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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AdamL

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    XXX aka Kung Fu 2 XXX
    Game Guide/Walkthrough
    V1.0 - Completed 11/21/05
    Written and maintained by Adam Lamontagne
    Copyright 2005  Adam Lamontagne  alamont1(at)maine(dot)rr(dot)com
    An 8-bit Famicom game published by Irem 1991. All rights reserved. Licensed 
    by Nintendo of Japan.
    I.    Revision History
    II.   Introduction
    III.  Story
    IV.   Controls
    V.    Walkthrough
          -Stage 1: Hot Pursuit
          -Stage 2: Black Pier
          -Stage 3: Whitewater
          -Stage 4: Circus Act
          -Stage 5: Dark Manor
          -Stage 6: Payback
    VI.   Game Enhancement
    VII.  Miscellaneous
    VIII. Disclaimer
    11/21/05: v1.0
    -Finished the Walkthrough section.
    -Submitted Game Guide to Gamefaqs.com
    11/20/05: v0.8
    -Added to the Walkthrough section through Stage 4.
    11/17/05: v0.7
    -Added Game Enhancement section.
    -Added the Walkthrough section through Stage 2.
    -Added the Miscellaneous section.
    11/16/05: v0.3
    -Broke ground on the guide.
    -Added Introduction section.
    -Added Story section.
    -Added Controls section.
    -Added Disclaimer.
    [NOTE: All of my revisions up to 1.0 are based roughly on about what 
    percentage of the FAQ/Walkthrough I think is completed.   When I finish all 
    the sections and consider the FAQ/Walkthrough complete, that will be version 
    1.0.  Any small updates after that will raise the version 0.1 points and any 
    major update that really shakes things up will raise the version 1.0 points.]
    Everyone has played the NES game Kung Fu. It is one of those games that came 
    out in the first couple years of the NES' existence and seemed to find its 
    way into every kid's mitts. Mr. X's annoying laugh seemed to drive the player 
    even harder to work his way to the end of the game to find the scumbag who 
    was mocking them. After disposing of Mr. X and rescuing your girlfriend 
    Sylvia it would loop back to the beginning where you could do it all over 
    again. A straight-forward beat'em up that was easy to control and fun to 
    Several years after its NES release there were rumors in gaming magazines 
    that a sequel was on its way. Along with a screenshot in an issue of Nintendo 
    Power was the promise that Kung Fu 2 was on its way. That day never came.
    It did arrive in the Orient however. Spartan X 2 (Kung Fu is titled Spartan X 
    in Japan) was released in Japan on the Famicom by Irem in 1991. That 
    screenshot in Nintendo Power was most likely from the Famicom version, as 
    there are no known prototypes of Kung Fu 2 yet to be discovered. Since Kung 
    Fu was such a popular title in the United States it makes one wonder why Kung 
    Fu 2 never made it to the West. Perhaps Nintendo of America didn't think the 
    game was on par with current titles of the time, like the Ninja Gaiden or 
    Mega Man series. The game is rather short and unimaginative and not as 
    polished as the original, but there is nothing horrendously wrong with it. 
    The play control is okay and the intermission scenes seperate it from some of 
    the more bland titles of the time.
    My guess is that it probably wasn't going to live up to its predecessor, so 
    NOA just decided to scrap it. Whatever the case, if you feel the urge to play 
    this "lost" sequel, track down the Famicom cartridge and a converter or dive 
    into the world of emulation as you're not going to find an NES version unless 
    you luck across a prototype.
    Also, a hearty thanks to Abstract Crouton Productions for translating this 
    game into English. I would have had no idea what was going on in this game 
    storyline-wise if it wasn't for their translation patch of this game. I am 
    assuming it was a direct translation of the story, but if there were 
    liberties taken in the translation I would be none-the-wiser.
    Gone from the original is the ubiquitous Mr. X, replaced by the evil Shi Son, 
    head of an underground drug ring. Gone is the damsel in distress Sylvia. The 
    token female in this game is an operative named Tracy who radios you from 
    your headquarters, HQ-Link, between stages. She relays message from the HQ-
    Link chief named Steve, who gets easily stressed out by your actions.
    Where the original Kung Fu seemed to take place in some demented dojo, 
    Spartan X 2 takes place in various locales. Trains, planes, under water and 
    even a circus stage will have you travelling far to hunt down the evil Shi 
    Son. Along the way you will take on his minions, including a circus gorilla 
    and an evil magician. 
    Even though you are not confined to a single building like in the original, 
    the gameplay is still linear and involves the same action of beating on bad 
    guys and fighting your way through to a stage boss.
    Oh yeah, you're name is now Jonny Spartan, rather than Thomas, which is 
    actually alluded to quite comically when Shi Son makes a comment about you no 
    longer going by the name Keiji Thomas. At least the villain has a personality 
    in this game, rather than just laughing at you...repeatedly.
                   |                             |
                   |     +                       |
                   |   +++++   SE ST   (*)  (*)  |
                   |     +              B    A   |
                   |     D                       |
    A:        Punch
    B:        Kick
    UP:       Jumps
    DOWN:     Crouches
    LEFT:     Moves Jonny to the left
    RIGHT:    Moves Jonny to the right
    SELECT:   Chooses EASY or NORMAL difficulty at selection screen
    START:    Pause
    UP + A:   Flying punch
    UP + B:   Flying kick
    DOWN + A: Crouched punch
    DOWN + B: Crouched kick
    On the Flying punch and Flying kick moves, you don't have to just jump 
    straight up, but can jump diagonally left or right to attack your enemy from 
    a greater distance.
    There are 3 special moves that can be used as well. If you crouch down for 
    about 2 seconds you will start to shimmer. While you are shimmering you can 
    do the following:
    Holding Down (for 2 seconds) and pressing A while facing an enemy will 
    unleash a nasty uppercut which does double damage to your foe.
    Holding Down (for 2 seconds) and pressing A and Up/Right (or Up/Left) at the 
    same time while facing an enemy will unleash a Flying Uppercut, the most 
    dangerous move in the game. Note that you have to press A and Up at precisely 
    the same time while you are in a shimmering crouch to pull off this move.
    Holding Down (for 2 seconds) and pressing A WITH YOUR BACK TO THE ENEMY will 
    cause you to toss him roughly over your head. You need to hit A right as the 
    enemy is about to touch you.
    At the title screen you can select between an EASY and NORMAL level of 
    difficulty. The only difference between the two is the aggressiveness of the 
    enemies. They are quicker and cause a bit more damage on the NORMAL 
    difficulty level. The bosses are also a bit quicker and harder to kill. 
    Otherwise, everything else is the same. Even the endings are the same for 
    both difficulty levels. It would have been nice to at least get an extra 
    ending screen for beating the harder of the two difficulties, but no such 
    luck here. This walkthrough is being written playing on NORMAL difficulty.
    The following will get you through each of the 6 stages and warn you of what 
    kind of attackers you will face during play. I will not list an enemy by 
    enemy account of each attacker coming your way, but will rather explain the 
    best methods of defeating certain enemies as well as the best strategy I 
    could find to take out the boss of each stage.
    I will also note the time limit for each stage and transcribe the dialog that 
    takes place between Jonny and HQ-Link to keep the storyline moving.
    A couple items of note:
    -You get an extra life at every 20,000 points.
    -Some enemies leave behind Energy bottles which replenish 14 units of energy.
    Your life meter consists of a total of 28 units, so these bottles can come in 
    -300 Seconds (+300 seconds midway through the stage)
    -Foot Soldier (100 points)
    -Knife Thug (600 points outside subway, 700 points inside subway)
    -Charging Thug (200 points)
    -Gun Thug (600 points)
    -Flamey Joe (10000 points-Clear Bonus)
    TRACY: Hi Jonny!
    JONNY: Hey Tracy!
    TRACY: Did you find Flamey?
    JONNY: I'm after him now. He's headed downtown on the train.
    JONNY: Gotta go catch him before he arrives!
    TRACY: Got it!
    You begin the stage on top of a speeding train. Immediately start heading to 
    the right. The first enemies you encounter will be foot soldiers who are 
    pretty easy to beat. I usually just kick them to dispose of them. The most 
    enemies that can appear on the screen at one time are 3, so just keep moving 
    and kicking these guys as you go. If an enemy grabs you hit either A or B or 
    the Directional pad to shake them off.
    Eventually you will get to a knife thug. This guy has a blade and will 
    usually stab at you if you try a normal punch or kick or even a flying kick. 
    If you aren't surrounded by foot soldiers and uppercut will do him in nicely. 
    You may also run into a brown Charging Thug. He will put down his head and 
    charge at you. A crouched kick will do him in nicely.
    It is rare, but sometimes a Gun Thug will appear in this stage. I've only run 
    into them near the start of the game while getting mauled by Foot Soldiers, 
    so chances are you will not encounter one of them if you rush through the 
    stage. To defeat a Gun Thug, wait until they shoot at you. If they shoot 
    while standing you can duck under the shot. If they shoot while ducking you 
    have to jump over their shot. A good flying kick will do them in.
    Once you reach the end of the subway you will automatically jump into a hole 
    in the roof. Once you jump into the hole it adds 300 seconds to your time for 
    the next area of this stage inside the subway. As you proceed, battling off 
    foot soldiers along the way, you will notice people sitting down reading 
    newspapers. The first couple are harmless until you reach a knife thug 
    innocently sitting there reading a paper. When you get near him he will jump 
    at you. Take him out with a flying kick and keep going right until you reach 
    another knife thug sitting down who will also jump out at you. Right after 
    getting rid of him you will reach Flamey Joe.
    Joe is by far the easiest boss of the game. He will throw fireballs at you, 
    which can easily be ducked. Between fireballs you can inch your way towards 
    him and when you get close enough give him some crouching kicks. If you can 
    back him into the right side of the screen you can just crouch kick him until 
    he dies. Piece of cake! Another method that also worked was to just jump kick 
    him continuously right when you got to him, but you run the risk that he may 
    throw an immediate fireball at you while in midair.
    -600 Seconds
    -Foot Soldier (100 points)
    -Box Throwing Thug (300 points)
    -Rope Swinging Thug (200 points)
    -Gun Thug (600 points)
    -Chin Gen Sai (10000 points-Clear Bonus)
    JONNY: Hey Steve!
    STEVE: Hey Jonny! How'd it go?
    JONNY: I put the heat on him. But I hear there's a drug deal going down at    
           the docks.
    JONNY: This magician, Chin Gen Sai, is buying.
    STEVE: Gotcha! Don't do anything foolish! Wait for backup!
    You start this on the docks where foot soldiers will come at you. Go to the 
    right and get on the conveyor belt. Standing still on the conveyor will move 
    you to the left, so keep this in mind while fighting. You will reach a guy 
    throwing boxes at you from above. The boxes don't hurt you by touching them 
    unless they actually land on your head. You can either jump over these boxes 
    or on top of them, which serves no practical purpose. You cannot damage him 
    yet, so avoid the boxes and get by him. Once by him he will jump down at you 
    where you can defeat him.
    Continuing right you will encounter purple thugs swinging at you on ropes. 
    You can simply duck under them or give them a flying kick. They will only 
    make one pass at you then will jump from their ropes and attack you where you 
    can simply kick them or punch them. Keep moving right past several of these 
    rope swingers.
    After these guys you will probably encounter a Gun thug. Just duck his shots 
    while killing the attacking foot soldiers and get close enough to jump kick 
    him. Immediately after him you will reach Chin Gen Sai.
    This guy is a magician and will conjure up waves of energy to throw at you. 
    If one of these gets over your head it will come down and enclose you in it 
    making you unable to move until you shake free. While you are enclosed the 
    magician will hurl sticks of dynamite and beachballs at you. Yes, the 
    beachballs actually do damage! To beat this boss simply jump kick the waves 
    of energy he throws at you back to him where they will do damage to him. Try 
    to kick them the second he releases them otherwise you may not reach them. 
    You can also try to get in close and give him a flying kick or punch to do 
    more damage. The magician will also warp around the room, but he is pretty 
    easy to keep up with as he usually just appears on the other side you are 
    facing. You can also kick the beachballs back at him. You should do this guy 
    in rather quickly.
    -400 Seconds
    -Foot Soldier (100 points)
    -Cart Riding Foot Soldier (300 points)
    -Leaping Foot Soldier (200 points)
    -Bazooka Thug (600 points)
    -Billy Bailey (10000 points-Clear Bonus)
    JONNY: Hey Steve!
    STEVE: What is it?
    JONNY: The drug shipment is coming in!
    JONNY: I'm going to check something out.
    STEVE: Don't tell me you already got rid of Sai?!
    JONNY: Er...
    STEVE: Arrgh! I said to wait...!
    This stage takes place on a cargo ship. There are a lot of crates on this 
    ship, most of which are probably chock full of mind-altering substances. 
    Start the stage as usual by going right. You will be met by cart riding foot 
    soldiers. Take these guys out with flying kicks while watching your back for 
    more of them. Go a little ways and you will reach a foot soldier standing on 
    some crates. This guy will leap down when you get near him and attack you. 
    The best way to deal with him is to crouch down when he leaps and crouch kick 
    him when he lands.
    Do battle with a couple more of these leaping foot soldiers and you will 
    encounter a giant crate lowered into your path. Either kick/punch it a couple 
    times or take it out with a simple uppercut. Continue along, fighting all 3 
    kinds of foot soldiers and you will eventually get to a bazooka thug. Wait 
    for him to fire at you and duck the projectile, then give him a flying kick 
    to take him out. A regular punch or kick will take 2 hits, but the flying 
    kick makes quick work of him. Continue right and you will reach the Billy 
    This guy is really simple to take out. He throws crates at you but you can 
    quickly jump kick him when you first get to him to knock the first crate out 
    of his hand, then continue to pound him with jump kicks. He might get in a 
    low kick on you during the fight, but if you continue to pin him in the 
    corner with jump kicks you will take him out fast.
    -300 Seconds
    -Foot Soldier (100 points)
    -Jet Pack Thug (300 points)
    -Bazooka Thug (600 points)
    -Pink Bitches (200 points)
    -Yellow Bitches (200 points)
    -Gorilla (0 points)
    -Mr. Benjamin (10000 points-Clear Bonus)
    JONNY: Hey Tracy!
    TRACY: Hi Jonny! Steve is in a rage!
    JONNY: I know. By the way, there's more to this than just one ship.
    JONNY: I've got a tip that a circus troupe is transporting drugs.
    JONNY: Tracy, get a helicopter ready!
    TRACY: OK! What are you doing?
    JONNY: No time to explain! Gotta go!
    TRACY: Got it! ...I hope Steve isn't mad...
    The Gypsy Air Circus is coming to town, spreading drugs and cheers to each 
    and every one! Tracy drops you from the helicopter onto the Gypsy plane and 
    the stage begins. Throughout the stage you are continuously being blown 
    towards the left side of the screen, so you must always be moving to the 
    right to make any headway.
    Foot Soldiers attack you from the start and very soon after the start of the 
    stage you are greeted by your first jet pack thug. You can try to jump kick 
    them, which works most of the time, but the easy way of dealing with them is 
    to duck under them when they pass over you, then duck under them again when 
    they come back over you. After two passes they ditch the jet pack and attack 
    you on foot, where they are easily kicked or punched. By using the ducking 
    method you are also able to crouch kick any foot soldiers that attack you 
    while you are waiting for the jet pack thug to shed his apparatus.
    Keep slogging your way to the right, battling the jet pack thugs and foot 
    soldiers and right when you are about to clear the propeller of the plane you 
    are greeted by a bazooka thug. Deal with him the same way as you dealt with 
    the one in Stage 3. Simply duck under his projectile and give him a flying 
    kick to get him out of your way. Continue past him and you will reach a hatch 
    where you will automatically jump into the belly of the plane.
    Once you jump into the plane it adds 500 seconds to your time for the next 
    area of this stage. In this area you are swarmed by pink and yellow bitches. 
    The pink ones attack you on the ground and are easily dispatched with crouch 
    kicks. The yellow ones ride on hooks and drop down on you from above. If you 
    stay crouched when the ride over your head they will not be able to touch 
    you. They will then drop to the ground and attack you with kicks. Like the 
    pink bitches, if you don't perfectly hit them with a crouch kick they will 
    probably get in a blow or two in on you.
    As you progress to the right you will encounter some trap doors on the floor. 
    You can walk over the first one without any problems, but if you get close to 
    the second one a large gorilla will come out and grab you, sapping precious 
    energy. Either jump over the trap door as you get to it or, if the gorilla 
    appears, give him a couple crouch kicks. Sometimes they leave behind an 
    energy bottle which will refill 14 units of energy to your life bar.
    Continue right, avoiding the trap doors as best you can while fighting off 
    the bitches, and you will get to a set of cages where you are greeted by Mr. 
    Benjamin and his trained gorilla.
    Flourishing his whip from atop the cages, Mr. Benjamin sets his trained 
    gorilla to the task of ripping you apart with simian rage. There are two ways 
    to go about this battle. Wait for the gorilla to charge you and as he 
    approaches give him a crouch kick. You need to hit him with the crouch kick 
    before he gets to close to him otherwise you will still hit him, but he will 
    grab you and cause some damage. If you crouch kick him while he is still a 
    bit away from you you will knock him back and he will wait a second or two 
    before charging him again. This method works if you are right on with the 
    crouch kicks, but it takes quite a few of these to drain his energy. 
    If you can afford to lose a bit of energy during the fight you can hit him 
    with uppercuts and quickly shake him off when he grabs you to minimize your 
    energy loss. The uppercuts do a lot more damage to him and you might even 
    time the uppercut perfect enough to send him reeling before he grabs you. 
    After getting past the gorilla you now have to deal with Mr. Benjamin.
    Move towards Benjamin before he jumps down to the ground and prepare to level 
    him with flying kicks. Keep hitting him with these until he goes to whip you, 
    then be aware of the blue sparks that appear on the floor from his whip. He 
    will use his whip 3 times in a row, so try to time your flying kicks to jump 
    over the sparks. You should have enough energy left to just jump kick him 
    into oblivion.
    -600 Seconds
    -Foot Soldier (100 points)
    -Rope Swinging Thug (200 points)
    -Charging Thug (200 points)
    -Snorkeling Thug (800 points)
    -Gun Thug (600 points)
    -Madda Lin (10000 points-Clear Bonus)
    JONNY: Hey Steve!
    STEVE: Hey what? Where are you?
    JONNY: I'm not sure...The circus is a long way away.
    STEVE: Don't joke around!
    JONNY: No, really!
    JONNY: I think I'm on my way to the smuggling boss Shi Son's lair.
    STEVE: No! That's beyond foolish!
    You begin this stage just outside the front door to Shi Son's Dark Manor. 
    Kick in the front door to remove both the door and the foot soldier behind 
    it. Continue right where you will be greeted by the rope swinging thugs you 
    encountered back in Stage 2. Just duck them as they pass by then kick them 
    when they jump from their rope and attack. As you keep moving right you will 
    be swarmed by both foot soldiers and the rope swinging thugs. You should 
    spend a great deal of time crouch kicking as this will both terminate enemies 
    and avoid being hit from above. The charging thugs that you saw in Stage 1 
    will also attack you here (crouch kick him also), so it is wise to keep 
    moving along to the right so the enemies cannot bog you down and keep you 
    from continuing.
    Keep going until you reach another door and kick it in to remove it and the 
    foot soldier behind it. Through this door is a pool where you will encounter 
    your first Snorkeling Thugs. You can see their snorkels sticking out of the 
    water. Proceed past the snorkel and it will start moving towards you. When it 
    gets close the thug will jump out of the water. The moment he lands nail him 
    with a kick. Keep doing this with the rest of the snorkeling thugs and 
    eventually you will reach a 3rd door.
    Kick this door in as well and go inside. You will notice a chandelier on the 
    ceiling. Approach it until it starts to shake, then take a step back and let 
    it crash to the floor. You will be attacked here by foot soldiers and a gun 
    thug, who you haven't seen since Stage 2. Remember to just crouch under his 
    shots and slowly approach him until you can give him a flying kick. There 
    will be a second chandelier right around where you met the gun thug that will 
    have to be avoided. Continue on to your encounter with the boss Madda Lin.
    I find her to be the hardest boss to beat in the game. She will immediately 
    greet you by hurling a couple of daggers at you. Duck them and give her some 
    flying kicks. You will probably be able to get in a couple before she flies 
    over to the other side of the room. Be careful approaching her as she will 
    most likely throw more knives at you. The problem here is that sometimes she 
    throws them high and sometimes low, so you have to be quick in deciding 
    whether you are jumping over the knives or ducking them. Again, get near her 
    and give her more flying kicks. If you are lucky to pin her in a corner you 
    can just put the boots to her a few times, but she is quick and will jump 
    from the corner eventually. Just keep wearing her down, playing her cat and 
    mouse game, and hopefully you will have enough energy to outlast her and move 
    on to the final stage.
    -300 Seconds
    -Green Foot Soldier (200 points)
    -Charging Thug (200 points)
    -Grey Gun Thug (600 points)
    -Knife Thug (600 points)
    -Shin Son (10000 points-Clear Bonus)
    SHI SON: Welcome, Keiji Thomas! Er, now it's Jonny Spartan, eh?
    SHI SON: It's been awhile.
    JONNY:   Where are you?!
    SHI SON: You've done pretty well up until now.
    SHI SON: You know, it wouldn't be very interesting just to shoot you.
    SHI SON: Instead, I've prepared a special stage.
    SHI SON: Clear it and you can fight me.
    SHI SON: Although I'll simply kill you. Hahaha!
    Jonny didn't seem able to get in a whole lot of words there. Shi Son's line, 
    "It's been awhile," infers that these two have met somewhere in the past. 
    Perhaps Shi Son is really Mr. X from the original Kung Fu? I'm beginning to 
    think it is, as Shi Son knew Jonny as Thomas, which was his name in the 
    original NES Kung Fu.
    At any rate, Shi Son has a special stage prepared for you here and it is a 
    tricky one indeed. You begin this level on a moving platform. Stay on the 
    right side of the platform (not on the very edge, but just towards the right 
    of it). Green foot soldiers will start falling from a gap in the roof. Kick 
    the first 2 that fall and quickly get to the very right edge of the platform, 
    turn around and continue kicking them as they fall. If you stay on the left 
    side of the platform they will eventually force you off the edge before you 
    encounter the mashers.
    There are two mashers that can do some serious damage to you. Stay on the 
    left side of your platform until the green soldiers start falling, then time 
    it so you run under the first masher, crouch down in between the two mashers 
    and crouch kick the charging thug who appears. Now run under the second 
    masher and crouch kick another charging thug and then a grey colored gun 
    thug. There will be a couple more thugs who appear from the bottom of the 
    screen via rope who can be easily kicked off their ropes as they get level 
    with you.
    Still on your moving platform you will get to an open area where green 
    soldiers will start puking down on you from above. Your goal is to get to the 
    right side of the platform, so it is a wise idea to let one of them grab you 
    and quickly shake them off so you can basically force your way to the right. 
    They come down so fast that you can't kill them fast enough and there is a 
    green door blocking your path ahead. If you get stuck on the left side of the 
    platform you will either be forced off by the soldiers or by the door. Give 
    the door a couple kicks to knock it out of your way.
    You will enter another open area where even more green soldiers swarm you 
    from above. Again, let them grab you so you can shake them off and get to the 
    right side of the platform. They team up on you too fast to kill them all and 
    you will find yourself dead before you know it if you don't find a way 
    through them. When you get past them the platform will stop and you will 
    automatically jump up to grab the hook which will bring you across the chasm 
    and drop you into a hole in the floor.
    Once you jump into the hole it adds 200 seconds to your time for the next 
    area of this stage which takes place underwater. You will be attacked by 
    charging thugs who can be taken out with crouch kicks. There will be a lot of 
    flicker in this stage which slows things down quite a bit. This can help you 
    out as you can time your crouch kicks perfectly as to not miss your enemies. 
    There will also be a knife thug here. Just duck his knife and give him a 
    flying kick. Amazing how you can still jump under water! Continue to the door 
    at the end to exit this section of the stage.
    When you exit the water it adds 300 seconds to your time for the next area of 
    this stage, the boss fight with Shin Son!
    Shi Son is a good foot taller than you. Too bad height isn't everything, as 
    he is fairly easy to beat. Upon meeting him, crouch down until you shimmer 
    and when he gets close to you unload an uppercut on him. This will take a 
    chunk of damage from his energy meter and will send him back quite a ways. 
    Shi Son will dance around and do back flips, but this is all subterfuge. Just 
    continue to crouch until he gets close and give him another uppercut.
    Once in awhile he will block your uppercut and may even get in a flying kick 
    on you, but be persistent. It only takes about 4 uppercuts to do him in. Upon 
    losing all his energy, Shi Son slumps to the ground in a heap at your feet.
    JONNY: Hey Tracy!
    TRACY: Jonny! You're safe!
    JONNY: I beat Shi Son, but I found an even bigger drug factory.
    JONNY: Will you come meet me?
    TRACY: Oh, don't worry. Steve is sending out the SWAT team.
    JONNY: Huh?! Well, okay.
    JONNY: Can you do me a favor, and say that I'm dead?
    199X: Jonny Spartan destroyed the drug ring.
    But his job does not end here.
    As long as crime exists, the battle continues.
    For those who need a little help:
    A Game Genie code for Infinite Health:
    (credit for this code: electric_jimi)
    Here are some HEX addresses for those familiar with emulation cheating:
    0721: Infinite Lives (freeze at 9)
    0725: Infinite Energy (freeze at 28)
    0727: Infinite Time (freeze at 5)
    Any credit for submitted info will go in this section.
    -Thanks to Abstract Crouton Productions for the translation.
    -Thanks to electric_jimi for the Game Genie code.
    This Guide is not endorsed by Irem, Nintendo of Japan or Nintendo of America. 
    The information contained within this document is provided without guarantee. 
    All copyrights and trademarks are recognized.
    This FAQ may be reprinted, posted in newsgroups or placed on web sites, as 
    long as the proper credit is given to the author. The most recent version of 
    this walkthrough can be found at:
    2005 Adam Lamontagne

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