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"Square's first RPG makes you wonder how they still produce"

FORGET about Final Fantasy being Square’s first RPG. It wasn’t. This game was. Many don’t consider it one, but it is, trust me. Not a GOOD one…….heck not even a mediocre one, but it WAS the first Square RPG. And truthfully, if you don’t expect a lot, it can be a fun one.

PLOT/STORY: (2/10) OK, save princess from evil dragon man before this story concept gets recycled 40,000 times in RPGs, or any game for that matter. It WAS somewhat original back then since there really was no precedent for these types of games, but not now. There is no dialog, the story is spelled out in the manual, and you go straight to the main game from the opening screen. There really IS no story.

MUSIC/SOUND: (3/10) Three songs people, count ‘em, three. No imagination in them either. Plus, the sounds are generic and boring. Obviously not too much time was spent in this area. The instruments are bad too.

GRAPHICS: (5/10) FOR THE TIME PERIOD, mind you. Noting special here either. But they do the job, I guess that’s really the point. Anyway, at least you can distinguish your character from other things.

GAMEPLAY: (4/10) This game is an RPG simply because of this: your character builds levels. You get spells by shooting things, even little towns. This game is a scroller so don’t get caught behind something. It actually is a little fun to play really, if you’re into shooters. RPG fans will scoff. Control is a little wild so it’s hard to line up with things. At least you get four characters.

OVERALL: (4/10) It’s not very good, that’s the gist of it. But I find it strangely fun sometimes. Of course, I AM strange so unless your like me…I dunno. You can get it cheap at FUNCOLAND, pretty darn cheap. Give it a shot, but don’t be surprised if you hate it. I told you so.

----Can ya dig it?

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 07/21/00, Updated 07/21/00

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