or climb a ladder. There are different special weapons, you get one each time you beat a level. You change weapon with the select button. I never really used the special weapons, except when I needed something for a long-range attack. I like the main weapon - Your hair. Haha. Yes, your hair is your main weapon, and it is also hot pink.
Some of the levels (Level 3) require nice jumping skills. When I tried to play the game on NESticle, whenever I hit the jump button, no matter for how long I held it, Scott would jump the maximum jumping height, which makes Level 3 impossible, I do believe. So screw playing a ROM, go buy the game. Heh.
Kabuki: Quantum Fighter is relatively short. Not too difficult, either (Except level 3, which takes a bit of practice). I think there are 6 levels, then the boss. But it's probably only 5 levels and the final boss. Each level has a miniboss, and they all have patterns and whatnot. I only really had trouble with one or two of them (And the final boss, which I've never beaten).

Great. I like the backgrounds a lot. The enemies and Scott are nothing special, though.

I like the music in Level 1. It's a good song. I don't really remember caring for too much of the other songs, but level 1 is nice. The sound effects are nothing special, but then again I don't pay any mind to sound effects.

Nice if you want to kill some time, or play a quick game. Like I said, it's short.

Well, it's kind of weird, but it's also like a Ninja Gaiden rip off (But it still rocks.) . . . Eh, Ninja Gaiden was probably a rip-off of some other game, though. Heh.

I recently got the game for $1.49 at FuncoLand (Works fine, the label is a little crappy, though). I played it for about three days, got to the final boss one morning before going to school, died, and that's the last I've played of the game. Hmm, maybe that wasn't the last boss. Dun dun duuuuun.

*Shrugs* I had fun with it.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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