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    Boss FAQ by CMoriarty

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                                    K U N G   F U 
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       A Comprehensive Boss FAQ for Kung Fu on the Nintendo Entertainment System 
                                                    | By Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty)
                                                    | E-Mail:   cmoriarty311@cs.com
                                                    | Date:       December 31, 2002
                                                    | Version:                FINAL
    This FAQ, and all 31 other of my FAQ/Walkthroughs, are now dedicated to the 
    over 3,000 innocent people killed in the World Trade Center and Pentagon 
    terrorist attacks in New York City, New York, and Washington, D.C., on 
    September 11, 2001. To all of the innocent working people, and FDNY Firemen, as 
    well as other emergency workers, you will always be remembered. We won't stop 
    until we bring these criminals to justice, your deaths were NOT IN VAIN! God 
    Bless America, death to all terrorists of all races everywhere.
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    -----S E C T I O N   T W O   -   V E R S I O N S   O F   T H E   G U I D E-----
    This is the first and only version of this FAQ, Version Final.
    Version Information:
    Version: Final
    Date: December 30, 2002
    Percent Complete: 100%
    Version Entails: Information on all of the bosses in the game.
    Still To Come: Everything you're going to get is here! Enjoy.
    ------------S E C T I O N   T H R E E   -   I N T R O D U C T I O N------------
    For such a simplistic game released at such an early time in video-gaming's 
    short history, Kung Fu is a surprisingly great game. Short but sweet, you'll 
    find that Kung Fu can provide you with quite the rush. =) You can beat the game 
    in about ten minutes, so it sounds lame, but rest assured, the game is far from 
    lame - indeed, I've been playing this game since the mid-80s and haven't grown 
    tired of it yet! It has a certain charming quality that is hard to put a finger 
    on, but it is most certainly there.
    Needless to say, at the end of each of the five stages in the game, you'll have 
    to fight a boss. Each boss is pretty distinct, but all are fairly easy. This 
    guide discusses each of these five bosses, their battle tactics, and how you 
    should go about fighting them. This guide assumes that you know the game enough 
    that you won't need any other non-boss explanations. 
    Enjoy the guide. Since this is the first, last and only version of the guide, 
    e-mails are welcome, but don't expect a response, especially if it's a 
    question. Okay, and on that note... on to the bosses!
    -Colin Moriarty (cmoriarty311@cs.com)
    -------------------S E C T I O N   F O U R   -   B O S S E S-------------------
    There are five bosses in the game. There are a few things you should keep in 
    mind as a general rule against the bosses, before I actually get into the boss 
    1.) Boss energy slowly refills. It's possible that you can have a boss with a 
    sliver of energy left, and if you give him enough time, it'll completely fill 
    itself back up. So don't think that the game is glitching - it happens!
    2.) In the second, third, fourth, et cetera quests in the game (meaning, after 
    you've beaten it once and are playing it again without shutting the console 
    off), enemies will come at you while you're fighting the bosses. In the first 
    quest, this wouldn't happen, but in the quests thereafter, enemies come at you 
    and you'll fight the boss simultaneously. Keep that in mind!
    And now, the bosses...
    BOSS ONE, STAGE ONE (Night-Stick Officer Guy)
    ---- ---  ----- ---
    The boss on the first stage is a police officer-looking guy equipped with some 
    sort of staff, almost like a Night-Stick. Fairly easy to defeat, this enemy 
    will attempt to jab you with his Night-Stick both high and low. To combat him, 
    keep your distance. When he's in a standing position, quickly run at him and 
    drop kick him, which will take away half of his energy or so. From there, 
    crouch down next to him and start sweep kicking him. When he backs away, you'll 
    begin to hit him. This should do him in. Alternatively, you can punch him after 
    the initial drop kick, which might make your life easier. Either way, he'll 
    fall in no time.
    BOSS TWO, STAGE TWO (Boomerang Guy)
    ---- ---  ----- ---
    The Boomerang Guy can seem like a challenge, but he really isn't. What he does 
    is he throws a boomerang or two. The high ones can be avoided by ducking 
    underneath them, while the low ones can be jumped over. What you really need to 
    be careful of, just like with the knife-throwing enemies, is that he doesn't 
    throw a boomerang where you're too close to him, lest you can't avoid them and 
    you will be damaged. So this is what you need to do. Wait until he throws one 
    or two boomerangs. When you're certain he won't be throwing another for a few 
    seconds, approach him. You can kick or punch him repeatedly from here. Even if 
    you kill him with these first attacks, make sure that you pay attention to the 
    boomerangs he just threw as they return to the thrower. It's completely random 
    if the boomerangs he threw will loop or not. Sometimes high boomerangs will 
    return low, sometimes low boomerangs will return high, and sometimes they will 
    remain as they were thrown upon their return. Either way, even if the Boomerang 
    Guy dies with the first melee of attacks, make sure to avoid those boomerangs! 
    And of course, if he doesn't die, let him throw again, and repeat this process 
    as necessary until he is no more.
    BOSS THREE, STAGE THREE (Big, Huge Tough Guy)
    ---- -----  ----- -----
    This large boxer (or so I presume he is) is a pretty tough guy to defeat if you 
    aren't careful. This Big, Huge Tough Guy packs a lot of punch. Two of his 
    punches or kicks will do you in, so you, as Thomas, must be ready for a fight 
    when you battle him, or you will die a quick and painful death. As you approach 
    him, since he can't duck, jump and kick him in the head, which will take off 
    over half of his energy. From there, duck under his (almost always) impending 
    punch, and as he backs off to kick you, sweep kick him a few times until he 
    dies. It's a pretty easy fight, regardless of his large size, just make sure to 
    do the jump kick/sweep kick combo for best results. Otherwise, he'll kick and 
    punch you into oblivion!
    BOSS FOUR, STAGE FOUR (Annoying Disappearing Guy)
    ---- ----  ----- ----
    The hardest boss in the game, the "Annoying Disappearing Guy" is basically an 
    advanced midget enemy, with the ability to cast mystical magical spells. First 
    of all, your high kicks and high punches will not work. He's too short to be 
    injured by those attacks, so immediately dismiss him. What you want to do is 
    not get too close, but not get too far away. As you near him, he'll start to 
    shoot odd-looking fireballs which turn into various kinds of enemies. The ones 
    he shoots most often, which go straight out and can be ducked, turn into weird 
    looking moths (like the ones you encounter on his stage), which then come back 
    at you. Duck under those, the approach him and punch him a few times. After he 
    takes a little bit of a beating, he'll disappear into a cloud of smoke and back 
    up away from you, shooting another fireball. This is when you have to be 
    careful, because approximately half of the time, he'll shoot a fireball 
    downward at you. If the fireball itself doesn't strike you, the snake that 
    comes out of it will. So be careful! This guy can be a real pain in the ass. 
    Concentrate on using sweep kicks and (primarily) low punches to take this guy 
    out. If you do a standing punch, you'll knock his head off, which isn't a good 
    thing, because he'll take no damage from it, and he'll simply disappear, back 
    up and shoot more fireballs. Because of this you need to be careful and 
    persistent in your attacks. Avoid the fireballs, avoid what comes out of the 
    fireballs, and punch the hell out of him. In this way, this magic-casting fool 
    of a boss will be no more.
    ---- ----  ----- ----
    Mr. X sounds pretty menacing, but lets be frank for a moment - he looks like a 
    poor man's lumberjack. As you approach him, he'll put his dukes up and be ready 
    for battle. Mr. X can use all of the attacks you can, just a whole lot better. 
    He'll kick and punch the hell out of poor Thomas if you aren't careful, that's 
    why your strikes need to be fast and furious. Don't waste time with punches or 
    sweep kicks - they do next to no damage to Mr. X. Instead, run up to him and 
    drop kick him in the head. Sometimes he'll block it, but if he doesn't, it'll 
    take more than half of his energy. In this way, half one more drop kick will do 
    Mr. X in. Retreat so he can't hit you, run at him again, and drop kick him. 
    You're taking a chance when drop kicking him, because if he ducks, you're a 
    sitting duck for one of his sweep kicks. It's more of a trial-and-error with 
    Mr. X, because truth-be-told, he isn't hard at all, you just need to know 
    exactly how to attack him in order to take him out. When Mr. X is finally 
    defeated, Sylvia will be saved (although not for long, apparently). 
    Congratulations on beating Mr. X!
    ---------------S E C T I O N   F I V E   -   I N   C L O S I N G---------------
    Well my friends, it's time to close this guide out! =) I hope you found it very 
    helpful... I very much enjoyed writing it. It was fun, as is the game, and I'm 
    sure that it was/is/will be enjoyable for you as well. And hey, if you have 
    game related questions, comments, suggestions - whatever, e-mail them my way, 
    cmoriarty311@cs.com. And make sure to put Kung Fu Boss FAQ (or whatever game 
    you're writing in on, I have thirty-one other guides), in the header as the 
    topic, so I know what the hell you're talking about. =) Take it easy.
    I'd like to take this chance to thank a friend of mine, Devin Morgan, a fellow 
    FAQ writer on GameFAQs, for just being a good guy, a good friend, and someone I 
    can talk to about everything. Thanks Dev. Thanks should also go out to other 
    fellow FAQers, including Nemesis, flowerpot, MetroidMoo, AdrenalineSL, Psycho 
    Penguin, Meowthnum1, et cetera.
    ----------S E C T I O N   S I X   -   A B O U T   T H E   A U T H O R----------
    [accurate as of December 31, 2002]
    What's up guys? I'm Colin Moriarty. I'm 18 years old, living in Boston, 
    Massachusetts, although I'm originally from Long Island, New York. I'm in 
    Boston to go to college. I go to Northeastern University, and I major in 
    history. I also work landscaping on the side, and am a freelance guide writer 
    for IGN.com. Other than that, I'm just a fun-loving guy who enjoys gaming, 
    playing hockey, chillin' with friends and picking up girls!
    This walkthrough is copyright (c) 2002 to Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty), e-mail 
    cmoriarty311@cs.com. All rights reserved. Completely unofficial - Zelda and all 
    related items copyrighted 1986-2002 to Nintendo Japan/US, all rights reserved!
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