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Reviewed: 12/08/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

Was I the only one to like this game?

A few months ago, I finally got a chance to play Kung Fu Heroes for the first time. And I enjoyed the game. I happened to have a fun time playing the game, mainly because the gameplay was sweet. Now, the game may not be as fun or as good as Kung Fu, but Kung Fu is a classic. Kung Fu Heroes is not a classic game, in my eyes, but I did have a fun time playing it. It is definitely not as bad as everyone else claims it to be, that is for sure.

I think I may just be the only person on the face of the earth to actually like this game, and I cannot understand why that is the case. The game is fun to play and actually kind of addictive. The graphics are not that amazing, and the music and sound effects blow, but the game play is really solid and that is all that matters in a video game, especially an old NES game like this one. The game is just pretty fun to play, even if it does have some faults to it.

The game is definitely a fun game to play, especially once you realize that it is a lot different from other kung fu games. It provided a sense of innovation that the other ones definitely did not have. The other kung fu games released at the time were basically ''fight your way through a horizontally scrolling stage while beating up enemies along the way''. Well this game had you go up and down across stages, clearing out enemies along the way. It was definitely a much better concept that really turned out well.

There really isn't much of a story line to the game, but the story line that is there is decent enough. You are basically out to save the world or something. Oh hell, I cannot really remember the story line in the game, and I bet it would have turned out to be the same old concept, just like every other damn Kung Fu game for the NES had at the time. I wish I could remember the story line of this game, but I cannot, so I will just move onto the next section.

The graphics really were not that bad, but they weren't great, either. First off, the background designs were decent enough as to where I can see the enemies on the screen. In other words, the backgrounds really weren't distracting. I did like the variety of background designs in the game, but there was not an amazing variety or anything to them. Instead, we were mostly treated to stuff like waterfalls, grass, etc. in the backgrounds. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as the backgrounds definitely looked pretty good, regardless of how unvaried they were.

Secondly, the enemy designs were pretty good, but the key point is that they are very funny looking. My friend and I like to make jokes as to how some of the enemies look like Mr Potato Head. They were definitely a blast to describe, as I could definitely think of a cool nickname for almost any enemy in the game. That is not to say that the enemy designs in the game are awful or not that good, because they are actually pretty good, and the added element of humor makes them that much better, in my opinion. Overall, the enemy designs are funny and the graphics are pretty good.

The low point of the game, in my opinion, is the music and sound effects featured in the game. Kung Fu Heroes really hit ''Rock Bottom'' with the music and sound effects in the game. First off, the music. What a tragedy. It is very annoying and just doesn't feel like it belongs in this type of game. It is really quite a shame, because the rest of the game was pretty good, and I wanted to hear some decent music, but instead I got ''treated'' to some kind of disgusting music that I expected to hear in a game like Hydlide or something. I was terribly disappointed with the music in this game.

Secondly, the sound effects. Or shall I say, ''What sound effects?''. I just could not stand to put up with the few sound effects that were actually featured in the game. Yeah, there were actually a little bit of sound effects attucally featured, but it's not like I particularly liked any of them. The game definitely could have used a boost in the sound effects department. Kung Fu Heroes needed better music and actual sound effects, in my opinion. Overall, the terrible music combined with the non existent sound effects lead to a terrible score in this category.

The control in this game was pretty solid, as it was easy enough to pull off your basic moves in this game. You were basically able to pull off a few types of basic moves in the game: punch, kick, and flip kick. Punching and kicking were easy enough, all you had to do was push the corresponding button and the move was yours to do. The flip kick was pretty easy to pull off, as well, all you had to do was push B (or A, whatever button it was) and up in order to do the flip kick. Like I said, there was not much to do but the stuff that was there to do was easy enough to pull off, thanks to the solid controls of the game.

Kung Fu Heroes is a fun game to play, if you have the patience to sit through lots of stages, basically punching and kicking your enemies. The actual point of the game really isn't that hard to understand: you basically get only one screen per stage, and the enemies charge at you. You have to withstand the attcks while killing the enemies. After a while, you move onto the next stage. I liked how you can use the blocks to kill enemies, and how you had to use the blocks to kill certain enemies.

If it sounds like fun, that is because it is fun! I really enjoyed playing this game, despite its flaws. And yes, the game did have flaws, which I will discuss now. The biggest flaw to the game is the fact that there is not much variety when it comes to the stages. Sure, the biggest difference between the stages is the fact that the blocks are scattered around differently in every stage, but that is about the only difference. The stages basically consist of just punching and kicking. It is fun, but the game could have used a boost in variety of stages and actual game play.

Overall, the game actually is fun to play. I think I may be the only one to actually like this game, and I don't really know why that is the case. I know why I like this game, of course, but I cannot see why other people do not like this game like I do. After all, it has all of the elements needed: fun game play, solid control, decent graphics. The music is crappy, but that could be combatted by putting the game on mute. The game is solid and pretty fun to play, despite its flaws.

You are not going to want to play this game over and over again after you first purchase it, but you would will want to play it for a little while. It is a fun time diversion, and I still play it from time to time even to this day when it is a rainy day and I have the flu and there is nothing else to do. There is nothing more addictive than punching and kicking through stage after stage of enemy, I can assure you, and the added elements of using the blocks to target your enemies is a nice benefit that just increases the replay value even more than it already was.

The one thing I can not stress enough about Kung Fu Heroes of the challenge level of the game. This is a very challenging game! It is one of the most challenging games on the NES and is a stark contrast from the original Kung Fu, which is actually a pretty easy game. The thing about Kung Fu Heroes is that it is long and tough. The game consists of 32 stages. Each stage is pretty short (usually consisting of only one stage) but each stage is definitely challenging, nevertheless. Don't underestimate the challenge level of this game.

It's not the best choice out there, but Kung Fu Heroes is a fun game, if you have the patience. I enjoyed playing this game, because it is pretty fun and has nice graphics. The control is also really solid, as it is easy enough to pull off your basic moves in the game. Some aspects of this game could have used a little fine tuning (the stage designs and variety of stages, for one thing), and the variety of game play is not exactly captivating, but overall this game is fun enough for me to say it warrants a purchase. Overall, this is a pretty good, yet not terribly entertaining, game that is worth a purchase if you can find it cheap enough.

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-The control in this game is definitely solid, as it is easy enough to do everything you need to do.
-The basic game play of the game is fun, although not terribly entertaining.
-The graphics in the game are not amazing but are solid enough.
-The enemy designs in the game are just too funny, they have to be the funniest enemy designs ever!

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-The music in the game simply sucks.
-The sound effects are not much better.
-Sadly, the game could have used a boost when it comes to variety of stages and game play.
-The game could have benefitted from the addition of a suitable story line.

I Run Down the Ratings... DaLadiesMan Style!
Storyline - Not Available
Graphics - 7.1/10
Music - 1.1/10
Sound Effects - 1.4/10
Control - 8.2/10
Game Play - 8.4/10
Replay Value - Above Average
Challenge - Way Above Average
Is this game worth a purchase? - Definitely.
Overall - 8.1/10

The Last Line
This is not the greatest game ever, but it is a fun game to play nevertheless. It does have its flaws, namely, the music and sound effects, and the variety of game play. This game is certainly not going to win any awards for consistent variation of stages. But the game is simple and strangely addictive, and I enjoyed playing it a lot.

And that's a Ladies Man guarantee!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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