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    Bonus/Warp Room Locations by honestgamer

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                                      Kiwi Kraze
                            Bonus Room/Warp Locations Guide
                                     Version 1.0
                                   By Jason Venter
    Version History:
    (1.0) February 6, 2005 - Began work on the first edition of the FAQ following 
    a discussion with Brian Sulpher about Kiwi Kraze.
    Table of Contents:
    I. Explanation
    II. Bonus Room/Warp Locations
         1-1 (lv1-1)
         1-2 (lv1-2)
         1-3 (lv1-3)
         1-4 (lv1-4)
         2-3 (lv2-3)
         2-4 (lv2-4)
         3-2 (lv3-2)
         4-1 (lv4-1)
    III. Acknowledgements
    IV. Copyright Concerns
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    I. Explanation
    Kiwi Kraze, which is also known as New Zealand Story overseas, is a great 
    game that lets a player guide a kiwi through a variety of action-oriented 
    stages, riding balloons and shooting enemy critters with a bow (or other 
    weapons).  It's quite a bit of fun, but it quickly grows rather challenging 
    thanks to a time limit and devious enemy placement.  That's before you even 
    factor in the limited number of continues.
    Fortunately, the developer included a number of shortcuts which I shall call 
    warps.  These enable you to skip through large chunks of the game early on, 
    so that you can get practiced up on the more difficult later stages.  In this 
    FAQ, I will attempt to reveal the location of the game's numerous warps.  To 
    my knowledge, there aren't really any guides that do this properly, so I 
    decided to do as Brian Sulpher suggested and make one of my own.  It's 
    entirely likely that I'll miss one or more warps, so if you're familiar with 
    the game I encourage you to contact me (e-mail address at the top of this 
    FAQ) with any other locations I should include.  I will credit the first 
    person to tell me of a given warp in any future update.  With that out of the 
    way, let's get down to it!
    II. Bonus Room/Warp Locations
    Remember that not every warp window this FAQ describes will enable you to 
    jump forward significantly.  There is a series of the warps near the start of 
    the game (described) that you can use to advance quickly to stage 3-1 without 
    fighting a single boss.  Other windows just lead to extra lives and such, but 
    no matter how you look at it, knowing where they all are is a key to your 
    survival.  The ones I have currently found are listed below.  I'll add more 
    if other people let me know where they are in a manner that allows me to find 
    1-1 (lv1-1)
    Near the end of this short stage, you'll find three ledges hanging suspended 
    from the air.  To the upper right, the level-end kiwi is trapped in a cage 
    waiting for you to rescue it.  Instead, stand on the top ledge and walk to 
    its left side.  Facing left, jump and fire some arrows at the air.  You'll 
    see the arrows stop mid-air.  Keep shooting that spot to make the first black 
    warp window appear.  It will take you all the way to stage 1-4, right near 
    its end!
    1-2 (lv1-2)
    From the start, look to the right and you'll see two platforms hanging in the 
    air.  Jump up to the higher of these, stand on its left side, and face left.  
    Fire arrows in that direction a few times to reveal a warp window.  To get in 
    the window, next drop to the lower of those two platforms I mentioned and 
    jump left from there.  The window plops you between two new warp windows.  
    Take the right of these two windows to find a 1-up icon before you finish up 
    the stage.  No warp in this case.
    1-3 (lv1-3)
    Work your way toward the cage where the kiwi rests at this stage's end.  On 
    the highest platform above it, a warp window lies hidden.  Shoot the area to 
    reveal it, which will take you to a new bonus room.  There, you'll see 
    another window below.  Walk right and hang along the right side of the wall 
    as you fall to collect a string of point-granting apples, then head left to 
    take that new window to stage 1-4.
    1-4 (lv1-4)
    This warp assumes you have taken the warp above, from level 1-1.  You will 
    appear at the lower left side of the screen, in a small vertical shaft that 
    lies beneath a large pool of water.  Climb the edge of the shaft and hop into 
    the water, then swim around the bottom of the pool and to the right wall, 
    past the green sunshine-shaped enemy and its long, rotating bar.  Drift up to 
    the top of the water and you'll find yourself gasping for air.  Jump up and 
    you'll be in a series of short, horizontal shafts.  Jump up to the fourth of 
    these horizontal shafts and head toward the left.  You'll see the area where 
    you can jump up to face the level boss.  Instead of jumping into that shaft, 
    keep walking left.  Fire at the wall there to reveal a black warp window that 
    will take you to stage 2-4 without forcing you to fight the boss.  Sweet!
    2-3 (lv2-3)
    From the start, work just to the right until you see a pool of water with 
    spikes hanging in the air over it.  Animals riding balloons will assault you 
    in this area.  Step onto the solid ground just right of that pool, facing 
    right toward the pit of green spikes.  Fire a few arrows to reveal a warp 
    window.  Step into it and you'll just be in a narrow passage leading to 
    another window that skips you ahead within stage 2-3.
    2-4 (lv2-4)
    The instructions for this warp assume that you've taken the warp to this 
    stage from 1-4 (labeled in this FAQ as lv1-4).  If you are coming the 
    conventional way, skip to the second paragraph.  You will appear in another 
    short, vertical shaft.  To the right, you will see a bed of spikes.  Hop up 
    out of the shaft and then toward the bed of spikes.  Hop along the tiny 
    platforms hanging in the air over the spikes, so that you come to the blue 
    'up' arrow near the upper right side of that room.  From the arrow, hop 
    directly up and head right.  This vertical shaft is dangerous, as blowguns 
    allow red balls to pass back and forth.  Hop up along that shaft while 
    avoiding the ball-spewing machines.  Now walk right below the additional 
    machines that dangle from the ceiling there.  At the end of this passage, 
    drop down to a pool of water below.  Swim down through that shaft and drift 
    toward the right.  Take the first path out of the tank that you find (to the 
    lower left, you'll see a green enemy shaped like a stump), pass over the 
    small bit of spikes there and drop down the long vertical shaft that you find 
    there.  At the bottom of that shaft, head left and blast enemies that appear.  
    The long hallway referenced above is positioned just to the left of the room 
    where the level boss waits.  Instead of entering the archway to the left, 
    though, jump up to the first of a few tiny platforms dangling over a bed of 
    spikes.  Stand on that first one, facing right, and fire your arrows a few 
    times to reveal a warp window.  This particular one leads to a hidden bonus 
    room.  Kill all the enemies in the room and a warp window automatically 
    appears that will allow you to advance to stage 3-1.
    3-2 (lv3-2)
    Following your rise through the large green room, you'll find yourself at the 
    top of a series of waterfalls.  Drop down between the first gap, so that 
    you're between two waterfalls on a bit of land.  This bit of land plays host 
    to a new warp window.  Shoot your arrows to reveal it.  If you can't get it 
    to appear, you can also drop down into the pit of water below, then swim down 
    and around a wall to get back and shoot at it from the water.  The window 
    leads to an empty chamber.  Stay in the chamber for a few seconds and you'll 
    be automatically warped to stage 3-3.
    4-1 (lv4-1)
    This is a long stage where your time limit is likely to run out well before 
    it should.  Work quickly, moving to the right and swimming around through a 
    huge pit of water, taking air as necessary.  When you get to the point where 
    you can find the 1-up kiwi icon, note that below that there is a series of 
    three rooms of vertical orientation.  You can jump up into each of these from 
    below.  If you jump up into the far right of these three corridors, and up 
    onto the second block, you can face left and shoot to reveal a window.  This 
    window will put you in a new bonus room.  Head to the new window that you'll 
    see in the water there, and you can shortcut to the end of stage 4-1.  No 
    warp to a later level, but at least it's something.
    III. Acknowledgements
    In its first edition, this guide is written entirely on my own part.  I'm not 
    copying any source material, and at this time the other guide available on 
    GameFAQs is bsulpher's excellent guide (which does not include information on 
    this game's warps and is in fact the reason I'm writing this FAQ in the first 
    place).  I'll update this note as others contribute, if they do.
    IV. Copyright Concerns
    Copyright 2004 Jason Venter
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.

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