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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Metal Snake

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    Metal Snake's FAQ for:
    Little Nemo: The Dream Master
    Game copyright Capcom USA Inc, 1990.
    This FAQ copyright 2002 P.Flatley.
    Questions? Comments? Angry Protests? p.flatley@gmail.com
    Enjoy this FAQ! Use it however you please. But don't try to profit from it.
    Credit me if you use it somewhere. That's about it, I think.
    Version Info
               v1.0  Started 12th June '02.
                     Finished, proofread and submitted to GameFaqs 14th June '02.
    This file: v1.1  Fixed some minor errors (Frog's max health, some
    organizational stuff).
                     Submitted to GameFaqs same day as v1.0
    1)The Basics
    1A)What to do
    1B)Life. Death. Game Ovaa!
    1D)Animal Buddies
    1E)Enemy Creatures
    2A)Mushroom Forest
    2B)Flower Garden
    2C)House of Toys
    2D)Night Sea
    2E)Nemo's House
    2F)Cloud Ruins
    (Special Note: The Morningstar)
    2H)Nightmare World
    3A)Level Select Code
    3B)About Nemo
    Why write this FAQ? Well, Little Nemo has always been a favorite game of mine,
    and is actually fairly challenging. So I thought an FAQ could be of some use to
    someone? Actually, Yakuza's had a complete walkthrough posted for years now,
    but I couldn't resist writing this. Anyway, enough said. Enjoy this FAQ. It's
    my first, so forgive me if it's a bit rough around the edges.
    *Note: I've never had access to this game's instructions, so all enemy names
    are off the top of my head. They're always consistent, however.
    1)The Basics
    To be honest, Little Nemo is a pretty easy game to understand; virtually anyone
    can jump in and figure out the majority of the game's mechanics simply by
    playing. You might want to skip this part and jump to the walkthrough itself;
    in any case, this section details the basics of the gameplay, including
    objectives, rules, controls, animal helpers and enemy creatures.
    1A)What to do
    The object of the game is to retrieve the several keys scattered throughout
    the levels, then head to the Exit Door of the level, open it and move on.
    You'll know if you've gotten all of the keys when you've opened all of the
    locks by the Exit. If any locks are left, you're missing keys.
    Along the way, you'll need to gain control of various friendly animals (see
    1D) located around the levels, by feeding them candy. Once you've tamed them,
    you can use their abilities to collect more keys and fend off enemy creatures.
    As you'd expect, there are loads of enemies running about the place (see 1E),
    who'll try to kill you. Hey, this is a videogame. What are enemies for?
    1B)Life. Death. Game Ovaa!
    Nemo begins the game with four lives. You can collect more by picking up 1ups
    scattered around the levels.
    Nemo starts each life with three health bars, and loses one each time he's
    hurt by an enemy. Lose all of your health, and you'll "die," losing one life.
    In general, you'll restart at a point near to where you bought the farm. Health
    can be replenished by picking up Bottles (restore one bar) or Medikits (restore
    all health). Note that various animal helpers have different health capacities;
    see 1D.
    Run out of lives and it's Game Over. Fortunately, you can continue from the
    title screen; just choose "Continue" and you'll return to the level where you
    left off.
    (When playing as Nemo)
    A- Jump. Tap for a smaller jump, hold for a bigger one.
    B- Throw candy.
    LEFT- Run or Swim left.
    RIGHT- Run or Swim right.
    UP- Swim upwards. Hold UP, then jump to leap higher out of the water.
    DOWN- Duck or Swim downwards.
    When you're playing as an animal, some controls will change according to that
    animal's abilities. For instance, to run up and down walls with the Mouse,
    press UP or DOWN while on the wall. To fly as the Hornet, tap A rapidly.
    In some cases, animals simply don't have certain moves; e.g, the Mole can't
    jump, the Frog can't duck. Aside from exceptions like these, the basic controls
    remain the same no matter what form Nemo takes.
    1D)Animal Buddies
    No, not every creature Nemo meets is intent on mauling him. Feed the following
    benevolent animals three pieces of candy to tame them, then walk up to them to
    hitch a ride\gain their powers. Press SELECT to change back to Nemo's original
    Note that touching even a friendly animal before you've tamed it will
    hurt\kill Nemo! Some friends, hmm?
    (Listed in order of appearance. LIFE= indicates an animal's maximum life bar
    FROG: Swims very quickly, jumps really high. Can kill enemies by jumping on
    them. Unfortunately, he's very slow on land. LIFE=3.
    MOLE: Can dig through soil to find keys. He can't jump or attack, but that's
    not really a problem in the area you'll use him. LIFE=4
    LIZARD: A fast runner, can fit through narrow spaces, and he climbs walls too.
    His jump is a bit weak, and he's got no means of attack. LIFE=4
    GORILLA: Can throw punches, and climbs walls and trees just like the Lizard. He
    jumps well, and can take a lot of punishment (which is good, as he's a big
    target). LIFE=5.
    HORNET: He can fly (for a limited time), making him useful to say the least. He
    also falls much slower than other animals\Nemo. Can fire quick (but weak)
    stingers while airborne. LIFE=4.
    HERMIT CRAB: Similar to the Mole, he can dig through sand (jump onto sand, then
    tap A rapidly while moving the pad to dig). Also has a pincer attack. Just be
    careful around pits. LIFE=4.
    FLOUNDER: Swims even faster than the Frog; he's extremely maneuverable. No
    attack, but then he doesn't really need one. Tough, as well. LIFE=5
    MOUSE: Like the Lizard, he climbs walls. He's not as fast, but makes up for
    that with better jumping, more life, and his mallet attack. Use the mallet to
    knock down certain walls. LIFE=5
    *Note: ONLY the FROG, FLOUNDER and HERMIT CRAB can swim. Any other animal will
    start to drown if you try to enter water with them, and you'll need to press
    SELECT to switch to back to Nemo.
    1E)Enemy Creatures
    These creatures are more interested in Nemo's blood than his candy. Okay,
    that's a bit melodramatic, but they'll still try to kill you. None of the
    following creatures can be tamed; rather, hitting any enemy with candy will
    stun it for roughly two seconds.
    Along with the common enemies, you'll also run into Bosses at certain points;
    I'll detail them as they appear during the walkthrough.
    (Listed alphabetically)
    BARNACLE: Sticks to underwater walls, spitting bullets in a limited-range
    spread pattern.
    BAT: Hovers down from the ceiling to your head-level, then charges at you. Can
    be avoided by leaping just before they charge, then ducking; the bat should go
    right over your head.
    BUZZARD: Flies around the top of the screen carrying its nestling, who drops
    eggs on you.
    CHIMP: A chimpanzee balancing on a stack of china plates, which it hurls at
    you. Best avoided in most cases.
    CROCODILE: Swims about, occasionally leaping up to attack you. Not really a
    problem, just hurry past.
    FLOATER: Drifts downward from the top of the screen towards you, then falls
    straight down at you once it's closed in. Pretty annoying. To ditch them,
    simply wait until they've started to descend on you, then run.
    FLY: Flies towards Nemo in a diagonal-downwards path, then returns the opposite
    way. Duck it or jump it, depending on your position.
    FLYING FISH: Leaps up from the water and charges at you. Jump it or duck it,
    just make sure you avoid it.
    FLYING SQUIRREL: Hangs from ceilings, then drops to level with you and charges.
    Approach with a jump, then drop as it flies over your head.
    FLYING TURTLE: Similar to the Buzzard, but a bit trickier. Regurgitates shells
    (don't ask me...), which hit the ground and roll about, ricocheting off of
    walls, etc.
    FROG: Runs around aimlessly. No big deal, hop over it.
    HANGING SPIDER-THING ("HANGER"): Hangs from the trees in the Flower Garden.
    Takes two hits to kill it; avoid hitting its thread, which will cause it to hit
    the ground and slither at you.
    PUFFERFISH: Fires spines in a 360' pattern, and can pass through solid rock to
    keep up with you. It's pretty bad news, so hurry past it.
    RABBIT: Only found once throughout the game (in the Flower Garden). Rolls
    melons down a slope towards you, which become Small Frogs. It then proceeds to
    run down the slope, knocking into you. You can avoid it completely using the
    underwater route found in this area.
    SNAIL: Crawls around in a straight line. Just jump over it.
    SQUID: Rockets up from the bottom of the screen. Simply avoid being above it
    when it does so.
    STUMPY: Best name I could think of! A misanthropic tree stump, which can spit
    sap at you. It's very slow, just run from it.
    TADPOLES: Chase you relentlessly while you're in the water. Pretty dangerous,
    just swim away from them as quickly as possible.
    TOY PLANE: May try to kamikaze you, or simply fly past. Attacks in squadrons.
    TOY AIRSHIP: Drops bombs in an erratic pattern. These attack alongside Toy
    WORM: Springs up from the ground and squirms towards you. Just jump.
    There are also various environmental hazards found throughout the levels, which
    I'll cover during the walkthrough. Speaking of which...
    A few notes before you start: Since the keys are usually your main objective,
    I've written each level's walkthrough as a key-by-key breakdown, going by
    paragraphs. Also, I've capitalized the names of any useful landmarks (ie Red
    Mushrooms, Lower Path) for added emphasis. Okay, let's go.
    2A)Mushroom Forest (SIX keys)
    Enemies: SNAIL   Buddies:FROG
             FLY             MOLE
             FROG            LIZARD
    After talking with Flip, head right; you'll come to a Frog very shortly. Get
    it (as in, "give it three candies and jump on"), then hop directly up the
    mushrooms it was sitting under. Hop across to the Blue Mushroom you'll notice
    at the Top Right, climb it, and you've got the First Key.
    Next, head to the right along the tops of the Giant Mushrooms. Keep heading
    that way, avoiding or killing Flies and Snails; you'll eventually come to a
    cliff, on top of which you'll find another Blue Mushroom. Climb it, and there's
    the Second Key.
    Drop from the Blue Mushroom and go right. You'll eventually come to a field of
    soil, in which you'll notice a HUGE Red Mushroom. Scale it, and get the Third
    Key at the very top.
    Head down the right side of the Red Mushroom, and find the Mole in the right
    corner of the field. Ditch the Frog (press SELECT) and get the Mole, then dig
    straight down. There's your Fourth Key!
    Now dig down and drop to the floor, then run left to get the Fifth Key.
    You can go left from here, digging through the soil and heading down the
    passage. You'll find the Lizard; switch back to Nemo and get it, then exit
    right after collecting the 1up. You'll pop up at the summit of the Huge
    Mushroom; run down, let the frogs go past, then hop over the mole and run up
    the wall. From here, keep heading upwards and to the right; you'll reach
    another 1up, and the edge of a Waterfall. Run down the Left Side of the Falls,
    until you reach a Stone Platform; jump on, hopping to the right along the other
    Platforms, until you reach the Right Side of the Waterfall. Climb up (you'll
    have to back down a bit to avoid suicidal frog-jumpers) and grab the Sixth Key.
    That's all of the keys; just go right, and you'll reach the Exit Door shortly.
    Easy, huh?
    2B)Flower Garden (SIX keys)
    New Enemies: BUZZARD   New Buddies:GORILLA
                 TADPOLE               HORNET
    Chat with the rather trippy-looking creature at the onset, then jump into the
    water and swim to the very bottom to meet Oompi, who's pretty odd-looking
    himself. Learn where to find the Lizard, then exit right. You'll reappear on
    the opposite side of the water; head right, hopping the worms, and hook up with
    the Gorilla. Continue right, using his Gorilla fists to hammer any Flies or
    Worms that attack; you'll reach a tree shortly. Kill both Hangers, then climb
    Climbing the tree, you'll have to dodge Floaters. Here's how to deal with
    them, and you'll need to do this several times throughout the game: Let the
    Floater fall close enough to get a bead on you, so that it heads straight down
    for you, then quickly move aside. It'll fall harmlessly, and you'll get a
    moment's respite until the next one drifts down. Okay, once you're at the top,
    ditch the Gorilla for the Lizard and grab the First Key, then head back down.
    Back on the ground, go left, dodging the Worms and Hangers. You'll notice a
    narrow passageway; head in using the Lizard, and carefully move past the
    spikes. By the way, from this point on, Spikes=INSTANT DEATH. Be careful around
    them. Past the spikes, get the Hornet. Make sure no Floaters are tailing you,
    then hover down to the Second Key, quickly flying back up to the ledge.
    From there, fly up and to the right, landing on the small Rock Platform with
    the Bottle. You'll notice the Third Key; fly over and grab it, avoiding the
    spikes, then fly up and out of the passage, heading right.
    You'll be almost immediately attacked by a Buzzard; fly over it, then
    carefully go down the slope, ignoring the Hornet at the bottom. Fly across the
    water, stopping on the second Pink Flower. You'll notice the Fourth Key at the
    top right, directly under some spikes. Hover up carefully and grab it, then
    ditch the Hornet and drop into the water the Pink Flowers are growing out of.
    Head down the vertical passageway to drop into the next area.
    Under the water, drop down, avoiding the Stumpy. Just run off, it can't do
    anything. You'll come to a pit, accompanied by a bat; just hop across and duck,
    it'll go over your head. Keep going right to find a 1up and the Fifth Key, and
    more spikes. Either hop up onto the blocks carefully, or simply jump up
    alongside the items to grab them. Heading right, wait until the boulders have
    fallen and quickly jump across the pits to exit.
    You'll reappear next to edge of the water. Go right, up the slope; you may run
    into the Rabbit here. Just jump over the melons he rolls, and remember to leap
    the Rabbit himself when he runs off. Okay, jump into the water. You'll have to
    race a couple of tadpoles through to the bottom, then head through the bottom
    passage and up to the surface (grab the Medikit if you need to). Once you're on
    dry land, get the Lizard (on your left) and head right, down the slope. Climb
    the tree, and get the Sixth Key.
    Now just go right (you may want to ditch the Lizard to jump over the Worm here),
    and there's the Exit.
    2C)House of Toys (SIX keys MINIMUM)
    New Enemies:  TOY PLANE      No Buddies this time!
                  TOY AIRSHIP
                  FLYING SQUIRREL
    Yes, six keys MINIMUM. This level differs from the others, in that it follows
    a totally linear course. You'll have no trouble finding the keys; all you've
    got to do is grab them. You'll reach the Exit Door eventually, where you'll
    need at least six keys to go through. Not enough keys, and it's back to the
    start! The level actually contains Nine keys, and Six are totally unmissable,
    so you really needn't worry about them during this level.
    What? No bad-trip apparition to chat with? Anyway, start by climbing the tower
    to your left, then hopping across the two blocks to the station roof. That's
    the First and Second Keys found.
    Go right, jump onto the floating block. There's the Third Key. Then take a big
    jump over the barricade to land on the train.
    Obviously you really only need to get three keys now. The bigger challenge
    will be the level itself. When dealing with Toy Planes, keep back, on the
    rightmost Pink Carriage. If they're going to dive, they'll do so before they
    reach you. Duck or jump the really low-flying ones.
    When the Toy Airships attack, stay near to, but not underneath them. As soon
    as they drop their bomb, dash across (Note that the explosion won't hurt you,
    just the bomb itself). You'll also have to jump the Pink Barriers, to avoid
    crushed. Go after the items here if you want; just don't get killed by the
    Toy Planes or crushed by the Blocks.
    Pretty soon you'll encounter some Crushers. No big deal, just maneuver between
    them. Actually, if you stand with Nemo's foot above the leftmost window of the
    Lead Pink Carriage, you won't even have to move.
    You'll come to some Flying Squirrels shortly, accompanied by some spikes; get
    close to lure them out, then leap them, immediately ducking to avoid the
    spikes. The train will start descending now; deal with the Airships and Planes
    as before, and look out for the Fourth and Fifth Keys when the Pink Barriers
    show up. Just mind the Barriers and low-flying Planes, and hop up to get them
    (you'll know to avoid the spikes, right?) Remember you can miss a couple if
    Immediately after this section, the Sixth Key is right out in the open, so
    jump up and get it. You'll now come to a spiked roof, which will start
    hammering down onto the train. You can duck under any section of the roof,
    except the ones that actually touch the train; just hurry past those. Keep
    ducking underneath the spiked blocks, and grab the Medikit if you need it.
    Immediately after the ceiling stops falling, you'll have to carefully hop over
    low-flying Planes. As soon as the Medikit appears in the top right corner,
    hurry out from under the spikes to avoid being crushed as the train ascends.
    You'll have to deal with another batch of Airships and Planes, then a
    combination of Pink Barriers and Planes. Shouldn't be too difficult...after a
    bit more of this, you'll come to the Seventh and Eighth Keys, and the Exit
    Door, behind which is the Ninth Key. And that's it.
    2D)Night Sea (FIVE keys)
    New Enemies:  BARNACLE      New Buddies:  FLOUNDER
                  FLYING FISH                 HERMIT CRAB
    As usual, listen to your strange friend, then jump into the water. First Key,
    dead ahead.
    Next, swim down the slope and get the Hermit Crab. To dig through sand with
    him, just jump; when he lands, he'll automatically dive into the sand. To dig
    around, tap A while moving the pad. There's a Bottle directly underneath the
    sand where he was waiting, so max out his health. Keep heading right, until you
    reach the Ship; drop off the slope to land on the Second Key.
    Now dig straight down through the sand, and you'll come to a secret area
    containing a 1up and a Stumpy. This time you can kill him, so take him out!
    That'll teach him to spit.
    You'll reappear inside the Ship; ditch the Crab, then swim up to the surface.
    Continue along to the right, and you'll come to the Flounder. Get him (you'll
    have to avoid any Tadpoles chasing you while you feed the Flounder), then
    ignore the Wide Passageway on your right and swim straight down, until you
    reach a Narrow Passageway. Head in, and take the topmost route at the junction;
    when you reach the dead-end, you'll be transported to another part of the reef.
    Quickly swim up, grabbing the 1up and the Medikit, then head across and down,
    getting the Third Key on the way out. Hurry through, and the Pufferfish and
    Squids shouldn't get you.
    You'll be dropped back at the junction. Now, head back along the Narrow
    Passageway, and swim back up to the Wide Passageway I told you to ignore
    earlier. Head in (watch out for the Barnacle) and lose the Flounder. Jump out
    onto dry land and get the Frog, then CAREFULLY jump up to reach the Fourth Key.
    Just tap A lightly to avoid impaling yourself, it's pretty easy (then again,
    so's impaling yourself).
    Go right, dropping into the water. Carefully swim between the spikes, then
    keep heading right, down the slope. Switch to the Crab here, then dig straight
    down to find the Fifth Key.
    Now, lose the Crab and carefully swim up the right-hand passage above the
    sand. Let the Flying Fish fly off, then jump out onto Dry Land. Heading right,
    you'll have to leap a couple of Flying Fish; after that, keep going right and
    you're home free.
    2E)Nemo's House (SEVEN keys)
    New Enemies:  CHIMP           New Buddy:  MOUSE
                  FLYING TURTLE
    As the dog pointed out, you're in Nemo's house. I guess I should point out that
    this level is considerably trickier than the ones before it, and a few after
    it. Okay, hop straight up onto the railing, then head right, over the crate,
    onto the Bannister. Hop left, onto the railing, and get the Frog. Go back to
    the Bannister; it'll probably be crawling with creatures, so make your way
    carefully. Jump left, into the Grey Passageway, and head in. To deal with the
    Bats here, just hop as you approach; they'll fly over you as you drop back
    down. You'll find the First Key at the end of the Passage.
    Making sure to keep the Frog, head back to the Bannister, and leap over to the
    Stairs. Climb up, and continue right. You'll eventually come to a Medikit, and
    an opening in the floor. Drop down, and go right along the Grey Passageway
    (deal with the bats as before). At the end of the passage, drop down onto the
    ledge above the Chimp. Hop down, making sure to land on him as you fall; go
    left and do the same to the next one down. You'll notice a Vertical Shaft; drop
    down, and you'll end up in the Basement. Go left, drop down, then ditch the
    Frog. Go right, make your way past the Crushers, and get the Lizard. Now head
    as far left as you can. Climb the orange wall to find a 1up and the Second Key.
    Now run back down, hop on the block, climb up the left wall and switch to the
    Hornet, then leave the Basement.
    Now you're back in the Chimps' area. To get out unscathed, quickly fly up to
    the closest Square Wooden Platform on the upper left. Now, hover up slightly,
    then duck immediately. A Bat will attack, and miss. Now fly up to the Larger
    Square Platform directly above you, grab the Medikit, and fly left while
    avoiding\killing the Bats. Keep going left, and fly back up into the Grey
    Passageway. Go right, and exit the way you came in. Fly directly up to the
    chandelier to find the Third Key.
    Now, fly left, along the Square Blocks. You'll eventually come to a large
    Green Door, and the Fourth Key.
    From the Green Door, you'll notice an opening in the ceiling. Fly in, and
    you'll be in the Attic. Go right. Eventually you'll come to an opening in the
    Attic ceiling; fly in. Make your way past the Crushers here (note that you've
    got to KEEP the Hornet!) and get the Fifth Key.
    Head back down the opening, and go to the far left side of the Attic. You'll
    find another space in the ceiling; fly in. Once you're in, you can ditch the
    Hornet. Head right, past the Crushers, and get the Mouse. Getting past the
    Crushers with him can be tricky; just walk off the side of the first crate, and
    climb down the side of the second. Once the Crusher has risen, run up and along
    the second crate. Drop back down through the ceiling. Now you've got to get the
    Mouse to the right side of the Attic; this is pretty tricky, thanks to the
    Flying Turtles.
    To get past, wait for them to drop a shell, then whack the shell with your
    and hurry past. Watch out for the gaps in the floor, as well; fall down once and
    you'll have to start all over again from the Hornet. Once you've made it to the
    right side, take out the wall with your mallet. The game's collision detection
    seems a little off in this case; just line up the Mouse's nose with the block
    you're aiming at, and you'll hit it. Hack your way through the pile of rocks
    beyond the wall, and drop down into Nemo's bedroom.
    Get the Hornet, and fly back up through the hole you just made to grab the
    Sixth Key. You've probably figured out you could've gotten it a bit earlier,
    but many people (like me) take out too much of the wall to climb up and grab it
    with the Mouse. Same difference.
    Now, head right. Carefully pick off the Chimp with your stingers, and grab the
    Seventh Key he was guarding. Now just drop back down to the bed, and head for
    the Exit.
    2F)Cloud Ruins (SIX keys)
    (No new Enemies or Buddies)
    Ah, a very cool level. First things first; don't worry about finding keys. Just
    enjoy playing through the level. All key-related business will be dealt with at
    the exit.
    Chat with your standard-issue freaky pal, then head across the rooftops. When
    you reach the trio of clouds, use some platforming skills to make it across to
    the Clock Tower and get the Hornet.
    Go left, ignoring the Frogs (both of them), and get ready to move; as soon as
    you reach the edge of the roof, the screen will begin to scroll upwards
    rapidly. You'll have to fly up quickly, stopping on clouds to let the Hornet
    get its breath back (go for the 1up if you want, but keep moving). There's a
    chance the Buzzards here might hit you occasionally; just try to avoid them,
    and keep heading upwards. After the Long Cloud on the left has come into view,
    land on it and you're safe.
    Not much to talk about here, other than the cool scenery (watch out for the
    "picket fences," they function just like spikes). Just take the bee to the roof
    of the highest building, and switch to the Lizard. Head down to the Grey
    Building and drop through the crack in the floor, to the Pink Buildings. Go
    right, jumping over the pits; the Flying Squirrels here can be hopped as they
    charge. You'll soon come to a narrow space in the wall. Crawl through, then
    switch back to Nemo and hop up onto the cloud.
    Continue right; now you've got to do the opposite of the Upward-Scrolling
    section. Ditch any Floaters tailing you, and hop onto the clouds. This is
    actually pretty easy (and fun). Just make your way down the clouds, while
    keeping Nemo on the screen. If you do get scrolled off, it's not really a
    problem, you'll just drop from where you were standing. Get the easy 1up in
    this section, then land on the Pink Rooftop.
    Now just go to the right along the rooftops, avoid the Snail, and head to the
    Exit, where you'll receive all Six Keys. See? No worries.
    2G)Topsy-Turvy (SEVEN keys)
    (No new Enemies or Buddies)
    The penultimate level, and it's actually a lot less trying than Nemo's House.
    Start off by going right, hopping across the blocks. You'll come to the First
    Key shortly.
    Next, head back to the left; you'll notice an opening in the "ceiling." Hop
    up, avoiding the Frogs, and go left. Get the (friendly) Frog, and the Second
    Go right now; you'll soon reach a Bannister. Head down, and get the Hornet.
    Continue going right, avoiding the Flying Squirrels, until you reach a couple
    of Chimps. Carefully take out the uppermost one, and get the Third Key from his
    Now fly up and a bit to the left. Two openings can be seen in the ceiling. Fly
    into the left-hand one. Actually, they both lead to the same place, but the
    left opening puts you directly underneath the Fourth Key; fly straight up for
    it (mind the Floaters).
    Drop back to where you came in, and go across to the Mouse. Switch to him, and
    climb up the wall (you may want to hop off to the platform halfway up, to avoid
    Floaters). Knock down the wall at the top, and descend the other side; don't
    miss the Medikit. You'll drop into the next room right on top of a Chimp; try
    to avoid landing on either him or his plates. Get the Frog immediately to your
    right, and go left for the Fifth Key (note: in my copy of the game, the
    aforementioned Chimp usually disappears as soon as you get the Frog; maybe it
    happens in all copies?).
    Going back to the right, take a big jump onto the Brown Platform, and keep
    heading up/right until you reach the Hornet. Get him, and drop straight down.
    There's a 1up and a Medikit in the area directly below you, so you might as
    well go for them; just watch out for the Buzzard's eggs. Once you've got them,
    go straight up and fly across the pit, stopping on the platform. Fly straight
    up to find two openings; check the left one first, for a 1up (nail the Chimp
    guarding it with the stingers). Head back down, then check the right-hand
    opening for the Sixth Key, also guarded by a Chimp (you know what to do).
    Dropping back down, go right. Wait until the Buzzard has flown past, then
    quickly fly up the narrow passage, dodge the Floater, and hurry down the other
    side. Ignore the Hornet at the bottom of the passage, and immediately fly up to
    the roof to avoid the Buzzards. All you need to do now is keep flying to the
    right, until you reach the end of the stage. Land on the Exit Door's platform,
    and you'll notice the Seventh Key beneath you. Hover down and get it, then
    quickly fly back up and exit the level.
    Special Note: The Morningstar
    As you'll know from the cinema scene that follows Topsy-Turvy, Nemo can now use
    the Morningstar. You know, that scepter-like thing he's been carrying around
    since the first level? Anyway, during the final level, you can toggle between
    Candy and the Morningstar (I'll call it the "Wand" from now on) by pressing
    SELECT. With the Wand selected, tap B to swing it, or hold B to charge its
    power and fire a 45' angle blast. The longer you charge, the more powerful the
    blast. Simple, right? Note that pressing SELECT while in an animal form will
    still change you back to Nemo.
    2H)Nightmare World
    New Enemy:  CROCODILE
    Note: the final level has NO KEYS. It's divided into three stages, each with a
    Boss. Getting a Game Over at any point in this level will send you back to the
    start of Nightmare World, Stage 1.
    Stage 1
    Cool background, huh? Anyway, go right and get the Lizard. Climb the steps (let
    the Frog run past, then leap it), and enter the cave. Go down the slope to lure
    the Bat out, then move back up to avoid it. Jump onto the Block, then across to
    the other one (the Bat will go right over your head as you jump). Hop across to
    the next platform, then drop off and stick to its side, and hop off to the
    You'll have to cross some Flames(don't worry about falling into the cracks);
    run across the first two, wait for the third to go off, and hurry past. Climb
    the tree up ahead, getting the Medikit, and jump off to the right at the top.
    Hop across the Blocks; the Lava below means instant death, but you should be
    able to make it through pretty easily. Time for a Boss!
    Boss: King Penguin
    The King Penguin attacks by A)Spitting bubbles into the air, which will rain
    down on you to cause damage, or B)Disgorging baby penguins, who'll run about
    knocking into you. Yes, I know it's a bit odd that the "King" Penguin would
    possess such a capability, but you're here to kill it, not debate its gender.
    Anyway! This isn't very difficult. It'll take approximately six fully charged
    shots to its beak to kill it, and you can get one in every time it appears. Get
    rid of its offspring by whacking them with the Wand, dodge between its bubbles,
    then blast him when he reappears. Keep it up and he'll be dead in no time.
    (A Nintendo-approved game where you can bludgeon baby penguins with a steel
    rod? Who says Nintendo were squeamish back then?)
    Stage 2
    I'd say this is the most difficult area of Nightmare Land. Start off by going
    right, to the opposite side of the water for an easy 1up. Now head back left,
    and hop up the platform to the slope. There's a Flame at the top; just let it
    die down, then move past quickly. Going right now, you'll soon reach a Lizard.
    Get it and go left, up the slope.
    This part is a bit tricky. You'll have to leap onto the Rock Column the
    instant the Lower Flame recedes, then immediately move up past it. Wait until
    the Upper Flame dies down, then hurry over it. Stop before you reach the top;
    only climb up and over when the Ceiling Flame is inactive. After that, just run
    past the Ground Flame as it recedes. Climb the platforms and go right a bit,
    then hop up at the top of the slope and go left.
    Another Flame section. The Ceiling Flames aren't a problem for the Lizard, but
    the Floaters most definitely are; so pass through quickly, before any can
    descend on you. Hop to the platform, ditch any Floaters tailing you (there'll
    almost certainly be at least one), and take a big leap to the left.
    You should land on the Frog's ledge. Get him quickly, then retrace your steps
    to the Flame area up top. Head through; the Ceiling Flames can't hit you, so
    concentrate on avoiding Floaters and Ground Flames. You'll probably want to
    leap the latter, since Frog is so friggin' slow. Hop to the platform, then over
    to the Stone Ledge. Ditch the Frog and CAREFULLY hop up with Nemo, then exit to
    the right.
    You've probably already noticed the falling, spiked ceiling? Okay, go up the
    stairs and drop into the water; it's better to kill the Crocodile here with
    your Wand, than have him get you killed by the ceiling. With him out of the
    picture, hop up to the Ice Block and carefully jump over to the ledge; you'll
    need to duck to avoid being crushed. As soon as the ceiling is high enough,
    leap across the two Ice Blocks, then hurry over to the Lower Ground.
    Duck the Fly who'll attack, then blast him with the Wand as he returns. You'll
    have to repeat this process a few more times; after getting the Medikit, drop
    the water, then hop onto the Ice Block and onto the ledge. Exit to the right;
    to fight the second Boss.
    Boss: Fire Stingray
    Well, it looks like a stingray to me. This Boss is quite a bit more difficult
    than that ridiculous hermaphrodite penguin. It attacks by A)Hovering over you,
    pelting fireballs, or B)Dashing in from offscreen, from four possible
    directions (Basically 1, 3, 9, and 11 o'clock).
    To beat it, stay in the center of the screen; that way you can avoid its dives
    easily by shifting in the appropriate direction, or leap over its sidelong
    charges. Its lowest charges will simply pass underneath you. As soon as you see
    it moving to spit fire (it'll hover in slowly), move out of its range and hit
    it with a charged blast.
    It'll take around seven fully-charged blasts to kill it; just keep your eyes
    on the corners of the screen to anticipate its dashes, and this won't be too
    Stage 3
    Actually, nowhere near as taxing as Stage 2, in my opinion. Just leap across
    the Ice Blocks at the start and continue heading right; blast or avoid the Fly,
    and enter the Cave. Hop along the platforms, and carefully pass through the
    Crushers (use small hops). Take the Lower Path, whacking the Bats with the
    Wand, and get the Lizard.
    Head back to the junction and get on the High Path; you can ditch the Lizard
    here, and take out the Bats with Nemo's Wand. Get the Hornet, then head back to
    the start of the Cave. Fly up and to the left to find the Mouse; get him, then
    carefully hop down to the Ice Block just below you (miss it and it's back to
    the cave). Hop onto the wall and climb up.
    Nothing much to say about this next bit; it's a long series of Flame Pits,
    accompanied by Buzzards. Nothing you can't handle at his point, right? Just
    time your jumps to avoid the Flames, and carefully move between the falling
    eggs. I used the Mouse, though Nemo works just as well. The view of the
    Nightmare King is a really cool touch, isn't it?
    The next section is a breeze. Head straight across the top for a Medikit and
    1up, then fall straight down for two more 1ups. Go left for another Medikit, or
    just drop straight down into the water and exit to the right, to fight the Last
    Last Boss: The King of Nightmares
    Head up the steps, then drop down and meet the Last Boss. Strangely enough, he
    looks kind of washed-up. He looked really fearsome up until this point.
    Anyway, the Nightmare King's attacks are A)a series of lasers, which fan
    out from the right to the left of the screen, and B)a slow-moving Red Blob
    he'll spit out, which will hang around pestering you until it's destroyed. Note
    that only blasts to the head will hurt him.
    When he uses his lasers (he'll telegraph them by doing a little hocus-pocus
    with his hands), just leap the one aimed closest at you; thanks to their
    pattern, if the first one misses, the others certainly will too. Alternately,
    if you're closer in, duck his first laser, then shift back to avoid the second.
    As for the Blobs; either kill them immediately, to keep them off of your back
    while you fight, or (I prefer this method) let one roam around a bit. It's a
    little risky, but it leaves the Boss wide open to attack. Just keep an eye on
    the Blob.
    You'll need around fifteen fully charged blasts to kill him, or you may prefer
    to use rapid, uncharged ones. Either way, stick to the plan and you shouldn't
    have any trouble.
    And that's it! A winner is you! Enjoy the ending.
    3A)Level Select Code
     "At the title screen, press: Up, Select, Left, Right, A, A, B.
    A 'Dream Select' message will pop up. However many levels you want to skip,
    press A that many times, then press Start."
    From www.Gamefaqs.com, Contributed by: Dallas, Source: Nintendo Power.
    Although I'd recommend playing Little Nemo from start to finish, this cheat is
    very useful if you don't feel like beating the whole game in one sitting; you
    can just skip back to whatever level you were on. Capcom should've really
    included a password as in the Mega Man games, don't you think?
    3B)Nemo-related Stuff
    In case you didn't know, Nemo's history goes back much further than the NES
    circa 1990. Check out this link for info on Windsor McCay, the artist
    responsible for Nemo and several other pioneering works in both comics and
    animation: http://vegalleries.com/winsorbio.html
    -www.Gamefaqs.com, the single best place on the internet (the Earth?) for game
    -You, for reading this!
    "Game over, pal! Don't forget to save. Sweet Dreams!" - Shermie.

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