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A cosmic snake is attacking the universe!01/14/08Dave Goss

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Don't know what's going on, and I don't really care01/23/02Bentone
Defeat the innards of a nasty old planet swallowing alien02/12/00bruplex
Frustrating...Yes...Very...And I Mean Excruciatingly Frustrating - But Impossible?..I Think Not12/08/04CrazyHameL
The Sequel To Konami's Amazing Series03/07/04DemoniusX
This game was so overrated, I got a little too happy05/20/02Doodleheimer
Defend against an alien trying to eat your galaxy!!!10/09/03Dralion
The best NES shooter I've ever played01/03/04dtm666
Just TRY to beat this game without the 30 life code!01/05/00Emptyeye
A nice shooter, a little to short though...10/08/02EvilNightmare
A shooter that's just plain fantastic04/09/00Falsiloquos
A GREAT space shooter, but hard as NAILS!06/23/06Gigatron
On the Gradius scale this one is on the bottom rung.05/20/04Kaobasa
Good, good whole wheat Life Force11/01/99Lethargy
Impossible? Yes it is02/14/03Neo_
A very nice take on the classic Konami shooter theme01/31/07Overdrive
An extremely hard but extremely fun space shooter01/18/02Overlord Hikash
Life Force - what a 2D shooter should be07/02/09quadruplesword
An extremely overrated 2-D shooter game.06/10/11Rambo6383
Perhaps the most difficult game I have ever played.11/29/05Renatus
I tried to beat it without cheating... And I did.04/30/06Vpex
Just try to beat it without cheating. It's nearly impossible!03/01/03Walker Boh Ohmsford
A fun version of Gradius, but difficult as always08/26/07Wolf_Coder
One heck of a joy ride!!08/16/02Zidane Trebal

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