Review by Kaobasa

"On the Gradius scale this one is on the bottom rung."

This game in America would be known as Life Force 2 or Gradius 2. I really love the Gradius games, as a matter of fact I love any kind of space shooter. However, on the Gradius scale of things this is the worst Gradius game ever. Heres why...

Graphics: 8/10

This is actually a good thing about Salamander. The graphics are good, although theres a few things that just dont look right. Such as on the bottom of the screen the graphics will seem to bunch up on themselves. However, this is no real big deal and shouldnt even be considered a flaw. Another good thing, is that I barely had any slow up at all. For hardcore Gradius fans this is a good thing.

Controls: 10/10

Every NES game has a great control scheme to it only because it has very few buttons. The controls for this game are smooth. A button to fire, B button to upgrade your ship. Simple.

Sound/Music: 7/10

The music is very well done, and varied for each level. The sound is sort of what brings this one down though. The sound is terrible, as most NES games were at that time.

Difficulty: 5/10

I didnt like this Gradius game at all. It just doest feel like Gradius. One reason being is you start the game out with 99 lives. You may think this is cool, but trust me, you will be needing every single one of them. You die so often from cheap shots, and walls suddenly coming out of nowhere. This just isnt what a space shooter should be. There isnt even a difficulty setting so that people newer to Gradius games can ease into them. From start to finish this game WILL kick your ass.

If you want to play a good Gradius game, play Gradius III, or IV. You could also try the Parodius games. These games were aslo made by Konami, but its a parody of Gradius (thus Parodius). The game is so chocked full of Japanese humor.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 05/20/04

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