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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dalez

    Version: 1.05 | Updated: 01/06/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    -   Cosmic Spacehead/Linus Spacehead Complete Game Info      V1.05  -
    -   by Dalez (dalez@intercom.net)                                   - 
    -   Last Updated  01/06/2001   09:34 PM                             -
    *** IMPORTANT NOTE ***
      My E-Mail address has changed.  I can now be contacted via E-mail at
      I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
    I	Introduction
    		Some helpful tips before you begin
    		2-Player Pie Slap Mode
    II	The Walkthrough
    III	List of Items
    IV	Conclusion/Credits
    		Other FAQs by the same author
    *         PART ONE:  THE INTRODUCTION        *
    	This is the FAQ/Walkthrough for Cosmic Spacehead for the Genesis.  
    For all practical purposes, it is identical to the game known as "Linus 
    Spacehead" for the 8-bit Nintendo.  As far as I know, the two games are 
    identical, although I have never completely played through the one for 
    NES.  Thus, I am only making an assumption here :)  I do plan on going 
    through it, but if anyone can confirm that there are any differences 
    between the two, please contact me.
    	So why in the world did I choose to make an FAQ for this game?  
    Well, it is a nice change from all the RPGs I have been playing 
    recently, and it is one of those games that challenges the mind as well 
    as the reflexes.  The game has two modes... the main mode is where you 
    run around in a "Maniac Mansion-ish" sort of setting.  You point the 
    arrow to where you want Cosmic to move, and he moves.  There are 5 
    commands... LOOK, PICK UP, GIVE, USE, and TALK.  These commands are what 
    allows you to pick up items, talk to people, etc.  As you move between 
    screens for the first time, you will enter a side-scrolling run & jump 
    mode where you must avoid enemies and pick up candy to gain extra lives.  
    A weird mix, but it certainly makes the game... erm, interesting.  :P
    	The of the more useful (?) features is that is quad-lingual, 
    capable of displaying text in English, French, Spanish, and German.  Of 
    course, if you don't know English, then this FAQ is basically useless to 
    you.  ^_^
    	Somewhere, in the far reaches of space... there is a planet that 
    is only rumored to exist.  It is said to contain the most strangest 
    inhabitants in the universe.  The name of this planet is.... Earth.
    	While riding in his star-cruiser, a young boy by the name of 
    Cosmic Spacehead "accidently" came across this strange planet.  
    Hurriedly he raced home to his home planet, Linoleum, to tell everyoned 
    of his discovery, but no one believed him.  And to make matters worse, 
    his star-cruiser mysteriously broke down.  Now, Cosmic is determined to 
    make his way back to Earth and prove his discovery!
    	- In a game of this sort, perhaps the most important thing is to 
    experiment, Experiment, EXPERIMENT!  Try LOOKING AT, TALKING TO, PICKING 
    UP, and USING everything you see as you may gain some unexpected clues!
    	- The only way to obtain Lino dollars is by using the Luk.E.Day 
    machine at Cape Carnival.  Don't worry about losing all your money... if 
    you have only 1 dollar left, you will always hit the jackpot!
    	- To obtain a password, find the P symbols scattered throughout 
    the planet.  If you USE them, they will give you a password which you 
    can use to start the game later at that same point.
    	- When you switch between screens, you will have to go through a 
    run & jump level.  However, once you have completed it you will never 
    have to go through it again.  So pick up as much of the Candy as you 
    --------2-PLAYER PIE SLAP MODE--------
    	*NOTE* This mode is available in the Genesis version ONLY.
    	This is a two-player game in which each person drives their little 
    dinosaur-looking thing around and tries to hit the other with pies.  To 
    turn your dinosaur around, use the control pad.  To move forward, use 
    the C button, and the A button will let you go in reverse.  The B button 
    lets you fire a pie (right into your opponent's face!  muahahaha).  
    There are four "battlefields" to choose from, as well.  From time to 
    time, a colored... thing will appear on the screen.  Different 
    colored... "things" do different "things".  :P
    YELLOW -- Gives you "bumper pies"!  Your pies will bounce off the walls,
              but they will still disappear after a little while.
    RED    -- Speeds up your pies!
    BLUE   -- Speeds up your dinosaur!
    GREEN  -- Gives you greater control over your pies.  Use the direction
    	    pad after firing to give your pies a curve!
    PURPLE -- Lets you fire two pies in rapid succession!	
    	Well, the rest is pretty much self-explanatory.  Just remember to 
    waste your opponent before they waste you!  :P
    *         PART TWO:  THE WALKTHROUGH         *
    	And, without further adieu... the walkthrough!
    	Our buddy Cosmic starts off in OLD LINO TOWN.  The only item you 
    have at this point is your BIRTH CERTIFICATE.  Instead of moving the 
    arrow down to the commands (which can get annoying at times), press the 
    B button and the commands will appear automatically.  Keep pressing the 
    B button until the correct one comes up.  First, take the LINO TOWN 
    TELEKEY to the left.  Then go to the right and pick up the LINO DOLLAR.  
    That machine there is a teleport machine, and can take you quickly from 
    place to place, but only if you have the correct telekey.  For example, 
    you can only get to Old Lino Town if you have the OLD LINO TOWN TELEKEY.  
    For now, the teleport machine is useless.  :P
    	Once you get the telekey and coin, head left off the screen.  
    You'll come to the first action area.  Move to the left, using the C 
    button to jump.  Watch out for the critters, you'll lose a life if you 
    hit one.  Also, be sure to pick up the Candy... if you collect 10 of 
    them you'll gain an extra life!  
    	Note that also you have temporary control over Cosmic after he 
    gets hit by a critter.  As he is falling upside-down to the bottom of 
    the screen, you can move him left and right with the direction keys to 
    pick up candies.  Think of it as the bright side of dying.  :P
    	This action area has 10 CANDIES.  If you pick them all up, you'll 
    get an extra life!  When you reach the far left, walk off the screen and 
    you'll find yourself in CAPE CARNIVAL.
    	Here you will find a P symbol.  Using a command on it lets you 
    obtain a password which you can use to start the game at that point 
    later.  TALK TO the attendant and you'll learn that you can win a ticket 
    to Detroitica if you win the bumper car race.  Cosmic tries to sign up, 
    but unfortunately he doesn't have a driving license.  But, the nice 
    attendant gives you a HELIUM BALLOON as a consolation.
    	After obtaining the balloon, go over to the slot machine (also 
    known as the LUK-E-DAY machine).  USE your LINO DOLLAR in it and you 
    will hit the jackpot!  You'll receive 50 LINO DOLLARS!  Wow... not bad, 
    eh?  You can keep pumping in money, but there's no guarantee that you'll 
    win or not.  The one thing to remember is, that you will always win when 
    you put your last dollar in there.
    	Once you have at least 50 dollars, head back right to Old Lino 
    Town.  USE the DOOR to enter the Post Office.  First, use 1 LINO DOLLAR 
    in the SUPA-VEND VENDING MACHINE to get some GUNPOWDER.  (Gunpowder in a 
    Vending Machine?  What kind of planet is this?)  Then, TALK TO the lady 
    in the ENQUIRIES OFFICE and buy some notepaper and stamps for 10 LINO 
    DOLLARS.  You'll get a READY-MADE LETTER.  USE this LETTER in the 
    MAILBOX and Cosmic will send it off to his Cousin Linochev.
    	Now, TALK TO the lady in the LOST PROPERTY office.  She has two 
    things there... a JOKE BOOK and a MISSILE TARGETING DEVICE (?!?).  She 
    will give you the JOKE BOOK but you'll need proof that you own the 
    Missile Launcher before she'll give it to you.  The JOKE BOOK does 
    nothing except tell jokes.  LOOK AT it!
    	Finally, since we are on a spending spree, go over to the Photo U-
    Like Booth and spend another LINO DOLLAR to get some PASSPORT PHOTOS.  
    Talk to the lady in the ENQUIRIES OFFICE again and Cosmic will ask for a 
    passport.  She'll take a look at your BIRTH CERTIFICATE, take your 
    PASSPORT PHOTOS, and give you a PASSPORT!
    	Now exit the Post Office.  If you look at the bottom part of the 
    screen, you'll see some fences.  Between those is an exit off the bottom 
    of the screen.  USE it to enter the next action area.
    	Make your way to the right, picking up the 6 CANDIES along the 
    way.  Once you make it through this area, you'll be at the border 
    between Old Lino Town and Formica!  There is another PASSWORD here 
    should you need to use it.
    	Show your PASSPORT to the PASSPORT OFFICIAL and the doors will 
    open.  Head off the right side of the screen into another action area.
    	There are 6 CANDIES here as well.  Once you make it through this 
    area, you'll be at a riverbank.  PICK UP the ICING SUGAR.  You won't be 
    able to use the bathtub yet because it is leaky and somewhat dangerous.  
    Now, head back to Old Lino Town and head right off the screen to yet 
    another action area.
    	Try to gather all 7 CANDIES as you make your way to the right.  
    You'll come out in the Wilderness.  However, there is a big green scary 
    one-eyed monster in the middle of the path.  GIVE him your balloon and 
    he will float away :)
    	Continue to the right and through the action area (10 candies).  
    You'll now be at the COOL POOL, where there is a pond that is cold but 
    not quite frozen over.  Maybe we should help it out a bit, eh?  Use your 
    ICING SUGAR to freeze the pond.  Now you can cross to the other side!
    	This next action area is tricky.  It is completely dark, and the 
    only source of light is the lightning that flashes from time to time.  
    The plants in the background seem to have "steps" on them... they can be 
    climbed to jump over the bigger gaps.  There are 5 CANDIES... try to get 
    them all!
    	DODGEY CITY looks pretty bleak.  There are shadows of creepy 
    things all around that scatter at your slighest movement.  First pick up 
    the DODGEY CITY TELEKEY.  There is also a PASSWORD here if you want to 
    use it.  The only other thing here is a teleport machine which 
    unfortunately is locked.  However there seems to be something inside... 
    how could we get there???
    	But of course!  Go back to Old Lino Town and use the Dodgey City 
    telekey to teleport back to Dodgey City.  You'll be inside the teleport 
    machine.  Although you can't get out, you can still pick up the item 
    inside... it's a WATERPROOF PLUG!
    	Now use the OLD LINO TOWN TELEKEY to head back to Old Lino Town.  
    Before going back to the bathtub, go back to Cape Carnival and pump 
    money into the LUK-E-DAY machine until you have at least 50 dollars 
    again.  Then go back to the riverbank and USE the WATERPROOF PLUG in the 
    bathtub.  Now that the leak is sealed, you're good to go!  Sail in the 
    bathtub to the other side of Dodgey City.  Pick up the SURF BOARD and 
    continue to the right for another action area.
    	This one is very similar to the previous one in that there is no 
    light.  Dodgey City is a very creepy place indeed.  There are 7 more 
    CANDIES waiting to be picked up as well :)
    	When you reach the other side of Dodgey City, you'll meet a guy 
    known as Shady Lionel.  He can help you get off this planet by selling 
    you a pirated Driver's License for 50 Lino Dollars!  Cosmic Robbery!  
    Well, at least now you have a DRIVER'S LICENSE.  Go back to Cape 
    Carnival and talk to the attendant again.  Now that you have a license, 
    Cosmic will enter the bumper car race!  (under the name of the original 
    license holder.. Larry Flint ?!?)
    	The bumper car race is rather difficult.  Use the C button move 
    forward, while using the direction keys to turn.  Remember these are 
    bumper cars so they will bounce all over the place easily if you hit 
    walls or other cars.  Cosmic is in the yellow car :)
    	Also be sure to watch out for the holes in the track.  If you are 
    unfortunate enough to fall into one, you will be carried back to the 
    starting line.  Don't worry about beating the other cars... instead 
    concentrating on finishing the 3 laps in the time limit.  There's no way 
    you can lose unless you run out of time.  It will seem like the blue car 
    is way ahead of everyone, but about midway through the second lap it 
    goes out of control ^_^
    	If you can finish 3 laps in the time limit, you win!  You will 
    receive a TICKET TO DETROITICA!  Also, be sure to use the LUK-E-DAY 
    machine again until you have at least 50 dollars.
    	Now, head back to the border and take the west path to go to 
    FORMICA.  But first you'll have to go through another action area :)
    	Get the 7 CANDIES and when you get to Formica, pick up the FORMICA 
    TELEKEY.  To the left you'll notice an electric field barring the way 
    left.  USE that button and you'll jump up onto it.  The electric field 
    will disappear!  However, once you step off that button, the field comes 
    back.  Hmm...
    	Well this time we'll have to make use of the abnormal effects that 
    sometimes result from teleportation.  Use the Old Lino Town Telekey in 
    the teleport machine to teleport to Old Lino Town.  Then, use the 
    Formica Telekey in the teleport machine to go back to Formica.  When you 
    arrive back at Formica, Cosmic will be cloned!  Move Cosmic onto the 
    button, then press A to switch to the other Cosmic.  Put the second 
    Cosmic on the other button.  Once this is done, the barrier is 
    neutralized and you can pass through it freely!
    	Continue through the next action area, picking up the 8 CANDIES 
    along the way.  Soon you'll come to the Cosmic Coast.  Using your 
    SURFBOARD, head off the west side of the screen to a surfing action 
    area.  Avoid the fishies that jump out of the water and grab the 6 
    CANDIES, and when you exit you'll be on the coast of Linograd.  
    Unfornuately, you won't be able to enter from here because you need a 
    	Pick up the FUSEWIRE.  Then head back to the Post Office in Old 
    Lino Town.  TALK to the ENQUIRIES OFFICE and... surprise!  Cousin 
    Linochev has replied already!  In his letter, he gives this simple 
    instruction... "Go to Cape Carnival.. all will be revealed".  ?!?
    	Well, might as well go to Cape Carnival, huh?  Sure enough, once 
    you get there you'll see a secret tunnel in the ground.  However, the 
    tunnel is completely dark!  Looks like we're gonna have to use the 
    abnormal effects of teleportation again...
    	Go back to Formica and use the Old Lino Town telekey to get back 
    to Old Lino Town.  Cosmic will now begin to glow like a light bulb!  
    This will serve as your light to get you through the tunnel.
    	Well, even so... the light isn't much.  WATCH YOUR STEP!  If you 
    fall into the water or a pit, your history... just make your way to the 
    left.  Sometimes you will have to go down to the lower area to bypass a 
    pit that is too far to jump...
    	When you hit the far left, jump up out of the tunnel and you will 
    be in Linograd, at a huge launch pad.  First, head left off the screen.  
    Go through the action area (5 CANDIES) and you will come to a cave.  
    Pick up the MATCH.  There is another PASSWORD here as well.  Now, head 
    back out of the caves to Linograd.  Go back into the secret tunnel (you 
    don't actually have to go back through it :) and back to Old Lino Town.  
    Talk to the lady at the LOST PROPERTY office and since you have enough 
    stuff to launch a missile, she will give you the MISSILE TARGETING 
    	Now head back to Linograd.  USE the TARGETING DEVICE in the 
    MISSILE.  Then, use the FUSEWIRE in the MISSILE, and lastly the 
    GUNPOWDER on the MISSILE.  Now, use the MATCH on the FUSEWIRE and watch 
    the fireworks!  The missile slams right into the barrier on the right 
    side of the area, allowing passage to the right!
    	Head right, through the action area (6 CANDIES).  You'll now be at 
    No Man's Causeway, where there is a pool that is too big to jump.  You 
    have no ICING SUGAR left and the SURFBOARD doesn't work either.  You 
    guessed it.... TELEPORT EFFECTS!
    	The only thing that complicates this one is that the teleporter in 
    Linograd only accepts "incoming calls".  This means you can't "dial 
    out"... or in other words.. you can't teleport out but you can teleport 
    in.  So, use the secret tunnel and head back to Old Lino Town.  Then use 
    the LINOGRAD TELEKEY in the teleport machine to head back to Linograd.  
    When you exit, Cosmic will have... Cosmic strength!  Enough to jump over 
    that pool!
    	Head through the next action area (8 CANDIES) and pick up the 
    Linoville TELEKEY.  There's also a PASSWORD here.  Head to the right 
    through yet another action area (9 CANDIES) and you will be in 
    	In Linoville, you'll see a door that is just too high for you to 
    reach.  Well, you know the procedure by now.  Use the Old Lino Town 
    Telekey in the machine to go back to Old Lino Town, then use the 
    LINOVILLE TELEKEY to go directly back to Linoville.  This teleport 
    machine will give you a lasting-teleport effect, meaning that wherever 
    your point, Cosmic will teleport instead of move.  By using this, you 
    can enter the door into the camera shop!
    	TALK to the assistant and buy a CAMERA and a roll of SUPA COLOR 
    FILM for 50 Lino Dollars.  Then, exit the shop and continue to the right 
    through one last action area (7 CANDIES).
    	Finally!  The bus depot!  With your hard-earned TICKET TO 
    DETROITICA... the bus will pick you up and Cosmic is on is way!!!
    	The bus will land at the Detroitica bus stop.  Head to the right 
    (you guessed it -- another action area!  9 CANDIES) and you will come to 
    the reception room of the robot factory.  You'll notice a computer here, 
    but it cannot be turned on unless you have a key.  There is also a 
    PASSWORD here.  :)
    	Head right, through the door that says "Staff Only".  (Hey, why 
    not?)  This is a semi-action area... move to the right.. but watch out 
    for the repair drones that fly left and right across the top of the 
    screen from time to time.  They send electrical beams down... they won't 
    kill you but they will knock you off balance and down to the conveyor 
    belt which in turn sweeps you all the way back to the reception room.  
    Just be careful, OK?  Once you proceed far enough, you will find the 
    computer room key.  Pick it up and then go back to the reception room 
    (it's easiest just to get zapped).  Use the KEY on the computer...
    	You will be asked to enter a de-activation code that consists of 
    three characters (denoted by colored bumper cars) and four places.  
    Think of it as a four-digit number where the numbers can each be only 1, 
    2, or 3.  When you place the code, the computer will check the code.. if 
    you got one of the "numbers" right a check-mark will appear under it, 
    telling you that number is correct. (some security, huh?) To confuse 
    you, sometimes a ? mark will appear... probably a stupid big in the 
    computer... :P  If you fail 3 times the program will be aborted and the 
    code will change.
    	The drones will now be de-activated, making your trek through the 
    factory a lot easier.  Proceed to the right and you will come to the 
    Workshop.  There's nothing to do here, so continue to the right.  You 
    will then meet a huge robot who throws scrap metal at you.  The object 
    is to get all the way to the right side of the screen.  If you get hit 
    with a piece of junk, Cosmic will be knocked backwards... if you are hit 
    3 times, you will be set onto the conveyor belt and dumped into the 
    Scrapyard.  If that happens, you'll have to go through an action area (7 
    CANDIES) to get back to the factory reception room.
    	Once you get past the robot, you'll be in the Staff Room.  Get 
    your PASSWORD, then press the red button on the wall.  The door will 
    open, revealing the hiding place of all the Detroitica people.  They 
    will thank you for your help and one of them will give you his CAR KEYS 
    and tell you to escape Detroitica immediately!  This last action zone is 
    very annoying because there are little electric beams that shoot through 
    the areas where you need to jump :P.  So you'll need to time your jumps 
    wisely.  Try to get all 7 CANDIES...
    	When you make it all the way to the right, you hit the CAR LOT.  
    There, Cosmic will use his new-found keys and zoom off in a space 
    cruiser!  At last Cosmic is on his way back to Earth!
    	Unfortunately, along the way Cosmic hits a belt of asteroids.  Use 
    the direction keys to maneuver around.  It doesn't matter if you hit the 
    asteroids or not... I think you may actually be supposed to (-shrug-)
    	Well, after playing all that asteroid dodge-ball, the car has 
    guzzled its meager fuel supply.  So Cosmic decides to stop at a Space 
    Station to refuel.
    	At the Gas Station, you'll find another password.  Now all you 
    have to do is refuel and you're home free!
    	But of course, even a simple refuel job gets complicated.  The gas 
    pumps only work with Spacebucks, which you don't have.  Looks like 
    you'll have to find some!
    	BTW, if you want a laugh, try to use the gas pump on the right.  
    	Go down the tunnel into the hub of the Space Station.  Here you 
    will find 6 doors... each labeled with a name.  There are items behind 
    each of the doors, one of which is the spacebucks.  You will need the 
    other 5 items to get to the spacebucks, and usually you will need one 
    item to get another.
    	So there is a "best" order to do the doors in.  First, enter Door 
    4... labelled "No 4... No Floor!"
    	This action area, well, doesn't have much of a floor at all.  Just 
    hop along the platforms and pick up the 6 CANDIES.  Once you hit room 
    number 4, walk up the stairs and pick up the ANTI-GRAVITY SLIDE, which 
    works as a mini-elevator.  Now, head back to the hub.
    	Next, enter door 2... labelled "No 2... Hard to Get Thru!"
    	This action zone goes to the left, and there is a strong wind 
    blowing to the right... making the going from right to left slower 
    (hence the name)... just trudge to the left, watching out for enemies, 
    and picking up the 7 CANDIES.  Once inside, go to the left and position 
    yourself in the gap in platforms above you and use the ANTI-GRAVITY 
    SLIDE.  Then pick up the TRAMPOLINE!  Head back to the hub.
    	Next, enter door 5... labelled "No 5... Ordinary Really"
    	Well, this one is pretty much normal.  Just move to the right 
    avoiding the enemies like you always do, and be sure to pick up the 7 
    CANDIES.  Once inside,  head right and use the ANTI-GRAVITY SLIDE, then 
    TRAMPOLINE yourself up to the ledge where the BRIDGE is!  Back to the 
    	Next, enter door 6... labelled "No 6... Gravity Mix"
    	This one is strange... the gravity changes at random.  When the 
    screen flashes, gravity has changed.  Sometimes Cosmic will jump lower 
    than normal (which is pretty bad considering he can barely jump in the 
    first place), and sometimes he will jump higher than normal (he needs 
    all the help he can get :P)  Get the 7 CANDIES and continue :)  When you 
    get to the room inside, head to the right and use your ANTI-GRAVITY 
    SLIDE, then move left and use your BRIDGE to get across the gap.  Head 
    to the left and use the TRAMPOLINE to get the BLOWPIPE!  Now head back 
    to the hub yet again...
    	Next, enter door 3... labelled "No 3... I Can't See"
    	Ack.. probably the most annoying of the six.  From time to time, 
    the screen will turn blood red, making everything invisible except for 
    Cosmic, the enemies, and candy.  Head to the left, but when the screen 
    turns red, stop and wait for it to change back.  Get the 6 CANDIES as 
    well!  You'll have to use all your tools to get the item here.  First, 
    head left and up the stairs.  Use the BRIDGE to cross the gap.  Head to 
    the right and fall down above the box that says "37".  Use the 
    TRAMPOLINE to get back to the ledges up top.  Move to the right, and if 
    you fall in between to the two tiny ledges, use the ANTI-GRAVITY SLIDE 
    to get back up onto the on the right.  Finally, position yourself close 
    to the box and use the BLOWPIPE to blow the box down onto the floor.  
    Pick up the BOX and head back to the hub!
    	Finally, door 1... labelled "No 1... Weighs a Ton"
    	This one really weighs you down.  Gravity is increased, making it 
    harder for Cosmic to jump.  Carefully make your way to the left and 
    collect the 6 CANDIES.  When you head inside, you'll notice a green 
    thing wandering around on the left.  Believe it or not, that is 10 
    Spacebucks.  First head to the right and use the ANTI-GRAVITY SLIDE.  
    Then use the TRAMPOLINE to get up top, then use the BRIDGE to cross the 
    gap to the left.  Fall down to the left to get to the ledge(s) where the 
    spacebucks are and use the money box.  When the spacebucks fall, they 
    will land in the money box!  You've got them!
    	Now, head back to the hub one last time and use the gravity 
    trampoline to jump back up to the gas station.  Use the GAS PUMP and 
    you've won!  Cosmic takes pictures of the strange planet known as Earth 
    and proves to everyone that he discovered it!  Now you can sit and... 
    erm... watch the credits over and over again :)
    *       PART THREE:  LIST OF ITEMS           *
    	Well, to make it a little easier (?) I included a list of items... 
    here you will find each item, where it can be found, and what it does.  
    This will help you if you are stuck but don't want to resort to using 
    the walkthrough :P
    Obtained in No.4 No Floor
    Used in quest to get Spacebucks
    You start with it :)
    Used along with 2 Passport Photos to acquire a Passport
    Obtained in No.6 Gravity Mix
    Used in quest to get Spacebucks 
    Obtained in No.5 Ordinary Really
    Used in quest to get Spacebucks 
    Obtained after you win the Bumper Car Race
    Used to get to Detroitica at the Bus Depot
    Bought from Camera Shop in Linoville for 50 Lino Dollars
    Cosmic needs to prove he discovered Earth!
    Obtained when you save the people of Detroitica from the robots
    Lets you use a car to leave Detroitica
    Found in the robot factory
    Lets you enter the computer system in the robot factory
    Obtained from the Lost Property Office
    Tells Jokes :P
    Found in Dodgey City
    Used to teleport to Dodgey City at a Teleport Machine
    Bought from Shady Lionel at Dodgey City for 50 Lino Dollars
    Used to enter the Bumper Car Race at Cape Carnival
    Found in Formica
    Used to teleport to Formica at a Teleport Machine
    Found after using the Surf Board to cross the green water
    Used to launch the missile
    Obtained from the Vending Machine in Old Lino Town Post Office
    Used to launch the missile
    When you first talk to the assistant at Cape Carnival
    Give it to the Scary Monster in the Wilderness and he'll float away
    Obtained at the coastline between Formica and Dodgey City
    Lets you freeze the Cool Pool
    Found in Old Lino Town or won from the LUK-E-DAY machine
    Used to buy stuff on Planet Linoleum
    Found in Old Lino Town
    Lets you teleport back to Old Lino Town at a Teleport Machine
    Found at the beginning of No-Man's Causeway
    Lets you teleport back to Linograd at a Teleport Machine
    Found at the end of No-Man's Causeway
    Lets you teleport back to Linoville at a Teleport Machine
    Found in the Caves west of Linograd
    Used to light the gunpowder, which launches the missile
    Obtained from Lost Property Office once you have everything needed to 
    launch a missile
    Used to launch the missile
    Obtained in No.3 I Can't See
    Used to catch the Spacebucks
    Obtained from enquiries office after you give her passport photos
    Used to enter the City of Formica
    Use the Photo U-Like machine at the Old Lino Town Post Office
    Give them to the lady at the enquiries office to get a passport
    Pay 10 Lino Dollars to the lady at the Enquiries Office
    Send it to Cousin Linochev and when he replies the secret tunnel at Cape 
    Carnival is revealed
    Found in the Dodgey City Teleport Machine
    Lets you seal the hole in the bathtub at the border between Formica and 
    Dodgey City
    Found in No.1 Weighs A Ton
    Lets you buy the fuel you need to get to Earth and back home!
    Found after you ride the bathtub from Formica to Dodgey City
    Lets you cross the green water west of Formica
    Obtained when you buy the camera
    Used for taking pictures!  :P
    Obtained in No.2 Hard to Get Thru
    Used in quest for Spacebucks
    *       PART FOUR:  CONCLUSION               *
    	Well, that's it!  I hope this helped somehow.  Like I said before, 
    from what I've seen... the NES version (Linus Spacehead) appears to be 
    identical to Cosmic, but if there are any big differences please let me 
    know :)
    	Uh... credits?  Hmm... don't seem to have any yet.  Well that's 
    the way it usually is when an FAQ comes out.  Except for the obvious 
    that is...
    - To Codemasters for making the game in the first place :)
    Dragon Warrior I (NES)
    Dragon Warrior II (NES)
    The 7th Saga (SNES)
    Dragon Warrior III (NES) -- Coming Soon... Really!  I Promise :P
    	Here's the technical babble that goes at the end of every FAQ....
    	This document may be distributed freely as long as it is not 
    modified or changed in any way, and the author is given proper credit 
    for his work.
    ********THE END********
    -Copyright (C) 1999 by Dalez (dalez@intercom.net)
    -All rights reserved
    -Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200

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