Review by Overlord Hikash

"An extremely hard but extremely fun space shooter"

Life Force. What a great game. I don't play side scrolling space shooters, but this one just rocks. I've beaten it several times and I still go back to play it more and more. This game is good stuff, I guarantee it.

Story:  Well, seeing how this is a side scrolling space shooter, there really wasn't much room for a legitimate storyline. Most NES games don't have storyline anyhow. The point of the game is to fly around throughout the area's in your ship, and kill basically everything that moves, and a few things that don't. Some enemies will leave powerups, which will allow you to gain greater abilities such as laser, a force shield, or bonus mini ships to help you fight.

Graphics: The graphics for this game were actually rather good for an NES game. In the second stage, the fire looks rather realistic (but still with the NES cartoonishness)You can see slight details of your ship, and the detail on the enemy bosses, such a pupils, screws, or even a brain stem. But for those people out there who must have ''stunning graphics'' to enjoy a game, go back to your gamecube and X-Box you poor fools.

Gameplay: The gameplay was rather simple really. Fly around and shoot stuff. One button shoots, the other uses your powerup. Real simple. Although the flying can be kinda tricky in tight spots, which may cause you to die, but this happens to the best of us.

Sound: The sound for this game was fantastic. The music really sets a good mood. In level 2, the music is the greatest I've ever heard in a 2D space shooter game. Each of your attacks (different types) have a different sound, except for the missiles, for they make no sound. The music for the bosses is really good, it lets you get an idea on how evil these beasts really are.

Difficulty: When your first playing Life Force, you can breeze through the first level, both side and overhead styles, but when you reach level 2, the difficulty factor jumps through the roof. You can easily be killed 30 times in this level, I have, but then I finally got the hang of the level. The bosses are generally easy though, so there is some relief from the horrific difficulty of some of the levels, so don't fret.

Should I buy this game? Well, I did buy the game. It can't cost any more than $5, so go ahead and buy it. It is beatable in about 30 minutes or so, but it has great replay value, so it's short gameplay makes up with replay.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/18/02, Updated 01/18/02

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