Review by Rick L

"This game isn't as crappy as everyone says it is."

I had remembered seeing this game on an old video, so I decided to get it for my NES Emulator. Well, let me tell you, I had a blast with it! It was a really fun game, but rather difficult as well.

Graphics: 9.5/10

This game really does good with the graphics. The enemies are very well done. They're big and they don't cause any slowdown. That's a plus! Your character is rather detailed as well. The backgrounds and objects are very well done, and they look real. Even the big bosses look good and very detailed. Bravo, creators!

Sound: 10/10

Another good side to this game! The music is good, and the first level seems to sound like the song ''Wipeout'' a little bit. The karate yells and stuff are very good! They sound like actual voices! That's a nice switch from no sound or stupid bleeps or something. The music fits the place, too. You have light, bouncy music in the day, and at night, sort of a creepy sounding music. Very cool in my opinion!

Gameplay: 7/10

Playing the game is fun, but if you don't learn the controls fast, you're in trouble. (I still haven't figured out how to do a miracle kick.) The good thing is, some enemies don't kill you, but yet freeze you in your tracks. This can be a real pain in the ass at times because they can just stick around and keep on freezing you. The hit detection feels somewhat off as well, and the character seems a little on the slow side. Other than that, you have a wide variety of enemies, and you'll have a good time playing this once you learn the controls.

Replay Value: [??]7/10

I put in question marks for this one. Basically, if you enjoyed playing the game and beating it, chances are you might want to do it again! If you didn't really enjoy it, then just put it on a shelf somewhere or sell it or something. This is one of those games where Replay Value depends on the person who's playing it. I myself would play it over and over. While I gave it a 7, you might think it's more like a 3 or a 10.

Overall: 8/10

This game is a very well done game, and it's difficult enough to keep you playing. I don't know why this game isn't that well liked. It has great potential for a classic and is very well done. Bravo to the programmers of this game! I say you should buy this game, but try it out on an emulator or borrow it from a friend before you do.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/11/01, Updated 12/22/01

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