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"Good game, not THAT hard! Great NES oddity!"

Kabuki Quantum Fighter is one of those games that is so odd, I can't help but love it. I used to play this all the time when I was really young and now, I've picked it up again on emulators.

This is what really gives the game it's weird value. This is the part you'll bring up to your friends when old, strange NES games come up in conversation. Basically, something had entered the computer that controls the US weapons systems, and it means business. You, Colonel O'Connor, have volunteered to be transformed into data via a special device in order to enter the computer and battle this things before it destroys the planet. You emerge inside the computer in the image of a Kabuki Warrior. Y'know...white robe, white makeup, bright red hair (which is your trusty weapon through most of the game!)...I think this is where people start to dismiss the game altogether. Ridiculous, yes, but this game shines on!

First off, WHY DO PEOPLE THINK THIS GAME IS SO HARD? To be honest, I used to describe this game as "hard", until I actually picked it up again and started replaying it. This game is not hard! Yes, level 3 is a pain (completely vertical, which falls and jumps and such), but its a pretty short level nonetheless. All it takes is timing and OK jumping. This is probably the toughest level and it isn't even that bad. In fact, part two of level 2 is probably one of the worst areas, on account of the meager 50 seconds you have to complete it! Still, not bad though. Boss 4 is the only real pain boss. A walking spider robot which is hard to jump over cause it changes direction while you're in mid-jump. You also have to deal with its two laser cannon companions, though briefly. A few tries and you'll have it.

Aside from the few difficult areas, the game is pretty simple. I've never experienced any problem with the controls, besides the occasional awkward jump you have to make. Swinging and jumping from bar to bar is actually quite fun to me, and a huge part of the game. Never difficult though.

Your main weapon is your long, red hair. All other weapons are projectiles which cost you "chips". You can collect chips here and there by defeating enemies, and you gain another projectile weapon after each level you complete.

Enemies are very odd and cool. Statue-esque heads that fire energy balls from their eyes...walker robots that throw their claw at you...pools of fire that turn into jumping ninja robots when you come near...the list goes on and on. As far as bosses, the first two are really plain, but perform neat acrobatics and have nice animations to them. The third boss is kind of ridiculous and reminds me of a Killer Tomato at times. The fourth boss is a neat one, and is also the most difficult of the six. The fifth boss is OK, and the final boss looks really cool but isn't too hard.

In all, the gameplay is extremely fun, pretty simple, and challenging in select spots.

The graphics are OK for the NES. The backgrounds and enemies are the main cool parts. The backgrounds are really neat. A combination of technology and biology. Looks for the cabinets of pumping hearts in level 1, or the intestines and alien babies in-womb in level 4. Most of the enemies are interesting and nicely designed. All of the bosses are cool in thier own ways, although boss 3 falls notably short. I'm not too fond of the Kabuki's in-game graphics, but his level begin and end pictures are really nice. Cutscene images are OK.

The level music in this game rocks! The cutscene music could use some work, but it isnt necessarily BAD, just not great. The sound effects are OK. The only notably BAD one is when your character gets hit. You have to hear it, I can describe it. A kind of "peep!" that reminds me of the misplaced you-got-hit sound in Crystalis.

A great game to play if you enjoy a good NES oddity! Plus a hoot to show to friends for a good laugh now and then. Try it out past level 4 (maybe 15-20 minutes work?) and see if you like it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/15/05

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