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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DDCecil

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/17/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Little Samsom for Nintendo Guide V1.0
    By DDCecil (James Tompkins)
    1. Introduction/Updates
    2. Characters
    3. Items
    4. Walkthrough
    5. Bosses
    6. Secrets
    7. Credits
    1. Introduction
    This platform game rocks! A harder to find NES title, this one is both 
    challenging and rewarding!
    V1.0 - 12/8/2000 - FAQ is finally finished!
    2. Characters
    Each of the characters have different abilities, and you can change 
    characters when ever you want.
    Little Samson - He can climb walls and ceilings and shoot bells straight 
    Starting HP: 4
    Max HP Easy: 
    Max HP Normal: 10
    Dragon - He can fly for short distances while floating softly to the ground 
    by repeatedly tapping "A". His fire weapon curves upwards. Hold the "B" 
    button down to power-up his flame. When you hold down the button, but he is 
    still green, he will shoot 3-small flames. When he turns blue, he will shoot 
    3 medium fireballs. if hold down the button as long as possible, he will turn 
    red and you can shoot 3 giant red fireballs!
    Starting HP: 4
    Max HP Easy:
    Max HP Normal: 8
    Golem - He can walk on spikes and his weapon is an extended fist that can 
    shoot upwards or downwards.
    Starting HP: 8
    Max HP Easy:
    Max HP Normal: 14
    Mouse - He is small, fast, and can walk on the ceilings and walls with ease. 
    His weapon is a small bomb. He can also walk on swampland without sinking in.
    Starting HP: 2
    Max HP Easy:
    Max HP Normal: 6
    3. Items
    (All enemies can drop the following, and they can be found along the game's 
    Small Heart - Recovers 1 HP
    Big Heart - Recovers 4 HP
    Crystal w/ Heart inside - Adds 2 Extra HP to meter
    Potion - When your life is low, use to recover all HP, each character can 
    hold one at a time. If a character dies, use the potion to revive him! if you 
    don't have one, the character will be revived in the next area you go to.
    1-UP - Gives an extra life
    4. Walkthrough
    You start the game by choosing each of the 4 characters and complete their 
    short areas: 
    (Note: There are no bosses, you can do these in any order)
    Little Samson:
    Big Heart x 1
    Crystal x 1
    Start by heading right, attacking the slimes, and when you reach as far right 
    as you can go, go upwards, climbing up the walls and ceilings avoiding the 
    enemies. At the top, head right, and jump over the suspended platforms and 
    grab the crystal. Keep going right, then watch out for the morphing enemies. 
    They can only be defeated when they are in their small forms. After that, go 
    down the shaft until you reach the bottom. At the bottom, head right. Jump 
    over the spikes. After that, climb the wall for the big heart at the top. 
    Continue right, jumping over the fire waterfalls until you reach the end.
    Big Heart x 1
    Crystal x 1
    Start by heading right. Jump onto the tornados, then jump off of them and 
    float far as you can to the right. At the end, a giant tornado appears and 
    lifts you to another area. Jump onto the tornados again, and head right, and 
    grab the crystal and big heart you find. Soon you will reach the end.
    Big Heart x 1
    Crystal x 1
    Just keep going right until you reach the very end. Not too difficult, just 
    watch out for the enemies on Normal mode!
    Big Heart x 3
    Crystal x 1
    Potion x 1
    You only start with a measly 2 HP, so be careful! Go right, jumping over the 
    enemies, and press "A" to latch ontot eh wall and clib it. When you reach the 
    far right, hook onto the tree and climb up it. Grab the Crystal, and continue 
    upwards. Once at the top, go right, and either take the top way for 3 Big 
    Hearts, or take the easy way by latching onto the bottom of the platform. At 
    the end, there is a potion, but you need to do some tricky manuvers to get it!
    After the 4 quests:
    Once in the King's Throne room, the Dragon will fight Samson. After defeating 
    him, you will get a password and the real game will begin!
    Area 1: Ruins
    Big Heart x 2
    Crystal x 3
    Potion x 1
    Start by pressing Start and choosing the character you like best. Head right, 
    attacking the enemies. At the end, climb the platforms to the top. Head 
    right, grabbing the crystal, and continue going right. Near the end, become 
    the mouse to grab the Potion and backtrack to get 2 Crystals. Once at the 
    end, get ready for your first boss!
    Area 2, Part 1: The Mountain
    Big Heart x 1
    Crystal x 1
    Deja Vu! It's the Dragon's area again, so switch to him! It's a bit easier 
    than last time, so keep going right until you reach the end.
    Area 2, Part 2: The Waterfalls
    Crystal x 2
    Potion x 1
    Stay as the Dragon, and go right, jumping on the leaves, then jump far right 
    as you can, floating until you reach solid ground. At the end, go downwards, 
    watching out for the spikes and slugs. Go right, until you reach the very end 
    and fight your next boss...
    While fighting the boss, if you fall down into the water, you will go to Area 
    2 Alternate Route! If you defeat the boss WITHOUT falling in, continue to 
    Area 3, Part 1...
    Area 2 Alternate: Crab-Ride
    Big Heart x 1
    When you land, a boss will come and steal the bell your 3 partners are in! 
    You must chase after him! You will then get aboard a giant photorealistic 
    crab and the screen will scroll. You must duck under the low ceilings, and 
    when you get towards the end of the area, after you have passed the Big Heart 
    and the 3rd Exploding flower, you must hook onto the wall, let the crab pass 
    under you then climb to the very bottom of the wall, and press right to latch 
    onto the ceiling, and jump to the crab. At the end you will fight a special 
    Area 3, Part 1: Mountain Caves
    Big Heart x 1
    Crystal x 1
    This is Golem's level revisited! Nothing too hard, to defeat the hard to 
    reach slugs, stand beneath them and punch upwards. At the end of the area, 
    become the mouse to reach the 1-UP. Also, the skeletons at the beginning of 
    the area will kill themselves if they touch the wall (A good place to 
    Area 3, Part 2: Jungle (You come here after beating Area 2 Alt.)
    Big Heart x 1
    Crystal x 2
    Start by going right, jumping over the skullheads and spores. At the end, 
    become the mouse and climb upwards. At the top, avoid all the enemies while 
    going right. Watch out for the skullheads that go up and out of the screen 
    because they will then release 2 skulls that float towards the bottom of the 
    Area 3, Part 3: Jungle Part 2
    Big Heart x 1
    Crystal x 1
    Become the mouse, and keep going right, jumping into tornados and avoiding 
    the spores and purple flying creatures. At the end, you will fight the boss!
    Area 4: Dark Cave
    Big Heart x 1
    Crystal x 1
    1-UP x 2
    Start by being the mouse and climb the wall and grab the 1-UP (which is on a 
    phony platform), then switch to the Golem so you fall onto the spikes safely. 
    Become the mouse and time your jumps carefully onto the walls that disappear 
    and reappear. The walls won't actually disappear, they will just become 
    invisible (so you can still climb them). Continue right, and become the 
    Dragon when necessary. At the end, it looks like a dead end, but become the 
    mouse, and go through the top of the wall! Afterwards, you will fight the 
    Area 5, Part 1: Valley
    Small Heart x 2
    Big Heart x 2
    Crystal x 2
    Potion x 1
    1-UP x 2
    Start by going right, then when you can jump downwards, become the golem, and 
    hold left and jump downwards onto the spikes to grab the potion. Next, jump 
    to the far right to grab the crystal, then jump to the far left for a 1-UP. 
    At the bottom continue right. At the end of the area, become the Golem to 
    grab the 1-UP on the spikes.
    Area 5, Part 2: Pyramid
    Big Heart x 1
    Crystal x 3
    Head right, and be careful not to fall into the water at the end of the first 
    part. After that, go upwards to the very top, then become the golem to past 
    the spikes. After that, you have a long climb upwards as the mouse! At the 
    top, head right some more, passing a lot of skeletons and swords. Make sure 
    all your characters are in good shape, and fight the boss!
    Area 6: Volcano
    Big Heart x 1
    Crystal x 1
    Start by going right, and at the very end, become the mouse and travel 
    upwards. At the very top, become the dragon and fly over all the fire 
    waterfalls. At the end of this pretty simplistic level, you will fight the 
    Area 7: Dark Mountain
    Big Heart x 2
    Crystal x 1
    Potion x 1
    Start by going right, defeating the eyeballs. Soon, you will reach an area 
    that is in darkness, and as you go forward, it will light up. Go upwards, and 
    then right. Soon, you will go upwards again. Watch out for the skulls! Soon, 
    you will be in an area that looks awefully familiar to the part you just 
    passed, but you are in a new area. Climb upwards once again, watching out for 
    more skullheads. Then head right again, then upwards again. Take the left 
    side as the mouse for a Big Heart. Near the top, become the golem to grab a 
    potion. At the very top, go right and you will reach the boss!
    Area 8: Castle Stronghold
    Big Heart x 2
    Crystal x 3
    Potion x 1
    1-UP x 1
    Start by being the Dragon or Golem and proceed right. Next go down the shaft, 
    becoming the golem to get the 1-UP. At the very bottom, head right watching 
    out for falling spikes. After that, become the mouse and take the easy right 
    path upwards. If you want a challenge, take the left path upwards! At the 
    top, head right until you reach the final boss (of easy mode)!
    Area 9, Part 1: Evil Castle Pt. 1
    Big Heart x 2
    Crystal x 2
    Potion x 1
    You can only come here if you beat Area 8's boss on Normal! Here you will 
    fight the real final boss! Start by going right, then you will go upwards. 
    Grab the items, then at the top, go right. Here you will find those stupid 
    skeletons once again! Wait on the platform right above them, and they will 
    keep killing themselves, so you can fill up everyone to the max with hearts, 
    potions, and 1-UPs! Afterwards, become the mouse, and jump up onto the 
    ceiling, and walk to the very end, avoiding all the enemies! Time for your 2 
    favorite bosses. (Yeah right!)
    Area 9, Part 2: Evil Castle Pt. 2
    Big Heart x 3
    Almost the same as Part 1, but more enemies and no stupid skeletons to help 
    you out!
    Area 9, Part 3: Evil Castle Finale
    Big Heart x 4
    1-UP x 1
    Go straight ahead and face your destiny!
    5. Bosses
    After the 4 individual quests - The Dragon:
    Uh oh! It seems the Dragon doesn't like Samson! Attack him rapidly while 
    avoding him flames. If he turns blue, he will shoot 3 medium sized fireballs, 
    if he turns red, watch out! He will then shoot 3 Big Fireballs! 
    Area 1 - Green Wizard:
    The main foes of the game are 4 wizards. The first one you fight is the green 
    one. Start by turning into the Golem and puch the crud out of him, it's okay 
    to get hit by the balls. Afterwards, he will turn into a green beast! If your 
    Golem is in great shape, punch him until you are about dead. Press start, and 
    if the Golem has apotion, use it! If not, switch to the Dragon and pelt him 
    with fireballs! You can hit him anywhere. Jump over his projectiles, and when 
    he throws out a ball, switch to the mouse or dragon and jump over it as it 
    approaches you.
    Area 2 - Water Spirit:
    If you fall down into the water while fighting the boss, skip this section 
    and go back up to the main walkthrough to the part titled - Area 2 Alternate. 
    The boss will come out of the water, throw projectiles, and leap back into 
    the water, then it will come out in another area. Be the Golem, and punch 
    upwards if the boss is up towards the top of the screen.
    Area 2 Alternate Boss - Little Wizard:
    Once the battle begins, the wizard will you a magnetic spell that makes you 
    head towards him. Hold left, then jump over the tiny projectile he throws, 
    then shoot him all you can. he will then call on 2 demons to fly at you. 
    Defeat or watch out for them, and shoot the boss all you can, then the boss 
    will go back into magnetic mode. Afterwards, you will go to Area 3, Part 2.
    Area 3 - Water Dragon:
    After the dragon emerges, become the golem and punch him when he opens his 
    mouth. After hitting him, walk left to the edge of the screen, and wait until 
    he comes out of the ground near you and punch him until he dies!
    Area 4 - Evil Spirit:
    Become the Golem, and waiting until the spirit appears, then punch him to 
    death! He's not very hard!
    Area 5 - Blue Wizard:
    Oh no! Another wizard! As the Golem, chase him around the room using your 
    punch. Afterwards, he'll become a knight. Walk to the very left edge of the 
    screen and punch him when he moves his sword upwards. if your Golem gets 
    weak, become the dragon and finish him off!
    Area 6 - Purple Wizard:
    Become the Golem and punch him to death. Afterwards it gets tough! The ground 
    disappears and you get to fight a dragon the same way you do in Mega Man 2! 
    Stay on the middle block, while jumping and punching its head. If you touch 
    the head, you die automatically, so be very careful!
    Area 7 - Orange Wizard:
    Be the Golem and punch him (as usual). Now comes the hard part! He becomes a 
    grim reaper, and as the golem or dragon, stay to the very right side of the 
    screen and punch or blow fire at the blue demons that appear, and when you 
    have an open shot, punch or fire rapidly at the reaper!
    Area 8 - Gold Warrior:
    Be the golem and punch him to death (as usual!), soon he becomes a dragon 
    head! Hit him, then he will go to the background, and you must dodge the 24 
    projectiles that come from the left or right of the screen. It is just like 
    the Rock Monster on Mega Man 1 and 3! After that, the dragon will go to 
    either the left side or right side of the screen. If your Golem is in good 
    shape, punch him, or be Samson or the Dragon to shoot, and then jump over the 
    2 projectiles he throws, and then he will go into the Rock Monster phase 
    again. Afterwards, you will have beat the game (If you are on easy mode, if 
    you did this on normal, time for the real final area!)
    Area 9, Part 1 - Grim Reaper (Orange Wizard) and Green Beast (Green Wizard) 
    Area 9, Part 2 - Knight (Purple Wizard) and Dragon (Blue Wizard) again!!!
    Area 9, Part 3 - Final Boss!
    You are on your own!!! Let's just say it doesn't end here... But if you got 
    to know, check the Secrets section...
    6. Secrets
    Here are the Passwords for the Game:
    Easy Passwords:
    Bypass the opening, Start at Level 1 - ?2KC
    Level 2 - BN&S
    Level 3 - SJSQ
    Level 3 ALT - NS6K
    Level 4 - 1NWB
    Level 5PT 1 - PHC&
    Level 5PT 2 - QLXZ <- I have NO idea how I got this code(?!)
    Level 6 - CLZT
    Level 7 - J62?
    Level 8 - DP03
    Normal Passwords:
    Bypass the opening, Start at Level 1 - 7XGN
    Level 2 - KKZB
    Level 3 - XSRR
    Level 3 Alt - ZW4&
    Level 4 - 3MTT
    Level 5 - XBQQ
    Level 6 - GWLH
    Level 7 - C92K
    Level 8 - GPLH
    Final Area - JR6P
    Psst... Want to know what happens after the final boss? Check the bottom of 
    this guide...
    7. Credits
    Thanks to everyone at GameFAQs and Taito for making it!
    After defeating the final boss on normal, you must escape the castle! Make 
    sure the mouse has a potion stored up, or you won't be able to escape! Go 
    right, becoming the mouse and golem respectively. When you get to the stairs, 
    turn into the dragon and make it to the very top. At the very top, let the 
    mouse take a hit from a falling rock and walk through the moving platform for 
    the ending! if you don't get hit by a rock, the platform will kill you in 1 

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