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    FAQ by AWing Pilot

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    .____                                    .___               _____ 
    |    |    ____   ____   ____   ____    __| _/______   _____/ ____\
    |    |  _/ __ \ / ___\_/ __ \ /    \  / __ |/  ___/  /  _ \   __\ 
    |    |__\  ___// /_/  >  ___/|   |  \/ /_/ |\___ \  (  <_> )  |   
    |_______ \___  >___  / \___  >___|  /\____ /____  >  \____/|__|   
            \/   \/_____/      \/     \/      \/    \/                
      __  .__             ________  .__                                  .___
    _/  |_|  |__   ____   \______ \ |__|____    _____   ____   ____    __| _/
    \   __\  |  \_/ __ \   |    |  \|  \__  \  /     \ /  _ \ /    \  / __ | 
     |  | |   Y  \  ___/   |    `   \  |/ __ \|  Y Y  (  <_> )   |  \/ /_/ | 
     |__| |___|  /\___  > /_______  /__(____  /__|_|  /\____/|___|  /\____ | 
               \/     \/          \/        \/      \/            \/      \/ 
    Developed: Bandai, 1990
    System: Nintendo Entertainment System
    FAQ written by: Christopher Long (Awing Pilot), September 2005
    September 1st 2005: Submitted as v1.0
    January 22nd 2005: Fixed minor grammatical and factual errors. Re-submitted 
    as v1.1
    Table of Contents.
    1. Overview.
    2. Controls.
    3. Gameplay mechanics.
    4. Player Stats.
    5. Secrets, Passwords and codes.
    6. Legal and Thanks.
    1. Overview
    One of my favorite 8-bit sports games that offered a chance to play with the 
    greats of Americas past-time. The game features some great animation that 
    really brought the whole sport to life on the ol' girl.
    In a time where a lot and I mean a lot of baseball games were on the market for
    the NES Legends of the Diamond really stood out as a great arcade baseball
    experience that let you play with the true great of the sport. 
    Legends of the Diamond can be played with one or two players. It's a fun 
    little game that manages to give you a full baseball experience on such an
    old platform.
    2. Controls
    D-Pad: move the batter around the "box"
    [A]: Swing the bat.
    [B]: combined with the D-Pad controls the runners on base
    D-Pad: controls the pitchers left or right placement on the mound. 
    [A]: throw the ball: Add direction with the D-Pad
    [B]: pitch the plates combined with the D-Pad
    D-Pad: control the player
    [A]: combined with the D-Pad throws to a base
    [B]: combined with the D-Pad the player will run to the desired base to tag.
    Start: Pauses the game at anytime.
    Select: Hit it while paused to bring up the sub screen.
    3.Gameplay mechanics
    Hitting a pitch is a matter of timing your swing with the pitch that was 
    thrown. Just like the real sport keep your eye on the ball and swing when you
    are sure to connect. Your swing is context sensitive to how long you hold the
    [A] button down also known as your follow through. So if you are aiming to
    knock that baby out of the park hold the button down but if you are looking
    for a pop fly also called a sacrifice you'd only put a little swing to the
    ball by not holding the button through the complete follow through.
    To attempt to bunt tap the [A] button until the batter puts the bat out in a 
    bunt attempt and then position yourself where you think best. The key to a good
    bunt is placement in the batters box. To far back and you'll pop it to the 
    catcher, to far to the outside of the batters side and you'll miss, to far up
    in the box and you'll pop to the pitcher for an easy out. The perfect place
    for a great bunt is centered on in the box just ever so slightly to the back
    of the batters box; it's not perfect and is dependant on the pitch but it's 
    your best bet. 
    The main tip I can give is to again know the pitch and move the batter 
    accordingly. Bunts can be used to move players already on base closer to home
    or to try to sneak a base out of strong pitcher.
    Hitting Homers
    No real way to make sure you always hit them out of the park. Just make sure
    to follow through completely, watch the pitch and place yourself in the right
    part of the batters box. Sometimes the batter will comment on the pitch; this
    is the time to put in a good swing. Using Babe Ruth doesn't hurt either...
    A sacrifice is when you give an out to advance someone who is already on base.
    This can be done with a bunt or a pop fly. Just be ready to move the players
    already on base in a proper fashion. A tip to using sacrifices to your 
    advantage is knowing when to do what. Man on third, tied game, one out you'd
    probably want to do a sacrifice bunt in the direction away from third to 
    protect the runner who is going to try and grab home to get the lead. The 
    point is aiming for the fences is only part of the game; know your skills.
    Base running
    After hitting the ball the batter will automatically advance to first. Any and
    all players already on bases will run if it's needed so stay sharp. A man 
    already on first will have to run to second after you hit the ball and your 
    batter advances. However say you have a man on first and third; the man on 
    first will automatically run while the man on third won't although it's in 
    your best interest to have him run since he is in a good situation to score.
    You have to be prepared to control your runners at all times. With one man on
    first you obviously won't want him to run if the batter hits a easy pop fly 
    to the pitcher. Not only can't you keep the base if you make it there you'll
    have to beat the ball back to the base. So while the man on first will run 
    automatically you have to be prepared to get his ass back to base if and when
    the catch for the out on the batter is made.
    Controls for advancing your runners is a little tricky at first. Think of the
    D-Pad as the baseball diamond:
    ___| |___
    |3     1|
    ---| |---
    The D-Pad combined with the [B] button tells which player on which base to 
    advance and the D-Pad combined with [A] tells which to run back to his 
    base in case of danger on the target base or around it. Here are the commands
    to advance runners.
    1st to 2nd: Up+[B]; Return: Right+[A]
    2nd to Third: Left+[B]; Return: Up+[A]
    3rd to Home: Down+[B]; Return: Left+[A]
    Also keep in mind that you can't double up on the bases. If there is a man on
    second and you advance the man on first to second you need to move the man 
    already there or your advancing player will be out even if he beats the ball
    to base. Stay sharp and watch those runners or you'll trip up and miss a good
    Stealing can be done once the pitcher has let the ball go or at anytime
    the ball is in play. The controls to steal are the same as to advance a runner
    when base running.
    1st to 2nd: Up+[B]; Return: Right+[A]
    2nd to Third: Left+[B]; Return: Up+[A]
    3rd to Home: Down+[B]; Return: Left+[A]
    Pitching is probably the easiest part of the game to master. You throw the
    ball with the [A] ball and add direction with the D-Pad. It's touch at
    first but you'll get the hang of it. How you are holding the D-Pad and 
    where you pitcher is on the horizontal axis of the mound determines where 
    the pitch will go. Ok, the up and down on the D-Pad control the relative speed 
    and vertical location of the pitch. Left and right on the D-Pad control which
    side the pitch moves to which is also affected by your mound location and the
    up and down movement you put on the pitch. Sound confusing? Nah, it's easy 
    like I said. 
    Holding Up+[A]: results in a slower pitch that will end upclose to the ground.
    Holding Down+[A]: results in a faster pitch that will stay airborne where ever
    you direct it with Left or Right.
    As said before Left and Right combined with your mound location determine 
    where the pitch goes. Want to pitch to the batters inside? Then hold the 
    direction down to whichever side he bats from; the opposite to pitch to his
    outside. This is all relative to where he is in the batters box of course so
    if you're pitching to the inside make sure it's not so fast and high that it 
    beans the dude. Not only does he get a free base but the dugouts might empty
    on you!
    Give a base/walking
    There are many reasons why you might want to just walk a batter. Maybe the 
    pitcher or some other weaker hitter is next in the order or this batter
    just has a mean look about him. To give him a base simply throw four balls;
    meaning crap pitchers to his outside. Unless he is a moron he won't swing
    and you'll walk him. Of course you can just aim for the batters head and bean
    him with the ball. Either or.
    Moving your players is simply a matter of using the D-Pad to tell them where
    to move. Easy right? Of course the goal is to move them in a position where 
    they can catch the ball by moving them right under it or field the ball from
    where ever it lands to the appropriate base or player. Controls of the basemen
    and outfielders are follows on the D-Pad with [A] and/or [B].
    Left+[A]: throw to 3rd.
    Right+[A]: throw to 1st.
    Up+[A]: throw to 2nd.
    Down+[A]: throw to homeplate.
    You'll want to use the above to snag runners as the make their moves or to 
    hold potential thieves away from stealing any bases. Throwing the ball
    moves the ball quickly but be sure to make sure there is someone on the base
    you are throwing to. If not that's when the below come in handy...
    The following commands make the player:
    Left+[B]: Runs to 3rd.
    Right+[B]: Runs to 1st.
    Up+[B]: Runs to 2nd.
    Down+[B]: Runs to homeplate.
    All those controls work on all the defensive players so learn and master them
    if you want to win.
    Subbing players
    To get to the sub menu pause using Start and then hit [A]. It will bring up
    the menu showing who it is you want to sub out and who it is you want to put 
    in his place. You can view the potential sub's stats and current attitude by
    selecting his name and hitting Select. Some days your players will be up and
    at them and others they might be draggin their feet. Use this to check. Listen
    to what your players tell you and you'll be alright.
    Once a player is taken out of the game they can't be put back in again so make
    your substitutions carefully and with thought.
    Unlock other sports games teams in Legend of the Diamond are not only generic
    but made my the player. You pick the roster for whatever team you want from
    any of the available players.
    Choose from Hawks, Mustangs, Cobras, Chiefs, Samurais, Rebels, The Generals,
    Crowns, or the Titans.
    You can pick to play in either a old classic style stadium or a new modern 
    style one. Besides the actual look of the place and the look of the ]
    cheerleaders the only real difference between the two is the ease of knocking
    the ball out of the park; it's a shorter trip on the old, classic stadium.
    You can set up tournaments from the main menu. For the purpose of this game
    a tournament is more like playing a season. You pick your players and then 
    the computer pits you against the others in random made teams; win and you 
    advance. You'll get passwords after each game to help you continue later.
    Offical Game
    This is just a quick and easy exhibition game. No passwords.
    4.Player Stats
    **Cy Young**
    Height: 6 foot 2 inches
    Weight: 210
    Position: Pitcher
    ERA: 2.53  
    Strikeouts: 2803
    Wins: 511
    Losses: 313
    Comment: Greatest Pitcher ever. Over 500 wins. Control pitcher.
    **Whitey Ford**
    Height: 5 foot 10 inches
    Weight: 178
    Position: Pitcher
    ERA: 2.74
    Strikeouts: 1956
    Wins: 236
    Losses: 106
    Comment: Great control pitcher. Won most games at the World Series
    **Dizzy Dean**
    Height: 6 foot 2 inches
    Weight: 182
    Position: Pitcher
    ERA: 3.04  
    Strikeouts: 1155
    Wins: 150
    Losses: 83
    Comment: Strikeout king of his time.
    **Bob Gibson**
    Height: 6 foot 1 inches
    Weight: 190
    Position: Pitcher
    ERA: 2.91  
    Strikeouts: 3117
    Wins: 251
    Losses: 174
    Comment: Best single season ERA record holder(1.12) Good control pitcher, 
    Fast ball, slider, curve ball with a one season strikeout record of 268
    **Lefty Gomez**
    Height: 6 foot 2 inches
    Weight: 173
    Position: Pitcher
    ERA: 3.34  
    Strikeouts: 1468
    Wins: 189
    Losses: 102
    Comment: Greatest All-Star game pitcher of his time.
    **Steve Carlton**
    Height: 6 foot 4 inches
    Weight: 210
    Position: Pitcher
    ERA: 3.21
    Strikeouts: 4136
    Wins: 329
    Losses: 244
    Comment: Only pitcher ever to win a Cy Young award for a last place team. 
    Most strikeouts for left handed pitcher with an amazing slider.
    **Mickey Cochrane**
    Height: 5 foot 10 inches
    Weight: 180
    Position: Catcher
    Batting average: .320  
    Home runs: 119
    RBI: 832
    Comment: A great among offensive players.
    **Lou Gehrig**
    Height: 6 foot 
    Weight: 200
    Position: 1st Baseman
    Batting average: .340 
    Home runs: 493
    RBI: 1991
    Comment: Best 1st Baseman of all time. All Time ironman record he holds 
    in homeruns and batting.
    **Johnny Mize**
    Height: 6 foot 2 inches
    Weight: 215
    Position: 1st and 3rd Baseman
    Batting average: .312  
    Home runs: 359
    RBI: 1337
    Comment: Power hitter. Led in home runs.
    **Billy Herman**
    Height: 5 foot 11 inches
    Weight: 180
    Position: 2nd Baseman
    Batting average: .304  
    Home runs: 47
    RBI: 839
    Comment: A fast runner with 87 stolen bases for career.
    **Jimmy Foxx**
    Height: 6 foot
    Weight: 190
    Position: 1st and 3rd Baseman, Catcher
    Batting average: .325  
    Home runs: 534
    RBI: 1921
    Comment: Nicknamed the "Beast Foxx", Power hitter, lead in batting in 1933.
    **Roger Hornsby**
    Height: 5 foot 101 inches
    Weight: 175
    Position: 2nd Baseman
    Batting average: .358  
    Home runs: 301
    RBI: 1584
    Comment: A fast runner with 67 stolen bases for career.
    **Honus Wagner**
    Height: 5 foot 11 inches
    Weight: 200 
    Position: Shortstop
    Batting average: .329  
    Home runs: 101
    RBI: 1732
    Comment: Great player. Fast runner, batting champ for seven seasons. 
    Most stolen bases for five seasons.
    **Babe Ruth**
    Height: 6 foot 2 inches
    Weight: 215
    Position: Pitcher, Outfielder(all)
    Batting average: .342
    Home runs: 714
    RBI: 2217
    Comment: Started off career as a pitcher. 8 seasons pitched. 1924 
    led in batting Hit over 60 homeruns during a single season.
    **Ty Cobb**
    Height: 6 foot 1 inches
    Weight: 175
    Position: Outfielder(all)
    Batting average: .366 
    Home runs: 117
    RBI: 1939
    Comment: 1907-1915 Batting champ. Most stolen bases for six seasons.
    **Tris Speaker**
    Height: 5 foot 11 inches
    Weight: 193
    Position: Outfielder(all)
    Batting average: .344
    Home runs: 117
    RBI: 1527
    Comment: Great hitter. Led in batting, hits, home runs and in doubles.
    **Edd Roush**
    Height: 5 foot 11 inches
    Weight: 170
    Position: Outfielder(all)
    Batting average: .323
    Home runs: 68
    RBI: 981
    Comment: Led in batting two seasons.
    **Luke Appling**
    Height: 5 foot 10 inches
    Weight: 183
    Position: Shortstop
    Batting average: .310 
    Home runs: 45
    RBI: 1116
    Comment: Fast runner. 1936 Led in Batting.
    **Bill Freeman**
    Height: 6 foot 3 inches
    Weight: 208
    Position: Catcher
    Batting average: .362
    Home runs: 200
    RBI: 758
    Comment: Great over-all player
    **Ernie Banks**
    Height: 6 foot 1 inches
    Weight: 180
    Position: Shortstop, 1st Baseman
    Batting average: .247
    Home runs: 512
    RBI: 1636
    Comment: "Mr.Cub" BEst player on Chicago Cubs for decades.
    **Willie McCovey**
    Height: 6 foot 4 inches
    Weight: 215
    Position: 1st Baseman
    Batting average: .270
    Home runs: 521
    RBI: 1555
    Comment: Good all round player. Led in home runs for two seasons. 
    Led runs batted in for one season.
    **Bobby Richardson**
    Height: 5 foot 9 inches
    Weight: 170
    Position: 2nd Baseman
    Batting average: .266 
    Home runs: 34
    RBI: 390
    Comment: Great Defensive player
    **Joe Morgan**
    Height: 5 foot 7 inches
    Weight: 155
    Position: 2nd Baseman
    Batting average: .271
    Home runs: 268
    RBI: 1133
    Comment: Fast. Great defensive player.
    **Harmon Killebrew**
    Height: 6 foot 
    Weight: 210
    Position: 3rd Baseman
    Batting average: .256
    Home runs: 573
    RBI: 1584
    Comment: Strong batter with over 500 home runs
    **Brooks Robinson**
    Height: 6 foot 1 inches
    Weight: 180
    Position: 3rd Baseman
    Batting average: .267
    Home runs: 268
    RBI: 1357
    Comment: Golden Glove winner. One of the All Time Best 
    3rd base defenders of all time.
    **Roberto Clemente**
    Height: 5 foot 11 inches
    Weight: 180
    Position: Right Fielder
    Batting average: .317
    Home runs: 240
    RBI: 1305
    Comment: Fast runner. 1961 Batting champ.
    **Willie Stargell**
    Height: 6 foot 3 inches
    Weight: 225
    Position: Outfielder
    Batting average: .282
    Home runs: 475
    RBI: 1540
    Comment: Power hitter. Great player, home run hitter finishing 
    1971 and 1972 with most Home Runs.
    **Hank Aaron**
    Height: 6 foot
    Weight: 180
    Position: Outfielder
    Batting average: .305
    Home runs: 755
    RBI: 2297
    Comment: All time home run king(at the time) 47 home runs was 
    the most in one year. MVP in the MLB twice.
    **Billy Williams**
    Height: 6 foot 1 inches
    Weight: 175
    Position: Left Fielder
    Batting average: .290
    Home runs: 426
    RBI: 1475
    Comment: Led in batting in 1972
    **Joe Torre**
    Height: 6 foot 2 inches
    Weight: 212
    Position: Catcher, 3rd Baseman
    Batting average: .297
    Home runs: 252
    RBI: 1185
    Comment: Power hitter. 1971 Batting Champ. 1971 Most runs 
    batted in and most runs.
    Stats can help you pick your team a little better to have the edge over the
    competition but you can't have all the good players so you'll always have a 
    challenge. Make sure your team is balanced for all situations; you can also
    use a random feature that will pick and balance a team for you.
    5. Secrets, Passwords and Codes
    Puppy ballboy: On random sometimes you can see a hotdog looking mutt field a
    foul for you. How cute.
    Pissed players: If you go on a streak against a certain player be it hitting
    or strikeouts that player will eventually get intimidated and might run his 
    mouth at the other once or twice.
    Empty the dugouts: If you hit a player with a pitch he may attack you and 
    scream something from OWW! to $%#!. Both teams will empty from the dugouts and
    watch as the Umpire drags the raging batter off the pitcher.
    Break some glass: On the modern ballpark if you hit a homer really far you 
    have a chance to see a small cutscene of the ball breaking some unlucky saps
    Taken from GameFAQs.com
    MLNPGHQFTBV72 5SHZJ4D1LCVB(heart)	Second Game
    MLNPGHQFTBV72 5S2F3KYG5WBB2	Third Game
    Game Genie codes
    ZEKLAIGA: 2 balls and you walk
    TEKLAIGA: 6 balls to walk
    PASUGILA: 1 strike and you're out
    ZASUGILA: 2 strikes and you're out
    PEKLAIGA: 1 ball and you walk
    IASUGILA: 5 strikes and you're out--ignore counter
    6. Copyright and Contact Info
    This guide is Copyright 2005 Christopher Long. This guide may be not be 
    reproduced in whole or in part under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use.
    It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without
    advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a
    part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of 
    copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned
    by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Should you have any questions about issues not raised in this FAQ, or should
    you wish to contact me regarding seeking my permission to place this guide on
    your site, please e-mail me:
    Please mention this FAQ in the subject line of your e-mail. If you are seeking
    my permission to put this on your site, please include the URL of your site in
    the e-mail. If you don't include the URL, the answer will be no.
    At present, this guide may only be shown on www.gamefaqs.com . If you see this
    guide on any other site, please notify me through e-mail immediately.

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