• Cheat Mode & Codes

    You MUST enable this code to do the other codes. At the title screen, press and hold Upper-Right + A + B on the 2nd controller. Then hold Left + Down and Select on the 1st controller. ( You should still be holding the buttons Controller II) Then press Start on the 1st controller. If you entered the code correctly you should here a tone and be taken to the game.

    Contributed By: J.Lau.

  • Max Items & Reviving

    First do the "Cheat Mode" code. Then choose Raos (the boy on the left). Go to the store, stand before the Crystal and press A. You'll get a free Armor. Go back to the house and choose Raos again, but this time, wear the armor you just got for free. Leave the house and deplete your magic points completely. Go back into the house, place the cursor on the grandfather painting on the wall and at the same time hold Left + B on controller 2 & Right on controller 1 (the cursor should stay in place).Now, while holding, press A on controller 1. If done right, a sound should be heard. Now you'll have max items and if you die, you'll come back to life.

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

  • View Ending

    Note that you must use a 4-player adapter for this. Use the same process as for the "Cheat Mode & Codes" cheats above, but press Left, Right, and A on Player 3's and Player 4's controllers.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.


  • New Game Password...

    Enter the following at the grandfather's password screen...

    LBJM NPDV 4OG6 LLLN 3PG5 W5KT D5RL SNKYStart new game with All Equipment & Items(11)/Max.Keys/Max.Gold

    Contributed By: Aether Knight.

  • Passwords

    XI6X OVQM MBXR F2JV AS3D 2GBC BMPQ QH3HStart with Four Crowns
    C4TB RSSH 6RXC 1TJH CUTK 3NFT YWMC WJVUStart with Four Crowns and the Dragonslayer
    XIF4 OVQM TWMK F2JV AS33 2NBJ 1MIW 3BAHStart with Three Crowns
    W1B3 UJLU DAZI IEDV W4X3 UHER JD4D PKHAStart with Two Crowns

    Contributed By: Land of GameCubes.


  • Free Armor Glitch

    If you don't have any money left, but need armor, choose Raos (Boy) as your character. Go to the shop in the first tree to the left of the house. Select the crystal and then go back home. You'll recieve armor (which the shop doesn't even have!) for free!!

    Contributed By: J.Lau.

  • Walk on spikes and not lose life.

    The secret is rather easy. Just simply press up on the control pad while your about to jump on the spikes. You must have it up at all times when walking or standing on the spikes.

    Contributed By: Chunkey Simmons.


  • Music Test

    To hear various in-game music, Move the pointer to the painting on the wall in the house at the start of the game, and press A on your controller.

    Contributed By: kbe2k2.

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