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"This game was so overrated, I got a little too happy"

Game Play-

Life Force is a mix of a side-scrolling and top-down shooter. You have a ship, which is meant to shoot down other ships, and you get weapons by shooting down a particular series or set of enemies. You can choose weapons you have too. The game is hard as hell, and I suggest you use the infamous Konami code. If you don’t know it, look it up. You should know it from your childhood.

I found this game to be majorly overrated. The game play is too linear, and the game seems dank and uninspired. They just kept tossing the enemies in there. And they needed more uniqueness to the enemies in this game too.


Your ship moves fine, easy to learn, no problems here. It shoots faster if you move it to the direction you’re going. I noticed that, and I deserve to be recognized for my hard work. Just kidding, I never work hard. I take the easy road, with stops at Procrastination City and D-minus Junction. But enough about my life, let us talk about the control in this game more. It is perfect, and that’s all I have to say about this.


The game used a lot of forgettable music in this game, and even I can barely remember it. It’s dull and low-key, the music in this game that is. The sound effects are pretty much the same as they were in Gradius, no changes there.


The game used dull backgrounds to this game that barely matched the scenery of the level. The levels, on the other hand, looked nice and unique, albeit a little rough-looking and over-detailed in some areas, meaning that some textures had plenty of detail while others lacked some.

The side-scrolling levels in this game looked like they did in Gradius, while the top-down levels looked similar to certain levels in Tyrian, one of the best shooters available for the PC. (See my Tyrian review to find out more)


It’s a good combo shooter, but leaves shooter fans hungry for more, and Thunder Force II will be the cure for them. I suggest you get that rather than Life Force, and it’s much easier. Life Force is hard as hell, and half as red.


Percentage of Gaming Goodness-68%


Doodleheimer’s Recommendationitivity

Shooter fans (Zigfried, Ken Masters, Dark Fact) will like this game. With others, it’s touch and go. That’s for YOU to decide. You may or may not want to buy this particular game. I may recommend this to shooter fans, but if you're just an old-school fan, you may want to pick up this game too.

Street Price-$2.50

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/31/01, Updated 05/20/02

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