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"Defend against an alien trying to eat your galaxy!!!"

There been a lot of influential tries at the classic shooter games. At the fore front of those games has been Gradius but a year after its release the creators of Gradius, Konami, Designed and Published another just as good and some may say better shooter in Life Force which was released back in 1987. The concepts are the same but can Life Force live in the day and age of Gradius? Let's find out in this review.

Gameplay (8/10):
Life Force boast some of the simplest controls to handle for any 2D shooter to date it'll probably take you a couple of tries to get your evades down controls wise for the game. The games difficulty is definitely hard never have I played such a tough game to date such as Life Force. But the challenge in this game is what makes it so much fun and you'll definitely enjoy destroying the enemies as well as the settings.

Story (9/10):
Life Force really has an interesting story to it premise. Basically the story here is that in a remote quadrant of the Universe an alien creature was hatched to proud parents, Ma and Pa Deltoid, they named there only son, Zelos. Well Zelos after a while grew into an adult space monster and with that Zelos developed a ravenous appetite and his temper became ruthless. Zelos eventually left his nest and began devouring everything in his path including three galaxies, four hundred planets, two trillion life forms, and stars in the process. Now Zelos has set his eyes on the Gradian Galaxy as his next meal it's basically up to you and your starship buddie to take out Zelos. But in order to do that you must reach Zelos heart and Soul which are protected by terror zones which are governed by Zelos terror fleet which have been created over time with the civilization and planets Zelos has consume. Now it's up to you to go through these zones in order to save you civilization from being digested.

Graphics (7/10):
The graphics are decent in the game some stages really stand out graphically such as zone 3 while others seem a little bland and dull.

Sound (8/10):
The sounds in Life Force are very well done you'll be having everything attacking you which will result in a lot of sound effects going off while you try to blast them back in the process. The background music is decent as well but nothing to catchy.

Playtime/Re-playability (8/10):
Life Force will take the average player about an hour to beat successfully. The re-playability is pretty high most likely this game will reel you into the game play because it is that good.

Final Recommedation:
Life Force is an original in terms although a year later than Gradius no fan should be without this game especially if your a fan of 2D space shooters. If you see Life Force definitely give it some consideration to add to your video game library.

Final Overall Rating:

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/09/03

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