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"Just TRY to beat this game without the 30 life code!"

Life Force was released...after Gradius. Hehe. :P Basically the Vic Viper returns to action to destroythe Heart and Soul of Zelos, who swallowed the planetsof Gradius and Lapis (Yes, I'm serious).

Graphics: 7/10- The graphics are more or less what you would expect for a shooter of its time. There's very little animation, but as it'sa shooter and there's basically just lots of projectiles flying around,they don't really need to be animated. Your ship is small but detailed.The explosions look pretty nice though.

Sound: 7/10- You'll probably be too busy shooting and dodging to noticethe music, but it's really quite good. The sound effects are your basicshoot-em-up "zing"! of the lasers and *BOOM* *weird effect as your shipcomes back* or your death and subsequent ressurection.

Control: Variable/10- As with Gradius, how well the ship responds dependson how many speed powerups you pump into it. It shoots bullets and suchvery well. But without 2-3 speed power-ups (Anymore than that and the shipgets squirrely) the Vic Viper is slow and sluggish.

Story: 0/10- As mentioned above, you have to destroy an Evil Meanie(tm)who swallowed a couple of planets. It's fairly cliched, but that's notmy real problem. The ending to the game DOES NOT comply with this plotAT ALL (You actually fly INTO Zelos, supposedly, to destroy him).

Challenge: 10/10- Classic old-school shooter challenge. With the30-life code it's easy...but otherwise be prepared for a long, hardfight. Level 3 is one of the toughest levels in video game history. The rest of game is no cakewalk either.

Replay Value: 8/10- While on the surface it's a shoot-em-up--meaningthere's not a whole lot as far and secrets and such go--you'll be back,assuming you don't use the 30-life code to breeze through it. Tough, whichgives it that sort of twisted depth you'd come to expect from an old-schoolshooter.

Overall: 9/10- I beat this game cleanly (No 30-life code) about 20 minutesago. I will probably never be able to do it again. That's why this gameis so great--its challenge is BRUTAL! Give this one to someone who thinksthey're good at video games and tell them not to use the 30-life code.They'll be challenged for a long, long time.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/05/00, Updated 01/05/00

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