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"Fun, creative, challenging... this game has it all!"

As a young kid growing up, I had heard things abotu certain games. One of these games was a little Nintendo Entertainment System game called Kid Icarus. I had heard lots of good things about how fun the game was, so I decided to try it out. It turned out to be a fun, entertaining, and challenging game. Once a game I only heard about, I am now a proud owner of this classic game (thanks to FuncoLand). Now on with the review!

Graphics (9.4/10)
The graphics in Kid Icarus are very well done, considering this is a 1st generation NES game. The graphics remind me a lot of the classic NES game Metroid, especially the layout of the game itself. First off, the main character, icarus, looks very well done. The design team did a great job in designing the main character to look a lot like Icarus from Greek mythology. Another good thing is that the backgrounds are plain, so it is not distracting whatsoever. These graphics may not compare to the latest DC or PSX games, but that's really perfectly fine with me. These graphics are great anyways.

Music/Sound (9.2/10)
One of my favorite tunes ever in a video game is the classic music featured in the first stage. Actually, pretty much every music in the game is great, but that music stands out the most in my head. Also, the music that plays when you die and get a game over, plus the music featured when a walking zombie type enemy calls on its little flying friends, is legendary in my opinion. Sound effect wise, Kid Icarus has killer sound effects as well. Overall, classic music and great sound effects.

Gameplay/Control (9.6/10)
At first you may think, oh great, just what I need to play, another old NES game that has little depth on variety. If you ever say that, please whack yourself in the head four times. This game has plenty of depth and variety in it. Some stages have you scxrolling horizontally, and some stages have you flying in the sky, vertically. It really is quite fun. There are also plenty of items to collect, such as little red things that go towards your heart total. Overall, the gameplay and control is great.

Replay Value

High. I have only beaten this game once.

Overall (9.7/10)
One of my all time favorite Nintendo Entertainment System games, Kid Icarus provides a fun and entertaining gameplay experience that should not be missesd. It's worth buying a NES just to play this fun and classic game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/21/00, Updated 07/16/01

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