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"This Makes You Glad Square Stuck with RPGs"

King's Knight was an early Squaresoft game that was made way back when the RPGmega company was known simply as square. This was one of the few NES games thatsquare released and it makes you think that less games would mean better qualitybut that just isn't true at all. King's quest was made during the time I thinkwhen Squaresoft was still finding a genre to stick with. The name of thetitle probably tells you that this is an RPG but truth be told, it isn't.King's night is an overhead shooter much like the Hudson game, Dino Riki. Unfor-tunately it was not as well thought out or executed as it's genre cousin.


This is definitely the area that King's Quest most lacks in. The gameplay isbasically that of an overhead shooter except you control one of about 4 differentcharacters that change when you lose a life. For the most part there is nothingrevolutionary here, no powerups, only obstacles countless enemies and incrediblyhard enemies. After playing this game you would think getting a root canal wouldbe more entertaining.


The graphics department is all that this game has going for it. Once again Squarepulls of revolutionary graphics for the system and the time. The graphics can becompared to that of the Final Fantasy series. This is the least Square could dowas make the game look pretty after you realize you wasted your money.


Sound is nothing special. Expect the average NES set of generic beeps and music.No tunes you would humb in the shower and even if there were you would spend enoughtime playing the game to hear the music anyway,


For the most part the controls are adequate. Nothing that surprises you and not-hing that is truly bad. However you will find yourself getting killed manytimes due to the slow responses which adds to the overall badness of the game.


Overall this is a VERY bad game but not the worst game ever made. However, if you ever come accross this game avoid buying it. If you have some desire toplay this game do yourself some good and pick up Dino Riki from Hudson. It playsjust like this game except i exceeds it in every aspect. It takes a game likeKing's Knight that makes you happy that Squaresoft stuck mainly with RPGs.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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