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Reviewed: 06/12/00 | Updated: 06/12/00

Hee Hee. I'm easily amused.

Ah yes. Kabuki Quantum Fighter. When this game was originally released, I saw the box and said ''Someday, I will own you, box!''. Well, I never did get that box, but I got the game for $3 at Funcoland a few months ago. It happened to be just the pick-me-up I needed.
The concept is a novel one. You are some general who is shrunken down in order to enter this big and powerful computer mainframe and shut it down. For some odd reason, you end up taking the form of a little Kabuki actor. For some even more odd reason, nobody seems to notice!

Gameplay - 9

I loved every minute of this game. Anybody remember how great that Batman game was for NES? Good. Anybody actually ever beat it without cheating? Didn't think so. Kabuki Quantum fighter feels more than a little bit like the NES Batman game crossed with a little bit of Ninja Gaiden influence. The key difference is that unlike those previous two games, KQF is fair and actually beatable. Your main weapon is your big red head of hair, which you can whip enemies with (sweet). As the game progresses you gain stronger energy weapons that can be thrown at enemies. I really didn't have any major problems with the gameplay.

Graphics - 8

Ignore this rating. I can't comment accurately on the graphics of NES games, since they all seem kind of primitive by todays standards. But you can easily see what everything is, and nothing seems glaringly bad.

Sound - 9

I like this. The music is very nice. Rather Ninja-ish, with a techno edge, all fed through that old NES sound system which was responsible for creating better music than any next-gen console. Yeah you heard me. I'll take the pepsi challenge any day. If you compare the music from Mega Man 2 with the music from whatever Squaresoft RPG is hot now, I guarantee the winner won't be carrying a Gunblade.

Overall - 8, This game is definitely worth a look. Fast-paced old-school platforming done right. Downsides? I found the game comparitively easy in the sense that I could actually finish it on my first couple of times through. Still, I enjoyed it, and I hope you will too.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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