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"The Sequel To Konami's Amazing Series"

What can I say other than this game is more of a delight than Gradius. Gradius was perfect and this has the same shooter concept as in the first one but they added a new perspective and those two are side scroll and vertical shooting!!!! Also you can have a friend help you out, this is indeed another perfect shooter from konami!
Life Force was released in 1988 and oh boy this game had great game play and graphics, read on for the laydown.

Story - After destroying Bacterion and defend Gradius,a new threat has entered the galaxy and threatens the planet Gradius once again. The Threat is Salamander (which is also the japanese name for this title} is up to you and your friend in your ''Vic Viper'' to destroy the evil serpent and restore peace instead of fear upon the Gradians.

Some Features -In this sequel you have a new type of laser called the Ripple it is a nice weapon that spreads and destroy creatues that come to you in packs. The standard laser is here but with a farther shot instead of short projectiles like in the first game. Missles in this game are great not only do they eliminate enemeis below you, you can also elimate the enemies above you! The Vic Viper is a fighter jet that has the arsenal to destroy salamander.

Graphics 10/10 - Lot better than the first game, wonderful colors and nice shading detail. The Bosses are Huge as well, I would have to say this is one of the most beautiful NES games I have ever seen.

Sound 9/10- The sound effects are more or less of the original but where is the game shines is it's musical score,You will find yourself humming to ever stage of the game!

Control 10/10 - Konami has done it again! The Controls are perfect! The D-pad on the NES is perfect for this game. B shoots and A picks your power ups when you receive power pods.

Gameplay/Challenge 10/10 - This game is hard if not harder then the original. You will come back and play this game as much as the original. The game is tough but it is a tough where it is fun and tolerable,get a friend to play with you
it is more fun with two players,solo is fun too.

Konami made a sequel that surpasses the original in lost of ways. I think this game will be remembered as much as the first game, they are both wonderful games. I suggest picking this up as well,get a friend to play and you too will experience the wonderful world of LIFE FORCE.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/07/04

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