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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Yakuza

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 03/19/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Last time the faq was updated: 2001-03-19(For more info, check updating 
    changes, under credits on top of document.)
    My e-mail adress : lufia3@hotmail.com
    (My adress is based on the RPG-game Lufia-serie to Snes)
    Yakuza愀 faq to: Dream master
    |   ____       ____   ________   ________   ____        _____             |
    |   [][]       ()()      \/         \/      [][]       /_____|            |
    |   [][]       ()()      ||         ||      [][]       |_                 |
    |   [][]____   ()()      ||         ||      [][]_____  |_____             |
    |   [][]====   ()()      ||         ||      [][]=====  \_____|            |
    |                                                                         |
    | Nemo:                                                                   |
    |                                                                         |
    | The                                                                     |
    |                                                                         |
    | ____  __  ___    __   _  _   _   _     __      __   _____   ____  ___   |
    | |   \|  \|      /  \  |\/ |  | \/ |   /  \    /   \   |    |     |   \  |
    | |   /| \/|__   /----\ |   |  |    |  /----\    \      |    |___  | \ /  |
    | |__/ |  \|___ /      \|   |  |    | /      \    \     |    |     |  \   |
    |                                               \_/     |    |____ |   \  |
    |                                                                         |
    Little nemo: The Dream Master
    (For nes system, nintendo entertainment system:Nes)
    Created by Capcom, 1989,1990 (That's long ago!)
    Version 1.2   Version 1.2   Version 1.2      Version 1.2
    (Updated twice)
    C Copyright 1999, 2000, 2001 Yakuza
    1. Introduction
    |@: My review of Little Nemo         |
    |A:History                           |
    |B:Controls                          |
    |C:Enemies                           |
    |D:Bosses                            |
    |E:Nemo's friends                    |
    |F:Items and "magic"                 |
    |G: WALKTHRU!                        |
    |H: Tips n' stuff you should know    |
    |I: Boss strategies                  |
    |J: All chatting in the game!        |
    |K:Credits                           |
    |L:Legal things and so on            |
    |M: FAQ                              |
    |N: My review of the game            |
    |Z: End of Faq                       |
    I put the credits on top also, because then you don't have to scroll down 
    the whole document. It's the same as on the bottom. Here it is!
    * I guess capcom for making this game and others
    * To hoopsguy, telling me about a major spelling error in this faq, and 
    therefor contributed to make it better
    * To all faq writers, keep going!
    * To Penny Hardaway for his magical basketball-style
    * To Marshmallow for a great guide on Zelda 64, I can't explain how much I 
    like that FAQ
    * To Shigeru Miyamoto for his TV-games
    * To Square, the best company ever (yeah, it even kicks coca-cola!) for 
    their incredible games!!! (Don't you agree?)
    * To Enix for also great games, (Dragon Quest games, Illusion of Gaia, Soul 
    Blazer, Terranigma and a lot more)
    *To Nintendo, because they were those who started this tv-gaming business 
    for real. (Of course they have also made great games, but no real classic 
    RPG that I think they would think a little bit about.)
    * A very special credit to all manga-artists, great albums(like "Legend of  
    Kamui", and "dagger of Kamui", "Blade of the Immortal", "Sanctuary", "Neon 
    Genesis", "Fist of the North star", "Strain", "Lone wolf and the cub" and 
    many more great artworks. 
    UPDATING CHANGES-2000-11-06
    I deleted a lot of space in the faq, it was all so unneccessary, just took 
    a lot of place, I added some text, hopefully corrected some 
    spelling/grammar errors and I tried to make it better overall.
    1. Introduction
    How you doing! You found Yakuza's faq for Little Nemo: the dreammaster for 
    NES. For anyone wondering what happened to my previous alias "Sunshine", I 
    changed it to "Yakuza", so you know. If you're wondering why, well it's 
    just that I changed it, no big reason. Check out my other faqs(and reviews) 
    if you want. (Everything's on www.gamefaqs.com).
    For any comments, questions anything, you can mail me at             
    I reserve myself against grammatical errors and other things. I hope you 
    won't be too upset if you see any.
    A: History
    Year 1905, New york(The city that never sleeps)
    "The clock ticks and night has arrived in New York. Everyone's sleeping. 
    Full moon is up. In a room, somewhere in the big city, a little boy is 
    sleeping. His name is Nemo. Then a big baloon enters this world from a 
    sudden dimension called "dreamland". It lands right outside his window. 
    Nemo wakes up, of course wondering what is going on. He goes to the window, 
    and see the big baloon outside. Then a girl, dressed with a party hat, 
    clown clothes, jumps in from the open window. She says:
    "Hi, Nemo. I've come to invite you to slumberland. "
    "The princess has chosen you to be her playmate."
    "Wow really? But if she's a princess, then she must be a girl right?
    I have never played with  girls before!"
    "She's not just a girl. she's a princess!"
    "I bet she's still s girl!"
    "Well anyway, she asked me to give you this present."
    "A present? Really? What is it?"
    " Oh,I like candy!" Anybody smart enough to gimme candy can't be all 
    bad..... Even if she's a girl. Well, I guess I can go as long as I don't 
    have to kiss her. "
    And then, the ship disembarks, leaves New York, and goes for an another 
    B: controls:
    These are the controls to this game:
    You press left to go left, right to go right, and so on.
    Press up, to move Nemo up(only works when he sits/is on an animal)
    Press down, to duck, or climb down, if he is sitting on an animal that can 
    go down. Press start, to pause the game. Press select, and you will get to 
    Nemo again, if you were an animal. Watch it! You can't get the animal back 
    then, once you disembarked from the animal. Press a-button to jump. Press 
    b-button to throw candy. Then he rides on an animal, and throws a candy,
     the animal uses his defense abillity. But all animal don't have 
    abillities.(Like the lizard, it's abillity ain't no special, it can just 
    climb, and are smaller than the others.) Press b-button to shoot a magic 
    ball with the cane you get later in the game. Load the ball by pressing B-
    button and hold it in. Then, the power-meter will increase.
    C: Enemies
    There are quite many enemies in this game. If you got a problem with them,
     just check this section for some advices that maybe can help you(Actually, 
    the enemies in this game are all pretty easy, but maybe some of them is a 
    little bit difficult.) I also rated them, on how hard they are, from very 
    easy to very dangerous.
    All the enemies in the game:
    |The fly-fish----Enemy   The tree--------------------Enemy               |
    |The soldier Ant-Enemy   The monkey plate-thrower----Enemy               |
    |The evil ball---Enemy   The frog under construction-Enemy               |
    |The snail-------Enemy   The shell-------------------Enemy               |
    |The frog kid----Enemy   The big bee-----------------Enemy               |
    |The bat---------Enemy   The evil big bird-----------Enemy               |
    |                        The tree-hanging mungo------Enemy               |
    A fish that jumps up from the water, to snap you. Brown/orange color with 
    yellow fenes. Watch out! You can't kill it! Just run away from it.
    Soldier Ant:
    An ant that flies. He shoots green balls towards you. Green color. Punch 
    him, or use any other animal's forces. Or just run.(Then you won't see him 
    Evil Balls:
    These balls float down from the sky. White color. You can't kill them,
     unless you got an animal's force, like the gorilla's punch.
    Purple color. Got needles on its shell. Kick it with an animal.
    A tree will attack you. Use an animal to kill it. Brown color.
    Monkey-plate thrower:
    A monkey that throws plates after you. Kill it with the frog, or something.
    Actually quite dangerous. Brown color.
    A tadpole. Black color. Real annoying. You can't beat it because you only 
    see it in water(and in water you can't do any battle techniques) so just 
    swim away from it.
    Quite dangerous.
    Shells that will pop up from underground in Level 4. Can't be killed. 
    Orange color.
    Small frogs that run on two legs. Green color. They just run to get you. 
    Big bees:
    The bees with white and black stripes on. They only fly around.
    Green color. They attack you flying in high speed. I usually avoid them.
    Evil big bird:
    A huge bird with his kid under him. His kid is throwing out balls that you 
    should avoid. Black color and are big! Kick him with the bee's needles or 
    someone else's forces.
    Tree-hanging mungos:
    Mungos that are hanging in the tree. Actually not doing anything else. Just 
    kill it with the gorilla's fists, or any other animal's power. White and 
    black color.
    D: Bosses
    There are a few bosses in this game, but they don't appear until the last 
    stages. Use your magic cane to get these off your back. Difficulty is how 
    hard they are. 1 is minimum=wimp, 10 is maximum: Most Dangerous!
    Tactic and strategy you can find in "boss strategies".
    The kingpin:
    A big, fat green, penguin that will attack you with his babies, and 
    himself. Use your cane. Green and black belt.
    Difficulty: 5
    Nightmare Lord:
    A big, scary monster that will attack you in many ways. Some of them are 
    shooting lazer and throwing his tongue after you. Last boss. Dark and blue 
    Alien bird:
    A bird that looks like an alien, something common with a shark also. Blue 
    color. It spits out fire against you so watch out.
    You got any problems killing these bosses? Just check the section " Boss 
    E: Nemo's friends
    On his journey, in slumberland, Nemo will meet many strange creatures.
    Some evil, some friends. This is the "friend section" if you know what I'm 
    talking 'bout. You have as much candy as you can get from the princess. It 
    will never end. You can use it in two different ways. One is to shoot at 
    enemies,then they will be stunned for a little while. The other way, is to 
    throw candy to the animals. If you shoot three candy-bits in an animals 
    mouth, he will be a friend of yours. Now U can use him if you want. For 
    example: You throw three candy-bits to the mouse. Then, if you jump on him, 
    you can sit at his back, and get a ride. These are the friends:
    Life that all the animals can have and all their abilities:
    The mouse:
    Can have 5 in life. Special abillity: Crashing walls. Climbing walls. 
    Beating enemies. Blue color.
    The crab:
    Can have 4 in life. Special abillity: Beating0 enemies. Digging in sand. 
    Green color.
    The fish:
    Can have 4 in life. Special abillity: Swims very fast. Red color. 
    The gorilla:
    Can have 4 in life. Special abillity: Punching enemies, climbing trees. 
    Brown color.
    The Bee:
    Can have 4 in life. Special abillity: While you're a bee, you can fly, and 
    shoot needles.The needles are good medicine against bad guys. Yellow with 
    black strips is his color.
    The Frog:
    Can have 3 in life:Special abillity: While you're a frog, you can jump much 
    higher. Use it to come up on high places. You can also swim better, if 
    you're a frog. Guess the color!(Green)
    The Lizard:
    Can have 4 in life.Special abillity: With the lizard, you got the abillity 
    to go through small narrows, and climb high mountains, trees, and whatever.
    He's also faster than Nemo. Violet color.
    Can have 4 in life. Special abillity: Can dig. Use him to get under the 
    surface. Can't jump. Brown color.
    F: Items and Magic:
    There are a few items in this game. There are the medical sets, that 
    recovers all life. There are the medical bottles that recovers one life.
    There are candies, that is neccesary to feed the animals, and stunn 
    enemies. And there is what I call magic. That cane you get at the end of 
    the game, that shoots a purple ball, that's what I call magic. It can kill 
    evil bosses, and enemies. Very neccessary against the tough bosses.
    G: Walkthrough
    First, this walkthrough is made by me on my very own. I got no information 
    from anybody else, or company. But I think that's not nessecary cause this 
    is not a "very complicated game", if you know what I mean. I played the 
    game from beginning to end to get it. If you find anything strange, 
    intresting, something wrong, just give me a mail!(See adresses at top of 
    faq, last down of faq, or introduction section if you are too lazy, or 
    don't got time to search the whole faq to find it)
    I got first a walkthrough in just that level you are in. After that, I got 
    the "Sleep scenario" that is directly after you cleared the level, then a 
    sleep scenario will show up. My "Sleep scenario" tells you what the people 
    are sayin', if you want to know it in anyway. (Like if you went away in 20 
    seconds and missed it, or something like that.)
    At the top, there may be something like this:
    "1.  First stage: Six keys愒o unlock the door." That is that 1. is the
    first section of the whole walkthrough. First stage means that it is the
    first level. Six keys to unlock the door is how many keys you need to open 
    the door. I written that, cause the amount of keys needed, is random at 
    different stages, like it can be six keys at stage one, and seven at stage 
    four, for example. I made the key finding easier to find in the text by get 
    it bigger like FOURTH key, and when there are hints about the keys, I sat 
    it at one row, so you find it easier, and don't loses it in the text.The 
    keys are so important, or else you can't continue, and that's why I did 
    1. First stage: Six keys to unlock the door. They are all spread out.
    Dream 1: Mushroom forest
    First thing you do, go right. Meet a dude in green colour. Looks like a 
    clown. He talks something about that this is a too dangerous place for a 
    little boy like you(ha ha! So good on tv-games that we are, this ain't so 
    hard, or what do you say?) and he gives you some advices. After he is 
    finished, go right. Jump up on the blue mushroom. Go on to the right. Soon, 
    you'll find a green frog. Feed him with candy three times, and he'll become 
    your friend.Jump on him, and in a strange way, you turn into a frog!
    With the frog, go right. Jump up on the blue mushroom.
    There, you will find your FIRST key.
    You need SIX keys on this stage to unlock the door and enter to next level. 
    If you are wounded, take the medical box to right, and your life will be 
    restored. Go right. You will soon come to an another frog. Press select and 
    feed him to get a new frog, or jump over him, or kill him. Your choice!( An 
    advice. Keep in any situation a frog, you'll need it to get to next 
    key.)Jump up to left, and climb the blue mushroom. 
    At top, there's the SECOND key.
    Get the medical case and climb the red mushroom to get the THIRD key. Go 
    right afterwards. You will meet the digging dude.
    Here's the FOURTH key.
    With him, you can dig. Press select to get off the frog, and feed the 
    animal in front of you.
    Get him, and start digging. Dig to left, and down to get the FIFTH-key.
    Make sure to not dig all sand away, then you can't get up again. After, dig 
    up again at that sand you didn't dug, and dig to left, as much as you can. 
    There, you will find a wall. Dig down, and you will get to a "Secret" 
    underground-place. Here, you earn 1 up( 1 life more) and meets the lizard. 
    Here, take him, and go right.You end out just up before the digging animal. 
    Get him again and go down to the place, where you took the key. From there, 
    head right. Get the frog. Jump up on the platforms. Go right a long time. 
    You will see a new Lizard. Feed him, and step up at him.
    Ride up the walls, and get to the SIXTH key and 1-up.
    Nice! Now you got all the six keys and can enter next level!
    Just unlock the lock and enter by stepping next to the lock, and it will 
    open automatically.
    Sleep scenario:
    -Wake up Nemo! How many times do I have to call you?
    2. Stage 2: Six keys to unlock the door. They are all outspread.
    Dream 2 The flower garden
    You will meet a creature that looks like an ant or something. It or 
    "he" tells you about that there's an another person that wants to see ya. 
    He's name's Oompi, and is under water. After your chatting, go right. Swim 
    under the water, and here you come to a underground place. Talk to Oompi. 
    He tells you that you need the lizard to finish this level. Go right. You 
    end up just as the water ends. Go right. Feed the gorilla. With him, you 
    can defend yourself against enemies. You can also climb the trees, that is 
    neccesary to end this level. Climb the first tree you meet.
    Up there,on top, you'll find your FIRST key, and the lizard to the left
    Take the key, and go and get the lizard. Climb down the tree(with lizard)
    and go trough the little narrow to your left, just a little bit away. Go in 
    there now, cause when you had the ape, you were to big. The lizard is 
    perfectly fitted to go through. Go right. Here, you'll meet the bee. Feed 
    him, and be the bee. With him, you can shoot your enemies, and fly.
    Here, you'll also see the SECOND key.
    Jump down, and take the key, then fast fly up to the platform where you fed 
    the bee.You can't fly up to next platform, cause the bee can just fly for a 
    little while. After you landed, fly fast up to next platform, there is a 
    medical set.
    Stand there, and fly up to get the THIRD key.
    Here, by the water, if you fly up, you'll see needles in the ceiling.
    Near the needles are the FOURTH key.
    Be careful. One hit of the needles and you're dead.Fly right. Now, 
    disembark from the bee, and jump in the water. The bee can't swim, so if 
    you have him in the water, you'll die. Go under the water. You'll end up on 
    a underwater stage-place. Go right.
    You'll get a one-up(a life) and the FIFTH KEY.
    Now, boulders will fall down, and be sure to avoid them. Jump over the 
    gaps. Watch out!There are nedles in the ceiling, so be careful. Go up. Take 
    the lizard.
    Here, you will get the SIXTH key in the tree.
    And at last: Lock up the padlocks and get to next level. (Ah! Now you can 
    relax for a while)
    Sleep scenario: 
    -Nemo! Why are you out of your bed? Get back now instant."
    3.  Stage 3: Six keys to open the door. They are all outspread.
    Dream 3: House of toys
    As you can see, this is a house full of toys.
    You get TWO keys directly.
    Climb the stairs to left. 
    Jump to the house next to you, there you find the THIRD key.
    Step down on the train. it starts to roll. Stand on the train and try to 
    keep out of getting smashed against blocks,that will come towards you, try 
    to keep off the enemies that will fly towards you also. My advice to you is 
    that don't panic, just stay cool on the train, and don't do anything rash, 
    and you'll make it. Many items will show up on the way,like medical boxes, 
    and so on, but my advice is to not "notice" them, just leave it, cause it 
    is hard to take them, and the percent of getting harmed is high. Just cool 
    out, and avoid everything. After a long time, you will see some needles, 
    duck under it, and watch out for all flying creatures that will attack you. 
    I think that near the needles, squirrels will attack you.
    Near this place is the FOURTH key.
    And not too long after the fourth key is the FIFTH key.
    So's the SIXTH key also.
    Here, be careful, cause the roof will fall down!!!!(This always shockes 
    me!)If you touch these, you're a goner, so be careful. Be sure to duck at 
    some places. 
    After the roof, TWO keys will show up.
    You can take them if ya want, but they are not neccesary, coz there're only 
    six padlocks.
    (Or else you have to start over again.) But, don't worry. It's not hard to 
    get the two last keys, if you missed anyone before. Lock up, and enter. 
    (Feels quite good huh?)
    Sleep scenario:
    -Nemo, what are you doing?? Go back to bed.
    4. Stage 4: 5 keys to unlock the door. They are all spread out.
    Dream 4: Night sea
    Go right. A lion(?) will meet you. He says something about  if you feed the 
    crabs, you can get them. Well, what a bright genius we just met!!!!!!!! 
    Jump into the water.
    Here, you get the FIRST key. Go right. Take the crab and jump down to the 
    Left to the ship is the SECOND key.
    Bury yourself under the sand and start digging under the ship, if you 
    buries long down, you will come to a "secret area" with an one-up. Then, go 
    right. You end up right to the ship. Press select and disembark from the 
    crab, and float up to the surface. Watch out for those goddamn frog-under 
    grow-up that always, and I mean always swirls around you! I hate these!! 
    They are so annoying!! Go right, up in the highest tunnel.
    From here, take the frog, and take the THIRD key.
    Go down in the other tunnel, a little longer down. Here, you see two ways.
    One leeds to left, and connects the water, and the other one seems to be an 
    road with an end.Go to the road with an end. Now, you will be teleported to 
    an another place, if you go as long as you can in that tunnel.
    (This took me long, long time to figure out. I had forgot the secret 
    teleport since I played this game for about 5 years, and today, I searched 
    all the level, from time, to time, and again, and again, with only four 
    keys, and wondered where the 5 key could possibly be. I started to wonder 
    if it was something wrong with the game, and so on. I was there in the 
    tunnel, but never swimmed long enough to get teleported. When I found it, I 
    thought: Oh man!!! So this problem took me so long time to figure out. 
    Imagine yourself! You got 4 keys, and know all the level, every corner, 
    everything, but can't find it! It was very irritating, but now, I know 
    where it is!(And I am very glad for that.)
    Well, when you swim in that tunnel, just go up and follow to get the FOURTH 
    Go right after that. Go to the end of the stage, and find the crab.
    Use him to bury in the sand, and get the FIFTH last key.
    (Yeah, this sequence is finally finished!) 
    Sleep scenario:
    "-What's gotten into you? Why are you staying in bed?"
    5. Stage 5: 7 keys to open the door. They are all spread out.
    Dream 5: Nemo's house
    A big fat rat comes and says: Looks like we are in your House.
    Jump up and go right. Take the frog to the left. You will need him for a 
    long while now. Then, go out of the tunnel, and jump up and go right. Watch 
    out for all crazy enemies, escpecially the green one that throws green 
    balls. Go right. Jump up.
    Go into the tunnel to left, and after awhile, most to left is the FIRST-key 
    Go out of the tunnel to right. Now, go right for a long while. Take the 
    medical box, if you were wounded( I don't blame you if you were, many 
    dangerous enemies live at this level). Go right to the stairs that leads 
    up. Go in there and go right. Here, there will be many bats, so be careful. 
    My advice is to jump up so the bats attack you, and you will fall down, and 
    you tricked them. Go right as much as you can. You will face a big wall. 
    Underneath you, a monkey will throw plates around him. Step on him with the 
    frog, and he will die.(This is why you got the frog.) Kill the next one and 
    go down in the gap next to you, grey coulor.
    Trust me! You will not die, but come to a secret place. Here, go left. Go 
    down. U will see the second key, but don't mind, you will get it later. Set 
    you free from the frog, and pass the boxes that are dropping down. (You can 
    try with the frog if you want, but I warn you, it's hundred times 
    harder.)When you passed the boxes, you will see the Lizard.
    Feed him, and go through the boxes again.
    Now, jump up on the walls and get the SECOND-key and the medical set.
    Go back, and climb up again. Take the Bee at left, and fly out of this 
    room. Stand and prepare to feed the monkey-plate-throwers with needles. 
    Beware of the plates! Now, investigate the upper floor with your bee.
    You will find the THIRD-key next to the lamp high up.
    Go left after that, long away, the FOURTH-key will be there.
    You will meet a throw-plater here. Fly up at the gap here, and here you 
    will meet many enemies. Fly left up in the gap again to come to one more 
    "secret" place. Here, go right and you will find two holes up in the 
    ceiling. To right is a throw-plater and I-up.
    To right is something more important, the FIFTH-key.
    Go right, and fly up in the gap. Here, you will meet the mouse. Forget 
    about him, and continue left.
    Here, you find the SIXTH-key.
    Now, take the mouse and climb up to the top. Here, destroy all stones, 
    except the one next to the ground with the mallet.
    Now, jump up and take the SEVENTH-key at the ceiling.
    Go right, as long as you can. Jump over all the stones, don't start to 
    break anyone now.I Hoped you buckled up with life-force, cause here you 
    need to fight a plate-thrower to get the SEVENTH-key next to the wall.
    When you attacked the plate-monkey and got the key, look that you really 
    got seven keys and start digging. It can be hard to dig those stones that 
    are second to the ground. Then, just drive nuts, and I hope you will hit 
    it.Try otherwise to jump, and next to directly hit B-button so he will 
    beat. Then, I think you will hit it.Go down in the gap. Now, take the bee 
    if you want, and fly to right and unlock the door.
    (Yeah, now you cleared this long level)
    Sleep section:
    Again! What does it takes to just make you sleep?
    6. Stage 6:Six keys to unlock the door. You will get all the keys at the 
    end of the stage, so you don't worry.
    Dream 6: Cloud Ruins
    You will meet a weird animal(?) as usual in the beginning. he's talking 
    something about the ruined city, nuthing important. Go right. At this 
    stage, you don't need to keep your eyes open to find keys, cause they are 
    all at the end, at one place. Watch out for the balls that floats down from 
    the sky. Step on the cloud, and continue at right.Step on the three clouds 
    to get over to the bee. Go right. Here, it will be purple houses at the 
    background.(Just so you can see where you are).
    Here's the frog. Forget about him for now. He's totally worthless now. Fly 
    on. Now, step on the cloud and everything will move upwards. Now, be fast, 
    this is quite difficult. Fly up and land on the clouds, so you can get new 
    power to fly more again. (Remember that the bee can't fly forever.) You 
    need to stay at some clouds to regain your force. If you stay too long, you 
    will die. Fly upwards and rest at some clouds. You don't need to stay at 
    everyone, but don't fly too long, then it is over. Fly as long as you know 
    you can handle. Keep flying, after a while everything will stop and you can 
    chill out!If you don't make it, try again. I understand if you don't.
    Puh! That was really a mess! Now, go right. Now, you will see a purple,
    tossed house in the background(just so you know where you are). Here, you 
    will see the frog. Forget about him now, cause he's totally worthless this 
    time. Fly up on the roof and disembark from the bee, and take the lizard.
    Go down and go through the small narrow. (The frog can't, he's too big, 
    that's why he's worthless.). Now, get ready for a dust with the clouds 
    again. This time everything will move downwards.
    Jump from cloud to cloud, so you can see the ground. Be careful so you 
    don't slip away and down, because then you have to start over. This is also 
    quite difficult, so be careful. If you don't make it, try again. Now, go 
    right. Here comes the nice part of this level.
    You will get all the SIX-keys at once! Unlock the door and relax, you 
    cleared this level!
    Sleep section:
    Why me? Do everyones kids parents does talk about sleeping?
    7. Stage 7: Seven keys to unlock the door. They are all outspread.
    Dream 7: Topsy Turvy
    Go right as long as you can. You will now get the FIRST Key.
    Proceed to left. Jump up at the shelves and walk left as long as you can.
    Here you will get the SECOND key and you can grab the frog. Take him, you 
    can't jump up otherwise at right. Go right and jump up from the stairs. Go 
    right. Go right and disembark from the frog, and feed the bee. Go right and 
    take the bee. Fly up and take the keys. 
    Here you will get the THIRD key.
    Go right. Fly down and investigate. After a while, you will find the FOURTH 
    Keep going, and you will find the FIFTH key.
    Proceed to right, and down there, beside the monkey-plate thrower, you will 
    find the SIXTH key.
    Go right, and at the end, underneath you is the SEVENTH and last key.
    Fly easily and careful down and fly up again.
    8. Stage 8: No keys to unlock the door, just kill the boss.
    Dream 8: Nightmare Land (Part 1.)
    Go right. Feed the lizard and watch out for the frog. Go right. Jump from 
    shelf to shelf, and be sure to trick the bats. Don't touch the needles, 
    then you are dead. Proceed right. Watch out for the fire that comes up from 
    the lava! Go right. Climb up in the tree, then take the medical box if ya 
    got hurt.
    Continue to right. Now, you will meet the boss,the Kingpin. If you got any 
    troubles, check "boss section."
    8. Stage 8: No keys to unlock the door, just kill the boss.
    Dream 8: Nightmare Land (Part 2.)
    Go right. Watch out for the crocodiles. Take the one up at the most right 
    shelf, then go back. Jump up left and then go right and you will be walking 
    up. Take the Lizard, he's neccessary to make this. Proceed upwards, and 
    then to right. Pass the fire carefully, time it so the fire don't catch 
    you. Now, I think you shall jump to the left and get sucked to the wall. 
    Then, you shall climb up and feed the frog. You need to jump up from where 
    the fire ends. Be Frog and walk right again. Pass the fire again.(A little 
    harder now with the Frog, he's slower) and then jump up. Disembark from the 
    frog and go right into next screen. 
    Here, the ceiling will move down, and it got needles, so watch out! If you 
    touch anyone of these, you are dead. You got to be careful here. Go right. 
    Jump down in the water, switch to the cane, and beat the crocodiles so hw 
    will pass out. Then, you have all the water for yourself, and it is easier 
    to jump up again. Jump up at the shelf, and duck. The ceiling will go up 
    again. Run right. Go right for a while. Keep being careful, and study how 
    the wall moves, and you will make it. Now, it's boss time! If you want any 
    tips, check "boss section".
    8.Stage 8: No keys needed to unlock the door(there is no one),
     just kill the boss and you have finished the game.
    Dream 8: Nightmare Land(Part 3, the last one.)
    Go right. Use the lizard. Go as long right as you can. Jump up to the right 
    to take the bee. Be careful on the way back, cause bats will attack ya.Now, 
    of course you fly under the boxes that falls down on to you, or else you 
    must be a kamikaze-maniac or are very wicked. Go left. Here, fly up to the 
    mouse. Just be careful, he might walk at you, and then you will be pushed 
    down, and one life-force down. Feed him, and start climbing to the right. 
    When you made it up, go right.
    After a while, you will see the Evil Mastermind himself in the background! 
    Go right, carefully so you don't fall down in the gaps. Go to next screen.
    Now, go right as much as you can and take the one ups. Then go right. Take 
    medecins, and jump down. Disembark from the mouse, cause he can't swim. Go 
    right. Fall down from the gap, and stand at the white glowing floor, and 
    face the Master!!If you got any problems, check "Boss section"
    You made it! You saved the kingdom, the wonderful princess and everything's 
    cool now.Go party, have fun, and be happy! That' s what life is for.(Very 
    much to party for, don't you think?)
    H: Tips and stuff you should know
    There is a code you should know. It is really good, With this one, you can 
    choose wich stage to begin
    The code is:
    Press: Up, Select, Left, Right, A, A, B.
    Now, the menu "dream select" will appear. To press A-button you choose wich 
    level.(You don't see any difference while you choose, but it works.)
    I: Boss strategies:
    There are only three bosses in this game, but they are quite hard to 
    defeat. Here's some help that maybe can help you:
    The kingpin:
    You can pick up your cane, and forget about the candy in this fight.
    He will dive down from the sky at the right wing first. Stand and wait for 
    him there, loading your cane. The more you load the cane, the more he dies.
    (But don't load over the power-meter, then it won't be more harm, than that 
    it is when the meter is at max.)When he appear, release your shot. He will 
    be hit. Now, shoot as many magic balls as you can, and fast, don't load up, 
    because you don't got the time. Shoot, and he will spit out some bubbles. 
    Now, the dangerous part begins. Bubbles will drop down from the sky, and if 
    they hit you, you get 1 life less. And meanwhile the bubbles are pouring 
    down, he will send his kids to attack you.
    If you start to hit kids, while the bubbles coming, the percent is high 
    that you will get hit, because when you beat with the cane, you lose time, 
    and then a bubble may drop down and hit you. My advice is to flee from the 
    kids, and wait for the bubbles to stop raining. Then, after the rain, kill 
    the small penguins. (Just beat them with the cane, you don't need to shoot 
    them, much easier to beat) When you killed them, stand at any side of the 
    wings and start loading your gun, and wait for The Kingpin to show up.If he 
    comes at your wing, where you're aiming, just realease and hit him. Start 
    repeating everything again, shoot fast, avoid the bubbles, and then, after 
    the rain, kill his kids. Repeat and repeat. If he don't show up on your 
    wing, release your loaded gun, and run over and start shooting him fast, 
    and repeat everything again. After awhile, he will explode and die. Good 
    luck! (Practice hard and you'll get him)
    The Alien bird:
    This ain't an ordinary bird. He will attack you with fire.
    When he fires, stand aside, long away from his range, and start shooting 
    fast. You don't got any time to load. He will fly away after awhile, and 
    soon, he will attack you with his diving. Now is the tough part. Turn on 
    all reflexes and sharpness you got in your brain, cuz he will dive down 
    towards you,(very fast) and if you don't move, he will feed his kids next 
    day with you (Short said, you'll get hit). Run or jump away from him when 
    he dives against you. He will dive maybe 5 or 6 times against you, after 
    that, he will show up and start firing again. Then, you got your chance. 
    Shoot him as much as you can under that time. After awhile, he starts his 
    diving again. Repeat everything, and keep focused. You'll get him with some 
    practice and a little luck!!!
    The Nightmare Lord:
    Last boss. Feels pretty good huh? Actually, this guy ain't special hard,
     but you got to keep focused all the time. If you start to relax, then he 
    might hit you with a lazerbeam. (So don't get cocky!)
    He will swirl around, towards and back away from you. He will fire his 
    tongue at you. Just hit it fast to kill it. After that, shoot him in his 
    face. If you got the time, load your weopon and hit him. But, if you load 
    too long, then his tongue will reappear and block the shot, and you loaded 
    for nothing. So, myself prefers to shoot fast.Don't shoot too long. Back to 
    the corner where he can't get ya. Wait for his lazerbeams, and jump over 
    them. After that, shoot his tongue, and then shoot him In The Face! Yes! In 
    The Face! Rerpeat for awhile, and he will start exploding. Just keep 
    focused, cuz if you relax, he might get ya. 
    You saved the kingdom from darkness and of course you saved the 
    princess(most important!)Enjoy the cinema scene and relax, and you are the 
    hero again!!!
    J: All dialogs
    In the beginning: Start sequence(Intro)
    Crazy girl, with a party-hat:
    Girl: "-Hi, Nemo. I've come to invite you to slumberland. "
    Nemo: "-What?!??!?!"
    Girl: "-The princess has chosen you to be her playmate."
    Nemo: "-Wow really? But if she's a princess, then she must be a girl right?
    I have never played with girls before!"
    Girl: "-She's not just a girl. she's a princess!"
    Nemo: "-I bet she's still s girl!"
    Girl: "-Well anyway, she asked me to give you this present."
    Nemo: "-A present? Really? What is it?"
    Nemo: "-Oh,I like candy!"
    "-Anybody  smart enough to gimme candy can't be all bad..... Even if she's 
    a girl. Well, I guess I can go as long as I don't have to kiss her. "
    Clown talking to you in the beginning:
    Flip: "-Hey little boy, what are you doing here? This place is too 
    dangerous for little boys. But if you've got your mind det on staying here, 
    I should tell you a secret. Many of the creatures here will give you a ride 
    if you feed them candy. You can ride for as long as you like(Press select 
    to stop.) Also,many doors are locked. You will need to collect s different 
    key for each lock in order to get through. By the way, my name is flip."
    at beginning of Dream 2:
    "-Hi Nemo. This is the magic flower garden. You know, my friend Oompi wants 
    to meet you. He lives under the water."
    " -Hi Nemo. You're going to need the Lizard's help to get through this next 
    area. Look in the trees for him."
    (there is no one talking at level 3)
    At beginning of Dream 4, yellow lion talking:
    "-Hey Nemo. If you share your candy with the hermit crabs, they'll take you 
    where you want to go."
    At beginning of Dream 5, big fat dog talking:
    "-Nemo, it looks like we're in your house."
    At beginning of Dream 6, green lion talking:
    "-I've heard there's a ruined city in the clouds."
    After end of level 7(topsy turvy)
    Camille:"- Welcome to slumberland Nemo. I'm princess Camille." 
    Nemo:"-Pleased to meet you. How come you wanted to meet me?"
    Camille:."-I wanted to meet you. The truth is my father, the king Morpheus,
     was kidnaped by the king of nightmare-land."
    Nemo:"-What's nightmare land?"
    Camille:"- It's the land of bad dreams. The nightmare kingis plotting to 
    take over all of slumberland and destroy all nice dreams."
    Nemo:"- Oh no.."
    Camille:"-Nemo, please help me. Rescue my father and defeat the nightmare 
    Nemo:" -Um.. I don't think I can. I'm just a little boy."
    Camille: -"Take this morning star. The morning star will destroy nightmare 
    king and his men."
    Nemo:"- I don't know how to use a morning star. Who do you think I am 
    Camille:"- Don't worry. This is the land of dreams. I just cast a spell on 
    it, so you can use it."
    Nemo: -"Wow."
    Camille:"- Okay.......now you can do it. You can attack or give away 
    candies, and you won't need keys anymore either."
    Camille:"-Please help me Nemo, promise."
    Nemo:"- okay...........I promise."
    Sleep section after Dream 1:
    "-Wake up Nemo! How many times do I have to call you?"
    Sleep section after Dream 2:
    "-Nemo! Why are you out of bed? Get back instant."
    Sleep Section after Dream 3:
    "-Nemo, what are you doing? Go back to bed."
    Sleep Section after Dream 4:
    "-What's gotten into you? Why can't you stay in bed?"
    Sleep Section after Dream 5:
    "-Again? What does it takes to make you just sleep?"
    Sleep Scenario after Dream 6:
    "-Why me? Do everyone else's kids give them much trouble about sleeping?
    At the end of the game, Camille and Morpheus talking: End scene and 
    -"How can I ever thank you Nemo? You've saved me and my kingdom."
    Nemo:-"Don't mention it. I was just keeping my promise to the princess."
    Morpheus: "-I know. I'll make you prince of slumberland."
    Morpheus:"-I bet Camille would be thrilled, wouldn't you sweetheart?"
    Camille: "- Oh goody. We can play thogether everyday, have picnics in the 
    lolipop forests, explore the Taffy swamp. I can teach you magic. Oh it'll 
    be such fun."
    Nemo: "-Your land is really wonderful and all, but......."
    Morpheus: "-But what?"
    Camille: "-Can't you stay?"
    Nemo:"- Well, I'd like to, but I promised my mother I'd wake up early every 
    Morpheus: "-Yes. It's important to keep your promises."
    Camille: "-Yeah....sure."
    Nemo: "-Can I come visit you some time?"
    Morpheus: "-You can visit us everytime you dream. "
    Nemo: "-Great. I'll see you soon Camille. "
    Camille: "-Wait Nemo, don't go." (Now you will get the reward!)
    Nemo: "-See you soon. Bye."
    "Nemo, rise and shine! It's a beautiful day!"
    The absolute last in the game: The Staff
    Game designer:
    Character designer:
    Character designer:
    Character designer:
    Character designer:
    Character designer:
    Music composer:
    Executive producer:
    Special thanks:
    Scott Maxwell
    Presented by Capcom
    (Now, The end will appear at the left upper corner)
    * I guess capcom for making this game, and others,
    * To all faq writers, keep going!
    * To Marshmallow for a great guide on Zelda 64, I can't explain how much I 
    like that FAQ,
    * To Shigeru Miyamoto for his work on TV-games,
    * To Square, the best company ever (yeah, it even kicks coca-cola!) for 
    their incredible games!!! (Don't you agree?)
    * To Enix for also great games, (Dragon Quest games,Illusion of Time, Soul 
    Blazer, Terranigma and a lot more), 
    *To Nintendo a big share of the cake, cause they were those who started 
    this buisness for real. (Of course they have also made great games, but no 
    real classic RPG that I think they would think a little bit about.)
    * I want to give all FAQ-writers credit Keep writing and help people.
    * A special credit to Manga-painters. Love these art-works!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    L: Legal things and so on 
    * Don't write it out in too many copies, our earth has suffered enough
    * If you want to place it on your hompage, give me a mail first.
    * Do not use my guide in other guidebooks, tips, or something else without 
    having my permission.(Ask for permission by sending a mail!)
    * Do not take the contents of this guide and just change the name, because 
    then you have stolen what I have done! Do not do anything more like this, 
    because that won't be fair.
    * Do not sell it for money, or have any kind of buissness with this faq. I 
    made this for people who have problems with the game, not for greedy people 
    who wants money! 
    M: FAQ
    This is the questions of this faq:
    Q: How do I defeat the last boss?
    A: You haven't checked my faq enough! Look at boss strategies!
    Q: Are there any secret items in this game?
    A: Not what I know! If anybody knows, send a mail!
    Q: I heard a rumor that you can get to the top secret level, the "Dream 
    Kingdom"where you travels back to the dream kingdom and meets the princess 
    and Morpheus again. Is it true? How will I do to get there, in that case?
    A: As far as I know, there's nothing like that. Any one knowing something 
    about this? Send a mail to me, and I will update this!
    Q: How do I use the cane? Once, I shot a blue ball out in the sky, but now 
    I can't do that again!
    A: You first have to come to Nightmare Land. From here, you will get the 
    cane from the princess. Now you can fire. Press select to choose the cane 
    and then Press B-button and hold it for a while. Then release B-button and 
    a ball will fire.
    Q: Is there a sequel (a Dreammaster 2) out? To what system?
    A: No, I don't think so. If there is, tell me by mailing!
    N: My review of the game(could also be found at www.gamefaqs.com)
    Review was made: 2000-11-07
    Yakuza's review for Little Nemo: the dreammaster. I heard something about 
    that Little Nemo: the dreammaster was/is a tv-series in japan. I'm not sure 
    this is true but I can imagine it's not impossible. I've not seen it in my 
    place though. Anyway, the game was  released in 1990, by Rare and became 
    popular among the players. Maybe it was the story and the cute animals that 
    charmed the audience. Or just that it was a platform game that was quite 
    good. Anyway, here's what I think! 
    The catagories
    Year 1905, New york(City that never sleeps)
    "The clock ticks, seconds drift into the night in New York. Everyone's 
    sleeping. Full moon is up. In a room, somewhere in the big city, a little 
    boy is sleeping. His name is Nemo. Then a big baloon enters this world from 
    a sudden dimension called "dreamland". It lands right outside his window. 
    Nemo wakes up, of course wondering what is going on. He goes to the window, 
    and see the big baloon outside. Then a girl, dressed with a party hat, 
    clown clothes, jumps in from the open window. She says:
    "Hi, Nemo. I've come to invite you to slumberland. What?!??!?! The princess 
    has chosen you to be her playmate. Wow really? But if she's a princess, 
    then she must be a girl right? I have never played with  girls before! 
    She's not just a girl. she's a princess! I bet she's still s girl! Well 
    anyway, she asked me to give you this present. A present? Really? What is 
    it? Candy. Oh,I like candy! Anybody smart enough to gimme candy can't be 
    all bad..... Even if she's a girl. Well, I guess I can go as long as I 
    don't have to kiss her. "
    And then, the ship disembarks, leaves New York, and goes for an another 
    The story's fine to be for a NES game, and it's okay...
    Score storyline: 8.0/10
    Nemo himself is not so easy to control. You jump very low and jumping over 
    gaps, enemies etc. is kinda hard with him. But you'll often play as the 
    other characters(like the frog, that one jumps much higher) and with these 
    the controls get much easier to handle. Maybe the game was created to be 
    like this(that Nemo would be more difficult to play as than the friends). 
    Score controls: 7.0/10
    You'll meet several animals on your journey; a gorilla, the bee, a mouse, a 
    rockbadger, a frog, a fish and a lizard. Each one of them has different 
    abilities and you need them all to go on through the game. For example, the 
    frog can jump higher than any other animal and without him you wouldn't be 
    able to come over certain obstacles. The lizard is so tiny that he can go 
    through small narrows, the rockbadger digs the ground, the mouse is 
    equipped with a hammer that can crush stone, the bee can fly over gaps and 
    so on. Nemo must use their help and often figure out what he needs them to 
    do. Imagine that all the animals were gone and you could only play as Nemo. 
    Wouldn't be so fun, would it? Yeah, the animals are a + to the game.
    Score gameplay: 7.8/10
    Fine, at least to be for NES. The backgrounds might be the best, they are 
    well done. Look at for example at the buildings, the dark world, the forest 
    etc. The characters/animals are kinda well designed, big and quite 
    detailed. I like the colors, they fit and look okay.
    Score graphics: 8.1/10
    Um..well, I can't say I like it. I'd describe it as a bit rusty, with weird 
    noises and not so bright tunes(sounds almost false sometimes). The NES has 
    a reputation about not so good music(true or not, your choice) but to
    Dream master it's not that decent. Some stages(like the last one) has quite 
    good music but the first ones are awful...maybe it fits for the game(can't 
    think of any other type of music for it) but as I said, this is nothing 
    you'll be singing while playing... I guess the sound is okay though, some 
    fitting noises and so on. Well, the music is not disastrous, you can listen 
    to it. But I've heard better.
    Score music/sound: 4.8/10
    Quite hard for being a game with this kind of story(that certainly is for 
    younger children). There are many things to do before you beat it; you have 
    to beat 8 stages, all of them with dreadful enemies, bosses, hard puzzles, 
    keys to unlock the door, and more. If you can figure out how to get through 
    all obstacles, I'm quite sure you can do it.
    Score challenge: 8.2/10
    After you beat Dream master, you'll be happy. The ending's nice and you're 
    satisfied because it's a quite hard game. Now you think everything's over 
    and playing it wouldn't be as fun again. Wrong! Dream master holds even 
    after beating it for the fifth time! The cute "spirit" is still there. I'd 
    guess most players play it at least once more after beating it.
    Score replay: 7.8/10
    The cute story and the nice environment create a nice "spirit" that's Dream 
    Master's strength. But the music/sound and the control brings the total 
    score down a bit. Oh well, Dream Master's though a nice game and should 
    have been more hyped when it came out(with a game like this, I can imagine 
    they could have created a new "era", like the Pok幦on, they could have done 
    the same with D.M. if they just thought about it). Yeah it's the avarage 
    platform game, shortly said.
    Overall score: 7.3/10
    TOTAL SCORE: 7/10
    Story        8.0/10
    Replay       7.8/10
    Controls     7.0/10
    Music/sound  4.8/10
    Challenge    8.2/10
    Graphics     8.1/10
    Gameplay     7.8/10
    Overall      7.3/10
    Total        7/10
    One line synopsis(describing the game): "Quite decent, cute and an avarage 
    platform game."
    Whoa! Already finished?!?

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