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"I tried to beat it without cheating... And I did."

My grandma owned this game. I'm not kidding.
Many people say this game is hard, and perhaps it is somewhat difficult, but really, if you understand the game it becomes one of those games on your beat list. Getting good at this game is simple. Everytime you die to something funny, remember not to die that way again. About possibly 50-200 playthroughs (depending on skill) you should make it through to the last level with 10+ lives gained through points.

The graphics for this game were good for the NES, and the settings were done nicely. Lots of cell like walls that want to kill you, and nice little settings in what seem to be the sun, something organic, something metallic, or just something cute.
So graphics get a nine.

The sound, and music for this game I really enjoyed. Every time I started a level, especially the "overview" levels I really felt like I was going to win! So I flew through a lot of things and killed many objects and won.
So sounds/musics get a nine.

The gameplay in this game was actually somewhat indepth. There were a variety of different ways you could play the game based on the powerups you picked up. You could go for the ripple laser, which kind of widened out as it moved out from your ship. You could go for the "real" lasers, which sliced through anything and could be controlled depending on how you moved your ship. Your options could either double or triple your firepower, and missiles really helped out. I don't think the FAQs mention that you can upgrade your "real" lasers/missiles/options multiple times, and neither do they talk about the possibility of recovering your options even when you die. I never used those force shields much either...
It really was quite beautiful when you had upgraded lasers, upgraded missiles, two options, force shield, and a speed up or two.

The enemies were amusing, especially those claws that tried to get you. Those foolish little claws that tried to grasp the little ship always just out of reach. The trick was to torture those poor claws, and smile at their death sounds.
So gameplay gets a nine.

Doing the mathematics, you get an average score of nine.

Anyway this game really takes you back, or at least it takes me back when my bro and I always got stuck at grandma's with nothing to do but Lifeforce and Contra.

Fun game!

P.S. The FAQs do not mention either that if you fail to kill the last orb thing quickly enough, you go backwards through the game and have to redo things to get back to that area. Or was I dreaming?

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/30/06

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